100 thoughts to “Gutfeld on Hillary’s late night comedy routine”

  1. Juan looks that way, (like he hopes no one thinks it was him that farted, even though it was), because his whole high school thought he'd be more useful as a punching bag, than he would have been as the dumb-assed, high school mascot…..

  2. Killery never listened to anyone, let alone her husband, who really tried. By the way, the Clintons haven't lived together for years, Bill lives in the Penthouse suit of his Presidential Library in Arkansas. Ms Clinton lives in the woods near her witchy neighbours, they love taking walks in the woods together. The FBI removed, a serial killers gear that had been buried on Ms Clintons property, I just can't find that story again, 2018, I think. I was expecting it to go viral, but it just disappeared, it was very nasty stuff apparently. Trust a Clinton to be attracked to that sort of place, or is there more to that story. So much dirt all around her. Honestly you have it wrong with Chelsea, you can see she is very concerned for her Mum, Chelsea will never try to run for office, ever, she even helped the old turd to write a book.Maybe she is genuinely going broke, no one gives the Foundation money, didn't Obuma manage to steal millions from her, or are his books and speaking tours wildly lucrative, he seems to be loaded.

  3. Poor Hillary, still thinking that you should win the presidency by the popular vote and not the electoral college ! And yet she preached about how when she wins, Trump better accept that fact. Well, she never accepted the fact that she was the biggest loser !!! 🤢

  4. Can't these a$$holes just spare us? It's like a combination of fingernails on the chalkboard and a broken record. But at least I am asleep at that time of the night.

  5. Hillary…two time loser, old news….and she is still butt hurt and claiming she won because of the popular vote. Wow….go home Hillary. You are not funny. You are seriously pathetic.

    TRUMP 2020 all the way! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  6. This women really should and Most go visit a psychopathic Doctor, the sooner the better otherwise one day soon she will be traveling the world and claims the she's the President of the United States !

  7. If the goal was to win the popular vote then they would win it…. The goal is to win the electoral college the demonRATS are so stupid

  8. Hillary's daughter DogFace is really gaining weight isn't she? She had a crappy plastic surgeon, too.

    It won't be long before she is just as ugly and wrinked as her mother.

  9. Those two females are what a person gets when they drag a bloody dollar bill through the back alley! Cheap, blood thirsty, swamp rats!

  10. Hillary Clinton, still suffering from delusions of adequacy, has a dream. It is that Democrats will beg her to run again and be their savior. After all, she recently celebrated her historic 2016 win against President Donald Trump during an interview with Judy Woodruff.

    Yes, the psychosis has progressed that far. 😂

  11. He sat there and says Hilary has been cleared to forget about get emails. Watch Tom Fitton on judicial watch. Hilary HAS NOT been cleared. In sure democrats want to forget about her crimes but she's STILL being investigated. And we all know she's guilty

  12. She’s just turned up in the UK. Why can’t you keep her locked up back there. She’s frightening the our children !

  13. Ugh….HRC reminds me of my toxic narcissistic mother that I haven't had contact with for over a year. You should put up a trigger warning.

  14. Hillary didn't just throw away 2016, she also threw away 2008. She won super Tuesday and started doing victory laps instead of continuing to campaign in the rest of the primaries. Obama kept up his ground game and clawed back up and won. Had she spent any time after super Tuesday working to win she would have been the nominee in 2008.

  15. Where's her neck? Who's her hairdresser? Where are her ideas? Where's hunter? Where's the lunch pail? What's with RBG?

  16. HRC claimed her mother chose the name for her after the NZ legend who was the first to have climbed Everest. Trouble is Hilary was born in 1947, but Everest wasn't conquered until 1953. See the problem here…??

  17. Chelsea Clinton really annoys me….and I can't figure out why? It can't be because she's ugly….i mean, lots of ugly people DON'T annoy me. Is it because she claims her mom lost the election because USA is misogynistic….well, that doesn't help her….

    Chelsea = ugh!

  18. Why is “The FIVE” a sitcom though??? Like they’re all SO funny….. mostly because they’re wrong

  19. Hillary’s obviously dying inside going on television as a loser and acting like your the best thing since sliced bread AND still spewing garbage. Get off your high horse lady you look like a fool

  20. They sound like robots, or aliens. Do you remember when Data tried to tell a joke on Star Trek it was very mechanical they sound just the same.

  21. She’s trying to stay relevant because dems are going to run her in 2024. They know she won’t beat trump so they’re running the joke candidates now then they’ll run her once trump’s term limit is up.

  22. I can't help but think Juan is like a Hollywood actor rite? Look how jubilant he is when he sees his god Hillary. A poor actor at that.

  23. Where are people like this created? The lgbtq15z host and the pathetic clown w her daughter that got beat down but still want to stay relevant.

  24. Glad to see Hillary has One Fan; her daughter, Chelsea. Aaaah!
    Well, if I can't be President, then, my daughter will be in 2024… mark my words.
    Hillary, Tomorrow May Never Come!

  25. Hilarys argument about the popular vote is like the loosing football team claiming they should have won because they ran more yards than the winning team!!! They wish the rules were different but they arent

  26. Chelsea is as ugly inside and outside just like her mother. Does she really think she could ever run and win in politics after her mother and her horror show.
    Both need the Seth Rich treatment to free the world of these demons..

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