Growing Rift Among Royals After Harry And Meghan’s Announcement | NBC Nightly News

Growing Rift Among Royals After Harry And Meghan’s Announcement | NBC Nightly News

54 thoughts to “Growing Rift Among Royals After Harry And Meghan’s Announcement | NBC Nightly News”

  1. ℹIF 👶PRINCE ANDREW DID NOT LOSE HIS TITLE, THAN THEY SHOULDN'T EITHER. But UK should not monetarily support them. They should leave 🔱monarch entirely and she should run for President in 🇺🇸America. She would win for sure and Americans 🇺🇸 could then pick up the tab.

  2. OMG!!!… who gives a F! In fact, get rid of the Royal Family altogether… round them all up, confiscate all their assets and kick them out! The End

  3. Now they're never going to give their blessings to royals faint regular people.. The royals will always reference this

  4. But if you're trying to be independent then why need them for anything at all. You should be starting off fresh then.. There's no half assing it!!

  5. So they want to keep the Royal privilege without doing the work. Let them leave, cut off the $s, give back the Windsor residence and live and work like normal people. I'm good with that.

  6. Yeah sure they can leave, but definitely not pick and choose what they should stay with at the expense of their tax payers so they can live a lavish life. They can use their name and popularity to fund their own expenses.

  7. Listen, I’ve been following this story vaguely and from experience I’m almost certain that Meghan Markle is a narcissistic woman. She’s isolating Prince Harry from all he’s ever known. It’s happening

  8. Her agenda was well planned! Smart move from a woman who has been chasing power and money (and the Royals) since she was little… Now she gets what she wanted: money, fame and her career back. Oh Well, royalty never fit on her head, she was only able to play with her hair…. Lol!
    They should stop calling themselves Duke and Duchess. Such a shame for the crown!!!!

  9. Fame wh-r-s! they want to market their names and they definitely make a lot of money. They want to be celebs while Kate & Will are seen in children’s hospital.

  10. There you go. Harry warned her and she didn't take notice. She knew better. All spouses of BRF have undergone media scrutiny to a greater or lesser degree and chose to ignore it, rise above it and just crack on. What makes this pair so special.

  11. Other words….get rich using their fame, plus Megan's used to everyone loving and praising her 24/7, she's not getting that now so we quit

  12. Megan and Harry are a brand!! Don’t think for one minute that they won’t make money to support their lifestyle and that they definitely won’t need those crumbs from the sovereign grant!!

  13. Why is the media so upset at their decision to step back and protect their family’s wellbeing?
    You would think that the media would be so happy to finally be rid of them.
    And also, the media continuous complain about them spending tax payers money, you would think that’s a good thing that they decide to generate their own revenue.
    H&M are making the best decision to protect their family’s wellbeing.

  14. Prince Harry is know air head he remembers what happened to his mother.
    He will not be put in Frogmoore cottage a 2nd rate residence in a memorial cemetery with over 300 years of where the help lived. Not while he also knows he is the biggest draw of interest among Royals period

  15. This is just a distraction designed to take the focus off Prince Andrew and all that Jeffrey Epstein evidence that the FBI has been keeping to itself.

  16. I don’t understand the big deal. I mean, they aren’t next in line to the throne. Or second or third (either). What are they supposed to do….hang around like Andrew & Sarah & Camilla? Waiting for WHAT, I couldn’t imagine. But it’s clear (from those three) it’s an unproductive wait.

    Princess Diana took a lot of the royal family’s dazzle with her. They can’t get that back.

    I think Harry & Meghan are doing the right thing…defining themselves. Instead of letting the world define them. So they should be left alone, while they do that.

  17. She’s got the baby and now she’s trying to make a run for it. 🧐 $$$ 🧐

    Trying to make it back to the L.A. sewer

  18. If they want to go and do their own thing then that is totally fine and there right to do. However they should have their titles taken away and no longer receive royal funds from the government. The British taxpayer pays for the royal family for its cultural value and its use in diplomatic affairs on behalf of the government. If the Sussex's want to be independent of the government and royal family then they no longer get to be royals which i think is fair. You can't still have the publicity and influence that you getting from being a royal without doing the duties of a royal. That is not what the public pays for.

  19. They don't want to be bothered with all that mess going on in the palace. Seems like they just want to be left alone. People are impressed with those titles but it's obvious Prince Harry is not since he did grow up with one.

  20. its,all meghan 's fault,The British Media you have missed the plot people can judge for themselves. This is going to leave the, royal family with a mud,in they face, 😱😱😱😱😱

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