Greyhound to ban immigration checks on buses without warrant

Greyhound to ban immigration checks on buses without warrant

100 thoughts to “Greyhound to ban immigration checks on buses without warrant”

  1. Well Greyhound Company, you'd better buy an island somewhere and create your own Country where you decide the law of the land because this one is not YOURS to be exempt from!

  2. This is the same kind of behavior Google and Facebook exhibit towards the government….Businesses like them and Greyhound think they can just say no to the law or the government. Its honestly time to start ripping these companies apart.

  3. I rode greyhound once in the 80's. And told myself this is the most dirtiest snd nastiest means of transportation period. I am positive it didn't get better.

  4. Public transportation for hire is subject to safety inspections – they can take a long, long time and may require out-of-service orders – these can be expensive. During inspection, probable cause may be observed. Just saying….

  5. This is hilarious that some leftist chumps at Greyhound, think they can dictate what ICE can do on a "PUBLIC" Operated mass transit bus. roflmao good luck with that sfb 😂

  6. I believe that Greyhound is a U.S. company, using U.S. roads to make U.S. dollars. Greyhound has no governmental authority. Pull over every bus and make it sit for hours while a warrant is sought. Bring Greyhound to an unprofitable collapse. Bye.

  7. Communism has snuffed out the lives of millions vote red to save America and to preserve the freedom so many men have fought bled and died for

  8. I wonder if certain people ever heard of "Interfering" with a Peace Officer while performing his/her duties"? This can be used to clear the way and help get bad guys/gals off the streets.

  9. Then every grayhound bus comming across the boarder gets held up for as long as it takes to clear every persons on the bus. Should take an hours or days. So much for their time table

  10. Watch the Border Patrol Detain Greyhound Busses for a Search Warrant, Every. Single. Time! What once took a few minutes will take up to 12 hours. Thanks to Embedded Undercover Agents, maybe less!

  11. Look stop being scared of long drawn out legal action against the goverment for doing whats right. Hurt these corrupt democrat rats teachings and sanctuary city's ; greyhound and any other left wing fake media and dumbed down college and university education system🐫hit them in the pocket. With draw all Government funding. Impose penalties increase their costs to operate and boycott the offenders for failing to help protect the Nation.

  12. It’s because they demand ID when u go on the bus and they are breaking the 4th amendment but what’s new most cops always break the law by ID a passenger in a car or other laws especially cops that follow that thin blue line that’s a new gang symbol I respect the cops that follow there oath

  13. How can a private company even think that they can refuse checks on their buses and not be held to account. Simple. Every Republican Governor and state official in Republician held city's and States or; counties should remove/ ban greyhound from operating a system that endangers American people. Until such time when it is deemed that their actions no longer endanger The U.S.A . So that may be never. so out of bussiness they go. Do not give your money to greyhound.

  14. I think such as TSA doing checks at airports, maybe there needs to be TSA at all bus stations, restricting immigrants from initializing rides via Greyhound bus.

  15. I love hearing about ICE DoubleDowning on cities that defy Federal Law! With more agents to do the job. 👍🇺🇸😎

  16. I'm tired of these wimpy companies trying to be politically correct and not offend anybody. Everybody that hears this should boycott greyhound and pass it around and tell all your friends. It's unbelievable that they're protecting illegal migrants

  17. Greyhound has zero security .Recently had to take a bus from Portland to Southern Oregon and people were smoking dope. The driver did nothing. No ID was required and carry on bags were not checked. A disaster waiting to happen.

  18. well the answer is simple keep the bus outside the entry point whilst waiting for a warrant see how their passengers like that it's BS I remember touring through Europe in a tour bus and at every entry point out passports and visas were checked and we all had to get out of the bus for the bus to be checked 7 different countries

  19. Trump supporters don’t care trump is working for Russia criminals he wants to turn into a dictator president this is serious

  20. Next Greyhound will say they won't allow the government to apprehend murderers on their buses who have a warrant out for their arrest.

  21. Seems Greyhound has drawn their line in the sand. The proper response would be for DHS to require all interstate bus travelers to have to undergo the security screening that TSA provides at airports. Let's see whether Greyhound blinks or not.

  22. In Latin countries including Mexico police enter busses and search them any time they feel like it. Soldiers will even stop cars driving by and demand rides. No 3rd Amendment.

  23. Violation of Law and it's regulations is CRIME.

    Travel BAN is straight on illegally trafficking Nation's and drugs gangsters regime Communists. No surprise about Burma, Sudan African countries.

  24. They have no right to deny checks.. Greyhound need to loose their buisness license. They are helping the enemy which is illegal alien infiltrators.
    .Article 4. Section 4. Is being violated.. We the people need to act on themis and hunt down these illegal our self. It is time for citizen's6 to take a stand..

  25. 4th amendment, thanks. Obey the law and enforce it constitutionally. I'm sure those legitimate Greyhound customers just want to get to their destination without undue delays.

  26. No longer safe to use Greyhound as they have effectively announced they are going to harbor fugitives and aid human trafficking. Pull them over and hold them there for hours while waiting for a judge to sign each and every warrant for every Greyhound bus that leaves the station. ALL of them need to be searched!

  27. Another business owned by leftists evidently working against President Trump on behalf of leftist lunatic Americans.
    They should co operate with ICE and DHS for security of country.

  28. Amazing how lawless the country has become, no accountability and supporting illegal activities from Greyhound to your local Chief of Police/Mayor etc.

  29. Can't prove you are a citizen? You get NO BENEFITS: medical, schools, money, your children born here : not citizens. TRUMP 2020. Finish the wall.

  30. Give each ICE agent a signed, blank warrant to fill out as they see fit.
    Them: Do you have a warrant?
    Agent: Yes, I have one right here. Shall I put your name on it?
    End of problem.

  31. Lol… what happened to our rights as citizens to not be detained or hindered in our travel? Don't give away my rights because you are scared.
    Boycott? Like their patrons can afford alternative travel…
    I'm so sick of my rights being given away so willingly just because some victims family gets paraded around a rally.
    If you want to keep our country free we have to stop. Why are you not as offended by this as you are of background checks or a searchable database for gun control? All of our rights are worth fighting for

  32. You better stand up and in force the FEDERAL law, because a word to the wise, if they see they can back you down, expect more of it, 🤔🗯remember Einstein's theory of relativity, for every action is a reaction, you can reverse that too for every in action, is a action…

  33. I say we make it impossible for greyhound to operate at all, if they want to neglect the safety of their passengers and of the citizens of the country in which they operate.

  34. It's a public service on public roads. No warrant needed. Transportation of illegal civilian is illegal stop for traffic violation. Everyone on board should have i.d. period just like cars. This isn't just a casual state law either. It's a federal law now. Nation wide can't be argued.

  35. Sounds like Greyhound is interfering with a federal investigation?…hmmm. obstruction of federal officers breaking federal laws seems like they are both as guilty together guilty by association

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