Fox News Conspiracy Theory on Hurricane Sandy & Jobs

Fox News Conspiracy Theory on Hurricane Sandy & Jobs

let’s go to a couple of i’ve got so much
other stuff to get to them we spent more
time on that then maybe i intend to but
i think it’s important we’re now hearing
a number of different conspiracy
theories coming up from fox news one is
that jobless claims increasing just
after hurricane sandy is some kind of
conspiracy and obviously could not
actually be related to hurricanes and
you take a look at this clip that
lawrence o’donnell played from fox news
this box and friends
menagerie lightbox business alertly now
the labor department just releasing
randy weekly job last
four hundred and thirty nine thousand
first-time unemployment claims were
filed last week that’s up from the week
before and more than expected you cannot
call mike couldn’t selling a lot of
people are gonna say have a lot of
things to say about this we literally
had the called say
is that it will write you should not
looks like it’s right you can
disunity some potentially adjustment of
this has something to do is seeing the
bunch so i’m sure it is the number is so
much higher than if you have been
suspicious of the numbers from the
bureau of labor statistics before this
is the first week after the election
that’s the first thing i want to just
like anyone friday five
that the weeks leading into the election
that wind down
everyone finds about it now cindy
how could you possibly say there’s a
t_v_ with first-time jobless claims to
have a piso obviously
people completely suffering from obama
deranged person from their eight million
and businesses lost power
many were still without at the time of
this broadcast obviously hurricane sandy
close countless businesses it destroyed
countless businesses it is only logical
to think that it would increase the
number of first-time jobless claims in
this conspiracy theory attitude on fox
news is just bogus

38 thoughts to “Fox News Conspiracy Theory on Hurricane Sandy & Jobs”

  1. Couldn't be that thousands of business were destroyed, roads washed out, infrastructure crippled and people's properties leveled… That couldn't have anything to do with it…….

  2. I guarantee you that when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and the jobless claims went up as a result, as it logically would, due to the massive destruction of businesses, Fox News would have called it exactly what it was – a loss of jobs due to a natural disaster. There would be no conspiracy theory then about the Department of Labor Statistics. Do you know why? It is because their Puppet in Chief, George W. Bush, was in the Whitehouse.

  3. Fox news has a gift… a gift which allows them to turn all they talk about into a great big lie. Honestly, if they said, 'The world will forever be at war!' Then world peace would occour 2 minutes before they said it. If they said, 'The entire world will catch smallpox today!' All the diseases in the world would vanish. Don't beleive me? Look at global warming. Case in point!

  4. Does Fox have some kind of sound board where I can express my complete disgust with those f*cking idiots? How do they function being that stupid? Seriously

  5. Obama fixed the numbers before the election, and then caused hurricane Sandy to cover it up when the numbers are higher after the election. He also fixed the election and blackmailed Romney from the start to cock it up………..See how easy it is to make shizz up; only difference is these assholes do it on national TV and have no shame in doing so, as long as it makes the Democrat president look bad!!

  6. Not only was Hurricane Sandy no indication of anthropogenic global warming, but apparently the largest storm ever recorded had no effect upon infrastructure, homes and businesses. It's all just liberal media hype. They faked all the photos of devastation from the Outer Banks to Kennebunkport. I just saw Jersey Shore on TV last night! It looked fine!

  7. Fox is the best communist propaganda machine ever, even the USSR couldn't have done better. All they do is destroy the US with every show, Stalin must be laughing his head off in Hell!

  8. FOX NEWS has turned into all out comedy TV, but the Bad Kind of Comedy…the kind where the punch line doesn't exist…but it is all a CON-job, but their "audience" eat it up like if it was candy……that is the sad part…

  9. Well, you know the people at Fox believe in an invisible man in the sky who listens to you when you whine on your knees–I'm sure if you believe that it's not hard to believe Obama controls the weather.

  10. Clearly this whole global warming thing was for the election, too. How many massive hurricanes have hit the East Coast since the election? Not to mention that we didn't have to turn our furnace on until after the election? The Dems will stop at nothing to in an election.

  11. Ineptocracy-A system of goverment where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing,and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed,are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

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  13. He was just being skeptical, as were you. I noticed you, as well, did not show any data to support your claims. This is not a good reporting method from either side.

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