Friday, December 6

Friday, December 6

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it til it’s feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ I’m doing. Now, here’s Wendy! (applauding)
(cheering) (upbeat music) ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh ♪ (applauding)
(cheering) Well, here we are again. (cheering) Thank you for watching. Say hello to my co-host. (cheering) My studio audience, how you doing? How you doing? I’m doing okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) Okay. Okay, thank you. Wow. Ooooooh. Yes. Yes, we can. Yes. All right. So there’s a problem going on. I don’t really like it. I’m gonna tell you why ’cause we all know reality TV destroys families, and if there’s one thing I’ve always been consistent about with Kandi is that Kandi was a made woman before Housewives of Atlanta, and there’s another thing that I shared with you when she met Todd. I was like, okay, what the opportunist is going on? (audience oohing) But now Todd has proven to be a good man for him, or for her, (audience cheering) and a stand up dad and the whole bit, you know. I mean, if you would call me saying okay, who is this, a producer from the show? You know, but you know what? They’re good together. Now here they go. Nope. (audience applauding) No, stop. Stop, stop, stop. Because now Kandi has this YouTube channel thing she does, and she and Todd were talking about life with the new baby. The baby’s name was Blaze, okay? So Kandi brought to light an issue that she has with Todd’s parenting, and this did not look scripted. This looked like a real couple thumping (audience oohing) right before us. By the way, hate the beard. Like, no, not yours Marco. Yours is manicured. (laughing) I don’t know whether that’s a shadow or whether that’s a, that thing right, this part right here, okay? This part right here. (laughing) What is that part right there? Like, is that him, you know how men pull their beards? (audience chattering) Or maybe it’s rounded off, in which case, okay, but anyway, it’s not about that. It’s about something that I don’t like. Take a look. He decided he wanna go out, and go to the club. She ain’t even a week old yet. Wait, time out. Two nights in a row. No, no, no, no. Two nights in a row. Time out, time out. What? You already knew I was going out both of those nights. No. Oh, yes I was. It was already understood. No. I was going to the game. No. You knew about the game. Well, the first night. Well, let’s ask the people at home. I said something, I was already like. Is it okay for the guy to go out? Not when they’re less than a week old. (audience oohing) And I totally agree with Kandi, and I think that this was a real fight. Like this is something that if those cameras cut off, they’re probably sleeping in separate mansions. (audience laughing) You know what I mean? (laughing) (cheering) (clapping) Look, Kandi’s body language is serious. Right there. It’s serious. I’ve seen her in better hair, by the way. (laughing) But, and obviously, that wasn’t a Todd pull, it’s just a long beard. I don’t wanna see them fight. You know what I’m saying? Like the others have to fight and drum up all that stuff because the show made them, and that goes to all of ’em, even the ones I like. You know, we didn’t know you before the show. We knew Kandi, and we know bills, bills, bills, and No Scrubs, and that Pink song. There you go. There you go. So Todd asked when is it okay to go out, and my thought is why do we even have to be part of this conversation? I mean, we’re a nosy bunch, so you know, we’re, thank you all for opening up your private drama with us, but Todd, what are you doing asking when is it okay to go out? She just had a baby. Change a pamper. (cheering) (applauding) You know what I’m saying? (applauding) Play your role, new daddy. (laughing) You change a Pamper, and I don’t care whether you get along or not in terms of whether you go out or not. You better play your role with this little boy’s life ’cause that baby’s gonna grow up, and resent if you don’t, you know, like you went to the club? Like, and Kandi also mentioned a little later on in the broadcast, she was saying, you know, he brought up, well, you’re leaving town. She said yeah, for work. Like, who pays these bills? (laughing) (applauding) I’m leaving for work, and you’re going out to the club. Well, you’re supposed to be home changing Pampers. You made the baby. That’s your mess. (applauding) (cheering) Oh, okay. Okay, enough. Enough, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough, enough. (laughing) Enough. Come on. Meanwhile, over in Jersey, (audience gasping) yeah, our friend, black Dolores. (laughing) Right? Black Dolores didn’t hold back when Jackie, now Jackie is the one married to the surgeon, she gets stuff done on a regular basis. No, that’s Jennifer you’re thinking of. Jennifer, okay. Yeah, Jackie’s the blogger, the mommy blogger. Okay. (laughing) Oh right, right, Jennifer. Okay, so Jackie didn’t hold back when, Dolores didn’t hold back when she was questioned about her friendship with Jackie, and quite frankly I was the only one. Oh yeah, no, Bureau Chief said she agreed with me. Right. You asked me, so now I’m gonna let it rip. Yup. Mmhmm, well take a look. Said that you only like people who are old school Italian. Jackie, what it just comes down to is, you’re just not for me, that’s all. And I heard today you’ve been very upset. I was very upset. For what? The truth is yesterday, when Jennifer said, she’s not your friend, that caught me off guard, because I did consider us friends. Then to hear that somebody doesn’t like me because I was raised differently felt like a judgment. Listen, it’s just, we’re cut from a different cloth and Jackie is not like me in a way that I would really want to be much closer to you. Well, here’s my thing. Dolores probably wouldn’t have said anything, but this was all brought up at the table and I don’t know about you, I’m a little too old to be lying. (applauding) No. If you want to know a real opinion, then you’re gonna get a real answer and only me and Bureau Chief said that. Norman thought it was rude, everybody in the meeting was like man, she shoulda shut her mouth. Why did Dolores talk like that? ‘Cause Dolores has had it up to here. Dolores has got a husband and a boyf- A husband and a boyfriend. An ex-husband and a boyfriend, all in the same house, a hot son. She’s black Dolores, you know. She’s a little Nigerian, she shared that with us when she came on the show. I knew I was calling it right, black Dolores. (laughing) So, yeah, I think, like, okay. Clap if you think Dolores should not have been so honest. Sir, it’s not the time to get, okay, you went like this. (audience laughing) No, no, no, emotions here at Wendy when you’re a cohost are not a group effort, all right, so you don’t think that Dolores should have been so honest? Sometimes you gotta just, keep it to your. Sometimes you need to hold it to yourself. See, you look like a particular age. Haven’t you had it up to here with lying and? (laughing) Yeah, no you feel outnumbered. Your wife is gonna jump you. (laughing) He’s just, leave it alone. (applauding) All right, all right. Welcome to the show. You know who R. Kelly is, don’t ya? Yeah. Okay, well hold on, (laughs) ’cause now here we go. Remember R. Kelly’s, one of his girlfriends, her name was Joycelyn Savage, and she posted us about stuff with him and the Bureau paid $25 to get the most. It started at $3, then $5, then $25. Well, or $3, $9, and then $25. We got the deluxe package so we can bring you all the tea, (laughing) and so, you know. Well, it turns out she’s saying that she was hacked. It wasn’t even her. (audience booing) Joycelyn sent the video, sent a video to TMZ, and TMZ’s our friend so we got it from them. Yesterday she was saying to TMZ an impostor hacked her account. Well, take a look. Please do not believe what you see and hear on social media. That is not my Instagram. It has been said that I have left him and he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I have said before none of it is true. I promise you he is not the person you guys think he is. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and Azrael. I talk to him every day and I see him every two weeks. So it’s just really, really, really sad that somebody would pretend to be me, pretend to be me, and put it out in the world and say that I’m a victim, that I am brainwashed, okay, I’m a sex slave. Lord have mercy, it doesn’t get worser than that. (claps hands) (audience laughing) I don’t even know where to go with this. First of all, I don’t believe a word she says and the worser part is, (applauding)
(cheering) here’s what I believe. What I believe allegedly, allegedly, worser, allegedly, I believe that when she posted and then, when we bought that package, and then we talked about it here, ’cause you know his team watches, they’re watching us right now as we talk. How you doing? Here’s what I think, because his team jumped in her mess and said, what’d they say, Norman? The lawyer, R. Kelly’s lawyer was like. After we talked about it on Hot Topics here. Yeah, his lawyer said, she’s just trying to profit now that R. Kelly’s money has run out. (audience oohing) Okay, in the meantime, what they did to her, I believe, is offer her a little something to come back into the fold. You see what I’m saying? That’s what I believe, and practice your diction and, (applauding) and you know what? (applauding) Girl, by the way, Hot Topics, we got the $25 back, didn’t we? Yeah, fully reimbursed. (cheering) Yes! And listen here, girl, ’cause your man’s going away to jail, and once he goes away to jail, what are you going to do, because you’re gonna, this is my opinion, my opinion, my opinion, I think she’s gonna try to go to WE or BET or something and have a special or a series and by then, nobody cares. Nobody cares. (applauding) Call your mother and father and try to mend that relationship. After all, they were the ones who introduced you to R. Kelly when they knew that R. Kelly married underage Aaliyah. So they knew what they were doing. So there’s no good coming to this whole, I’m done, done, done. (applauding) And every time I say I’m done, there’s more to the story, so I apologize for being repetitive. This Jennifer Aniston, right, poor Jen. (audience awwing) Yeah, I know. (whimpers) Oh, Jen, the pretty blue eyes and that strong chin. (laughing) You only catch her smile with her teeth every once in a while. You know, she’s hiding something with a no-tooth smile, like when people always smile at you like that, they don’t mean the smile. They’re just forcing something. When they smile with all 500 teeth, (laughing) sorry, just saying. (giggles) Yeah, look on the Internet and count how many times you see her show her teeth in a smile. Right, lady in the gray turtleneck in the middle? You’ve observed that by her? Yes, you’re showing all of your teeth, apparently. (laughs) You’re very happy at this point, right now. (applauding) Yeah, thank you. I mean, we don’t always show our teeth all the time, but when you know somebody consistently doesn’t show their teeth, there’s something going on. Well, what’s going on with her is that she was named one of the four celebrities as People of the Year who’ve made an impact. Now, when DJ Boof was, okay he’s not even there. (laughing) Boof, Boof, remember when you were over last night or the night before, and we saw these, no not like that. (laughing) Boof has like, a fat girl fetish. He likes to see me eat, you know what I mean. He sits there. Boof, Boof, am I lying, Boof? No, I’m not lying. No, you’re not lying. What was I doing? I had the wings and the sauce and I’m dipping and the stuff is on my mouth and all you had was a Jolly Rancher, looking at me, eating my food. He’s weird. Anyway, so look, Boof, you and I both agreed, out of all four of these covers, who’d we say was the most appealing? Jennifer. Yup, I don’t even go that way, but you know what? There’s something about that put on a moisturizer and let the wind blow, type of thing. The other women are not bad looking, although this Jennifer Lopez, I’m surprised that Jen Aniston beat her out in my mind because who’d you rather do? We both agreed, Lopez. Who looks the most beautiful, I’m talking about, ’cause Lopez is hot, I’m not even that girl but you know what I’m saying? (applauding) You know what I mean? Suzanne, you don’t have to agree, but Boof and I were sitting there and I’ve got the wings and he’s holding the cats with the Jolly Ranchers and we’re watching the TV and I said, Boof, Jen Aniston wins hands down. What do you say, don’t lie. I’m smiling with my mouth closed. But give an opinion. Oh yeah, there she is. No, I have to tell you, I think Jennifer. I studied all four of them and Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful. The best out of all four. Because Jennifer Lopez, usually you see her with lots of clothes on, and she’s hot but she’s all covered up there, so yes, Jennifer Aniston wins. I just, something about the easy breezy. (applauding) You know what I mean, just, I think she’s beautiful. I don’t think she’s hot though, like who’d you rather? Oh, Lopez, yes. Exactly, exactly. Yes, hands down, mmhmm. Hands down. Anyway, so Jen told People magazine, now here’s where the smile is hiding something. Here we go, bring out your violin. She says that when she first got started, members of her family told her she wouldn’t make it as an actress, and her father was Victor, Kiriakis, right, from the Young and the Restless. From Days of Our Lives. Days of our Lives, all right, from Days of our Lives, so he was an actor, and her mom was some sort of model. I don’t recognize modelation in that situation, but. (laughing) Her mom was a model and her mom used to tell her stuff like, straighten your back, put on some makeup, her mom Nancy. They’ve always had a rocky relationship. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t show teeth, do you know what I mean? Even though she’s old enough now to get over with it. My parents didn’t encourage my mess, but now, no, please, but now they’re my biggest fans and we’re thick as thieves. I show teeth when I’m with them like, hi. (applauding) (chuckling) I’m over it. You know what I’m saying? Part of the great thing about rising is when people tell you you can’t do it, then you go back and you’re like, mmhmm, now come on, let’s mend this ’cause life is too short. I don’t know what she’s hiding. All I’m saying, it’s a beautiful cover and you can read it and find out more about what’s behind the no-tooth smile. That’s all. (applauding) Well, I forgot my next story. Yes, please wake up over there, the teleprompter. I have to get reminded, where am I going next. Otherwise, I’ll just sit here and drink tea. (laughing) Cut off Hot Topics, I’ll pull out my own couch and Sandra Bernhard will sit down. I know how to do the show. All right, stay with me, prompter Bob. All right, so look, there’s this new biopic coming soon to BET, and I can’t wait for it. It’s called Uptown. Now listen to me. This is the best invention ever. It’s the making of Uptown Records. If you’re not familiar with Uptown Records, you’re definitely familiar with the artists like, first of all, that’s where Puffy interned and then rose to the occasion. Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Heavy D and the Boys. Look, it’s a three-part, who? Teddy Reilly. Teddy Reilly, all of them. They all got birth from Uptown Records, right here in New York, and once upon a time, there was a girl named Wendy and she was hot on the radio, (cheering) and all I’m saying is, look, no, look, I was an, look, (cheering) no, listen, listen, listen, listen. Listen, listen, listen, and I would like to be, it’s a three-part miniseries. Look it here now, look it here now, if you’re gonna tell the story the way it’s told, then you need my big mouth as the DJ talking on the radio, (cheering) ’cause look, I’ll give you an example. Boom, all right, so you’re driving around town, and I’m telling my tales. New York, you know what I’m going with this. All right, I’m telling my tales. All right, there’s this new artist, Mary J. Blige. What’s the 411, hun? Yeah, I’m gonna play this in a moment. In the meantime, last night, she was getting lumped up by K-Ci from Jodeci right there, right there in the club. I was right there to see it and, and and and and, she wears sunglasses. I don’t know what she’s hiding. Maybe a meat lump behind them too, ’cause K-Ci was not physically nice to her, but Mary was brand new and took it and now she’s saying What’s the 411, hun? Okay, right now on 98.7 Kiss FM. (applauding) You know what I mean? All right, New York, I’m about to get off the radio. I’m gonna change into my cheering costume. I gotta go up to BMCC. There’s a celebrity basketball game put on by Puff. Uh-huh, New York, clap if you remember what I’m talking about. (applauding) Okay. I was supposed to be a cheerleader at this basketball game. I was giving away tickets on my show, Puff came on, we promoted it and the whole bit. So, my shift is about to end, people are driving up there, they’re listening to me say, it’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be lit. Oh, they didn’t say lit back then. (laughing) It’s gonna be on fire. Look, look, look, I get up there with my intern Skeletor, right. All we see are cop cars and ambulances. I was like, okay. (mimics tires screeching) Nope. Next morning, I open up the daily news and what do I see? A stampede, doors were locked, people died, the whole bit, at this basketball game. It was so on fire and they did not reject people. They shoved them in, and shoving them in and shoving them in and shoving them in and shoving them in and all the Uptown artists were performing. Look, I know stuff. All right, I don’t want to be a part of it, how about that, but I will be watching. Uptown will premiere on BET in 2020. (clapping) The doors were locked, people were trying to get out. People were inside like, uh uh. (deep breathing) Oh god. (applauding) Ow, now my leg is asleep. Damn it, man. Oh, it’s better than being stampeded though, ow. Look, I want to shout out to our friend Common. (clapping) Are you really dating Tiffany Haddish? Like, she hasn’t said anything to me about that, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Common’s a good guy. I like him, I find him very inspirational and good for our people. Anyway, he, (applauding) Common has teamed up with our friends at Burlington stores for their 13th annual coat drive. This is a really great thing. (applauding) No, I’m gonna tell you how you can get in on this. He donated coats to the Burlington store in his hometown of the Chi, hi Chi, Chicago. When you donate a coat or any coats that you have, I mean it’s that time of year, we’re cleaning out our closets and stuff and listen, donate them to any Burlington store near you and you’re gonna help someone in your community stay warm and you’ll also get 10% off your entire purchase at Burlington. (applauding) If you like to shop on a budget like me, go to Burlington for the perfect holiday gifts for everyone, and on that note, (cheering) remember, big savings for the holiday at Burlington for the prices that you love, and we’ve got more great show for you, everybody. (cheering) Sandra Bernhard is here, so grab a snack and come on back. (uplifting music) (cheering) (cheering) We love our first guest. She’s on Pose, she’s got a Sirius radio show which I happen to like. It’s called Sandyland. She’s not on enough, I have to ask her why. She’s also performing at Joe’s Pub for the holidays. She does this on a regular basis, the Joe’s for the holidays. Please welcome Sandra Bernhard. (cheering) (upbeat music) Hey, girl, hey. All right. First the shoe cam and then we’ll get into everything else. Okay. Okay. Oh, wait. A little witchy, they’re witchy. I like them. Marc Jacobs. Oh wait, they go all the way up. Well now, lift. Marc Jacobs. Yes. (cheering) Nice. We’re giving you Stevie Nicks. Oh yes. It is witchy, we’re creating some sort of a witchy, fabulous. No, it’s really comfortable-looking. It is comfortable. Yeah. Hi honey, I’m so glad. It’s been way too long. Okay, so something about you and now you’re scaring me. Why? Because you work Joe’s Pub every New Year’s Eve. Well, I do six nights. No, but you’re there on New Year’s Eve. I am there on New Year’s Eve. And the reason why you’re there on New Year’s Eve, here’s what she says.
Because, because, if you work the last day of the year, the last night of the year, you’ll work the entire new year. That’s been my superstition in this business for years. No, but now you injected it in my head. But you don’t, honey, you’re working. Not on New Year’s Eve. You don’t need to, sweetheart. No, no, no, no, no, no. I got no guarantees like you do. No, no, no, but my thing is is that work is relative to what, like if I empty the dishwasher. Okay. (laughing) That’s what I’m saying. Make some more canapes and then invite people over. That counts, you worked. Yes, exactly, whatever you want to do to make it work for you. Okay. Whoo, right. (applauding) I am. Everybody’s working in their own way. (applauding) I say this about your hair all the time. I can’t believe it’s so dense. That’s all your hair? No, I have some pieces in. Oh, you have pieces in. (laughing) Ricardo, Ricardo Marin is here doing, whoopsing me up.
They look really good. I can’t believe you’re 64. I can’t either. (applauding) Right, right. All you. No scars. Yeah, I was gonna say, and it looks like, like you don’t get anything done. I get a little something done. Dr. David Colbert, who’s my dermatologist. What do you do? I get a little tiny bit of filler right around in here, a touch of botox, I won’t let him put filler in my cheeks anymore. The filler is for your marionette. Yeah. But not on your lips? No. And you don’t get the butt, like you. I get a touch of botox, of course. A touch, a touch. I love how she says of course. A touch of botox. Don’t we all? Just a little bit of botox makes the medicine go down. (laughs) (clapping) And you know, you’ve always had such a tart, sharp tongue, like you say it like you mean it and that is that. Yes, that’s right, baby. But they’re saying now that your motto is you’ve pulled back from the bitches. I didn’t say that. Okay, well then what is the deal? That’s what everybody said once I had Sicily, this is 22 years already. Who’s now 22, exactly. No, she’s 21. She was 19 last time that you were. That’s right. And you were giving her an 11 o’clock curfew. Well, not anymore. Okay. (laughing) She can stay out until 3 o’clock in the morning? She can stay out all night as long as she texts us and let us know where she is. Yeah. You know, ’cause you worry about your kids, I’m sorry. (applauding) I mean, you’re gonna sit here and tell me, as a parent, which I’m sure a lot of you people are, that you never stop worrying about your kids? No, you worry all the time. You’re involved, and if you’re not involved, then. You’re not a parent. There’s something wrong with you, and that’s why the kids are all messed up. (laughs) Hello? (applauding)
(cheering) So you spent a lot of time being very strict with her and now you just let it go. Do you give her a Breathalyzer when she gets in at three in the morning, anything like that? No, no, we know what she’s up to. All the kids do a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Oh my gosh, we are so here. You know, and at first I didn’t like it, ’cause I am clean. She’s never smoked or drank in her entire life. She didn’t go through something and then she quit. This is her, natural Sandra. No, no, I don’t like what it does to me. (applauding) So you tried it, and then you didn’t like it. Well, I smoked a little weed, but I’ve never done blow, ever. Ever, not a grain of coke has passed these nostrils. It’s perfect. I’m already naturally too high, and I didn’t want to get that heart rate up. Yeah, yeah, well. ‘Cause that scares me. Isn’t it funny when people in our age group still do that though, because it’s? Who does? There are some, and I gotta tell you something, and I suffered through my 20s doing that, but that was when I had a younger heart, but now I’m looking at 55 or 64. When you see people in our age group pull out, you’re like, (beeps) what the hell? I mean, a little weed, fine but, you know. I mean, I don’t go to those parties, hun. Nobody pulls out blow when I’m there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Believe me, ’cause I will lower the boom. Oh, I haven’t seen it, but I know people who, and I’m just like, we’re all too old for that. You’re gonna catch a heart attack. Yeah, honey, and they cut it now with God knows what.
With all that crap, rat poison and something. So I don’t know, do it at your own risk, that’s all I can say. I know nobody here does blow. No, of course not. (applauding) How did we get into this conversation? The perfect holiday conversation. (laughs) So, we always talk about your relationship with Madonna, because I still have the shorts that I copied when you girls made, these shorts right here. Isn’t that the best? I copied them. I know. The fit, and I didn’t copy the exact, you know, comic stylings on them, but I went to MJ Trim. Oh my god, I love that. Uh huh, and I bought all the patches, and I pulled out my sewing kit. Aww. Uh huh, no, like you girls influenced me. Well, you know, I still have those, and sometimes when I. I have mine too. And then I’ll wait and I hold them up and they’re like this on me now. I mean, I can’t even get a leg into them. I was so. Yes, you can. No no, I was so skinny back then, so skinny. I’m like an extra 30 pounds than I was at that point. Was it hard or are you born naturally thin? Yes, oh I was always skinny, and that was something I was very self-conscious about. So, and I like to check up on you guys’ relationship, because you guys are still the ultimate. Well, no, Madam X is very busy. Madam X does not have time for me. (audience awwing) Wait a minute, now wait a minute. No. Now wait a minute. (laughs) I had heard that you guys made up. Oh, we made up a long time ago, but we’re not in touch. She’s out on the road, she’s living in Portugal. She has six kids. So, but if you called her right now and said, hey I’m coming to Portugal, and she says, all right I’m here, you wanna come for dinner? Oh, I would love to. Okay, okay. Yeah, I’d love to catch up with her, with Madam X. All right, so everything is good. Everything is great. Why do you keep calling her Madam X? That’s her tour. Don’t you follow her on Instagram? Everything now is Madam X is busy, Madam X is raising her children. You’re her friend, so you either call her Madge, right? Right, no I’m just kidding. Isn’t that her Hanukkah name? Yeah, I love you, her Hanukkah name. Or something, her Kaballah name. (laughs) Her Kaballah name, her Kaballah name, right? God, you are so good, I like Hanukkah name better. You are so good. Are you Kaballah? Not anymore. Oh, you used to be? Yeah. Then what happened? I just didn’t like the whole vibe of it. Did they come after you? No, honey. Okay, I’m just asking. No, they don’t have their act together. It’s not like Scientology. Okay, are you a Scientologist? (laughs) Oh, sorry. I’m sorry. No, never. So, I listen to, I listen to the girls on the Andy channel. I listen to, I love Michelle Collins, I love Jenny McCarthy. I love when I catch you, but why don’t I catch you? Because, well I cut back to one day a week, Thursdays at one pm Eastern. Why? Because I was shooting Pose. So? Well, I couldn’t do it anymore. Multitask. Honey, I can’t do that, no. (laughs) Why? You’ve got a stable relationship of 20 years, your daughter is away at college. Well, I know, but I can’t memorize those lines. Are you exhausted? Not now, I’m not. (laughs) I’m not shooting Pose and I’m doing my radio show once a week. Why bust my ass, I mean really? What is, I know you like to be busy. (clapping) No, no, no, no. I’m pressuring you because you know what? When I get to be 64, I’m not busting my ass either. No, don’t. She’s the mold right here. You leave the house when you want? (applauding) Well, I still gotta make money, you know. Yeah, but I bet you’re a good saver. I’ve saved the first nickel I made. See what I mean? As a manicurist, when I was a manicurist in Beverly Hills. I still have that money. Let me see the nails. What happened? Honey, I didn’t have time for my nails. The shoemaker never has shoes. What the hell? (laughs) Well, I was rippin’ and runnin’, honey. I didn’t have time for these nails today too. You want me to do? It’s one coat and go. I know, I should’ve. Forgive me. I did not pay the nail dues to the mistress of nails, (laughs) but I see you’re not doing those big extensions anymore. No, I don’t do that. I also do my own nails. Well. I think the last time I was at the manicure is when I was there with you. Was out with me. (laughs) Look, you are a goal. Thank you, baby. You’re so funny. Thank you. I love you. And you’re so entertaining, and you’ve never failed to deliver when you come here. The audience loves you. I love them. (cheering) People love this girl. I love them. For more information about Sandra’s holiday show at Joe’s Pub, go to Up next, we’re in the Wendy kitchen with some good eats. Yeah! Keep it here. (upbeat music) (cheering) She’s starting to eat it already. Now look, it’s time for a delicious holiday appetizer thing. The author of the Latin Comfort Foods made healthy, is this healthy? (laughs) Of course it is. It’s about balance. Chef Ingrid Hoffman, back on the show. How you doin’? (cheering) Thank you, honey. (speaking foreign language) Talk about it. Go on. Party boards. So this is easy, this is the rage on Instagram and they are so easy to make. A couple tips, very simple. You need to anchor your board. The first thing we do is we put bowls, different heights, different depths, so you can fill. I love everything here! Doesn’t it look beautiful? People get intimidated. They’re very easy, as long as you anchor your bowls. There’s another great tip, pick different texture cheeses. You want cow cheese, you want goat, you want sheep, different shapes, then you just start filling in. The meats need to be cut very thin so that they’re easy to chew, and you need to roll them up, fold them up. We want texture, and then it’s just a question of seasonal ingredients, she’s loving this. I love it! (cheering) Okay, so, but I’ve got a very easy recipe that I made that you can pre-make, so come and I’ll show you how to make my Spanish tortilla, (audience oohing) and here’s where things is about balance. This is supposedly the classic. Are you Kabbalah? We were just talking about that. You were just talking about. Lots of love in my life, honey. But I see the red string. Yes. Okay. We gotta do, we gotta keep it all of this. Now you’re in New York right now, but it’s Art Basel this weekend. Are you going back to party? No, I am here for work, and I had Wendy. What’s more important than Wendy? Who cares about Art Basel? (cheering) There you go. Thank you, Ingrid. So, you were worried. What is that? This is potato.
Potato. Only one potato, and the rest is cauliflower. Oh my god. Oh really? Now generally, a Spanish tortilla is all potatoes and this is where things get healthy and that’s about balance. Good enough. Instead of having all the carbs, I only did one potato. We do egg whites with only three full yolks instead of the six full on, because that’s how things get healthy. This is the healthy part. We’re gonna do a bit of herbs, a little bit of rosemary, a little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper. We’re gonna mix that up. What is this, are these hot or sweet? Those are sweet roasted peppers that we’re gonna use. What the salami is going on? Look at her, she’s loving it. So then, we let this cook for six minutes. Then we stick it in. (laughs) Go ahead. We stick it in the broiler. The finished part is right here, and I want you to try this, Wendy. Try this, try this little piece. Oh, that’s it? That’s it, it’s already cooked. It’s cut up, it’s a Spanish tortilla made the healthy way from my new book, and now I’m gonna take on, I know you like Castelvetrano olives, a little fairy told me. Oh, those are good. So, I’m gonna make you, (laughs) I’m gonna make you a tapenade. Green olives, Castelvetrano. If you guys like black olives, do whatever. I know you don’t like black so for you. I don’t mind black olives. It’s just green ones are more flavorful. They are, and they’re spicy like you and me. And even better if you stuff ’em with blue cheese or garlic. Exactly. Shallots, some acidity with red wine vinegar, a little bit of olive oil. Now we’re gonna cover this and we’re gonna do vroom, vroom, and practically that’s gonna be it, (mixer grinding) and that’s it, it’s done. I want you to try it, tell me what you think. Now the nice thing is. Oh my god, I’m in heaven. (laughs) Between the sweet, the savory, the salty, you are a happy camper, my love, right? Mmhmm, mmhmm, oh my gosh. (cheering) Thank you, Ingrid. (laughs) Happy holidays. For more information on these recipes, go to Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) (cheering) (clapping) Now all I need is the bed, I’ve got the itis. (laughs) Ooh, shoving food in my face. Okay, we’re back and it’s time to play Fashion Flashback. I like your lashes. Oh, thank you, Wendy. What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? I’m Renee, I’m from Jamaica, I’m a flight attendant. Okay. Wagwan. (clapping) Wagwan, wagwan. Okay, let’s see the picture. I do not guess this, and I’ll give you a hint if you want. Okay, she wore that at the VMAs in 2006. Her body is still that way today. Okay, she sings the theme song for the Wendy show, honey. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it like this and you feel it like that ♪ ♪ And feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ Come on. Fergie? Yes. (cheering) (bell ringing) Okay, okay, next photo. Okay, she’s a little crazy, but she’s our kind of people. Her mind scatters every place. She wore this to the 2001 VMAs. She was nominated that night and she wrote the song I Try. Oh, Macy Gray. There you go. (bell ringing) (cheering) Here you go, dinner for two at Fogo de Chao, great Brazilian food. We’ll be right back. Thank you. (upbeat music) (cheering) Have you ever been here to the show, ’cause it’s a whole lot of fun? These two are first cousins, I thought they were twins. They came all the way from Austria. Yes. Yeah. How dare you travel so far for such a mess. (laughs) We just love you. We love you, we just came for you. (audience awwing) Are you having a good time? (clapping) We are loving it over here. Ohh, come join us. The tickets are free, go to Boof, hit that Kim again. We’ll be right back, go. (clapping) (cheering) You have no idea what is going on in this studio while you’re watching the commercials. (laughing) We were straight in the gutter, weren’t we? (laughs) Look, everything you want to know about the Wendy show is available right now at We got the Hot Topics, the conversations with the celebrities. See it first, see it now only at We’ll be right back. (hip-hop music) (cheering) I bet they don’t play Eric B and Rakim backstage and the Kelly and Ryan show. We get down. Look, the weekend is here, but on Monday I got a full hour of juicy Hot Topics, holiday gift grabs and everything. I’m leaving town. Have the bail ready, please. (laughs) Have a safe weekend and don’t do what I’ll do. See you next time on Wendy. I love you for watching. Buh-bye. (cheering) How you doing? Nice! (futuristic music)

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