Gutfeld: Is this impeachment really ‘historic’?

Gutfeld: Is this impeachment really ‘historic’?

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  1. Hey Greg love your show its great ! The mindless media not you { M&M} is the bad guys telling the people lies instead of seeking truth like the JFK speech.

  2. Pelosi sitting on it then signing it slowly, 1 pen at a time, really shows how much of a sham it all is. It's nothing but a big show and a celebration for her buddies.

  3. I have a light that needs to stay on. Incandescent bulbs would last 3 weeks , the new fluorescent bulb has lasted 2 years, so far .

  4. B.s. charges from b.s. dems emitting power settings set on I dont believe its true myself. Beyond weak. Farce. Not even comic.

  5. On every issue, Trump's position is 'How can we make it better'.
    While his opponents only position is 'How can we stop him!'

  6. Lucifer and his entourage! Has his own decorum, the Word of God says this about the pomp! "He shall come as an angel of light"! That he has and those uninformed are being dragged into the, "wide is the road to destruction"! This is the very thing Jesus warned us about, "When you see these know that I am at the door". "Even so come Lord Jesus"!

  7. Every news video I watch is now followed up by a suggested Fox video, regardless of who I watching. I see you YouTube/Google $$$$

  8. Sacra-mental not sure about Sacra, but sure about the MENTAL!. And they all are that that Chris Matthews uh s a TRAITOR!!!. SICKENING!.

  9. It was a hyper partisan coup attempt and political hitjob to undo the election. Oh its definitely historic. Just not in a good way.

  10. It's historic is the sense that never before has the American people been put through such raging hatred in politics as we've seen from these Democrats. They should be embarrassed and I think privately many are. At least now Trump's attorneys get to shame them on national television which has already begun. House Democrats vs. Trump's legal team is worse than JV vs. Varsity it's more like a pee wee team playing against professionals.

  11. Can fox news quite maligning all dems and msm hosts as liberals/ lefties/ radicals, etc? The majority are conservative corporatist, who are just as partisan and hacky as conservatives and fox news hosts

  12. No matter what you say, president Bone Spurs will forever be the 3rd ever impeached President! He will be the 1st president impeached in his first term! Middle and high school students will learn that as part of American history! Yes! It’s Historic! Mock, Joke and try and make yourself feel better! tRump will still be impeached!

  13. Haha. Shirley Lee Jackson said "we are on the 'precifis' of w great historic moment." Please someone tell Shirley how to pronounce precipice

  14. The LED/CFL bulbs are expensive but significantly decrease kwh charges on the electric bill, paying for themselves quickly,.

  15. Trump is fixing everything that went wrong when I was a kid. High efficiency washers, dishwashers, toilets, shower heads & incandescents.
    We should have the right to buy old bulbs if we want them! I own a washer from 2004 cause it has no electronics, all knobs and mechanical timers. bought in 2014 and it still runs like a champ. I specifically went looking for that one because of how many Ive fixed with those electronic boards.

  16. If these people aren't acting, which I think they are just to pander to their base, because they know how ignorant that base is, then they are some of the most delusional idiots the world has ever known.


  18. It's official . Someone burned all the books with the rules. They don't know how it works. Reps aren't supposed to be in the Senate. The Senators should be debating. The House and allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the Reps are done. so stupid it isn't worth watching. Just dismiss it.

  19. Notice how Democrats always conspire to use today's "buzzwords" every time? It makes them look as staged as they actually are.

  20. I agree with POTUS. All these water saving shower nozzles that just spray around in a circle and not in the middle, just don't cut the mustard. Also, when you do a "Sussex Royal'', you have to flush multiple times go get it to go.

  21. I’d say Nadler is more of a “waddler” than a walker😂😂 Can’t believe he hasn’t been compared to a penguin yet🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. I have never seen a president more in tune with the common man than Trump is. Its really amazing. Sure, he is bombastic and tends to over exaggerate things, but there is just something about him that I love. He has a raw honesty about him.

  23. It is historic. It is the single most important example of the treacherous philosophy of the Democrat party, and the left in general.

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