Former Rep. Chris Collins Sentenced To Prison | NBC News NOW

Former Rep. Chris Collins Sentenced To Prison | NBC News NOW

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  1. Should look at the background of every politician. Democrats seem to get a special treatment. Both conservatives and liberals should be held to these kind of standards.

  2. It's weird when white collar criminals destroy and end more lives than a serial killer… and get time like a jaywalking soccer mom.

  3. you work for a drug co. , Have three kids, Not stolen or adopted, Your own, Give two of them what you promote , Then show the world the findings. after two to four years, I hope your children are OK.

  4. first of all, I don't understand why insider Trading is so bad, can someone please explain to me why it's looked down upon? I think there's nothing wrong with someone protecting themselves and taking pre-emptive measures. Aren't we a Capitalistic Country?

  5. Wait for it.. "I don't know Chris Collins, Never met him, I hear he is in some trouble though" ~ Trump …Its coming.


  7. No one is above the law as they say . So he wants that place in Florida that has tennis courts and pool tables as his jail time place and gets it . ( shocker )

  8. Hey trump there go's another of your republican buddies going down the drain of your swamp. Save your breath you fat liar, we can guess you don't know him right? Never heard of him right? Everyone knows your corrupt pet turtle mcConnell will make sure you get away with being a criminal because, well he pretty much said he would but what would you say if they did find you guilty? Would you say you don't who you are that you never heard of trump before? You don't seem to know any of the people around you it seems. I'm not embarrassed to be an American, I AM embarrassed that republicans are.

  9. He broke the law, he's going to jail… I wonder how different it would be for a Democrat? Lol.. Epstein funded Clinton's and many Democrats.. that's gotta sting them pretty hard. But it doesn't. I wonder why. Eventually all the dirt and filth the Dems have stuffed under that huge rug will soon burst out… 😁

  10. That looks like former rep Blake Farenthold behind him in the thumbnail and clip, the guy that used tax dollars to pay off the harassment claims.

  11. Isn’t it amazing how republicans either say “the democrats are the crooks” or “both parties are equally bad but I’m still gonna support the republicans” but since 1960, not including the Trump era, each party has had 28 years of presidency, and the democrats have had 7 indictments, 3 convictions, and one serving prison time, meanwhile the republicans’ numbers are 126, 113, and 39

  12. fake news Network of nothing but lies corruption and deceit everything you say has to be verified through other sources cuz you're such a lying corrupt Network

  13. Congressmembers are allowed to use insider information on the stock market. They wrote themselves a law allowing themselves to do just that. This is a different kind of insider trading. Like the one wasn't good enough.

  14. Kip Simpson YouTube channel has way more and important arrests fake mainstream won’t report about. So if they are reporting this they have a agenda. Where have we seen the kids get the kick backs…… bunch of kids with ties to oil companies hum

  15. He was the 2nd congressman to support traitor trump the first is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty while the first senator to support traitor trump is still going through his trial

  16. If he were still a congressman he would not be in trouble. Congress can get away with insider trader while a member of Congress.

  17. Another Republican congressman going to prison what a f******shock but it's very nice of them to let him pick his prison so much for justice being blind

  18. The fact that he, his son and in-laws, all owned stock in a company that had business before him Congress is itself a red flag of wrong doing.

  19. I'm sure Trump doesn't know who this guy is. Since he's not going to a real prison, he should serve the upper end. Letting the insider off easy should infuriate everyone.

  20. look up Kip Simpson he has like a new Dem everyday who goes to jail on his channel MSM doesnt show Dems who get busted

  21. How much insider trading goes on at Mara Lago? Over hearing a conversation at dinner or the bar can be very advantageous. Legal?

  22. White collar crimes like these and more types should face execution immediate execution until it stops which means people will be willing to die if they steal.

  23. WHITE PRIVILEGE WHITE collar criminals gets to go another country club PRISON …Lawmaker gets less time. Than a person caught with drugs. This country is a joke

  24. While illegal aliens murder the population and are set free to roam the streets and aipac sends trillions to Israel, democrats try to defubd the wall. But Martha Stewart and friends are sent to jail.

  25. It's amazing that Trump is innocent and his cabinet is guilty. How many guilty people must sit in prison for Republicans to tell the truth about their most recent sin. Trump has a minimum of 4 misdemeanors while in office but his lawyer lied to protect him same as this joke of a congressman. This is the very definition of organized crime. Do better Republicans 🤦‍♂️

  26. What a repugnant man. What a repugnant practice. No wonder why the American public is increasingly buying into conspiracy theories that revolve around elites rigging the economy in their favor-how many more sleazeballs like this exist whose actions continue to undermine to public confidence in our institutions?

  27. this is only happening because this guy is a Republican. Democrats do this crap all the time, and no one says a thing.

  28. Send a republican to jail for this while democrats that have committed treason still walking free. but we know no one's above the law right democrats? wink, wink.

  29. If he wasn't a Rep this would not have gotten much of an interest in the media when it happened, and they can't be that mad about it, for look what Omar has been doing so brazenly with everything from affairs to fraud of campaign funds, or citizenship fraud.

  30. What about HILLERYS deals with the big pharmas? No one mentions that. Maybe because they would 'disappear'?? JS

  31. Whos going to jail for the killing of 500000 that have died from vioxx when the drug companies knew it caused heart attacks?

  32. Another dangerous criminal off the streets. Another terrible crime like not paying all of your 60% income tax.
    Falsifying global temperature records should be a crime punishable by jail or worse. Why do investment bankers spend large sums of money on climate scientists? Why was the cooling trend on the graphs changed to a warming trend by CNN celebrity climate scuentist Michael Mann at the same time as the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange? Surrounded as they are by hostile oil nations, why might the Jews that own the banks and media want to scare the public away from using oil?

  33. Fgs, they're all at it, some are just better at not getting caught. This is why they fawn over Trump , he's changing laws to make it all legal. Crime pays..

  34. Political persecution do you think no politician is benefited from labeling in Washington republicans need to expose everybody

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