Halsey Slams Criticism of Miley Cyrus’ Split From Liam Hemsworth | Billboard News

Halsey Slams Criticism of Miley Cyrus’ Split From Liam Hemsworth | Billboard News

Halsey is coming to the defense of Miley Cyrus.
Over the weekend, the “Nightmare” singer clapped back at one Twitter user who
reacted negatively to the news that Miley split from her husband of less than a year,
Liam Hemsworth, and was spotted on vacation kissing Brody Jenner’s ex-wife
Kaitlynn Carter the day before it was announced. After the person wrote,
“#MileyCyrus splitting and allegedly cheating on Liam with a woman confirms that
you shouldn’t date bi people. Not offensive, just true. Bi is greedy and never satisfied”
Halsey, who like Miley, has been open about her bisexuality, responded, “Stop
being afraid of women who aren’t afraid to do what pleases them and not
other people :-).” Miley, herself has been mostly quiet about her marriage ending,
only kind of, sort of, making a statement through a post to Instagram on Sunday.
Alongside a photo of herself in Italy, Miley wrote,
“Don’t fight evolution, because you will never win.”
And Liam has made it clear he’s not saying nada. On Monday night, the actor shared
a photo on IG with the caption, “Hi all Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have
recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward.
This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to
any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false.
Peace and Love.”
For a full timeline of Miley and Liam’s relationship, head to Billboard.com.
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32 thoughts to “Halsey Slams Criticism of Miley Cyrus’ Split From Liam Hemsworth | Billboard News”

  1. Too often people try to fit into the molds of the 'norm standard' & then being unhappy as we live a lie.
    Have no idea if this is what occurred but know it happens too often in our world.
    Never try to settle for what others think life should be. Live your life for yourself first then mingle into society.
    Don't compromise to conform. To do so is harmful to you and others around you.
    The comment bis are never satisfied is total crock. Just need to find 'the one' who fully rings your bells. When it happens satisfaction comes. That statement comment was asinine & someone not accepting others ways of living.
    Besides not everyone is meant to settle with one person. Just quit trying to make others think your way is right & only way to live.
    Leave Miley & others alone keeping your thoughts questions on yourself. Where they belong.
    Halsey is 'the woman'… just so admire her. 💜

  2. Jesus christ, the adrenaline spike I got from hearing that super biphobic tweet 😢… it's like my whole body got ready to fight something 😬

  3. Reasons why Halsey is like one of the artists I have so much respect and appreciation for !

    It is always kind of sad to see that there are still some who would rather relate something like cheating to sexuality than to a lack of self control within the person and to other possible factors that have nothing to do with one's sexuality .

  4. Love Halsey 💜💜💜💜she is just a beautiful woman inside and out,, love how she supports Miley,, as Miley is going thru some deep shitzz right now💜💜

  5. Ok see, the cheating part I understand that it's something that can't be justified anyway but i really don't understand the addition of "you should never date bi people and bi is greedy and never satisfied."
    Uhm firstly, this is the mf 21st century and we can be whichever sexuality we choose to be
    secondly, that person should really take some grammar classes.

  6. so many bts fans here haha. im happy she collabed with someone huge like that, she has always been an icon and im so glad more people know of it now

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