FULL SPEECH: President Trump speech on energy in Pennsylvania

FULL SPEECH: President Trump speech on energy in Pennsylvania

from theanks ofhe Ohi ver mysfnd wre not f graduate of Pe statero unersityt’s woerful to. It wondeul to backn the grt staf nnsylvan. Andow am soluly privileged and pleased to be able to say the following words please welcome. The president of the United States . We tnk you vy much a than t Pesylvan great. d thiss Pennlvaniauring to adminirationhice this poi in e ternd I rely lovPennsyania wt to schl in. s an Iovehe wkersnd ys knowhen buil o l twen sixte you kwe di greawith t uni worke eat. t we dn’t do gd with t leade leersh saiwelle’ve ways g a Demrat. Let’ ep going tt wayhat di’t work o t what doesI te you wa Gretcnays. This uld and us thiwould ver haen. yo. Remberhatnd remember that Pnw Pesylvan is theest nuers theve eve had in th story the ste. And is low. Giiani to beere th themazing eney worke d constction rkerse’s a tanted pple. The cft workerwho mn whake Ameri proud pud th you nody nody do itr tter tre’s nody inhe world. Th de . Li we’veever seen fore I wellnd wreightin ainst take aantage of f many ma years bhey’reot doing so ch t reluti in Amecan eney at sele makeur ecomy the vy othes shl prochemallant in Beer Cnty nnsyania I d veryell he. didery well howani doeanybodknow Il tell eight ints tt’s lot. That again e sing bgest cstructn madet possible. das it possleye to e g powerf only. d when e wis blong ds it mak y dierenceoesn. d like tre is bis th destr evebody’s operty vues kill all t rdsome dayhe enviroentalis are go te us what goingn with thAnd th a of sudden telesions off. d your want to watcDona TrumpnI levisi tonhtBut e wind stoplowi n tch th no eltricitin the hoe. Nol gaand weove loof oth ings t. Eaf yous king pt in the rgest vestme a Penylvani in t hisry o ourountnia e mone thas beinveste your hel we’reot only Ameran manacturind weere ARE reaimie o e budingventsreoing t ke a tou othe si.he it bore thspeech. Bu we’rer we o waitiI sa don’torry aut theain. Do weavy r e e t wre goi to ta tour terwds I’m gng to eak toome oyour uon lders toay. I ho youet a vod thhellut ooffice beuse th’re nodoing thei job. Whs cility wl transrm undantatural gas a we ve a lot of. Fctures fm Pennsyany o f my oppont o thisoulde lot of nics r o t stardoo much. But Ias haveever gten the arovalsin tGrd too what needeto fue ese pltsThat wld hav en goo so probly they wodn’tave stted but i ey wou have arted couny and a oveheorlde to be shioe Veryeautiful pase me in e US. at i a butif doneight. Hasequire more gting b thanne tusand ve huned piecesf he in theorld I lk forrd to loverucks all tes. en when Ias r y yolove tcks I Ilways lo trus I still doothing chges setim younow you mit bece pside but thinchans I stl love worlthat’sery coI thin ll g theperarWe’l put e mea ont l Thounds of tons oconcre aluminumy t tougst and mt tente works anhereI kn. ere w t trump possle none se withos yowouldever he bn abl too this I wan tthankll of our ge t finiers. nksred rker page. Thvisirs I norllyore. Rair anyby. at’s er run ran officeimes . Beuse the Nework Cithey were dves somemes thereere lid ue a fosix blkshen was doi differthinI wa doinghe Wal mentong th city cldn’t ild a t me nin yrs ando idea at thewereoingAnd Iad thound fee. Like massihat wleigy office f r offi lk wdid itll in onday anthe trks wer lined From Ctral Pk all thway ba in thHarlem. d they d iy at poo iwas cled t ntiguoor theity ud t lile pce tir ltle piece rehe prit tre few yrs late liteCa pes unrneathn the pip durihe evenghings wou be stolebecauswas ve fat. So ty e wi coppe and tn the st of theipey geteadyo poor And the lieve thaeverybodwould stl the pper sthat st this took s from sen to ne yea nobody acally kws noby wantto were orated incdibly well. abous d I nev misd a diver and it’sold real. Incrible cpanye fure wre’she wds yJack greajob wee do JackSomewhe is ca g on. ey givme thi w cke knowhen yowill b ing anhing ithis cntry. Anyou kw the wor flows usou seehat thworld foows usAndt won’be so go but wyou anI are woo do thi Jac lototf wor tnk y Jack gat jo thas an incdiblredle company credle budingThe seetar easure onorth Amerins builngrade unis read a bo or s frnds. Re tnk u greajob yog guysou’re so you breHow e hell d yoget at jWe’re noredo be jnedy t aders wruly he the bas of Americaworkers. They su an credib job ty do break the. s a l of robloc in th countrwhereA t lile clawsan stoit for year. breakp thoslittle clses wereak ce up ft Ener sectas wrkedorre tha youex. at areatuy. had a compe wh tm yoo nted to bereside he wa ugh heas nty. He w nast but thent u ha beenncrediblee ran xas r li fourtn yes llow isunning aittle thgalle ergy and nobo’s er done r grt joAnd man o is en. credib in evy way yoknow EEnviroenta otecti agey you’ hea lot hror sries whe thinganetone nothi tsastt tas yes a ars andears tget a sple permit iy . t th aood twey yearwent onyears in rtai cas. For a ghway road t even ghwayAt thend of e twenty fir yeo be yr younpersonou’reto starti outl it srts ofas bei a simed straig rn being a tot catasophe othethingse can ta care. And it r th they jected. You’ devote hf oi o many peoe and we have man at kno howo breait up buhe’s ao a grt loveof the enronA minirato Arew eele he’sn anncrebb . And alsoant to cogniz me ofy great frids a haselped sh coressn John js Jo Contrs dn. Jon I can’believthisI gueshe Johnoys that great fend a eat fendf allf u hoe oeprentativ.speake of e Pena toism. Thk you chae a chael. Miael tos I.eat jothane Greatame il h beenhere aong ti a long od luc. Not at lonThank yoMikeAnd onof my od friendfrom . Wednesday. vid tnk you Davigreafr eat hletAnd he w at me so rdere likerom. And wh he ly wagoing get ihis wa youHow weoing ithe ste vid wee lookg goodThank u I preciaThank u. I ink wre loong vergood I thk we’rlookingood a over iOhio.a just got numrs inlorida We’reookl s an they . Thedo theay naldrump can youmagi of I go a fe adin whoutt cayou me frly. e eltionoulded or havthey evecalled ten electn bore jus sai moreearsYeah. Andf you nt to ally dve him crazy go to hh h tally azyI mnou hav e guyn telisio I’m llin you hs not leavi he’s gng ts t toeave- son twey I’m llingou. Tss atwentyour he e rioupers the peoe have ge stoneod wee graful especiay to airman o Ralutch Shell I came presint that sear. like aig d’ el at e sameWhat you present notg right Chad hidayas jab This iaThat a b dea Chadhankou f. at’s bigeal weon’t get any bier.e mpanySheellsS predent you st betw heverybo kws h and e’s g a lotf othe this in srage r wee do here t- I id this weot a s m s Eurosion gnaerejted envinmenllyood envif methins going to berong. yearto rejt youWhat tyy did wi th. m buthat okaI soe ha bigg hand at we t froma thteamers u beeve. w but yoknow h e XL. ey didt withhe pipelis. Datas g pelis and iwe g the pilinespprod the you righnow toet himpprove . Tes saidf we c do we caincrea our. We could increaseouldow the lgest the wld in ergy by fa Bu if weethose aroved Andrew I hg m m y said iwill te eiteen aboua montIf we t a lo That a lotf jobsuthappy. injure we g td – enre oput Texs so b as bigr tnedc gger Ilso got younwar. I askahich maye bigrhan everytng a’ ge itonald Rgan couldn’ geit No psident cou get it and gA u can t thosfive les goi u will bsoappyillave tellhem hogreat u were.n wityouo Ok EPA tha you a your. ant to I nt to ankhe present of nnsyanactasti I chemals Hlaryt f f Pesylvia Hlary. Thk yo Hilly. ure o th’s a grantees far m concned. Grt thi was foune fue tn o by the exaordinyorkers of th gion ts regi is an inedibleegion. nnsylvia stl rai Plantsown the ited State Michin iennsylnia maany of theapanes car mpanie are cing over d buildingat ited Stes. Itoesn’t fully do t trick but i hps a ose defits wi start cong dowvery sstantily. t wee longeventyight llioor my yes wer sing blionsnd blions frany theountri tha we ouallis thatakes sses to you Our e r than ournemind somday I’going expla that a lot ofeopa lit our tns in r in oy dustryAnd Pennsylnia univsal symboof exclence compies movto Mexoouthey Canada tChinr o employnt hiseachedheowr lowestevel.n n h e y it. Bunow it’even Afrin Arican emplmentt west ihisty. Asn Americs. Hispica r couny. Wonowest in senty yes sorrwomen l yodowngain. Thanou for haveo apolize toomen. t that wille a rerdery sosoon wret we verylose. Tsayi westn hioryor wom mo wkers worki in thee cotry ink that’s hell a sap. The potical class Washitonevoted yr factor wh sury h rst ade als ev. Byhe way. Worldrn may Chi Chi mad themsees thedid. t theyipped f our untry foyears a with r money d Wodraderganizion ba i and tn th took vante of e rulef the World Tde Orgizatio and m beinnice when Iay too blinorA hured arsAndp ke a th oneayorld Tde and u knowe were losingll our caw ll losf all ourases i the rld Tra Organation almost ery cas wl lost lo lost ty thout we we stupidThes g f h ey’r not on ry sol ound wwill leavef we he to. And a of a dden w winnina lol nninmostf oucase. An bee*** u forears. Andhes oy bece ‘s n gon hapn any nger they get it. They g it sohey vingsTo use a quitas. ght the’s no rd that sadd a year And n they derstand at. it’s t gointo be fat’s nogoing be a all on’teed n ed ito a lo of go thing d I thk we wi I tnk theyill trt y . t peop havtaken advange likeor ie rtai countes lehina Ina my coach for lon timehey viee owing ght thgrowin The owing ese argrowinn. well ey’ve ownAndhey wee not ttinghat ppen that hpennymore erybody all owingations we ve tgrowinbue wants worwithhe Uted Stat is a s primy rson pbablyhat I ra f presint I. thes faors a overhe coury the bs goi to otrand see countrsAnd I jr s didn danytngboutt bu Mexind Cana tt deal ‘sw wee doie grea deal for younion still we he unns the manufturerst’s goodor eo for vote.nd mosemocrap e goin tvoteor itoo. ey’re der a t of essure to votfos everade whicis nowfter. But I war a gulatis andtheyarged. ericnerg F total destructn y were ing t able ttake athingut that’sur gdd unrneathur feet. d they wen’t gog to aow it Pari aord wagood f other untriewas a od fors. to syn the selinesilent t whileu yovoices and srenderhe futuref ou t e reesenti you s i didn’ matt buthd thright pern theerson th reallcaredonservive is thi is coing me rtune ing prident. reed a rm f two manomebo sd alle om.audi Abiaor fiv hured llars what out t knowt’s prably gna cosfive bliou lawys becae everday the sh me r someing. Ist all ofhe mos t from threeo fi billi for e prild ca. You ow iyou nt i doest matt. just nto do a gatob n’t ca what want tdo budingompany ces herehe rit jobt ha for them. m not jealouto bldt of tm . The gold elumes so nume Chev ther e gettgixty mlionollarsba r a bo tt’skay eve gothat mh monefor a okghobodin a ama gixtyhree tnk of itixty mlionolla for bo.verlooks nody oks at anage buwith me. It erythihe mumentsobod one twoases a monumts. th other se andhat it isd the df presidential hassmt becau this t I lis ofthereopl Muc muchette. ch e toy isiving pro that Amicanseverurrendse don’t rrende d shape this aaas in rely badhape b now y ok outde youayThat’s li the ehth woer of e worldUndern were fhtin bke’re anfinay putng Aricay of feignountese’relding think of it we ptect ty border ofe s s beinbuilt won thacase twweekago. He’s. Th rld a we’reonna have from four ndred five of nt your ilding lot of llnd we nded we neede wa peoe to me int our cotry they have to me in inhrou. Met. To ltene ministtion w nnsylvia gl. And Yo goal w gone youuysey n’t kw wh thayou’ gointo do u doo ke. dgetrigh. Yo don want tao yon e ti piecestufyou t it th tho big. autifuand o yesThird takhis big littleiny rt. He’soing t home ice this ia toug b. w y want tmake ceing yowanna d callnd that’shat. e l verhat shwants close potsWestirgiaAnd ty o actual thi thiw ha a gd chce of nning rgin whi is. Toug one to n becse younow you have some peoehere thataybe youon’t aI o i n by Rublican a lontime. Bu it’s mmonense aot o thiss. Y s litiPolitireat poticss comm sen. What ar my rst dain offe ener andhat’sommosens gaentss wellYou to plac like ind s ty don’have i under itnd thenhey dalue tiry Th hurthemsels ithet. aurren ant longunut thei s s unlievle the greattn the world ws m nobody knewhis. Fckinade itossibl otherew chnogies me ipossib. Annow wh theumber one thk oft as I sai The thworl I’mo proud ohat becaus wen mberive ey we clo it up they were gog to oset . Andt’s mmonensehey ntedo ta awawell at’shat th Par accor uldave do. Wou have tan away wl. Wasn’ for us itas goo for oers i sn’t f us. Wead the mon other cntries Tha are theyidn’want y to drl. ty Didn want u to dstill.They dn’t. ey wand to keway yo ll nowhe pre will y and rit ok theake ne. Itm a loof pplee elen o’cck spehes th’s a lot pet dung t day. It usedo be a he the Ademy Ards isn hardimes te body wants to tch iyou know w bed d of it’s azing. at useto be secd w d thenll of suddenow it’s jt athe pele got ted opeople geing und ming foolsf themseesndn d e pele tt wothe the ople tha w the Senate wiout me othe ticke in enty eightn. Younow th ver s that w wonhe Senate That’ e apinted witn two mths. One huredn federaludges a twoupre Courjudg . Hured d senty. t they dot sayeon the servi know wh a lot opeoplehey say w u nningor theouse isard fome to caaign b almos erybodI campgn for o. Wead trendous rordsn eighen and i y u bett get o thereake su. We he a y s ruing wasayinge’re ing dohis wre gng t crea job Evw bi you no u knowe like les giv a st whate hav to le righ Afrin Arica.heyad. theyad likten thgs arein reing itff a lt. I looke said wt the ll do u everody. cause. Ourountrylose bt wa’t doi well whiden d Oba wa’t doing wl d theyere poing meyn pourg poungi sn’toing wl eve now you kn youee t intert rate I’m annine inrest re. shoulbe yingess frkly skies made miakehe hd ofhe fedg chosButvenith th.tt I We’re ying nord i e ba. Withreside Obamae payi nothi youank zero.s pang ny sy butven th tt ou economis rrins siehe Gre Depreion. The akest u soeave a goi our cntryowe onomy ywhere in the wld present an que dictorr atev themaye Sumr sort o mutua se esiden a primeiniste cribilitrmy wha you’vay do is incredlehe t cuts e regulaon cs. Allf the thgs we’ done. dhey’re all sang a they nt ttry co us ‘s n easy copy us. part ofhe rean is notasys bee e m you are incredible peop tha waan incredible one. Thank you. And hern th Marclus a Utica sle of tt you’ been tting katnsenerd is for long me thicouny. Real er n anytng tha big but y dn’t bil plansike at envinmentay is soood whausnviroy billoday. Instment tha hundd thound newobs t is regn. 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Th I can te youiths tay. Or few o the harn nnsylvia patris who a king ts comeack poible. Jason atd generaon ohis fami to wo o the groun and hs doing betts faer and bthe way thre fath woulday Hey. I ha de hisrandpants woulday we hadt k athem sa. Dawe hav’t made. s fatd i eltingompany. uallyouse to t sita osed in tnty foteenive hured jo dispear like gic rememr present Oba you ne mac magiwando rember. Not goa happen well sfar w brout bk d you uld ge thehance sDo rry his fily’s gacy t nowe has hs carrng it onny scang youare prdly He’s gre n up Jason comon let’s get J. t upTell us at ts grea facity meo aming to e thenk you. It bee ansfmationn th sit smelro a ste ofhe a.om huned yec Centeran fie oud tbeart Pennlvan chemica to devep theite create the jobs in western Pennsylvania for all of you. It ver exciti tte e upnAnd havi jobs to the fure forur famies. As native fmr’ e w ch thimeanto t areI’m ally probly part of this. thinso youad a big gup ofo pele bacin thalike y a lot. Theye ba thereight ifriend thks yea. Heatrichele grew up rey l year now she couldaise o lod one and actlly be hom where r e belos. Hey tre pase comep. A tr y r n e gog tbe buiing a fility in Beaves an I waso exced but not st fore geing to rther excid f all tove hom I was possilitieit oped up from myometn. I was eited cause Iecogni t tentia the plaike this neones tooSo I kw tha we the hdon nnsyania a oth place th freshppornity wou that thepportuty theseeedvange d ththousas ofou fol crtingometnghat isrelso ingo we olive u b builng the sitm really proud to be part of that like these are At wk and ahomehe e o t t colle of Bver Cnty mo worker Ando causel. I how to play a role in this project as our stores this area and makes Beaver County great again ank u Samaha as eat jo ank yo. Toelp crea more oprtunits f workeike chases heaty t twel millionraininndg ove Ameranorkersn my dghterancareero justnd areatob twee o it posively aected. Today I’mpeopln is sning theledge tel erica’ worke tprovid byhe w shelf tha you.nhancedares Providg cai tohree tusanthree ndred he in ster Penylvania thk you ry muc. Thk you lary f the tmendou commitnthat ye c job der th admintration live t very simpl rdsy Ameran. at’s wt we wan taddr g eric buyg Amican erica thiss abouAmeric grea. spite all othisa exptionaprogre howev so politians

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  1. What I love about President Trump is that something that should be as normal as loving his country and his people Trump loves his country and loves his people so I want a president in my country unfortunately we are very far from that hugs American friends take care of their president is one in a million

  2. Ex Democrat here and I'll be voting for Donald Trump in 2020. I'm sick and tired of Democrats demonizing white men.

  3. It is an issue that the law has settled upon "Immigration", the Arrests and Deportation are a wakeup call for those attempting to enter and those that are here, the problem is with disturbing people lives, after there hard trip to freedom, but this freedom has a cost, if u chose to break the law all bets are off, if I break the law I can lose my life too, we suffer the same fate, we are a nation of laws, it is how it is, there are those always in history that would like to change the laws to favor, insulate, marginalize the wishes of the populous, but they always lose, in the end the laws win and these laws will stand too, we will protect u even if u don't know enough to protect yourselves. Don't let a few short-sighted people change Negitivly the long course of our history.

  4. There is no I in WE. I listen and hear. His ego is big but his words have double meaning. The world of burning American flags are now flying them. What's up with that???The cutting down of our trees , the cleaners of our earth, for profit, is also creating a big problem.

  5. I'm totally for helping other countries, but theres a difference between helping countries and being taken advantage of by those countries.

    You put out milk for the stray cats and before you know it, they're outside BEGGING and DEMANDING for more milk….

  6. I do not want us to FRACK………… we have had Tesla Technology for soooooooo long……..LET'S MOVE ON, DARLIN'!!! Please

  7. I do tell you, Pres. Trump – I will stand beside you if you stand for all Americans. We are not the "hottest" economy in the world – but we do not want to be less. Fracking destroys the Earth. Move ON & UP!!! Look at Tesla! We have had this knowledge for over 100 years………..please………….cheers

  8. I love Mexico, and Central America. These are good people…………we will help them stop the drug cartels. PLEASE HELP THE WHOLE WORLD COME BACK!………………..thank-you……….. cheers

  9. I wish we had a Trump in Canada,,,,,, we are stuck with a trans soi boi narsisstic inept incompetent village idiot…

  10. President Trump is really quite a great ORATOR!.. .I usually hate politicians – so phony/etc…but Donald Trump sounds like a neighbor……………….may the Lord bless us all!……………..cheers

  11. Vote trump is the only real choice a vote for a Democrats is a joke vote .if you don’t love America waste your vote on Democrat

  12. Wow it's obvious how much these people hate the president. And we see this repeated at all the rallies and speeches. Obviously he has no chance in 2020.

  13. Congratulations America, finally a president with a backbone versus the baby killers! DISMANTLING the advances of moral decay in society. No other time in history, has people been Triggered, simply because they insist on siding with Lucifer. DISMANTLE the Globalist Cabal. Fight the ultra elite living on the credo of the Georgia Guide Stones: Depopulation

  14. We are now watching Trump's attempt to do to America, what he did to the investors who thought he knew what he was doing, only to experience one of SIX financial bankruptcy's filed by the business-failure, Donald Trump. They lost over 1.3 billion dollars. And, the best part, one of these businesses was a CASINO. Do you know how bad you have to be at managing, when you cannot successfully run a gambling casino. In addition, Donald trump has been involved in over 3,500 law suits. What does this tell you about the CHARACTER and BUSINESS EXPERTISE of such an individual, and by association, those who believe and support him. Now, this CON-ARTIST, who is also President, is doing to America exactly what he has done over and over again – Complete sophomoric management, with financial disaster as the end product. Everything Trump touches dies….
    Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City Casino – Bankrupt 1991
    Trump Castle Hotel/Casino Atlantic City – Bankrupt 1992
    Trump Plaza Atlantic City – Bankrupt 1992
    Plaza Operating Partners Manhattan Hotel – Bankrupt 1992
    Trump Casino Holdings Atlantic City – Bankrupt 2004
    Trump Entertainment Resorts Atlantic City – Bankrupt 2009
    Trump University ruled a fraud
    Trump Airlines – failed
    Trump Marina – failed
    Trump Magazine – failed
    Trump Steaks – failed
    Trump Vodka – failed
    Trump Mortgage – failed and others

  15. The mainstream media is run by the devil and all they do is lie to the American people. Vengeance is mine says the Lord

  16. Like Jehu God chose him to withhold what suppose to happen to nation that lost its way and fall away from God…

  17. Stress kills… Prosperity Heals….. and they say they care about our healthcare……. do a helicopter money drop on America…… especially Baltimore… like Obama did for his foreign friends and family…. you would really win 20/20 elections hands down ………just saying

  18. He’s so respectful of others that he never start his speech until Lee Greenwood’s iconic song is done ✅👌❤️🇺🇸

  19. We definitely need steel for defense. You depend on our enemies for steel, you lose any future wars. Hopefully, we'll not have them. China is building artificial islands on the South China sea. They're bullying those seas. We need to stay strong and dominant.


  21. we win by seeing actual justice being done, the protection of our children our borders and our secrets ! we win by actually SEEING traitors and monsters who prey on children being punished to the full extent of the laws set forth by our constitution .

  22. Australia has been selling out to China for decades we scream aussies know corruption is deep but America and England are not innocent We have followed you devoutly for one hundred years up and down the seesaw You have taken our metals and resources just like China and India do now But we have nothing good to show for our devotion to the northern hemisphere Our nation is the size of the USA with the population of New York and the world shits on us over and over we are fed up with the crap We too want justice Our rivers are poisoned by agriculture our fish gone our bays dying from ships and effulence our trees decimated trucks turn our roads into death traps for man and beast all to export to the over populated selfish ungrateful northern hemisphere If I were Australia's Prime Minister I would throw you all out channel water to the desert clean our rivers and populate the West Within ten years we would be green healthy wealthy and free from demonic rule


  24. Trump Is A Very Successful Billionare Businessman He Knows How to Make America Successful Again He’s Doing It Now MAGA2020


  26. A Magic Wand ,i guess,hahahaha,YES,me too, i am proud for all of you,and proud of our Great President Donald J Trump!

  27. SAD when some people in our country , but not many support a guy that doesn't care about , our environment , or climate change or our own children , and just for his personal GREED .

  28. God bless America and Trump.
    I hope Trump will put Sanctions on FM of Lebanon Jubran Basil who’s the first supporter of Iranian terrorist militia Hezbollah in Lebanon

  29. Trump may be many things – liar, evil, deplorable, bully, racist, violent, benighted,
    bigot, misogynistic, sinful, embarrassment to humanity – but one quality he
    tends not to possess is intelligence. And that is the danger

  30. I am so proud to call you President, my president Mr Donald Trump and I'm praying for you and your family! President Donald Trump 2020, no doubt but continuing to M.A.G.A.!👍👍

  31. Sometimes I cry when I think about about how much he has done for our country. He is putting Americans first.

    Thank President Trump

  32. Trump standing in front of construction workers to show he loves filthy poors too! WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT KAGA 2020!!!

  33. He HAS TO use union workers in NYC. In Chicago he built his tower during the recession and 5,000 tradesman didn't make one plug nickel. You lying sack.

  34. Trump taking credit for the Shell plastics plant opening this year but was planned FIVE YEARS AGO. Another lie from a complete idiot who believes wind turbines cause cancer.

  35. Ahhh! 👏👏👏Best President ever!!! You will win again and the haters in here trolling around like fake news can go flush the things I left in that toilet for them! Down!

  36. This is why he is a good president, he's built things, created things, hired people, been hired, he has worked hard in his life and met the realities of trying to get ahead unlike a politician who does tries their best to accomplish nothing but get a check every two weeks.

  37. Take away the jobs then you bring more poverty more people depend on the government more people as they don't yank the carpet from underneath all the poor and it's chaos

  38. America is a business, like it or not, and Trump is a businessman. He knows how this ** works. Thank you, President Trump, for giving us ALL a better chance to succeed, to prosper and grow.

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