Fox News’ problem is a lot bigger than Bill O’Reilly

Fox News’ problem is a lot bigger than Bill O’Reilly

We begin tonight with the bombshell announcement
from Fox News that their biggest star is out.
This comes after several advertisers dropped
his show
due to allegations of sexual harassment.
It is hard to overstate how stunning a development
this is.
Dude, what’s wrong with you?
Why aren’t you celebrating?
Have you seen O’Reilly’s replacement?
Not good?
Not good.
Look, Fox News firing Bill O’Reilly is a big
The guy was the biggest name in cable news,
and the fact that Fox fired him
after a ton of pressure from advertisers
is a good thing.
But before we get too excited,
consider O’Reilly’s replacements.
Dude, not a good time.
Taking over O’Reilly’s 8 pm slot is Tucker
a guy who downplayed Trump’s sexual assault
…grab ’em by the pussy…
by saying this:
The words are indefensible, they’re not inexplicable…
Nobody is actually shocked by this,
and everyone’s pretending to be.
He’s also said things like this.
It’s not like Hillary’s some communist…
there’s just something about her that feels
When she comes on television, I involuntarily
cross my legs.
I don’t think anybody would be standing with
Wendy in Texas
if she weren’t a handsome woman.
These are probably the least offensive clips
you’ll see in this video, by the way.
Taking over Tucker’s spot is Fox News’s
nightmare Greek chorus The Five.
…is hairy!
You look like you can handle those things.
She got 100 catcalls, let me add 101:
Damn, baby, you’re a piece of woman.
She’s a slut.
The Five also has a new permanent co-host,
Jesse Watters, who used to go on Bill O’Reilly’s
and harass women during bro-on-the-street
segments like this:
Do you ever do the ThighMaster?
I can’t say she’s got really nice legs?
What have you done to contribute to that sexiness?
So let me see your sexiest look right now.
Do you take a lot of bubble baths here?
You smell really nice.
Oh, I would not like that at all.
Am I doing anything wrong?
No, you’re just being … yourself.
Taking over the 5 o’clock spot is Eric Bolling,
who now has his own show.
This guy.
Migraines may ensue, or you’ll bleed from
your eyes
and your nose, or whatever.
Oh, my god.
Would that be considered boobs on the ground,
or no?
Gretchen, you look wonderful.
Gretchen, very, very beautiful dress, great
In summary, Gretchen’s beautiful.
Look at her today, beautiful dress, you look
Fun fact about Eric Bolling:
He’s hosted a few segments with professor
Caroline Heldman,
who’s one of the women who accused Bill O’Reilly
of sexual harassment.
Wanna guess how those segments went?
The great Dr. McHottie said it’s the most
American thing you can do.
All right, let’s go to Dr. McHottie, Dr. Heldman.
It’s not just Fox primetime.
Turn on Fox during the day and you’ll see
the same thing.
The only thing hotter than Brenda’s outfit
If you were making love with your boyfriend,
All right, Bo.
When you interview her, will she be sitting
on your lap?
One can only hope.
The worst, though, might be Fox & Friends,
where Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade have
spent years
harassing women, including their own co-hosts.
If you’re wearing something, please get naked.
That goes for you too, ladies.
All right, when we come back from commercial,
we’ll see if they listen.
Let’s take a second and think about Molly’s
quad development.
Okay, we’re done.
Babes, chicks, what do you call them Steve,
She is a wonderful actress, and she’s got
a great body.
Do you like a woman masseuse or a male masseuse?
Just so I know.
Now you know what I go through.
Come on over and make my dinner, will ya?
I’ll jam some stuffing.
And that doesn’t touch on the sexism and objectification
that occurs on Fox every day.
I think it’s better to be a dude in all situations.
Just saying.
Shhh, chicks, shhh.
Didn’t men give you the kitchen?
Like Fox & Friends’ bizarre obsession with
lingerie football.
They are the perfect combination of sex and
Doing some sideline ogling, our own Brian
He’s going down, Brian’s going down!
Brian, oh!
Geraldo, Geraldo.
Still not a good time.
How much confetti did you buy?
This all reflects a deeper problem inside
of Fox.
Last July, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes resigned
after widespread allegations of sexual harassment.
Roger Ailes is out, stepping down amid allegations
of sexual harassment.
A New York Times investigation found a culture
of harassment at Fox,
with multiple women reporting inappropriate
from their supervisors.
And the problem goes to the top of Fox’s corporate
Fox executives like Bill Shine,
who got promoted after Ailes resigned,
are reported to have helped cover up sexual
harassment complaints.
A lot of the main players, especially Bill
Shine …
played an integral role in the cover-up of
these sexual harassment claims.
They pushed women into confidential mediation,
signing nondisclosure agreements in exchange
for their contracts to be paid.
Even the allegations against Bill O’Reilly
aren’t new.
They date back to 2004.
Fox News protected their superstar for over
a decade
before advertiser pressure forced them to
take action.
But even if you ignore what’s happening inside
of Fox News,
Fox’s on-air programming should be enough
to make advertisers think twice about sticking
with the network.
I think the studio crew has found something
that has pique their interest.
What do you think about this?
And if you think O’Reilly’s firing will change
watch what happened just hours after Fox announced
that he wouldn’t be coming back to the network.
Call your dressmaker.
And give him a raise.
That’s what I’m saying.
You are giving America … a raise.
That was Greg Gutfeld, on The Five,
joking on live TV about how his female co-host’s
was giving the country “a raise.”
Now, thanks to O’Reilly’s firing,
he has a primetime spot on Fox News.

100 thoughts to “Fox News’ problem is a lot bigger than Bill O’Reilly”

  1. those were all awful, the last one wasnt really that bad at all, she started it off with a joke and he played off it well

  2. these guys are the creepiest of the creepy. Network full of douchebags. I refuse to watch Fox at all. I miss Dana Perino. I wish you would go to another Network.

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  4. “Harry’s women” that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard 😂 and the smelling one, taken out of context. And actually, Jessie waters was what got younger viewers, by showing real news articles with real people. Not just “contributors”

  5. yes that's right goyim, forget about all of hollyweird
    And sorry Matt Lauure, Harvey fondleberg, and how Oprah and all of Hollywood protected them for decades.
    gtfo here you cucked snowflake. Hurry up, if you're late to nap time you won't get the silly straw for the soy milk flavored Kool aid!

  6. Also, a reminder that this is the same network that called Mr. Rogers a evil, evil man for trying to give children confidence in themselves. THE HORROR!!!

  7. I watched up to a minute and 14 seconds so far and already they are just sh*ting on Tucker because he has different opinions and he was just saying the truth about Trump's comments than at 137 they talk about Jesse watters and the clip they show is literally just use for comedic purposes not sexual harassment and Eric Bolling was making jokes and giving compliments God forbid you give a woman a compliment nowadays the only thing I will give them as I personally don't believe that type of activity should go on in the workplace but besides from that this video is a joke

  8. LOL
    Every woman ive known is WAY MORE OF A SEXUALLY HARRASSER than ANY of this Fox News guys.
    But we allow it, we laugh at it, we give them sex about it.

  9. I cant believe this garbage is allowed to be categorized as news. Fox is not news.It is propaganda.It is pathetic.They are dangerous.

  10. I feel sad for the women at fox. They should all leave and see what it would be like if it was a all men station ( I think nothing would really change but it be cool to see what happens)

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  19. All those women at Fox were taking those comments very well all things considered. If I worked at Fox and had to deal that that, I would quickly be out of a job (and not because I quit)

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