Fox News On Its Last Legs?

Fox News On Its Last Legs?

fox’s lately a has been there ever been
a trouble
there’s been a lot of talk about how a
you know it might be a little bit past
its prime
in fact Media Matters that usually track
spikes who said
the Warren Fox is over we have one
because the whole point was to point out
that Fox News is a propaganda unit
for the republican party an admission is
fairly well accomplish one pack frank
Rich or burial
large article New York magazine about
this and made some really good points
that I want to share with you now
yes Fox News beat CNN and MSNBC in the
ratings in fact they beat them
combine so give them credit on that
there’s no question about that but when
you look into
who’s watching them and you get it has a
perspective and context
and whether they’re having a political
fact mmm that’s a different story
so for seducing fact that which points
out that in between 1952 in 1988
republicans had won seven out of ten
presidential elections they were doing
pretty well
now a since their rise of conservative
radio and then Fox News which could date
back in 92 your rush limbaugh
already a ascendant at that point and
then Fox News comes in in ninety six
well democrats someone 5
out of the six popular votes since that
okay so it not as well obviously al gore
won the popular vote Bush became
president anyway
but what if I love the six popular both
obviously Democratic Party a little bit
more popular
so they’re aim was to make sure the
republicans when well
it’s a mixed record at best right
although Fox is of course not huge
role to play in 2000 in making sure bush
got the presidency even though he did
not win the presidency the popular vote
or the electoral vote base on a full
recount a Florida
now but when you look at present-day you
see that they still have over a million
prime-time viewers that’s not bad
especially compared to the competition
CNN has five hundred and sixty-eight
thousand prime time you’re so they’re
getting their ass handed to them by Fox
so so far not bad but to give you a
sense a probe
perspective CBS evening news which is
the lowest rated
overall the evening news broadcasts has
eight million
prime-time viewers okay so now look
that’s not to say the CBS Evening News
with other broadcast or even larger
are very important neither at this point
I’m not sure many people pay attention
to them
as well and that’s always been the case
for the evening news was much larger
than anything on cable news
right understand that but it does give
you some context
now we get to the beef now
the last time we checked in on Fox News
we only had the number for Bill
well audience and we knew that their
average age back in 06
was 71 years old so that’s the number we
been using well now
we have a number for their current
average age
for the entire network well its younger
than O’Reilly’s audience of course you
got the man Kelly’s you got there
daytime programming you at the morning
show younger people watched and of
to the average age is sixty
a sixty-eight years old
now that audience isn’t getting any
younger even though they’re moving main
calendar prime time if she’s not ninety
years old
know it’s actually getting altered you
know that last year
the average age in the box audience grew
by two years
in one year their average his room by
two years
good luck to you brother good luck to
in fact frank rich says with a medium
your age now at 68 according to Nielsen
data through mid-january
foxes in essence a retirement community
BK that of course I love that point
partly cuz I made it seven years ago
no now eight years ago let’s go to court
me and 2006
so it turns out this big bad powerful
is basically new show at a senior
citizen center
the are Hey look
a great and sometimes mediocre minds
think alike
0 frank Rich I’m right there with your
brother had been with you all along so
that was of course
O’Reilly’s audiences 71 that I was
referring to back then now one more fun
fact before we leave you on this
what percentage in their audience is
and that is good hang in there for so
I’m SMBC those
much better than the national average 25
December viewers
for african-americans now that make
sense cause a lot of african-american
host they give african-americans a voice
so that’s very sensible CNN is a little
higher the national average 14 percent
that’s good
broadcast networks are right around the
national average twelve percent in their
viewers are black
I now here comes the republicans a pox
Mitt Romney got to preserve the Black
wellpoint UK was so that’s the sisters
about boxes 1.1 percent have their
audiences black
boss okay CGI wonderful just
old white men are watching him I can’t
quite tell

100 thoughts to “Fox News On Its Last Legs?”

  1. Do you make any distinction between the main stream establishment Media, and the American grass roots conservative movement? After all the 2016 presidential primary election is now turning out to be more of a battle to protect the main stream establishment even if that means the republican leaders would rather split the party and give Hillary the presidency rather than let their most popular non establishment front runner be the republican presidential nominee.

  2. "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which" – Animal Farm. George Orwell.

    I am from the outside. Now tell me. What's the difference from this man and that pig? The difference between you and fox? A man can be as wrong as a pig and a pig as correct a man, but what really was the difference? It is that in the fable the pigs swore to never adopt the ways of man.

  3. 41 White Female, Mother & Educated, thanks! Husband is 38 we make over $100k ea too so NOT DUMB OR "Undereducated" #AlwaysTrump

  4. The demographics don't lie. Their world is disappearing faster than an ice cube on a hot frying pan. It's the last stand of the angry rich selfish WASPs and their token fellow-travelers.

  5. One close family member made the comment to me that while "his generation (he is 85)is still in the majority he has nothing to worry about policies he does not like becoming law". He also watches Fox News,a lot.

  6. You gotta be dumb to believe this utter ignorance. Young Turks will go out of buisness way before Fox will btw Lest we discuss how MSNBC is overwhelmingly watched by thugs. Its perfectly ok for a news station to pander to black audiences but fox is evil for giving the down and dirty TRUTH that liberals dont like. Thats called being P.C. for the naive sheep who deny these truths. Its perfectly fine for disgusting liberal host to belittle any Republican they dont like. And its perfectly fine to put scum bag black lives matter on national tv. And lastly, its perfectly fine to bring an inbred liberal who tried to attack Trump on tv but yet if someone tried to rush Hillary Clinton on stage they would be labeled a radical right winger. And probaly charged with a crime since the justice department is ran by intolerant leftist traitors. At the end of the day our countries demographics have changed. And not so as you nut jobs think. If anything independents/libertarians are substantially siding with Republicans. Which would be more widely known if the bernie cucks actually looked at our primary results so far. Repub voters up 60%. Dem voters down 30%. But then again your embarassing news channels like MSDNC wont inform the pitiful imbeciles who watch that garbage.

  7. Fox news on it's last legs? Not till the majority of Americans get educated. 23rd in education doesn't help.

  8. I hope fox lasts forever….What else am I gonna watch when comedy central is playing BS??? Come on people, who else brings you the comedy hits like: "If Obamacare passes the men in black are gonna kick in your door and death panel your grandpa"..and " The government is forcing people to have abortions because Obama is secretly the leader of ISIS"???Now you tell me where you're gonna get comedy like that if Fox goes away.

  9. You are insane. If Fox is a Republican shill we know what that makes you. Your numbers were a little off. You are getting your backsides handed to you and your still crying over Bush. Keep whining. No one is watching anyway. If Fox is going in the tank, then you guys should hang it up. They are always way ahead of you.

  10. Im 30, I watch Fox. I cant stomach the communist news network cnn or msnbc. I also watch Alex Jones and Micheal Savage. I come here to see what the enemy is doing.

  11. Fox only has that many prime time viewers because comedy central stopped being funny. we need our laughs somehow

  12. Its wonderful….
    think, in 20 years, half of the republican party will be out of life to torture us with. that's why I smile at people who hate me cause of my differences.

    Any bigoted remark makes me smile, because gone are the days of people like me being hung in public for no tangible reason, but "god's will". The descendants of those nut jobs exist today, but time its time for them to go from society. They are all retiring to Fox News, and they will all go abruptly. I'm sure most of their kids are embarrassed to be around them too.

    I wonder what Megyn Kelly will do 😉

  13. The concentration of media ownership to a handful of corporations over the past 3-4 decades has solidified the ultra-wealthy's grip on "information"…is it any wonder many Americans are turning their back on network news???

  14. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News & the Fox Television Stations Group was a media consultant to Richard Nixon in the 1970's — documents show that way back then they desired to insert pro-Republican stories on network news to manipulate people for political purposes — so along comes the 1980's cable TV revolution (Ted Turner & CNN) & then arch-conservative print media mogul Rupert Murdoch eager to branch into electronic media and voila, Fox News is born: "GOP TV" 24/7…

  15. But lets not forerget that the elder vote in much larger numbers than anybody else, because they havn't got much else to do.

  16. Fox new is so far ahead of MSNBC, and CNN it's laughable. The crazy liberal TV media had to be countered with conservative Radio. It only makes sense. Cenk, and his children are lovers of Communist point of view.

  17. The US is generally getting older and guess what Clunk the older people vote at a much higher rate than any other age group.

  18. CNN still has lots of legs. Megyn Kelly, Martha McCallum, Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner, and many, many more pairs…

  19. As a 56 year old English man I believe these Fox watchers WILL vote, against for eg, your viewers. Don't get me wrong voting is every persons right, in the end it is up-to the count. scary times for all EH

  20. It stands to reason that Mitt had only two percent of the black vote cus there will only be 2 percent blacks in heaven according to his religion…

  21. we THRIVE on our repressed sexuality; it is what makes ( some) lives worth living…. it is why we go to war. why we get up in the morning…. why we BUY BUY BUY…

  22. Mr. Brooks you are rude, inconsiderate and uncouth. To insult my mother who is still how to operate a computer correctly shows a lack of proper upbringing and common decency.

  23. Listen: Strange person: Fox News is the real deal insofar as Reporting Stories that are accurate to a far stronger bent on truth. I do not really see inaccurate data about Clinton, but lets be true. This station is nothing (power wise) when compared to the Clinton machine unstoppable. Listen, you'd be out of a job if you do not report truth; which though you are annoying (Like that Groucho Marx irritating). You in particular are plain annoying and very difficult to listen to because it so ridiculous. If Clinton works for the Country like she did in advancing her personal agenda, then, I am hoping, that she will advance Our Agenda in the USA. And Hillary's experience, dedication to equal rights, and is a proven by her job as Secretary of State; a job she did pretty well, except for a couple mistakes which was the result of State Department errors in setting her server as they set it (Govt. professionals). That dog will not hunt. Hillary Clinton for President.

  24. Its the age of the internet. Most people under 30 get their news from the internet today. Cable news has shown it self to be not trusted anymore. So its no big surprise that Fox News viewers are old White people who probably don't know how to use a computer.

  25. But if Fox News goes out of business, what will the 90 year olds who don't understand how to use the internet do for their porrnn?

  26. i hate this cemk idiot only time i was his lame biest show is when alex jones owned his ass on his show lol….. classic ownage hey maybe if cenk talks real nice we could use him for a barney he might have a better chance of attracting 3 year olds to watch his show

  27. Wtf?? He just rambled , on n on about how feels about Fox News.. and how they're so done for bc of……?!?!

    This guy jus blew hot air out his face hole for 7 mins with out actually having a single detail of how they're finished?? Just to push his opinion.. but Isn't that… proaganda🤔🤔🤔


  29. The amount of people watching someone doesn't mean they believe a damn word that comes out of there mouth like you i watch and don't believe hardly any of your bullshit propaganda 25 percent of your audience constantly gives you thumbs down ,

  30. In other words their audience is dying off and they are not getting any new eyeballs. So, the future of FOX news is to become more liberal and younger, but not as liberal as the other news. The old guard will be slowly fazed out in favor of younger, fresher, faces. In five to ten years you won't recognize Fox news.

  31. Another example of the OUT OF TOUCH Young Jerks totally missing the boat……These irrelevant twits have been and will continue to be …..irrelevant.

  32. Are the Young Turks still taking money from George Soros? Is Anna still fat shaming people? How's Talcum X the white guy who's pretending to be a black guy that's pretending to care about black lives working out for you guys? Is he still taking money from George Soros too?

  33. 2017: Suck it, Cenk. Showing once again you're not able to see beyond your bias. It really is sickening. You're not a "news source" of any kind; you're simply propagandists.

  34. What a bunch of crap. No matter what Roger Ailes did, he created a winner in Fox. He realized that yes while beauty sells you add all the brains and you can't lose. The Fox Hotties will be around a long time.

  35. Errr, Is Cenk wearing smeared lipstick? Must be making a subtle point about Fox, ohhhh of course that's it.

  36. Why, in a supposedly "democratic" country, are the liberal left determined to shut down fox news? They seem to be waging a war on any conservative voice outlet. This is exactly how communist Russia operated in the 1980's, by smearing and tainting any political voice that went against the "party narrative". What next? Labour camps in Alaska for Hannity and Co:?

  37. New strategy is to spread their hosts around to other networks to infiltrate and influence there. It's going to be like how white supremacy has infiltrated the police force and causing some of the police brutality. You already see how supposed progressive media are picking them up and dropping their own highly rated host.

  38. Learning that the average age of FOX viewers is 68 makes me ashamed of my generation. Why do we not know better?

  39. 68 is about the average age of the people that run the world…financially and politically. Not a bad demographic to have.

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