Gay Marriage Bishop Jonathan Blake BBC World News Today

Gay Marriage Bishop Jonathan Blake BBC World News Today

besides i respect that but i think this is an important step
forward for our country MPs look set to take the first step
tonight to changing what we mean by marriage Nick Robinson BBC News Westminster Well with me here in the studio Doctor
Sharon James from the Coalition for marriage and the Right Reverend Jonathan Blake
the Bishop of Greater London and Bishop to you first, it looks likely
that the vote will go in favor of gay marriage when you the political parties and and that the
positions and wonderful thing it has been an inevitable part of our
society coming to terms with discrimination and prejudice overcoming
that and working towards equality and there are families, grandparents
and parents on the edge of their seats waiting for the votes as an historic milestone who’ve got gay and lesbian sons and
daughters who want to be able to celebrate their relationships equally as
they do their hetrosexual children From your ministry how do you think having
the marriage certificate will change the lives of gay couples the worrying thing is is a wherever you have institutionalized
pockets of difference it harbours prejudice some of the most vulnerable victims of that are our school children homophobia is rife, I have five children,
it’s rife in the classroom and the playground because gay people and lesbian people are regarded
different there is now the civil partnership
provision but it’s different whenever there’s that sense of difference then you create ghettos of
discrimination there needs to be equality in terms of
relationship for everyone in this country But Dr Sharon James, presumably you
think that different is the way it is Well, we would say that is not discrimination to
treat different things differently and just as men are different to women same sex unions, while you can respect them, are not the same as heterosexual unions and this law
doesn’t actually give anything to anyone it doesn’t add any rights but if it does in the eyes of gay
couples it doesn’t actually give anything and we
have gay people supporting the Coalition for Marriage who say that marriage is fundamentally a union between
a man and woman. I’m hearing from people up and down the country who are saying “Three days before the General Election
Mr Cameron said he had no plans to redefine marriage, this is not in any of
the election manifestos the people of Britain have not had a chance to vote on
this, and now it’s being rushed through.” So people who genuinely believes that marriage
between a man in the woman feel that Mr Cameron and the government is holding them in contempt. I’ve been listening to the debate this afternoon, it’s
debates often its been fascinating it’s been a very interesting debate because some MPs have been saying they’ve
had more post on this than on any other issue and the overwhelming uh… majority of
letters that many of them, these MPs, received is in favor of man-woman
marriage and yet these people are not being listened to. Let’s think about that idea of public opinion
if that’s the case the politicians as a body maybe differ here from the majority of public opinion is this
something wrong with that there’s a groundswell of support
in the nation for gay and lesbian marriage, equal manage. Since
1994 I, and since 2001, the Open Episcipal Church, have been providing marriages for gay and lesbian couples
has been wonderful to see groundswell of support in the community grandparents
parents nephews and nieces everyone coming together in celebration of the
gay and lesbian relationship the law is finally finally recognizing that is being so long in coming but the politicians thankfully are doing
what the nation wants them to do and David Cameron is being very brave in leasding this social reform.
Dr Sharon James, I know one of the things that matters to you as you feel marriage as an
institution is beneficial to society how is it that it is heterosexual marriage only that’s beneficial to society? We’re saying that marriage was not created by this
government it wasn’t raised by the lawyers it wasn’t created by the christian church
it’s a natural institution going right back to the beginning of time joining a man
and woman in that complementary reunion which alone naturally can produce new
life and we have people up and down the
country saying that simply for saying that they now are being called bigoted, homophobic and we were hearing in the House of
Commons this afternoon, of MPs who have said that they believe in man-woman
marriage, one MP receiving death threats his children being bullied, so I regret
to say that we’re exchanging the old intolerance, which none of us want to
go back to, of course we would not want to go back to that old intolerance but sadly this shocking bill does not
have sufficient protection to protect ordinary people teaches foster parents public sector workers who will not be
able to accept this new definition of marriage if it goes through Dr James and Bishop Blake are going to stay and watch the result about that comes
through with us and we will just show our viewers again the scene in the House of Commons you
can see the benches there beginning to fill up again a lot of MPs have clearly gone through the lobbies on that crucial vote which could be the key vote to legalise gay marriages in England and Wales but we will have the results
for you and live on this program so please stay
with us for that.

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  1. There is a very definite sociological pattern for families with gay children. For the gay male, there is the overly intimate, assertive mother and the hostile or distant husband/father. The son notices the mother is able to gain the attention of her husband with those characteristics and models his mother's gender for the same purpose, to gain the attention of his father. A homosexual fetish develops. Once the son begins to practice the fetish a compulsive sexual addiction develops known as HS.

  2. These studies of interviews with gay men who described their family patterns were presented to the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 by members of the panel. However, the gay psychiatrists refused to accept the studies and convinced a third panelist to remove homosexuality from the disorders list. They put an agenda ahead of science. Also, gay men who have left the lifestyle say they realized they had eroticized a father figure in childhood. It's behavioristic cross modeling!

  3. No, the political correctness has suppressed the evidence. Sooner or later this evidence is going to be make public and the gay movement will be finished.

  4. Actually, it has been recently discovered no more than 5 years ago that it is in the mothers womb that the child is heterosexual or homosexual. It is not a lifestyle choice, it can not be helped, the only thing we should all do now is accept everybody for who they are

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