Gabbie Hanna Throws Shade At Herself!

Gabbie Hanna Throws Shade At Herself!

So while everyone is spending undoubtedly
a lot more time on social media during this period of self-quarantining, Gabbie Hannah’s
recent tweet has her seemingly poking fun at herself and bringing some comical relief
at this challenging time. What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here
with Clevver News delivering you all the latest celebrity news from my Clevver home studio
while we practice social distancing. Now let’s jump into this story about Gabbie
Hannah’s recent tweet. It’s no secret Gabbie has been involved in
her fair share of YouTube controversies since getting her start on Vine. One of which centered around her poetry book
Adultolescence, which was released back in 2017, but it’s the year 2020, and Gabbie
isn’t letting us forget about the controversy surrounding the book. For one, fans were confused about the book’s
poems and content, and secondly, back when the book was released, there was a whole ordeal
about whether Gabbie used a ghostwriter. At the time the book sparked a lot of confusion
and backlash and to this day in 2020, some people are still tweeting about how much they
disliked Gabbie’s poetry. One user wrote, “gabbie hanna’s poetry
book be like: FOOD. orange is food. apple is food. bananas is foods.” There were others like this person who believed
that despite the fact that Gabbie is a mental health advocate, they think the book is actually
damaging to mental health, like this user who took screenshots of a few graphic poems,
writing, “i know we were all joking around about how terrible gabbie hanna’s poetry
is but can we talk about how problematic it is? it undermines mental illness and it’s
disgusting.” This led people to the assumption made by
some fans that Gabbie, being the mental health advocate she is, likely used a ghostwriter
who didn’t know her exact tone. Ok, ok, so you have the backstory, but on
the same note and the whole reason why we’re here today is all because of Gabbie’s recent
tweet alluding to her so-called ghostwriter. Last week, Tana Mongeau was all of us when
she tweeted amid the self-isolation quarantine QUOTE, “ppl are either overwhelmed or underwhelmed.
i’ve yet to find someone who is simply, just- whelmed. what is whelmed!? who is whelmed!?” This honestly might be one of the best lines
from the classic rom-com ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, with many also chiming in the
comments that this was also a line from “Young Justice” – However, Gabbie took the opportunity
for a bit of healthy self-deprecation towards herself and her poetry. Gabbie quoted Tana’s
tweet and responded by saying, “r u ghostwriting my next poetry book” This had a number of fans seeing the fun in
Gabbie somewhat poking fun at herself and the ghost-writer controversy surrounding her
poetry book, particularly as it was a rumor that had never been confirmed. With tweets
like: “that’s such a you thing to say lmao” Aswell as this person saying “Hahah love
thattt!” And this fan’s comment had us laughing out
loud with: “A Gabbie Hanna and tana mongeau poetry collaboration, but tana will be so
late she will hand in her part of the poetry two months after the book comes out” And finally this person with the question
a lot of people are still asking “Who ghostwrote the last one?”
But despite Gabbie clearly poking a little fun at herself and fans also having fun with
it in the comments section – there were still some people who weren’t thrilled with the
comical response. Like this user who wrote, “The fact that
you are joking but all your poems were really that crap.” But that comment was met with other fans defending
Gabbie responding with “Is this all you’ve got to do? You couldn’t find a puzzle?” Clearly people have a lot more time to spend
on social media at the moment and I think it’s a good time to say kindness and comical
relief goes a long way, especially during times like this. But in any case, I don’t
know about you, but I would love to see Tana ghostwrite a poetry book for Gabbie! But now I want to turn it over to you? What
were your thoughts on Gabbie’s tweet? And also, would you love to see a joint poetry
collaboration between Tana and Gabbie? Let me know in the comment section below. After you get to commenting, be sure to click
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29 thoughts to “Gabbie Hanna Throws Shade At Herself!”

  1. Honestly she’s trying so hard to be all Ooh haha cute and funny about it but honestly like god why are you trying so hard to make yourself relevant Gabi.

  2. This is the sarcastic self Gabbie is. It’s not really shade, it’s just her. Also she def didn’t ghostwrite bc she took a LONG time putting that book together.

  3. Please dont talk about her. She has done so many disgusting things. OH AND SHE IS NOT A MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE!!! She started using jessie smiles mental health as a way to make her look bad and manipulates others.

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