Gamar app with the British Museum game featured on BBC London News

The British Museum
has turned to modern devices to try and
its visitors the museum has teamed up
with a small technology startup
in Farringdon to create an app which will enhance the experience,
well for some, Jill McKenzie reports. Brought over from
ancient Greece thousands of years ago,
the Elgin Marbles are top of many tourists
but they’re not for everyone. The
Parthenon Gallery
is one of The British Museum’s most
famous and popular galleries
but it’s not exactly the most
child-friendly. There are no bright colours
here or things to engage with
so the hope is that this app can change that by giving children a fun
and slightly competitive way to learn
about the sculptures.
So in this game, we simply have to match
the silhouette
to the correct sculpture. This is one of
a number of games and challenges which
guide children around the exhibition
We simply walk up. We point the
device too,
and that sculpture comes to life and if we tap,
just like that then we get some
information. At the minute we have the
details on the sculptures but it’s very
adult oriented. With this game we’ve
created a child friendly version of that
text and
obviously with the game now I think
children are more inclined to play
and to observe what they’re looking at to
learn about it than if it’s just the
and the normal museum environment
that they’ve had in the past. We use the
technology that they’re really comfortable with,
there’s interactions that they’re really familiar
with, which are exciting and engaging and that pulls them in, in a kind of way that
captivates; whilst delivering something
that they’re learning about, at the same
But could this soon be more than just a
way to keep the kids entertained?
The company behind this want to use their
technology to change the way we
all interact with our city. A lot of mobile or tablet games are head down
into your device and shut off from the
world. It’s quite a new
experience to have a game that encourages you to put your head up
to engage sculptures. It’s already eyeing
up other places in London where this
could work.
Perhaps the days of the audioguide are
Jill McKenzie, BBC London News…

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