Fox News’ Chris Wallace Completely Uncloaks, Claims Trump Is “Stroking Racial Divisions” [Opinion]

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Fox News personality Chris Wallace insisted
during a Sunday interview with White House
senior adviser Stephen Miller that President
Donald Trump’s “rhetoric is dividing the
United States along racial lines,” according
to the Washington Examiner.
During the interview with Miller, the Fox
News host mentioned the President’s comments
made against progressive Congressional members.
He went on to mention Trump’s remarks on
illegal immigrants, Muslims, and the controversy
behind former President Barack Obama’s birthplace.
“The president said that President Obama
‘has been the most ignorant president in
our history.’
When asked about [Russian President Vladimir
Putin], he said ‘there are a lot of killers.
You think our country is so innocent?’”
Wallace quoted Trump.
The Washington Examiner reports of Wallace’s
The Fox News host asserted that Trump’s
comments rival those made by the “squad”
of freshman progressive lawmakers — Reps.
Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
of New York, RashidaTlaib of Michigan, and
Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.
Trump has recently characterized the group
as un-American and anti-Israel.
Miller defended Trump against Wallace’s
criticism, pointing to a “huge difference”
between Trump’s “America First” agenda
and the squad’s ideology.
“Nobody has any problem with what the president’s
policies have been,” Wallace insisted.
“It’s when he goes into stoking racial
I’ve never called any of his tweets racist,
but there is no question he is stoking racial
What do you think about this?
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