Four new coronavirus cases confirmed in S. Korea on Thursday, bringing total to 23

Four new coronavirus cases confirmed in S. Korea on Thursday, bringing total to 23

let’s start with the latest on the novel
coronavirus outbreak South Korea confirms four more cases today pushing
the total number to 23 now for the latest we have our Kim bo-gyung on the
line for us bo-gyung tell us more about the latest
cases sir ji Yoon according to the centre accident prevention division on
Thursday for new cases were confirmed a few hours ago bringing the total to 23
out of these new cases one is a Chinese woman who came to South Korea for a tour
she arrived in South Korea on January 23rd and went to a public health center
on Wednesday complaining of a fever the other three cases are Korean nationals
who are family members or have had close contact with other coronavirus patients
all three have been quarantined themselves already one of the new cases
a family member of a previous patient is now quarantined in Korean armed Armed
Forces Capitol Hospital another patient is in quarantine at Seoul National
University Hospital she previously had contact with the sixth confirmed patient
who themselves had a meal with South Korea’s third confirmed patient the
other case is a Korean man a family member of another patient who is now
quarantined in Teuton University Hospital in Hangzhou this patient is a
brother of one patient who had recently been to Thailand and her daughter was
also confirmed to have the virus on Wednesday now on a brighter note we hear
that one confirmed patient has been released from hospital right the second
confrontation in South Korea was released from hospital on Wednesday
afternoon the National Medical Centre said the 55 year old Korean men made a
full recovery 13 days after he was confirmed to have the virus doctor said
he was tested multiple times and the results all turned up negative and he
poses no human to human transfer risk yet the center said it is going to keep
monitoring him as there could be some complications he is the first patient in
South Korea to have fully recovered and to be discharged from hospital other
patients including the 16th patient who has a chronic medical
are all in stable condition and the first confirmed Chinese patient who
arrived from ohon about two weeks ago could be discharged soon doctors at the
Incheon medical hospital said her condition has improved a great deal
if further tests come back negative she could also be sent home that’s all from
me for now back to you June

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  1. After 38 minutes of this video uploaded I am the 75th person to watch it, 7th person to like and this comment is the 5th of comment.
    1:15pm PH time

  2. I finally figured it out . She speaks like mac when he has the wooden teeth from it's always Sunny in Philadelphia. The one when they go back in time and crack the liberty bell.

  3. Please dont over reaction it breaks my heart what the wuhan going throw please give support and love and prays to wuhan not fear please think about this❤❤❤❤

  4. The news anchor looks like a she has a failed V line face shape surgery. How can a news company hire such a plastic news reader? Is the company wanting to show the world that South Korea is indeed a plastic country with V Shape faces?

  5. What is of more concern is if the people who have recovered from the virus are still lifelong carriers and can pass the virus on forever. Therefore, eventually everyone on earth will end up with the virus.

  6. Any connection to Harvard professor and the level 4 bio lab in wuhan???? Wet market my ass, it has HIV like properties…

  7. I'm from Texas an all the sudden it not me like a cement wall high fever sweating nausea diarrhea can't eat drink fatigue cough all the symptoms I finally had to go to er got me stable enough to come home but by follow week still feeling weak running fever. Most gone just fever off an on .

  8. people: can we scared now?
    who : no you cant
    propaganda : ussual flu more dangerous than corona
    me : huh?? maybe, then why dont you try to infected also and Again tell me that it doesnt dangerous. Allohu a'lam

  9. schools are on recess and now the outbreak is getting severe here in Vietnam. Are schools coming back next week?
    you can also watch the state of schools here.
    trường học đang nghỉ và bây giờ dịch bệnh đang trở nên nghiêm trọng ở đây. Các trường học có quay trở lại vào tuần tới không?

    bạn cũng có thể xem tình trạng của các trường học ở đây.

  10. Didn't the Korean government say that travel for the purpose of business and money making were more valuable than quarantining for the virus? Who cares about this news? Get paid, Korea . . . hopefully you'll be healthy or live long enough to spend what you earn.

  11. Tencent, the second largest company in China, allegedly listed figures for the coronavirus on Saturday showing 154,023 were infected and 24,589 dead – more than ten times and 80 times the official figures respectively.

    But the website swiftly updated its 'Epidemic Situation Tracker' to reflect the official figures of 14,446 infected and 304 dead, internet users accused.

  12. For everyone confirmed they have infected four people. Those four people will each infect four, etc…. This is a pandemic!!!

  13. let us all pray that this is over before March so we can put together our March madness brackets and get ready for the baseball season and our fantasy baseball teams

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