Gaetz: An old FBI business card isn’t a ‘get out of jail free card’

Gaetz: An old FBI business card isn’t a ‘get out of jail free card’

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  1. Ha , tell us how your Daddy was a get out of jail free card when you got busted drink driving the second time Matty , tell us how your Daddy's GOP tenure was handed to you on a plate and you STILL had to use his get out of jail free card for your other unsavoury arrests … Republicans , If they're saying someone did it , you can bet they just finished doing it themselves …

  2. On one hand you have former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, a shining example of honesty and integrity who served his country with dignity, and has the courage of his convictions.  On the other hand, you have Republican Senator Matt Gaetz……………

  3. The FBI can storm a business or a citizen house and arrest everyone and have them all prosecuted in a short time but, all those who break the law in the justice departments and Democrats who do the same are set free without a charge after being investigated.

  4. The swamp is deeper and swampier than anyone could ever imagine. Until we the people stand together join forces and come against all these people march in one accord on Washington but to do anything we have to be together a house devised cannot stand

  5. F.B.I, needs to be rebuild. We need a new director and people there have to be able to see what is the problem they should bring it out what is the problem in the Establishment, if there is people that still clean they need to come up front and talk

  6. It's not that they didn't prosecute its the judge rejecting the grand jury. WTH…the FBI can indict a ham sandwich if it's a Conservative sandwich but McCabe lies, mis represents and distorts truth and no prosecution. The ultimate hypocrisy!

  7. When Donald trump was elected I told people that elections don't matter anymore because the left controls the Judiciary. Need I say more…

  8. Exactly who is bank rolling your never ending stream of idiot guests? It’s obviously not advertising revenue. Pretty obvious most of the hosts are on Kremlin payroll but just wondering how(we all know they don’t) report that income on their tax forms.

  9. @cia @fbi @BarackObama Thank you all for letting everyone in my family and more use the Cinderella diorder to steal a loto jackpot from me. My kids were also hidden from me using said money and hypnosis by my family. And now they are dead. murdered

  10. We heard the same thing about that dipstick Sessions appointed out west to investigate Hillary that we are hearing about Durham.
    Not buying it.

  11. The American people are not "wondering" anymore.
    We know.
    The DOJ is corrupt.
    Think Joe Citizen will speak to an FBI agent, let alone respect them?
    No more than inner city black citizens will speak to their local police. They've been burned by law enforcers for generations.
    Now everyone else had gotten a taste.

  12. Gaetz : an old FBI business card is not a get out of jail free card

    Of course not silly ,your get out of jail free card is daddy Gaetz.

  13. So you can "Indict" a ham sandwich but you can't get an indictment on the most obvious corruption in FBI/DOJ history ????? Same games being played as with the Hilary case

  14. Well, it sure has been a get out of jail card, for the deep state traitors. The alphabet depts are protecting their treasonous buddies.

  15. "The disgrace is Andrew McCabe isn't going to be behind bars." This is the best Representative in Congress and I'm so proud to brag he's representing my Northwest Florida district. America needs to elect more like him and take back the House in November.

  16. Being referred for prosecution by an IG holds no more weight than any other case. You still have to prove it in a court of law. It’s no different than you McDonald’s workers wolfing French fries while still on the clock… It’s policy and they will fire you but it’s not like you’re going to go to jail.

  17. Wikipedia, Bruce Ohr: "Ohr was little-known until 2018, when he became the subject of Republican scrutiny and conservative conspiracy theories which falsely claimed he was involved in the start of the Russian interference in the 2016 election probe" lol!.

  18. In other words, one by one they are all getting off like they are all hillary clintons! What is up with republicans being so weak and pathetic when going after the dems while the dems will put any and all republic and and conservative civilians in jail and throw away the key! The end of this interview summarizes it all, gaetz is asked a point blank question and doesn't answer it but instead answer some other question he was asked last week or something and the interviewer doesn't make him answer it to the end. Both fail miserably at their jobs. This is what weak republicans look like. Pathetic. It's stuff like this that make me embarrassed to call myself a conservative.

  19. What a crock! Not only is it business as usual for these criminals, now they're going to rub our noses in it! Wake up our forefathers wouldn't stand for this!

  20. There will be NO indictments or prosecutions, they all cover for each other. Move along folks, nothing to see here. The DOJ needs to be shut down.

  21. If the last 3 years was ever made into a movie on Netflix, it should be put under the Comedy heading. Lets hope Durham has some protection and gets the job done rite.

  22. Just a "little"(???) swamp still to be drained? C'mon Matt, that is not telling it like it is. Decades of installing and promoting people who disregard rules, laws and the constitution have created this monster. The job of cleaning it it out has barely begun. A dozen or so near the surface have been exposed, but they are still around. No punishment for a Deep State attempted coup, planned AND implemented even before the 2016 election took place?

  23. They are all corrupt,getting fired is a joke.
    They probably get bonuses and placed into another position not needed, but created by corrupt cronies. Same schiftt different day.

  24. Q.

    Why does a reputable News Channel like FOX support a criminal President?


    Because it is not a reputable news channel.

  25. We will always wonder why why why——–my faith in the system to work fairly is starting to wonder too

    lets just hope this situation is like Comeys and the sure thing indictment is forthcoming if and when we ever see justice… or maybe its "Just us"

  26. Matt Gaetz is a loser. He is just trying everything to get back into President Dump's good graces. He should try getting on his knees and say Ahhh.

  27. don't bet that mccabe is going scot free… i think durham still has him in his sights.,.. mccabe should still be ducking the shotgun

  28. Yes of course.
    "There is no justice in this world unless we make it." Lord Petyr Baelish, Game Of Thrones.
    We cannot rely on the corrupt justice system to bring justice, citizens must take matters into their own hands and make justice for themselves, families and Houses.

  29. Oh yeah, the so-called "brilliant" lawyer AG Barr that everyone claims is top notch, but obviously lacked the sense to fire Ohr, and is totally clueless about FBI Director Wray's connections to Comey.

  30. "An old FBI business card isn't a 'get out of jail free card'" . . . and yet McCabe confirms you are wrong, Congressman. ..very wrong. .. . you stupid hack.

  31. Why no jail time??? We keep hearing…it is gonna happen…but it never does! Because they are Dems!!! They seem to be ABOVE THE LAW! Maybe we'd should get Steven Seagul to bring em to Justice! LOL!

  32. I think Durham has flipped Bruce Orr. They dont talk about him he still has a job.He is cooperating for sure!!Remember his wife worked for fusion gps so they both know the whole truth.They are after Brennan and Comey for sure

  33. Anyone who trusted Muller two years into the investigation is not to be trusted. Doesn't mean they aren't good. But watch your back.

  34. No the President is letting us down. The President can make Barr go after these swamp monsters. And if Barr won't do it, replace that cxxksucker. The longer these people are not prosecuted, the weaker this President looks. Trump , you keep claiming all the wins but who's really winning. Do something or you might hear " You're fired ".

  35. And US Citizens are expected to pay taxes bc why? When EVERY Govt official who commits a CRIME is NEVER CHARGED and they NEVER LOSE THEIR JOBS EITHER.

  36. That I know it, there was no exoneration there. He never went to trial to begin with, they just said they were not going to press charges (for now at least)' but it can always come back on him. As for the DOJ personal, it's just a matter of "today for him, tomorrow for me". They cover for each other and there are still a lot of swamp creatures in there. Too bad for society, and future generations are going to bear the brunt of it.

  37. Prosecuted by DOJ 4 lying 2 investigators:

    Accused of lying/leaking but never prosecuted:
    Agent who changed FISA
    Many others at DOJ/FBI

    When did laws stop applying 2law enforcement??

    DOJ/FBI shld b held 2same standard as rest of us

  38. The incoming president is going to have to fire the whole lot and start over. And it's going to have to happen with every administration.

  39. McCabe is only getting off the hook for a narrow portion of his wrongdoing. They let this lying go so they can present unified pattern vis-a-vis the Roger Stone Michael Flynn lying convictions (They don't want to look like the dems by calling for McCabe's head on a platter while seeking leniency for Stone and Flynn). McCabe is not "off the hook" for his roles in FISA abuse, and the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok treasonous conspiracy to take down a sitting president. Letting this minor offense (compared to his other misdeeds) "slide" is a strategic move. McCabe took the bait by proclaiming vindication (even though he has already admitted lying) in typical Comey-esque style. This will come back to bite McCabe in the back-side

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