Gov. Cuomo Gives Update On Coronavirus Spread Across NY State | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

Gov. Cuomo Gives Update On Coronavirus Spread Across NY State | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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  1. Cuomo is doing a good job with what he has to work with. But comparing him to what President Trump is doing is a joke. Cuomo has 1 state to deal with,Trump has 50 plus the world affairs. A very silly comparison in my book.

  2. If you keep the shut down going….the economy will crash, people won't have money to feed their families, people will riot, supermarkets will get cleared out (more than they already are), they will close ALL supermarkets, once that happens….people will start breaking into people's houses, civil unrest will ensue….SO STOP THE SHUT DOWN!!!!!! You get a migraine, you get a fever of 103, you get body aches and chills, you get a sore throat, you may or may not get a cough, you may get a runny/stuffy nose, and it may affect your sense of smell…which affects your sense of taste. Normal people will get over it completely in 4 to 7 days. This is NOT the plague! This is NOT something that warrants a complete societal meltdown!!!!!

  3. I don't even watch the White House briefings anymore. I watch Cuomo because he give straight concise information.

  4. I was at Walmart this morning. I haven't left my house in a week so I figured most people would be wearing masks. Nope, just me and a teenage produce boy. Store full of old people ! Walmart delivers ! Use it old folks, they started that just for you.

  5. This man is working day and night for new Yorkers. He can explain things so that a dummy like me can understand. Is it too late to get him to run for presidency?

  6. Both parties showed their true colors. They gave a big boost to corporations in order to boost the stock market even though only 25% of the American people have stocks even when you consider pension plans. Both parties agreed. This isn’t an issue of party politics, but class politics. The federal government tied help to people with corporations because helping the people was popular, but corporate bailouts was not. So they gave peanuts to people and filled the purse of the rich. Greed is alive and well in the USA.



  8. New York City streets are filthy. People couldn’t leave the city fast enough before COVID-19, let alone now.

  9. I see report says that Chinese government is giving people who are allowed to go back to work a "green pass", in order to minimize the risk of exposure to each other by monitoring their health status. That may not fly here in the US though. Of course, everyone wears a mask right now in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea as well as China, and that in itself is a good protection strategy for people that are going back to work.

  10. I love this guy and I love reading all the support for him here. I wouldnt wish the presidency on him for so many reasons but i hope his reach is greater than just NY and that people begin to emulate him in the way he handles both people and business.

  11. Can someone please make a supercut of Cuomo's "personal opinion inspirational speeches" at some point. These should be viewing for anyone who needs to be a leader in times of crisis.

  12. He is the only one who is not downplaying this. I so appreciate his honesty. I truly believe he is trying to help all of his residents. If only the president would listen to him instead of throwing a tantrum because Trump feels like Cuomo doesn’t like him.
    We are all in trouble…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  14. The Grocery and supply situation in New York State is really bad right now. The employees of these stores are hiding in the back stock rooms to avoid having to communicate with angry shoppers. The shelves are wiped clean. Any time a truck pulls into one of these stores, the hoarders line up ready to empty it out as soon as the product hits the sales floor. The milk and egg deliveries are getting smaller and smaller and only last a few minutes on the shelves when it gets delivered. People are getting loud with each other about little things that are not important. They are going to have to bring the military in here and shut down New York State. The military is going to have to hand out and ration the food, otherwise, this place is going to go completely Mad Max out of control complete with street justice killings over a can of beans.

  15. For all that hard work he does, his skin sure looks nice and smooth. He's getting more handsome each day. Excellent speaker.

  16. I love his communication style and honesty with the constituents of New York. Oh my move to New York just a vote for him. Go New York!

  17. This governor is the best leader I’ve seen yet!! I am so happy to see him when he does his press . I feel so much better after his talks.

  18. Thank you for your compassionate response & strong leadership! New York has a place in my heart & in the heart of all Americans.

  19. If you are dumb enough to believe in the global warming hockey stick that never happened, you're probably dumb enough to believe in the computer modeled death rate hockey stick.

  20. I live in new Hampshire and I've been watching these press conferences like Cuomo is the president. Amazing leadership. Nothing coming out of the White House is worth watching anymore.

  21. The Governor of New York is doing everything he can to make his state safe and is an inspiration to this whole world. If we all could try to give 110% like this man we could accomplish many great things for humanity. Give this man all of our support!

  22. This dude is no different than the plantation owners of the 1800’s, repackaging some companies sanitizer, not even letting any of the inmates use any of the product. This guy is no different than a plantation owner. Scum……

  23. He is such a fcking LIAR! Total piece of crap. “20,000 we need 20,000 ventilators, we need 20,000” – go with the CDC numbers –

  24. Govenor Andrew Cuomo, thank you for your leadership. Our president is in la la land and your insight in what's going gives us a sense of stability in our instability right now. Also, appreciate your cent and a half… keep putting pressure on our unstable federal government. They are irresponsible.

  25. I prefer listening to Gov Cuomo because of his transparency and fact presentations, instead of being lied to on a daily basis by that orange pos. I'm not even from New York or remotely close to NY but his man truly cares about all citizens.

  26. Ive Grown to Like and Respect Gov. Cuomo after Watching These! I Live in UPSTATE NY/Brockport Area, and Currently Working with a Skeleton Crew at Brockport McDonalds and We Discuss these Videos More than Trump's 2hr Coronavirus Briefings as We Aren't Far from NYC which Sadly has been Knocked Down, but NOT Out! These Briefings are a Real Relief for All of Us UPSTATE New Yorker's Watching Whats Unfolding to Our DOWNSTATE Neighbors! Thank You for These! ALSO, the Father/Son Relationship Between Cuomo and Jesse has been a Personal Highlight of Mine! STAY SAFE NY AND THE REST OF OUR PLANET!

  27. As a resident of New York State im glad that the federal government has not bailed out New York State. The state needs to fail. The tax system in this state is not sustainable. By letting it fail, maybe New York will be forced to rewrite its tax code and lower taxes and become responsible for its expenses. But i doubt it as long as people keep praising this Cuomo clown like hes the messiah with some people going as far to say hes presidential material LOL

  28. I drive a big rig into New York every week. Not that it makes a difference, but my prayers and heart are with you guys.

  29. Спасибо губернатору за то что даёт опору в это трудное время.
    Храни вас Господь.

  30. Thank you Governor Cuomo for everything you are doing . Crisis brings out a persons true color . We know you are doing everything in your power and we are really thankful for your leadership . We will get over this soon the way we are going . All the best to us , New Yorkers .

  31. What a LEADER! Respect from India, Governor Cuomo. My country salutes you and we stand by you. Wish we could come and help you if only we hadn't had our own people dying here, like yours. We will all get through, we know. Thank you for the inspiration. Love always.

  32. 50 minutes…. let me guess, more new yorkers died on his watch. more diarrhea of the mouth. we got thousands of beds and ventilators, but not the MDs and RNs and RTs to run them.

  33. Cuomo does not mince words. He sticks to the facts, and tells people things that are hard to hear, instead of telling them what they want to hear.
    He does not dole out false hopes (“packed churches on Easter”) like you know who.
    This is a person who knows what he is talking about.
    This is a person you can trust.
    This is the person who should be president.

  34. The amount of placating and patronizing is off the charts here. “Flatten the curve.l “Increase capacity.” Please explain it too us dear Teacher! Little cute graphics…The propaganda is overwhelming. Simply amazing to watch. America. This is NOT the “New Normal.”

  35. Every nursing home is dumping patients they think are infected on hospitals.That's what I have read.That fact alone would put a strain on them.They won't take them back unless proven not to be infected.

  36. why are we not making manual respirators they are in every emergency rooms. a much simpler device which could be massproduced up to thousands per hour. any good engineering team could have new production lines running in days. look them up. simple simple device…..there are cheap toys more complicated. this is such a failure. firing squad level.

  37. As a European, I found this very odd. Why is funding an epidemic be in the hands of a Governor? This should be something collectively coming from the state. The government has the possibility to do stock-taking of what is required to decrease deaths. This is a pandemic not street furniture.

  38. Why isn't Gov.Cuomo the President of the United States.. He is the most honest person to his people. Keep up the good work Cuomo..

  39. I don't usually complement politicians but this guy Cuomo is not messing around. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the orange turd.

  40. This is what a true leader sounds and acts like. If the US gets out of this peril, it will be because of the few courageous, smart, and caring governors.

  41. why i the US scared to do a extreme shutdown for a week enforce stay at home and only go outside if you going to a hospital for checkup for covid or other issues

  42. Good man give him credit stay home stay safe save life’s. God help us and everyone that is going through this will be ok if we do our part god bless you all

  43. Maybe your budget would have less of a hit if you only worried about citizens and not Sanctuary Cities….. Ask Pelosi why she put her crazy poison pill pork, like the Green New Deal into the House Bill. Also how is every life priceless, Governor, yet you sign a bill allowing late term abortions where "priceless" lives of babies-to-be are ripped apart by suction and the pieces thrown in the garbage? This guy really loves the sound of his own voice, the epitome of an obnoxious, self important New Yawkah.

  44. CASES . . . CASES . . . CASES   do NOT Equal Death. "PERIOD" The Average Flu season in the U.S. results in 12,000 – 61,000 deaths each year.  Google it!  Where was the 'Fear Mongering' for all other typical flu seasons?    The number of deaths so far in this country is only on par with a typical bad weekend in Chicago !    So, let's ALL stay very scared, hide in our homes, and remain fearful . . .right?   NO, but use common sense – wash our hands a lot, keep the distance like they suggest, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FLU SEASON and then let's get back to work by Easter.  Ooorah!  I've had enough of these career politicians taking advantage of our fear.   Keep researching YT and see what the real non-bought-off researchers, scientists, and financial professionals say.

  45. Federal Budget numbers moving forward to clearly indicate which states are spending for our citizens, putting by for citizens for rainy day (Norway $1,000,000 for every citizen and likely tapping into that now) vs spending on non-citizens…. and take more budget away from states who are not managing well. California spends poorly, not for clearing forests = fires galore…. National Govt (and citizen taxpayers from everywhere) give us money!!!!

  46. Watch his press conf.. precise, factual, no self praise. Watch Trump's press conference.. all over the place.. ???

  47. How about try this simple thing…tell everyone to wear a mask or something over their nose and mouth anytime you are in public. Anyone who thinks this doesn't help, and help tremendously, doesn't understand how the virus spreads. It doesn't help if only some do this… everyone must. Please, tell citizens of this country to do this.

  48. Is this what a responsible, competent and determined leader looks like?
    Its been such a long time, not sure i can remember what it looks like…
    NY should be proud

  49. This is what presidential leadership looks like; the narcissistic sociopathic authoritarian dictator in the WH isn't qualified to shine Cuomo's shoes.

  50. The death number is off by roughly 80%, we have an office in china/Germany and have daily communication to china and germany since the outbreak, is not what has been reflected by the media. But 1 thing needs to be done. STAY home. stop taking this as a joke, ask influencers to influence the right things. Nationwide STAY HOME. China stayed home 2 Month, enforced and supported by Military. BTW he does an amazing job.

  51. … one nation under god, indivisible, (except for blue states), with liberty and justice for all, (except democrats).

  52. I'm from CA and I would be proud to have a governor like this….I hope democrats realize that this is their true candidate for presidency otherwise Trump will stay hand down. Biden no chance against Trump.

  53. Some individuals are acting like their tribe won't be affected by this. It's immoral. There will be repercussions, use your senses!
    I hear the same brave nativity that the fools walking into war speak. It's terrifying

  54. Right here is the official word on (COVID-19)

    Watch "Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever" on YouTube

    In this video youll see a real New Yorker that spoke to real Nurses.
    These are People with a moral compass.
    These are the people that are standing between you and a FEMA death camp.
    These are the People you need to be giving support.

    Watch "War Crimes are Everywhere" on YouTube

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