43 thoughts to “Gutfeld on the media using repetition as a tool”

  1. Juan, Juan, Juan … We understand that you got paid to add a controversy and always have an opposite opinion. Please, don't work that hard… Watch the tape – you look really stupid. Sorry

  2. Media is entertainment, it no longer informs its viewers. Kinda like a reality show, just talking heads giving us half the story.

  3. it's actually 50 people, not 150 or 100. If 50 people coming home changes the dynamic of ANY conflict, the issue is not with the 50, it's with the conflict

  4. It hasn't been brought up, at least that I've heard, this is the first time its been brought to light that for the last couple decades people have complained that the U.S. has to stop "policing" the world when we have our own problems here. Now he makes the move and the media, including some of the right, finds fault in it. Trump realizes that these truly ARE "endless wars". There will NEVER be peace in the middle east because its a spiritual battle called the "ancient hatred". We helped the Kurds establish new territory and trained them to fight. They have to now stand for themselves. Maybe he could've given them more fair warning but these decisions aren't easy and that's why he's president.

  5. This situation is a lot more dicey than Jesse goober jokester gives it credit. I agree with Trump, get our men out of there! However that one woman suggesting kicking Turkey to the curb must not realize how many nuclear ordinance of ours is located in their soil.

  6. The media uses Repetition as a tool for programing because it's one of the most effective Propaganda techniques ever used throughout history. Tell a lie and repeat it enough times and it becomes the the truth.

  7. Let them fight, intervene when it's important for American interests. Trump is right that America needs to stop playing police. America should look out for its own interests only.

  8. Some have to lose and some have to win before they will have any peace.That is the nature of wars.For all the big talkers about fighting.I say gather your self and all your family and get over there and fight..Why is it always our place to go fight for these countries thousand of miles across the ocean.They will never make peace as long as they can get our army to come hold them up.

  9. Turkey was a Cold War era ally of convenience. They're the historic enemy of Europe. They are still holding Constantinople, the Second Rome, which was one of our most important cities.

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  11. first of all we didn't give them anything because it's not ours to give okay second of all we weren't there is a fighting force now the hundred fifty people 150 people were simply advisors and the job is done I mean yes there are a lot of isis fightersbeing held but we don't need to maintain troops there for the next 5 years just in caseI'm somewhat disturbed by your impression that we can give them the area of land thatthey occupy as though it were some kind of conquering Nation

  12. Trump is punishing Turkey to protect the Kurds (Some of who need protecting) give the economic punishment some time to work. This is why Pence is going to Turkey to negotiate hard ball.

  13. Haha as if fox news doesnt use repetition as a tool . i play it all day at work and they do the same thing just on the other side of the fence

  14. 50 US soldiers; that’s all they ask.

    Have you served GutLESS, I have, humanity means more than party…you make me ashamed to be a conservative.

    WELD 2020

  15. So if we don't pull our hundred or hundred and fifty or 50 which I believe it was 50 advisors on that board if we don't pull those out we let them get slaughtered are we supposed to go to war with turkey then oh yeah pee a lot more blood to be spilled come on people get real.

  16. The media is not the military and we know why. Geraldo is responsible for outing troop locations. Puerto Rico needs your help,go home.

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