100 thoughts to “Gutfeld on world leaders gossiping about Trump”

  1. Yeah that's why Republicans go to his country to have surgery and if you want to see how a boss makes a simpleton subjugate himself, just look at how Rupert Murdoch tugs Trump's leash, via Fox. An Aussie runs the USA, via the telly and Guttfield should know, he's the court jester who degrades himself daily for Murdoch's amusement.

  2. The Dems are so blind with hatred they misread EVERYTHING. I work with NATO soldiers, they don’t understand the Dems childish hatred of Trump, but they love the new NATO support because NATO is getting more money from the nations who HAD not been paying.

  3. That doesn't look good in anyway seeing your leader gossiping. It's a sign of weakness, and look who is he gossiping with, another leaders of a weaker states. It is like when you're in high school, you know you are the man when weaker and not so good looking classmates gossips about you whether good or bad but in the end you're still gonna go home with the prom queen.

  4. Foxfools behaving like spoilt children unable to understand why world leaders are having an intelligent laugh about their moron mentor.

  5. Trump sitting legs apart, Trudeau sitting in the crossed leg position.
    Clearly we all know who’s balls are bigger!
    Trudeau is a ball hair from transgender!

  6. trump got no respect in the the world. he not a president, he a collectors. deplomacy needed for president. the world is laughing at trump.

  7. problem is, Trump had pointed out in the past how shameful it was to have world leaders "laughing at us behing our backs."
    …of course I'm just repeating what I heard said many times on my fav news show program: CNN.
    Perhaps there's a reason why this logic is wrongheaded, but I can't think of it.

  8. Greg!!! Please get Jacqui Heinrich onto the 5!!! Thank you on behalf of all heterosexual men and homosexual men who might be unsure😃

  9. When Dems get called names they cry…but they are brutal when calling other people names. They ARE snowflakes. They gossip because they are jealous because the U.S.A. is doing well.

  10. Justin wishes he was an alpha male…. and they all know he’s a power house and this is why the states is on the map for now….

  11. And after Trump's teams' jaws dropped to the floor, they all hi-fived eachother and said "Go Trump! Bwhahahahahaha…" And then libs heads exploded.

  12. Whilst Trump handles world issues and
    anti-Trumpers face on… ‘World leaders’ caught on tape gossiping and reinforcing each other’s self worth and petty peevs like a ‘support-group’ behind his back… that’s incredible. Who would have thought such intelligent leaders needed such a space. And to see high school still happen at this level. Wow.

  13. Emily is one mighty fine woman, quite the beauty
    Also, the left is still garbage and the peach mints will still fail

  14. All the people laughing at Trump and who don't so called understand him are the ones that are affiliated with the wrong doings of Obama and the deep state! Trudeau is a little yes man in front of Trump. He has more than 3 faces.

  15. Portugal prime minister agreed with trump to increase military spending and upping nato contribution to 2%. But to get that he is going to charge rent to the military buildings that are state owned…. The rent money is going to be taken off the military spending budget. And nobody at nato says anything…

  16. To Trudeau and the world leaders with him — "Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People."

  17. An international laughing stock. The former leaders of the free world, represented by a manchild clown. What a shambles.

  18. I am "overseas" I am a Brit and I LIKE President Trump!
    It is only the left wing media and those so far up their own stupidity they can't see daylight wh don't like him!
    Yes he cab be a bit brash and yes he is a bit bombastic but I would take that with RESULTS over honeyed words and managed decline!
    Trump 2020! All the way!
    Wish to God we had so eone who would stand up for the British People like President Trump does for America!

  19. The president is sick of people disrespecting him, the low life democrats do that all the time and now other idiots think is ok to disrespect him too

  20. Jealous and bitter Juan is a lost case when it comes to The POTUS. He would better at Craps Network of Nonsenses. It is good even better that people don't understand TRUMP around the world just like you. But 65millions of Americans understood him, I am not American but I understood him when he debated Hillary and became President. I still understand him until today. That's why come 2020, 85 to 100 millions of Americans now understands him and will vote for him.

  21. Most of the world is being influenced by the MSM. The amount of propaganda that is spewed here in France is amazing. The majority here only know what the media has told them about president Trump. Every tiny negative thing or issue that they can spin as negative is amplified. No positive matters ever get shown. That is why the world is laughing at him, out of ignorance.

  22. No Trump should have given him some longer socks and a set of balls so our Canadian spy boy would be forced to sit like an actual man.

  23. It's not just our presidents/prime ministers, all of us are making fun of trump on a regular basis. You can say whatever you want but around the world, the president of the united states is a laughing stock.

  24. Forget it: WE are NOT working for the US that is why he took the next JET home WITHOUT the extra plain filled with OUR EURO'S he promised the American people. WE don't need PROTECTION from anybody. NATO is braindead. And HOW ABOUT ORGANIZING WORLD CUP SOCCER BY USA CANADA AND MEXICO TOGETHER?? For once I agree with JUAN!

  25. Faux fake news wrong again. The world laughs at Donald Trump because he's such a transparent self-serving narcissistic pathological liar just like the world laughed at Trump's idiotic UN speech. Trump only weakens America by isolating us from our European allies while Vladimir Putin rejoices in it. Sick and tired of winning yet? lol

  26. President Trump answered every question the press had! If he hadn't they would still have a field day. Trump accomplished his mission, more money for American protection. Bottom line n all that matters. Of course they'll talk about the man who put them in their place lol

  27. These gutless world leaders are afraid of our President! Just like the Demtards in our country! Can't wait till Trump wins 2020! MAGA !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Mean while they have traded room keys with each other and were discussing tossing each other's salads…..Each leader shown has big problems with what they are in charge of and of course our Leader Trump can kick back knowing our Country is earning and Burning like no other…

  29. …..a step up from being ‘black faced’~ ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!! JAW sounds even more ridiculous than he normally does.

  30. So, poking fun at Trump is really poking fun at the American people?
    Well then, by the same logic, calling those Trudeau and Macron and others Trump's underlings is really calling the French and Canadians Americans' underlings, yes?
    Yes. Glad that we cleared that up.

  31. man, this gutfeld guy is stupid or what? is NOT the first time that world leaders laugh at tramp an not only on his back, they laughed ON HIS FACE in the united nations meeting when tramp said he had accomplish more than any president in the history of the united states. who the hell does this guy (tramp) think they (the world leaders) are? corrupt and stupid as he is? they know what`s going on, they KNOW that tramp is a joke.

  32. Cocktais loosen lipsl- Water Cooler or Locker Room gossip. This proves men gossip as much as woman do.. Shows Trump where he actually stands in their eyes.
    Donald Tusk w the Finger Gun is the travesty & needs to be ADDRESSED by the ambassador & our secret service. Where we're Trump's secret service bodyguards when thus took place.. so much for protecting our POTUS. He could have been dead shot at close range.

  33. Has Juan ever been photographed wearing blackface? Me neither! You have to be pretty vain to wear make up if you're a man…


  35. Juan is paid to be a devils advocate, he doesnt believe what he himself says. problem is he's not very good at it

  36. He made Trudeau lay out his shortcomings in public and he pointed them out on his fingers! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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