Fox host gives brilliant response ON AIR to Trump’s tweet attacking him

Fox host gives brilliant response ON AIR to Trump’s tweet attacking him

The President tweeted we presume from Air
Force One: “Watching Sleepy Joe Biden making
a speech.
Sooo Boring!
The LameStream Media will die in the ratings
and clicks with this guy.
It will be over for them, not to mention the
fact that our Country will do poorly with
It will be one big crash, but at least China
will be happy!”
Flying from Dayton, Ohio where the mourning
and the grieving continues to El Paso where
the mourning and the grieving continues.
And thus far, they’ve not allowed the press
corps to come along with them, saying it’s
not a photo op, instead the White House releasing
its own pictures of the Presidents activities
today while keeping the media away.
This is Shep Smith’s report this morning,
in which he mocked Trump for saying that his
trip to Dayton, Ohio definitely wasn’t a
photo-op before just releasing his own photos
anyway, that led to this tweet from Trump,
saying, “Watching Fake News CNN is better
than watching Shepard Smith, the lowest rated
show on FoxNews.
Actually, whenever possible, I turn to @OANN.”
OANN, if you haven’t heard of it, is like
if Fox News was, somehow, even more fawning
over this president.
And yet in this same tweet invoking THIS network,
Trump actually managed to call CNN fake.
Shep apparently saw the tweet because he came
back on the air and said this:
Good afternoon Mr. President.
It’s nice to have you with us.
We’re being watched, as you know.
Who’s watching us?
Well, a number of people.
Some of them are not too happy, which is too
But the point here is that Trump’s trips
to cities that have fallen victim to mass
shootings are not only insincere but egregiously
inappropriate– because Trump’s rhetoric
is a direct cause of them in the first place.
If Trump was truly concerned about lives being
lost, he’d have tamped down his rhetoric
after five people were killed in an Annapolis
newsroom and when one of his supporters attacked
a journalist on stage at his rally.
If Trump was truly concerned about lives being
lost, he’d have tamped down his rhetoric
after a man whose van was covered in Trump
stickers sent explosive devices to 16 Democrats
and media figures, all of whom are frequent
targets of the president.
And by the way, that man’s lawyers told
a judge only days ago that he mailed those
bombs because quote “He heard it from the
president of the United States, a man with
whom he felt he had a deep personal connection.”
He’d have tamped down his rhetoric after
realizing that counties which held his rallies
then saw a 226% increase in hate crimes, and
after realizing that hate crimes in the US
as a whole rose nearly 20% during the first
full years of his presidency.
But he’s never tamped down his rhetoric,
because it’s NEVER been about unity, it’s
ONLY been about stoking fears, about pitting
people against immigrants and the poor so
he can continue to enact his agenda benefitting
the wealthy and the white.
So for Trump to then show up to the latest
sight of a mass shooting is a slap in the
face to every victim, every first responder,
every family member going to sleep without
his or her child, every child going to sleep
without his or her mom or dad.
Because if Trump really cared, he wouldn’t
show it by showing up for some thumbs up photos–
He’d have taken steps to make sure he never
had to go in the first place.
He’d get out of bed with the NRA.
He’d urge his party to pass common sense
gun safety measures.
And he’d stop inciting violence on a daily
basis on Twitter and at press conferences
and at campaign rallies.
So yes, this is, at its core, a photo op.
And Trump will throw his tantrums because
even those on his favorite network are recognizing
his hypocrisy, but frankly, that’s—
“too bad.”

99 thoughts to “Fox host gives brilliant response ON AIR to Trump’s tweet attacking him”

  1. I wish people would stop trying to preach to Trump's better nature – he has none for you. His presidency has been one long business transaction.

  2. I don’t think Trump is trying to pit anyone against anyone else. I think he is really and truly afraid of immigrants and brown people. That’s who he is. Let’s believe him when he says this rather than credit him with playing a strategy.

  3. Let’s be realistic, Trump is a idiot . The dangerous once’s are all the enablers around him who use Trumps stupidity to enrich themselves.

  4. Shep's a puerile tool and his reporting is usually reflects shallow analysis lacking intellect. His report was not brilliant, it was smug "opinionating", to coin a phrase. As for your analysis, you don't even appear to know what rhetoric is. It implies the study and skill in grammatical composition. One thing Trump is not, is a rhetorician, but he is somewhat effective as a public speaker on a basic level. He's brash and often rude, but rhetoric is not his strong suit.

    You are simply repeating the left's mindless talking points. If you mean inflammatory speech, the left uses inflammatory speech promoting violence promoting division to a far greater degree than Trump ever has.

  5. But why does everybody talk about trump as if he was a total jerk ? The guy is mentally ill ! You cannot expect a mentally ill person to behave in a socially acceptable way, let alone run a country!!

  6. Just want to drop something here: Bush jr invaded a nation on false claims. He knowingly lied to the public about it. He caused the rise of IS. Trump is most likely a low iq person, but he didn't cause a massacre of maybe millions of deaths, yet. In that sense the US deserves trump, long may he reign.

  7. Did Trump predict that Biden will be next president? That trump tweet sounds like ouch, like someone step on his toe.🤔

  8. Shepard Smith the only legitimate journalist on Faux News. Chris Wallace is a close second. The rest FAKE TV PERSONALITIES in bed with trump. Shepard you would be so much better off working for a legitimate news agency. Thank you for your honesty.

  9. I've worked it out …..there is brain damaging chemicals in those China red hats . My friend bought one & ever since he keeps mumbling " send them back …guns …Hamberders ….as you know I'm a stable genius ". my advice would be .
    Bin the hats . My friend did & he's slowly recovering .

  10. White people :
    If it was wild uncouth rhetoric from President Obama's mouth/tweets and black /brown and Arabs did mass murders , you people would be 💩your pants with hysteria and overzealous Nazi cops would be stopping all cars and bursting down all doors owned by black/ brown and Arab people like Nazis !!!

  11. You should comb your hair and wash your mouth before raping America with your hoaxes. Deamoncrats are the hate and hoax humiliation of the world.


  13. Hippocrates! Trump did exactly what Obama did for years and the media was silent. Not buying the selective outrage.

  14. Shep is hugely attractive to me. There is something about a Man with cojones! . I have a massive crush on him! 💕💕💕💕💕keep up being a true upright Man Shep & God bless you, your family and loved ones!😤😘😘⚖⚖⚖⚖🎯🎯🎯✨✨✨✨

  15. A president who endorses a single TV station is as UN-AMERICAN as it gets! Only communists stations say what the government wants you to hear, and nothing else! You know, communists like Russia and North Korea!

  16. Yet were is the coverage of the people that die by shootings in Chicago, Detroit, L.A., Dallas, Baltimore, Atlanta. Nothing. snowflake smith f you.

  17. The vast majority of America's neither value nor consider valid commentary by Fox Propaganda "puppets".

  18. So we have people who died because of violence yesterday and you put the video out. Does that mean your you are insensitive? You will find something out of nothing. 🥳

  19. It does not scare of that idoit white supremacist and he speaks the truth that the nan in the I am office is truly is a white supremacist bring fear the people of color and the immigrant and they're family

  20. "Some of them are not too happy." Shep say. "Which is too bad." Shep say. Shep don't give a damn. Shep ain't sweatin you, bro!

  21. Trump is a bully. Begaving worst than a pre schooler. His carrot top head should be dunked int he toilet and flushed. The reporter has more intelligence than him. All the money in the world won't be able to buy him common sense. He is a first class jackass.

  22. OANN are the Fundamentalist Evangelical so-called Christian Taliban news network. They're truly God fearing lunatics, who, like their friends at Faux News lie 24/7 unashamed.

  23. To borrow and modify a quote from a very wise man: Left to themselves, a good person will vote for truth, right and justice and an evil person will vote against it but, to get a good person to vote against it you need religion.

  24. Where were you idiots when Hussein was blaming the police for every incident they were involved in and cowards started ambushing them? Was his rhetoric responsible for those deaths? What about when Darren Wilson was being attacked by Michael Brown and hussein blamed Wilson for Brown's death? What about when Bernis's supporter shot up Steve Scalise at the ball park, was his rhetoric to blame? Stating the truth is not rhetoric, it's identifying the problem.

  25. Mr. Trump should be president of all Americans. We have a beautiful country and it should always remain a land of dreams, hopes and justice. Truly our strength is in our diversity. We are a unique nation, we govern ourselves with laws based on debate and common defense. We are Americans, period.
    In the next election let’s bring democracy back and shun these divisive party lines. It has almost become a dictatorship.

  26. Really Trump was the cause the guy in Dayton, Ohio was Elizabeth Warren, most of the hate crime was by Anifia, the pipe bomb guy is Sanders supporters.
    Brian if actually watch real news he did push for sensible gun laws.
    Now Shepard Smith is anti-trump and a left wing so of course he going to take jabs.

  27. wait, trump is the guy who caused the mass shootings? wasnt one of the shooters determined to be a socialist satanist that supported Warren and gun bans? bro come on.

  28. Big respect to Shep, of course, for not toeing to Faux News line, but even more so, I'm always impressed by Brian Cohen. Great delivery.

  29. Yeah, Sleepy Joe Biden, he's going to put Tronald Dump in a "SleeperHold" and take him out "behind the gym".

  30. I can't decide if shep is for real or just a plant for faux news to be able to claim to be "fair and balanced" and an actual "news" network, not just a gop collaborator. 🤔

  31. Doesn't anybody get it?! Trump does not like the USA! He's making our country look like ass has and building enemies around us. He will pack up and chuckling as he leaves our country. He's always thought of the US as a bunch of idiots; that he had them by the tail.
    Keeping it clean …He's a orange haired fn Joker for Pete's sake.

  32. Shephard knows what he is talking about because the rest of fox are nothing but ass kissing cowards…..just like the president himself.

  33. Shepard Smith should be fired. Kick Smith to the curb. No one else would hire the Democrat who bashes President Trump every chance he gets. Can't someone shut him up?

  34. Obviously Shep Smith and Chris Wallace think it's important to hang around at faux news and be the sane people in the room

  35. You're wearing that same suit again? It gets to be boring watching you wear the same outfit, on the air…did you have this suit dry cleaned yet? I can see you are stricken with TDS..

  36. God bless you Shep. Keep speaking truth to power. Your country needs more journalists like you not those foo foo fox couch potatoes

  37. tRump continues to be a fucking joke, unfortunately at a cost to regular people. He hates everyone and never cared about helping others. The saps who adore him are simply lost.

  38. Shep Smith is the man. Forget what news station he is with. He is THE MAN. Even in his interviews, you can tell he gives zero f*cks about Trump.

  39. It's amazing how Trump can go ahead and insult people calling names to people but then you have a Foxnews reporter getting all butthurt when names are called back at Trump What POS That reporter is Not this guy someone else

  40. Can we just get rid of the trumps, the Clinton’s, the obamas, the bush family’s and all these elitist fucks and start brand new??? Is that even possible lololol

  41. Why does he (Trump) act as if the world will come to an end if he gets voted Out? I think his main concern is he'll be prosecuted for obstruction and whatever else comes up if he's voted out.

  42. President Trump is funny, but he got hater's, and he know where to hit em @!!! Don't blame hit on Trump. Poor people were lost way before you came into existence my Brother. The poor has been poor, and Immigrants who come over to the United States, get more than the poor who is already here.
    Now the time has come to tell the thruth…How can undocumented Immigrants get hundreds of dollars when they come to America, and start their own business, and the poor still be standing in the unemployment line?
    They get food stamps, and lie about their Identity, and bring drugs over for these, so call drug dealer's who are feeding poison to our people, and later crackheads loose their jobs, and become homeless, who does that? It's time to be self sufficient, and stop depending on the lying a*s Government.

  43. He hasn’t even paid for his February rally in El Paso…city has sent him numerous bills requesting the $567k+-. He’s even stiffing the city’s that he is using to further his rhetoric….geese Louise!…I can take anymore!!!!!

  44. He hasn’t even paid for his February rally in El Paso…city has sent him numerous bills requesting the $567k+-. He’s even stiffing the city’s that he is using to further his rhetoric….geese Louise!…I can take anymore!!!!!

  45. Smiling big, giving a thumbs up with Melania standing beside him holding the infant baby who had just become an orphan due to the domestic terrorist attack in El Paso in which the baby’s parents were murdered. Anyone who doesn’t see how infinitely inappropriate that is should most assuredly check themselves. #NMR #NotMentallyRight

  46. The putin-trump team is slowly and methodically continuing to spread through paid Russian and Orange trolls, ( on AOLTwitterFacebook&YouTube blogs etc) fake propaganda, conspiracy theories and outright lies to the brainwashed flock of Orangesheep. The P-T team on track towards ultimately having the dictatorship in the US that Putin so enjoys over in Russia. The OrangeBase needs to wake up before it's too late. Copy, paste and Help spread the word!

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