100 thoughts to “GM strike takes ‘turn for the worse’ as Union rejects latest offer”

  1. I hope the UAW continues with the strike until GM goes bankrupt in the US and ceases operations. It would serve the union right. They are overpaid, overcompensated, and the reason why the car industry is moving over seas.

  2. What a surprise a union not agreeing hope gm leaves the table restructures and reclassifies there job title and does away with all the positions of the ones striking and start fresh with new employees

  3. We must realize that we are heading to a socialist society! Praise the democrats! GM instead of giving the employees a raise. Must put that money into we that can’t work!! The workers, union. Must give to the people of America that can’t work!!

  4. Dump the union, I know many people who would take those jobs at a rate that is less than those wanted by the unions asap.

  5. Unions are only good for 1 thing–ensuring employee safety on the job. Otherwise, they're comprised of nothing but useless, greedy money-grabbers.

  6. Last time I wrote in support of unions on FOX, my comments were erased ,I thought only the left leaning news organizations did that

  7. Don't feel sorry for these people no wonder gm went bankrupt make them in the south where unions dont exist and dont hire any ex union people

  8. Nationalize the entire economy already! Once it collapses, we can pick up the pieces and get to a free market, free enterprise system.

  9. Getting rid of temporary employment services is a good start. Too many companies are hiring temps to work fulltime at lower wages. At a union job its unbelievable, never heard of such a thing and the fact both GM and UAW allowed this is unforgivable.
    All GM plants will either be in China or Mexico in next 5 years. To any worker there, find a new job now.
    Amd to those who dont understand "pay packages". The $63hr. package isnt what it seems. At $15hr. actual pay with added healthcare on average makes it about a $50hr. package. I assume gm has above average healthcare packages so that $63hr. means little. Pay could be 15-22. Not much more. Thats a crap wage in todays world.
    All GM would have to do is cut about 1% off its stockholders profits to fix issue but they will never do that. They want to profit even more even though GM products have been declining in quality and resale for decades.

  10. I dont think many here understand what a $63hr. "pay package" is. I had a $55hr. pay package once and i was making $15hr. pay. Packages are pay and benefits, and benefits are always much higher an hour than pay. Thats the big scam. We allowed our gov to force employers to cover employee healthcare costs because gov is in bed with healthcare industry, in some case they are the healthcare industry. Just think if we actually had affordable healthcare in US so people could cover themselves privately. Wages would be at least double what you are making now being employers wouldn't be forced to pay for it. Its such a great scheme. Make healthcare so expensive that only companies(millionaires and billionaires)can afford it, offer sub par coverage and high premiums for most part, tell employees they are getting a $60hr. Pay package to keep them thinking they're doing good.
    The company may seem like the villain here but they are not. Companies pay HUGE money to cover their employees. Its our government and the healthcare system that are the culprits. From the top down to the doctors and dentists who believe they are worth 500k a year.
    Whats the end result? Socialism. An even worse thing than our corrupt system. When enough people cannot afford basic things they will vote for something different. That day is coming have no doubt.

  11. Learned a few years sgo to never buy a UAW built vehicle again. After decades of suffering with undependable, poorly built, overpriced cars I brought a Honda. Will never go back

  12. GM should move to Mexico the American employees make too much money are (spoiled & lazy) and get really high benefits. It’s around $63.00 per hour hahahhahahhah way to much for low skilled jobs.

  13. Turn for the worse. Yeah GM underline bankruptcy. How about GE bankruptcy Because of Edison formula of superman modified to super woman Hillary R Clinton CHAI prescription's.

  14. GM will become history.
    How Corvette rocket space model raises GM revenue? What's sting ray? Got how many cylinder's?

  15. I myself stand for the union it's about time the working man stand up to the elite corrupt companies. They need to give the working man better pay and benefits with all the gobs they have tooken away from human workers and gave them to robots.

  16. There was a need for unions 50 years ago, Today they are just another big business with their  hands in your pocket trying to tell you what to buy and who to vote for.

  17. The real question in all this is how long can a bunch of dumbazz auto workers stand on the corner not earning money? GM should simply close down and move their plant to another state.

  18. One only needs to drive down the highway and see GM's ever shrinking share of the auto market. When they have to compete with the import cars, many of which have US factories, they have to keep their costs competitive or they won't survive in the long run. I hope both the UAW and company work this out soon.

  19. employee health care adds $8,000 to the cost of every american automobile.
    why should american employers bare the cost of americas health care?
    Medicare for all!

  20. If I was in charge of the UAW I would hold out for a gooD deal no matter what it took. GM doesn't valve the people that made them what they are today .
    The American people should support their fellow Americans but they don't !!! If the American people would buy American cars …. Their kidS would have a dam job at GM,Ford but they will
    talk down on the workers and buy a kia without thinking twice. Shame on you AMERICA !

  21. Unions???? Are they really for the workers??I don't see it!!!Plus they make trouble for businesses….it seems ..why give them your money what do they really do for anyone?

  22. I hope all manufactures move all job to china so you scam bags none supporting Americans get laid off, then you'll see want the auto works are fighting for.

  23. All I hear from these worthless people is I want more for less. People are expendable not negotiable. If you can't do job, replace them. The problem is to a lot of these people all live beyond their means.

  24. wall street hard at work f the workers for profit like i say wall street days i hope are comming to a end stay tough people making cars and trucks overseas then send them back so our people in the us can buy them for a high prices wall street is killing the country for profit the traders need a 10 dollar an hour job lets get their hands dirty

  25. every body blames the workers not wall street not share holders ceo' s watch the movie wall street and see how this crap works go to the south for cheap labor they allready have high school football and collage football free labor may be they can find some more free labor for g m love the top not american workers sad bunch

  26. who cares, let them lose their jobs and let GM shut down. no one in this country cares. We are more worried about trying to overthrow our current government to actually care about stuff that matters. get with the times people.

  27. I am Now 72 years old ,have always and firmly believe in Unions ,for the protection of the workers.That being said ,these Auto workers have gotten some pretty lucrative contracts in the past.The one inescapable FACT is you MUST PRODUCE competitive product.When I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, Foreign auto's with perhaps the exception of Mercedes and VW, were pretty much looked upon as being CHEAP.than sometime in the 70's and 80's the American Manufacturers ,although producing a Fine Automobile started charging for ALL THE EXTRAS.The Japanese were NOW selling a comparably reliable auto "LOADED " with all the extras the American automakers were charging extra for.Also although I hate to admit it ,the quality of the American cars seem to be lacking.Why would the average person spend EIGHT thousand dollars on Virtually the same auto he could purchase for 4 ?

  28. I work for a Union and i will have to admitt Unions are terrible and corrupt money making machines worse than corporations…Democrats are known to support them cause they are both corrupt

  29. I say "Unions get what you can and give nothing back." We have no say in what the 1%ers get paid then no one should be talking about what the UAW makes.

  30. People strike then turn around and complain when the company decides to close the factories and relocate to Other countries………….People should start to realise that with the Global Economy Companies have a choice to go where the workers don't interfere with production. Bad luck as now the Workers are ALL WITHOUT WORK……………………..TOUGH if you do not realise there are more people in the world you are looking for work today…………..Companies have the power today………..

  31. This chick is an uneducated moron.
    GM has not lost a single penny over this strike. Infact like she said, they are selling trucks like hotcakes and have no production costs. As for her claim that they only had a 90 day supply of trucks on the lots at the onset of the strike, once again she is wrong. They had in excess of 150 days of inventory, I know, I build the frames for the Sierra and Silverado. They knew this was coming and for months now they have been ordering a crazy number of frames from us, far greater numbers then normal.

  32. Low inventory? What are they smoking? They have too much inventory; they have about 30 more days than they historically have had at this time of the year. The GM lot next to my house has GMC and Buick vehicles packed tightly, so they can fit them on their lot (no shortage of any kind).

  33. They need to fire the CEO and upper management of GM cause those guys are idiots. GM has already been bailed out, now they're blowing millions on nothing cause they don't want to negotiate when they could've just negotiated and paid the workers that money and been making product and making money. GM upper management is completely lost and I don't even work there. They should hire me as CEO and turn that company around. I sure hope our government doesn't bail them out again just because they want to run the company into the ground. GM needs to sell out to another auto manufacturer while the gettin is still good.

  34. I wonder. Does the UAW, realize that they are giving GM the incentive to movemore production to either Mexico or China. There a similar situation a couple of years back, where an automotive plant forced to close, with several thousand employees being let go. Several years later the plant was purchased by a Chinese firm making automotive glass. A great number of people applied for jobs where the salaries were like $ 12.00/hr, compared to what they made as employee of the car manufacturer which was probably 3 to 4 times more.

  35. UAW’s fight is not with GM, but with the robots. And the only way to win is to tax GM for each robot. Not complicated, actually.

  36. How much less would a new vehicle cost with out having to pay union prices? Maybe more people could afford to buy new vehicles then. Maybe they should move to more economical states and not allow unions in.

  37. GM stole our tax dollars , cut workers pay , and outsourced our manufacturing base to China. Don’t blame the UAW … Barra is overpaid and overrated. If I were the UAW I’d picket outside GM headquarters and even riot until she resigns ! Your story is corporate BS , btw!

  38. GM is bleeding cash, but it has a lot of cash on hand. GM is building a lot of cars south of the border, and China, not the U.S., is now the makers #1 market. Hmm…

  39. GM will go bankrupt and don’t bail them out this time! Sad truth is our American cars are junk compared to their counterparts

  40. It's all caused by a greedy Union. I really think unions have outlived their days. Normal people would enjoy those job so much more and would probably get a better product

  41. How is the outlook of electric and autonomous cars cause her to assume most people won't be even having cars in the future??

  42. I was going to buy a Jeep, but I don't want to support these greedy, ungrateful unionists, and jeep are UAW made. So I think I'm going to go with Toyota.

  43. This isn't costing them money, it's savings them money. Strikers forget cars can be made in Mexico and shipped by train.

  44. Fox News… You should look into…. Mary Barra should be fired for this political stunt. Clinton's little buddy is doing her job hurting Americans like Democrats love to do. I am a shareholder of GM and she is only doing this to hurt workers, the stock, her part to hurt the economy, and all to spite Republicans. And, union leaders are in bed with the plan.

    GM management are NOT looking out for the investors best interests.

  45. Are your UAW leaders living on $250 during this strike? GM can out last longer then the workers can when comes to losing money so the only ones winning here is the UAW itself.

  46. Just look at these GMC workers. No wonder GMC quality control is so shitty and reliability is stuck in the tiolet. Look at them again. No wonder GMC healthcare cost is so high. In japan, auto workers are in uniform and very healthy and in good physical shape. Japanese auto workers have pride in what they build. GMC has a bunh of bigs workers in its factories, and i bet many of these GMC workers are alcoholics and marijuana users

  47. Who is it bad mouthing the unions? Would you prefer to work at Wal-Mart 20 hours per week for $10 an hour?
    The next time you get a lunch break, remember just who fought for that. The next time you see any safety rules in place on the job, just remember who fought for this for you to enjoy. All the while, your playing on your Chinese made I-phones, where they pay $1 per hour.

  48. Those unions are the main reason jobs are moving overseas. Wake up. If you go on strike, do not complain when jobs are gone.

  49. the GM CEO makes over $20,000,000.00 a year not including benefits and stock shares…This isn't about pay, this is about new hires, benefits and the security of Middle class America.
    The CEO makes way to much money. Companies all across the globe are striking not Just GM.

  50. Stupid greedy people striking themselves out of a job, they should be thankful for what they have rather than throwing a hissy fit!

  51. I just don't understand and who can explain me, why Honda Toyota Bmw Mercedes Benz or freaking Kia are not Suffering but allways American Auto makers.

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