100 thoughts to “Former Pakistan President Musharraf sentenced to death”

  1. Pervez health complications came after exile… and death is calling him , for being connected to the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto…

    God always has the last call on all.
    Puts Kings in charge
    And removes them too

  2. Army sud learn lesson army and isi sud run this corrupt country .and hang corrupt judges politicians and police.hang journalists .this is a lesson to u.

  3. It‘s almost 2020. We deserve better phone call quality than this.

    You are not sitting in a cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan. You‘re in London…

  4. We pakistanis love pakistan armed forces and our army generals long live musharraf sir we appreciate your roles in kargil war against india 🇵🇰

  5. So General Musharaf gets death sentenced to be hanged and Nawaz sharif, Zardari and Molvi Diesel run free to tear Pakistan into pieces… What kind of sick justice is this? Lakh Laanat to this kind of justice and corrupt system!!

    Parvez Musharaf ko maut ka hukam aur phansi ki saza aur Nawaz Sharif, Zardari aur Molvi Diesel azaad phir rahe hain Pakistan ka falooda bana rahe hain… Wah bhai wah ye kaisa insaaf hai? Lakh di Laanat aise kanoon aur aisi adalat par!!

  6. Whether Musharraf will be punished or not…one thing is for sure that no one else is going to think about imposing martial law and ruling Pakistani people by using force …

  7. Donald Trump should be tried for treason along with his administration and the Republican party as well as any Democrat that supported him and sentenced to death. They're all treasonous traitors.

  8. There should be no tussle amongst the institution but listen!! Don't force
    • Plane Hijacking & Kargil War Surrender Case – Nawaz Sharif: Spared
    • Panama Papers & Muli Billion Corruption Cases – Nawaz Sharif: Spared
    • Dawn Leaks, Letters to Indian Media & Authorities for Assistance against Pakistani Institutions and Secret Meetings with Ajit Doval to Destabilize Pakistan: Mariam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif: Spared
    • Model Town Killings Case – Shahbaz Sharif and Rana Sana Ullah: Spared
    • Memo Gate Scandal – Asif Zardari: Spared
    • Ayyan Ali Case – Asif Zardari: Spared
    • Fake Encounters Case, Killings of Hundreds of Innocent Lives – Asif Zardari's Aide, Rao Anwar: Spared
    • Arsalan Iftekhar Case – Former CJP, Chaudhry Iftekhar: Spared
    • Baldiya Factory & Killing of Thousands of Innocent Civillians: Altaf Hussain & Co.: Spared

    On April 6, 2000, an anti-terrorism court in Karachi had awarded life sentence to Mr. Sharif and acquitted all other accused of hijacking a plane carrying former army chief Pervez Musharraf and 198 other passengers. The SHC upheld the conviction on Oct 10, 2000, while turning down a state appeal demanding death sentence.

    Nawaz Shareef and all the accused in the hijacking of President Musharraf's plane returning from Sri Lanka have been protected. The hijacking catalyzed the take over in 1999 when President Musharraf was in the flight. There were 200 passengers whose lives were endangered. It was a hairline escape from a major disaster.

    In a case, where the punishment for the alleged crime is only death, how could a fair judicial process ever allow a brazen pick & choose, targeting just one person leaving scores of judges sitting in Supreme Court who upheld 2002 take over by the army & later the key office holders like the Law Minister & the Prime Minister & many others who advised the then President to follow & act upon a certain coarse of action which he did. Moreover, how is Pervez Musharraf found guilty despite his failure, on very plausible grounds, to have his version recorded before the Court while the same system becomes pathetically helpless, if not partial, to take any adverse decision against Nawaz Sharif's sons, his Samadhi Ishaq Dar & many others? Surely, the law should have a uniform yardstick to be applicable to all without any exception.

  9. Poor people waiting for justice years
    These dame judges only find GM. Musahrif. For. Sentence what ridiculous system !!!!

  10. Gen. Pervez Musharraf has been Pakistan’s best leader so far! Proud of him and will always wish him well. He served his nation with the commitment, dedication, and strength it needed. He is a true hero of Pakistan and he will remain honoured in our hearts. The Christians of Pakistan respect him deeply.

  11. Why, in 2019 are we listening to this poor audio? The man sounds like he is at the bottom of a well, and he's drowning.

  12. Death? That's fucking rich Pakistan.. you assholes havent ever been able to come up with any laws to protect the human rights of your largely illiterate population WITHOUT the army. The army are the only thing close to accountability. Your underwhelming underachieving middle class emigrate instead of actually trying to fix anything or help anyone

  13. In 1999 Musharraf launched a surprise attack on India in kargil. Being indian you might expect me to like this sentencing. But the point is, to sentence a former head of state is a bad thing. He did what he thought was good for his country (the coup, kargil operations etc) I don’t think this is anything more than a way for the Pakistan government to prevent him from coming back.

  14. Musharraf had nothing to do with Bhutto's death. That was Zardari. Musharraf was probably the best person to be in office during the Afghan war. If it weren't for him, Pakistan would be another Syria or Iraq.

  15. First hang corrupt Politicians and corrupt people and then hang him, he wasn't that bad as other motherfuckers, and you cannot simply hang someone who is not well. Only Judges and Lawyers hate him but people don't and even army don't want him to get hanged. And, one of the motherfucker Judge said, "Give him death penalty and then hang his dead body in front of all for 3 days." Due to this motherfucker remarks, many people are angry on court and want this motherfucker to be thrown out of court as soon as possible. Musharraf has did many things wrong and right, and when he became president whole world pressurized and pushed Pakistan into a war that we don't wanna fight, Musharraf has played key role in keeping country stabilized.

  16. Now that’s how it’s done. Quickly. Wish we could do the same here with Trump. Sad that a backward country can handle this sort of thing better than America.

  17. Not to worry. Am sure the brits will grant him asylum after the brexit. He has military intel usefulness, mind you.

  18. Maybe the same thing can happen to Emperor Xi!…..Musharraf tried to do all the same things Xi has done to extend his rule! Same corruption schemes…they are like twins!

  19. No anyone is above the law, now military will not interven in civilian matters directly but focus on their own duties which're assigned by the Constitution of Pakistan.
    Long live PAKISTAN.

  20. Very bed news hearing to death warrant of great ex president n army general Musharraf,this is not fair for us.coz army officer can not be traitor,

  21. As a pakistani We pakistani nation rejects the judiciary judgement and stand by pakistan military side…

    We fight this far to peace BECAUSE of military and we will not allow to any one to reverse it even JUDICARY.

    Pakistani nation support the army in the past back then when the hell unleashed upon pakistan and we will continue supporting the army no matter what!

    Long live pak army.
    And MUSHARAF is Pakistan hero.

  22. President Musharraf saved Pakistan from imminent attack from Zionists America, and the world like they did Iraq Afghanistan and now Syria. All Mastermind by India like they Master mind 9/11 FAKE attack on America carried out by Zionists American and Israeli.

  23. What else do you expect from this Islamic terrorist nation? They will keep killing former presidents, again and again, while the same presidents play their dirty terror games while in power. The world somehow closes it's eyes, America and China keep playing their political games with Pakistan, while Pakistan breeds terror on the world. This sick legacy will go on, in Terroristan. The terror ideology is first taught in the madrasas, then physical training in terror camps on their borders.

  24. I think he should return to Pakistan get hanged and die for his country, coward is crying. Coward was saying we are ready to die for our nation, fucken fugitive

  25. Long Live Musharraf, Long Live Imran Khan, Long Live Pakistan Army, Long Live ISI. Hang Nawaz Sharif and Zardari.

    Death to US, Israel and India
    Long Live Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia Friendship

  26. Pakistan blasphemy law!! I felt so fortunate of not living in such crazy country and more so not affiliated to Islam.

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