14 thoughts to “Georgia coronavirus update: 555 cases and 20 deaths”

  1. Where's the news about the Atlanta VA's fleet of employee cars being contaminated by the virus and tons of veteran patient support workers forced to work from home instead of tending to the needs of veteran clients? With the VA filled daily with Emory doctors going back and forth from the VA and Emory campuses via Emory's free public shuttle bus, where are your stories covering the reports that Emory is near capacity and already overwhelmed? Where are your stories about the VA and veterans here watching all this happen in real time while not a peep from the news media? There are over 600 veterans in DeKalb alone who have HUD-VASH housing vouchers at a time when apartment buyouts are forcing them out of their apartments in order to upgrade and raise rents in north metro DeKalb and Fulton and in Gwinnett, pushing VASH recipients south, costing them financial burdens because they get less funds and resources when they're driven out of Atlanta's higher end neighborhoods? Get busy, 11Alive! Talk to veterans about what's happening at the VA.

  2. Lord God ,
    we ask in the name of Jesus Christ heal us we know this will pass we know that healing in Jesus name, so bow Covid19 in Jesus name Amen

  3. Should this not say NORTH GEORGIA. Chatham County which is Savannah, GA stated two days ago in their online newspaper Savannahnow.com has 3 reported cases. Im praying for our world.

  4. 18 to 59 is not young people… This is misleading… They need to stratify this range in terms of cases and deaths

  5. We must go back to doing business as or we will starve to death and that would be worse than the disease itself. If we don't work, we don't eat!

  6. Love your enemies pray for those that hate you. Be Warriors for the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and love truth and peace with God forever

  7. Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear Facts Not fear

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