Fox News Ads CRUSH Tucker Carlson

Fox News Ads CRUSH Tucker Carlson

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  1. Good All Advertisers, that’s on Fox Station, needs to leave Fox, because this station promotes hate, violence, racism, against Mexican immigrants, Black, Latinos, Muslim, women, the poor and middle class people. All of Fox Host like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Jeannie Perrio, includes all other host on 🦊, are spreading there evil hate, violence, racism. They are so corrupt, evil disgusting, disgraceful, unethical dishonest racist bigots, on there talk shows. Those advertisements, and advertisers, on Fox should leave Fox Station, if not they will lose sales’ for advertising on Fox station. All they do is spread there lies, there venom and promote hate violence, evilness, against immigrants, black, Latino, Jews, etc. between white supremacy, white nationalist, with their racist comments all the time . Fox station, is dishonest, disgraceful unethical, racist, bigots. They are spreading lies, hate, evil comments, against descent humans beings. All they are doing is dividing this country, with there nonsense, lies, racist bigot comments, like Trump.

  2. Tucker's nose is wedged so far up Trump's rectum, he gets 'ring around the collar" and sometimes snags his bow tie. One time, reportedly, he managed to snack on a half-digested KFC chicken wing.

  3. I refuse to even watch Fox news because Fox is dishonest and amoral… they support vile people and unAmerican ideas

  4. I had dish network and I can tell you from experience: if you tell them you don’t want fox or anything else in your “package” they will just laugh at you. I knew a gal who worked for Comcast, and she said they have experts who do nothing else but figure out how to trick you into spending more and more for stuff you do not want.

  5. Trumps vacation had to coincide with Carlson's so Carlson can tell him how to think because that thing on trumps head ate his brain

  6. Dare I hope that some Fox ciewers, and advertisers, are having their eyes opened a wee bit? Or are the advertisers simply motivated by less generated revenue? Either way, I'll take it, the 'crazy tolerance' meter moving a fraction.

  7. This guy’s (and the left in general) portrayal of Tucker Carlson and FOX is based on lies. I’m a big fan of Carlson as well as Laura Ingraham and Janine Pirro and my favorite, Marc Levin. These are good people. Lefties don’t care about the truth. They just care about ruining anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Shame on them.

  8. I cut the cable watching 17 years ago.That is the way I kept my family from becoming radicalized like a poor young male in Islamabad getting an education in a madras because they have very little educational choice.

  9. Apparently My Pillow Guy can only purchase so much ad time and it’s not enough to save Cucker Tarlson.


  10. Couldn't happen to a better person. Hes responsible for his own downfall, same goes for other hateful talking heads

  11. On point The bottom line for Murdoch is financial gain. However he does have a right wing conservative agenda he's been pushing for years. It will be interesting to see what happens when the mercenary media mogul with a dessicated soul finally carks it. Good riddance I say to one of the most evil and influencial fomenters of division the 20th and 21st century has ever seen. Why is he the worst? Because his platform is global and he lurks in the shadows unseen and untouched by public scrutiny and disapprobation, not that it would bother him.

  12. Well, "fuck the Tuck", I guess.
    But does it matter? Is Fox really in need of ad revenue, or is it worth it if you can keep your base (Republican/Trump voters) scared of brown people? Wouldn't the top people profit more from the right-wing kleptocracy, to the point where his propaganda is more valuable than losing ads for one stupid show?

  13. Great! I can't stand that far right butt kissing😘turd💩Get him off the air… he's a snot.. Next Hannity and That b—h Judge Jeanine…She should be thrown off T.V. AND the bench!!!

  14. Anything that crushes #ucker carlson is okay by me. Take note of how l spelled #ucky's first name. It was deliberate.

  15. I boycott all advertisers who appear on any fox show, news or otherwise. The main Fox network is just as complicit because it's their ad revenue that props up the news end when advertisers bail there.

    The only way we get rid of Fox news is to boycott anything and everything that is even remotely connected to them.

  16. Something with that lard ass Rush Limbaugh. Just out of curiosity I tried to listen to his bullshit. All of his advertising is for the dead and the almost dead. Disgusting republican pig.

  17. Why would any computer literate adult pay 200 bucks a month for cable when literally every show on tv can be streamed for free without commercials?

  18. KEEP BOYCOTTING Fox News and Anything and Everything to do with fox , BOYCOTT Any Sponsors that have Anything to do with Tucker Carlson or Fox News

  19. Boycotts have an impact. They should. The public is not going to support products that are paying for a message that is harmful to core beliefs. We are not going to watch the message. We are telling the carriers that we don't want to pay for packages that include channels that we don't want. People are tired of paying excessive cable fees and adding a package to get only a couple of channels that we want. A lot of people want to return to the build your package model and the carriers are going to start taking a hit if they don't give us what we want.

  20. So big capitalism doesn't like Tucker. That should make you lefties love him? But NOOOOOO. Because the left is the establishment.

  21. Can you please tell us which sponsors are still sponsoring Tucker Carlson ? so that we can then take the appropriate action

  22. The only advertiser left is the pillow guy/ tucker take a pillow and go to sleep. Your show is a circus and the ring master is the clown.😡😡😡😡😡😡🙋🏻👅

  23. Tucker is a trust fund kid. He doesn't care if Fox fires him. He has said so himself. That makes him so much worse. He's not saying hateful stuff to pay his mortgage, he's saying it just because.

  24. Terrorists given airtime! 😳 😳 These are the same people who are responsible for the state of 🇺🇸 today, decaying and dying, because of the hate and bigotry and lies they spread to ignorant and narrow minded few! 😳 😳 Damn suckers should be locked up and throw away the keys😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if freedom of speech will involve lies and cost 🇺🇸 lives then screw that bullshit! That is terrorism and inciting to cause social unrest, same crime as treason🤪🤪. Black sites could do with such crimes, these are not journalists rather klan members undermining the constitution 🇺🇸.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Charma Tucker. You are a mean human being. You deserve this. On top of all this, you no longer can dine out. Hope your wife sees you for who you really are. Loser!

  26. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and Jenine Pirro are all mass murderers! Their hateful words, along with the orange idiot's–caused the mass shooting murders at the Gilroy garlic festival and the El Paso Walmart. They, as well as any advertisers on Fox all have blood on their hands and I will boycott any company that airs adds during the shows of these sadistic white nationalist monsters! I'll be sure ti post a list on YouTube and Facebook! Long live anti-fascism!

  27. Putting Fox News out of business sounds like something "we the people" could actually accomplish with a concerted effort. 🇺🇸✌

  28. I’d love to know more about why Fox News demands 2-3x more than other networks. What their rational is.

  29. Why are people saying we are living in fear
    We don't care about these white crazys
    It's more of us then them.

  30. And yet another leftist channel … you won’t stop until we become North Korea. Marxism is relentless and the liberal democracy does not have and will never have the tools to defend itself from the never ending Marxist onslaught. Too bad … .

  31. But the My Pillow guy is still advertising on Ingraham and Tucker. With that level of advertising muscle, they should be alright…

  32. "cutting the cable" and sometimes "cutting the cord" refers to switching to Over The Air TV or internet based TV. These do seem like reasonable things to do for more than just FOX.

  33. Tucker Carlson As I work for a major news outlook . And all of us that do have a great reputation . As we speak truth. Not hate. And Fox News if you don't get rid of him. You are going down.

  34. Not much content here. Accusing everyone you don't like of being a RACIST is not going to help your cause. America's mainstream media is controlled by an Intel community – which operates with NO Governmental or budgetary oversight and a cast of characters that you'd never believe. FOX, CNN & the networks air their views within a context intended to lull Americans into thinking that they are living in a society with open access to right, left and center points of view.
    If you'd lived through or researched; Joe McCarthy, Bay of Pigs, JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, 9/11, et al, you'd be able to see how intel controls the dialogue whenever issues of major import surface.
    If you want to use your youthful energy to do some good for Americans – expose the so-called deep state. You might want to start with military industrialists, big oil and Wall St. When you get too close to what's really going on or if you start to wake anyone up, you'll know it.

  35. I don't fault anyone for being conned by Deplorable Jackass T., but you have to own it and get your ass in gear and be an American and save our home.

  36. As an unintended consequence is less ads means more Tucker Carlson.
    Simple arithmetic,
    60min – 25min of Ads = 35min of White Nationalism
    60min – 10min of Ads = 50min of White Nationalism

  37. The largest con job going is the $114.00 a month cable companies charge. Customers watch 5 minutes of news programming followed by five minutes of advertisements. We're paying to watch advertisements that make more money for the cable companies. If was a single guy, I would have cut the cable off a long time ago. Satellite radio like XM sounds like a better deal for me.  Tucker Carlson is an entertainer, just like every other personality on FOX News.  When he crosses the line and people contact the advertisers to complain, he goes away to be replaced by the next entertainer.

  38. The best thing that could happen to Tucker is to leave Fox and go solo, MSM is dead and on the way out anyways.

  39. They should also drop ads for Hannity insanity, psychopath Pirro and Low life Laura Ingraham too!!! Those evil demons breed hatred!!!! 👺👺👺

  40. If you watch Shmucker on mute, his face alone just looks so full of hate spueing his nonsense. He is so full of himself I can't wait to see him fall like o'Reilly. I hope the entire network goes under for dividing up the country and my family. Fuck Fox.

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