Fox News Has a Hard Time Processing the Las Vegas Shooting: The Daily Show

Fox News Has a Hard Time Processing the Las Vegas Shooting: The Daily Show

Let’s move on the story
that everyone in America
has been dealing with–
the mass shooting in Las Vegas.
Today we learned more details
about the shooter.
He was a 64-year-old man
from Florida
with no criminal record,
and he owned 42 guns.
Oh, and also, apparently,
he was a multimillionaire.
Which means right now
he doesn’t fit any profile
of any mass shooter.
And you know
who’s having a hard time
all of that information?
The good people at Fox News.
Here’s the other thing.
Bin Laden, we knew who to hate.
You know, you saw Sandy Hook,
-we knew that mutant living
in his basement. -Yeah.
We don’t even know enough
about him to hate him yet.
That is… that is so true.
How do you hate someone
who’s killed 59 people? Uh…
Because he’s not Muslim.
I mean, he wasn’t known
to be mentally ill.
He doesn’t kneel for the anthem.
He’s just a rich white guy
who shot people
at a country music concert.
Like, how do you hate him?
There’s nothing to hate.
I bet someone at Fox News
right now
is trying to hack into 23andMe,
just like, “Come on,
“there’s got to be
something about him,
“something about him,
he’s got to have some…
“Ah, two percent Inuit?
I’ll take it, I’ll take it.
I guess it’s kind of a burka.
I’ll take it.”
Since Sunday’s shooting
didn’t fit
any of Fox’s
established narratives,
they couldn’t politicize it.
Right? And if they
couldn’t politicize it,
then I guess
neither should anyone else.
Can we not have a day
in which we mourn
before we engage in some very
divisive debate
over an issue on which there’s
been no agreement
in this country
for a very long time?
You truly hope that
in a moment like this
we can move beyond politics.
Do you need to politicize
this today?
Can you just stand-down
for a moment?
I like how FOX News says
“please don’t
politicize this today,”
as if there’s any time
they’d be willing
to talk about gun control.
‘Cause, I mean, I’m-I’m happy
to wait a couple of days,
but you know they’d be like,
“Oh, sorry.
We can’t do Thursday.
Yeah, we’re gonna be talking
about Hillary’s e-mails.”
Be like, “Oh, what about,
what about Friday?”
“No, still talking about
Hillary’s e-mails.”
“Next month, next year?”
“Yeah, we’re gonna be swamped
with the e-mails for a while.
But I get the concern.
I mean, what kind
of terrible people
would push a political agenda
the day after a mass shooting?
A shooting like with Orlando.
In the wake of this attack, you
wonder whether people like that
should be, you know,
should be coming here.
Everyone in the
Muslim community,
let’s be part of the solution
and work together as Americans
to combat radical
Islamic terrorism.
It would be to the president’s
best interest
to rally around the country
to name an enemy
and a movement to stop.
Anybody who’s coming
from overseas,
especially from the Middle East,
we need to vet them out.
Okay. That-that last guy’s
just weird.
No. It’s almost like he just
doesn’t want to see his family.
(with Middle Eastern accent):
“We need to vet
“all of the people
from the Middle East,
“especially my brother Hamid,
“who’s always trying
to come here
“and borrow money from me,
“and we need to vet
my Aunt Fatima,
“who’s always trying
to set me up.
“I’m not getting married,
“Hashtag #SingleToMingle, okay?
“Okay? Block all of them.
“Block all of them!
All of them.”
(cheering and applause)
(normal voice):
So clearly, FOX’s whole,
“don’t politicize it” is BS.
Or maybe just a way to buy time
while they’re figuring out
how to politicize it.
Right now, friends helped
friends to safety,
people helped strangers
to safety,
and law enforcement was running
towards the bullet,
so all those kneelers
in the NFL out there,
they need to recognize
when they’re kneeling during
the anthem, they’re kneeling,
and we’re supposed to be
honoring law enforcement,
law enforcement that’s trying
to save lives, not take lives.
Wow. Wow.
Did this guy just find a way
to use the mass shooting
to pivot back to
the NFL argument?
Yeah, like, after watching this,
you’d be thinking,
“Hundreds of people shot
in Las Vegas.
Colin Kaepernick,
you son of a bitch!”
But-but I hear,
what is his point?
You’ve got to show respect
to the police.
Personally, I’d rather respect
the police
by reducing the number of guns
that risk killing police.
But, yeah. I mean,
not kneeling is good, too.
You do your thing do.
Do whatever you want.
The people on FOX News are so
desperate to find a narrative
to grasp on to, that at times,
even they couldn’t get on board
with their own ideas.
His brother said he didn’t
believe in God,
or didn’t have a God, or didn’t
have faith in his life,
so maybe, this is all
but that possibly could be
the reason.
Because he knows country
musicians or country music fans
are normally pro-God
and go to church on Sundays.
Maybe he has
a problem with that,
or had a problem with that.
-Okay. You all want to
weigh-in on that. -All right.
-Yeah. No. I didn’t know if…
-All right, stay silent.
-I didn’t know if Steve–
-Let us know what you think.
-Send us your e-mails.
-Well– Yeah.
Dear FOX News, that (bleep)
was hilarious.
E-mail sent.
Yesterday, everyone on FOX News
was flailing
like Mariah Carey
on New Year’s Eve.
Everyone– Well, everyone
except for one man:
SpongeBob Squarehead.
Imagine if the president today
brought up
the Second Amendment–
how would the news media
in this country have reacted?
There were a lot of people
that raced immediately to,
“Let’s talk about guns.”
I’ve always been a believer
that you-you got to prepare
to defend yourself.
And-and I had gun permits
in New York and Rhode Island
and California and-and…
and Alabama and Georgia
in my life,
and I-I was trained in the use
of a firearm by my parents,
that had connections
to law enforcement.
What does that mean?
“I was trained in the use
“of a firearm by my parents,
that had connections
to law enforcement”?
The world doesn’t
work like that.
Like, if someone’s sick
on the plane, no one screams,
“Does anyone have a cousin who
watched Grey’s Anatomy? Anyone?”
But according to Sean Hannity,
what really stops
a bad guy with a gun
is a Sean Hannity with a gun.
This guy’s got a machine gun.
Okay, how are they gonna
take him on without a weapon?
Or if it’s happening
within a crowd–
if you’re in San Bernardino,
do you want Sean Hannity,
who’s trained in the safety
and use of a firearm
in that room,
so when they drop the clip
and they start to reload, you
got a shot, you got a chance?
Okay, Sean, you answered
your own question.
The shooter was 400 yards away
in a hotel room 32 floors up.
But you’re, like, “Yeah,
but if he was down on the ground
“and close to me
and was out of bullets,
then I might have a chance
to shoot him down.”
That’s like saying,
“If Tyra Banks had no money
“and I had all the money
“and she was,
like, really hungry,
I might have a chance.”
It’s not reality.
Hannity’s fantasy
was so ridiculous
that even his Fox colleague
couldn’t get on board.
Do you want Sean Hannity,
who’s trained
in the safety and use
of a firearm in that room,
so when they drop the clip
and they start to reload
you got a shot,
you got a chance?
Yeah, wouldn’t have done
much good with a bandoli…
It’s 32nd, uh, floor, unless
you had a high-powered rifle
to take him out, but uh,
but your point is well taken.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sean, you-you
made absolutely no sense,
but your point is well taken.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
You know she’s thinking,
“Dude, you couldn’t even
“protect women from being
sexually harassed
“in your own building,
and now you’re Batman?
“Calm down.
Calm down, man.
“Calm down. Calm down.
Calm down.”
I’m… Like, I’m not gonna lie–
he may seem crazy,
but after watching that,
I wish Sean Hannity would
start his own security service.
In a dangerous world,
if you need protection,
then you need…
Sean Hannity’s
Private Security Services!
Sean Hannity
is trained in kicking ass,
throwing footballs indoors,
and wearing his hat backwards.
So when the crap hits the fan,
Hannity’s your man.
Do you want Sean Hannity,
who’s trained
in the safety and use
of firearm in that room,
so when they drop the clip
and they start to reload,
you got a shot,
you got a chance?
If you’re threatened by a
shooter who is in the room
and has run out of bullets,
then you’ve got a chance!
Sean Hannity’s
Private Security Services–
total protection
in very specific circumstances.

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