GTA Online Heists & GTA 5 DLC News Round-up – Hot Topic #1

How’s it going, guys? This is the first of our new “Hot Topic” video series focusing on all the latest news,
rumors and more about the Grand Theft Auto series and Rockstar Games titles.
I’m Gary7MT for the GTA Series Videos official crew. If you want subtitles, just click on the closed caption button.
Our first video focuses on the GTA 5 and GTA Online DLC news and leaks.
First of all let’s talk about the upcoming GTA 5 single player DLC.
As far as we’ve heard from Rockstar, there will be only one DLC story with new main and side missions for Trevor, Franklin and Michael.
But the GTA Community has already discovered a lot more about the DLC for the single player.
The latest news is that we will probably have more than one DLC.
All this info was found in the game codes through Alexander Blades’ tools by funmw2 and then published on
There could be more sources, sorry for not mentioning them, but we found most of the strings and leaks originating to this guy.
Take all this with a grain of salt because none of the things folks found lurking inside the game have been announced by Rockstar,
and all the theories are just guesswork of people interpreting these strings.
Plus, all these leaks could even cause Rockstar to change their plans.
If all this turns out to be true, there’s still no release date as we saw months ago with all the strings
and textures related to the Jetpack which hasn’t been released in either GTA 5 or GTA Online.
Recently discovered codes for two different DLCs and a selection screen that, when you start your game,
allow you to select between the main GTA 5 storyline and these DLCs
like in GTA Episodes from Liberty City where you can choose which game you want.
The first content is called “Trevor” and it’s the new single player DLC already announced by Rockstar Games.
With this DLC it appears that we get 12 new assassination missions, 4 new IAA & FIB related missions,
and it also adds the long-awaited casino with more than one location available.
Inside the casino we can play Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and with the Slot machines,
just like in Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas.
The casinos are already coded for GTA Online with the exception of the slot machines.
The second DLC is the newly found “Zombie DLC”.
This content is apparently connected to a guy called Norman and the main character for this DLC will be Michael.
No more information is available, but maybe, due to the fact that it’s connected with Michael,
it could be an alternative reality or a nightmare of Michael like “Undead Nightmare” was for John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.
This is not the first time that Rockstar has tried to add zombie related gameplay to Grand Theft Auto.
In GTA 4 files someone found a complete script code and textures probably related to an arcade videogame called Zombie Resurrection.
Here the player has to survive the incoming waves of zombies using the Python, grenades, other various weapons and medikits.
And all probably from a first person shooter perspective. This idea was scrapped however, but some of the files are still available in GTA 4.
Now let’s move on to GTA Online. A lot of players right now are mad at Rockstar Games because no new DLCs were released last Tuesday.
So when will the next update be released?
Sorry boys and girls but there’s no way to know – or even guess – what updates will be available on any given Tuesday.
We are not Rockstar Games employees and none of the other YouTubers or leakers have connections to Rockstar Games.
In the past, coded features and in the game files weren’t released in the next DLC
– or at all, so if someone gives you a date, remember they’re just guessing.
And even if they turn out to be right, it was just a lucky guess.
And just like for GTA 5, there are leaks about the next GTA Online updates – including heists – and we’ll start from there.
Online Heists were among the first downloadable contents announced by Rockstar Games.
The release was announced for last spring, but then postponed to an unannounced date in hopes of making them as exciting as possible.
Over the last few months, due to modded lobbies some players have already played “beta” versions of the Heists
– posting also images and videos of some of the bank interiors.
These “heists” were nothing more than normal missions where you have to reach a bank,
hack a bunch of terminals, reach the safe and then get away evading police.
A lot different from the single player heists where preparation is the key to success.
Again leakers have done their “job” and after scouring the game files, now have something more to anticipate about the heists.
First of all the heists will be graded using a gold medal system,
so that means the faster and better the job is done, the better your chances to gain a bronze, silver or gold medal.
The objectives related to winning the medals are probably tied to the time required to complete the heist,
evade police, the amount of money stolen, players killed and so on.
In addition to the medal reward system, payouts have also been leaked and with a single heist you can gain from $100,000 to $1,500,000
– probably for splitting the loot later with the other players.
Now, wouldn’t it be great if the payouts could be related not only to the bank that was robbed but also to other variables?
Like, you know, the bigger the bank, the more money inside the safe?
Or number of robbers, or if all the members of the crew are still alive or not.
And maybe if our bags get hit by bullets, they can start losing money on the street… But this is just us dreaming.
Another thing leaked are the “sprites”, a term used to identify 2D icons on the radar.
Sprites are icons that identify roles players could have during the heists: Leader, Hired Gun, Sniper, Driver, Hacker and Parachutist.
Are these roles important? Of course they are.
First of all, these roles immediately identify our team mates’ objectives and main abilities. Our guess is, each role gets a different payout.
Last, but not least, recently ChromeXModZ, a well-known modder of GTA Online, released a video showing more than 100 animations
apparently connected to the heists that show the characters in different positions and with different attitudes.
These animations have their own names and thanks to this we can see that each animation is both tied to a place
– common, F.I.B., country bank, rural bank, ornate bank, safehouse – and an action or attitude – get, swipe, pick, grab, kill, prone, dead, etc.
Is all this info legit? Well, surely all these things are inside the game codes – so in this case, yeah, it’s legit.
But that doesn’t mean that they will be part of the heists or even in the game itself.
Why? Well, first of all, Rockstar has the bad habit of developing certain things
and even if these things never make the cut, they leave them in the game code.
From the “Instant Vehicle Bomb” of GTA 2, to Darkel in GTA 3, to the Inside Track gambling joint in Vice City
or the well-known and infamous “Hot Coffee” minigame in GTA San Andreas that lead Rockstar to court and the game to be rated Adults Only.
Which by the way, will be a theme in a future episode of “Hot Topic”.
The real question we gotta ask ourselves is this – are all these leaks about the heists really exposing what the heists will be?
Unfortunately only Rockstar Games can answer this question and they’re keeping quiet.
But there is more about GTA Online and the DLCs. First of all, we can see inside Ammu-Nation that there’s still room for new weapons.
And these new weapons could be a Bullpup Grenade Launcher and a new Sniper Rifle – thanks to the icons found in the game files.
But weapons are not the only addition to the game that could be released.
Together with new clothes, tattoos and masks, there’s speculation about a “Pilot DLC” focusing on some new airplanes and helicopters
– together with the Hydra and the Hunter, a military airplane and helicopter respectively, that are based on the Harrier and Apache.
In the game files connected to a new test mission at the pilot school,
they found a string for a new plane or helicopter called “Besra” and on the net we found an image of a plane, maybe the new Dodo.
Are any of these things part of a new DLC? Could be but then again, all these things could have been scrapped.
Now there’s lots more speculation and prediction on the net about the new DLCs, but different from the ones we’ve already told you about.
None of the others have any in-game evidence that would lend them even a shred of credibility.
So, to wrap it up, we know that we will surely have new DLCs and contents coming both for GTA 5 and GTA Online.
We’ve learned that there are a lot of guys with powerful tools that are analyzing each and every file possible in the game, the DLCs & the patches.
And we’ve also seen that if anyone on YouTube or the Internet says something, it may not be 100% legit
– but may rather be a prediction based on prior knowledge, something they think they know but don’t, or something they read and interpreted.
Right now we don’t want to make any predictions. We are in no rush to discover before anyone else what Rockstar Games is working on.
And for the record guys, GTA Series Videos does NOT support modding, glitching or cheating in GTA Online.
But why not? It’s fun, right?
These three things normally ruin the fun of online gaming, giving too much power to a single player or group
making the only option for fair and honest gamers to find new sessions or to simply play with friends.
Our reasons for making this video were just to point out what future DLCs might be and what DLCs surely won’t be.
And that’s all for now guys, thanks for watching and don’t hesitate to post your opinion and ideas about our new video series and the contents of this video.
Tell us what you’re expecting and what new content you want to see sooner or later in GTA 5 and GTA Online,
and we’ll pick the best ideas and comments and discuss them in the next video.

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