FNN: Day 12 of Government Shutdown, Top Stories from across the Country

FNN: Day 12 of Government Shutdown, Top Stories from across the Country

after around seven thousand in and even in the tip tops of the superstitions you’re up there about. Five thousand so. You can see this and it wasn’t just a little with from the very tip top. It’s really great all the pics today what a lucky. Lucky bunch oguyshat fly there . Yo geto se it froa great co yeah. this rning it st andt was wei i was weico everydy en lkingld gos wn that glance of t scree at lik eight ie stl Thirtyhree wheit is gunm warm all. ght. Have twait aew ds we’r nna other rlly cd night tonit ass e migh be aegrer two coer tha thilast. Concert AT and you know what I’m I woke up this morning and I de the exetive decision that tonight. I will be putting on the he told I well you haven’t done it yet I haven’t done it yet okay I’m ing f theirst time okay — Because I saw when I woke up it was fifty degrees inside and that’s called yeah well I like when you make an executive decision like that Mike I mean I love that you have held that often I snapped as long as you have nobody wants to get one of these. Two hundred dollar power e having right now athe White House tape play back- President trump holding a cabinet meeting the first of e y. An boy but there’s a lot to be said abou. Order wall nhe shoot dn t panese rig so u’ll hav e brandew actin defen secrety Asl beeallyascinang — Th guy Iuess w a Boeg exutive and also on t border regis hado my alm mer. The uners- matt James Madis’s rht hand manhn Falyow profiould ventur to say to weeks ago about 95% of e country neveven hed of them- But hopefully you’ll get a chance frequently the w the things worke ro andverydy ges t headne. e pridenthe adli. Four thirty to xty cond it’ jue inrestgt’ll also ntertingo ge glise of Ihink I th. s uomin meetihis afternoo wittheo o g l funng f theovernment becausrighnowe’ren t elevth d oat sh dow And oplere I have not felt too yeah I think for two reasons my number — One that’s been the holidays you Christs or new year’s.of So — But next week thell be gring up d my underanding is just ke any othorkpce you’r id i aaychkFor a week rece paychkhich ce outa ght aroun Chrisas tim Bu ill be this next -. One I’veee. weekrom iday. anthen all of a sudden youi have y well younow causI me just It’sntea bi Olehowdnetwe two huge political behemoths here in the president [indible] at’s yeah but what happens next year I’ll see wt happens. So true and then talng aut what happe next Thers ki of ell e t ve for eachther my Mitt Romney taking. In a trump doing a bad in the Washington post and reay lets It intesting remds me of whene wf . . one o the Droit nspaper out how — All jobs In — The au businessut might savehe autous li theiming was kindf unky on tha. Onso t timing on thisne is interesting. Because I’mot qte surehy yothrothe gatlet dow. You kn immediately lik so early so ear — I don’t believe that he’s toun for presint i tntyany way twenty I think the people w votem d you to us I don’t think that’s what it’s all about. I mean mayb he’s just expressing his litimate concerns o t m on hi mind lassevel mons. Bu b the timins interestg a the t waseady – r aull resnse surnd ink about andhink aut to not only — e ting of it but weary place tohe WasngtoPost. Presentrump doesn reall like tt . No it’srue — And the post — Yoknow I mean they’ve got a reputation f reallgoing afte t predent. I so the being criticize eatly tod by the woman who used to run theew York time ist tha gre storynd nng he’s just saying — it’s ithe papsecome too obviously blaring only anti trp and when you weather. matr wch sid othe yo get slaed iourovere politican urts youcredilit s thathat’ herpt that’soingo beind in out behi thecene – u kw of the nutndolts pting aewspaper lehat geth shod be real and should b intesti and I expe litei . e New York times abt tt I thin tu know that’s come well. After this cabinet meeting wraps y be thi that er.y is the ppened to the New York times in this story that we have today that their digital subscriber ba Did you see this one the numbs grew by. Six hundd thousand in the first p presidency bause the blewut their coverage on Dona Tru ah I mean so many stories ery y — And people are tired of getting hitting those pay walls you kno n they did well in the thi you only get One five fivehree a month — ah Ised to be ten with them I don’t know anymore For sure yeah so. Anyway yeah he’s good to their right you got to still be even. From the journalistic standards with them wh thpace stuff happen younow yeah well I think that. Yo got if you’r in the newsroom you got to leave that part of it to the busiss side and you know twhater for dole. woy authatan’thinkn’t outhose kinds of things — – Y knowt’s just all in all fascinating day and Mike here we go with twenty nineteen is potically it’ gonna be. wi be bause you knowr wl bet Lizabeth Warren. Looks like the she is going to be definitely running. For twenty twenty and soon w shoe trickle from the Democrats NO I mean ho you think this could be Ihink it ulde li an eighen re inhe binni — brace theelves f as ny new As waw wh t Replicans three yrs a nowight. So the fir debates will start in June and on I believe you told mlose wh worn as an event is a tomorrow it’s tomorrow or Friday okay what is and she’lle and I willwk okay So — Y know you can’t give her too much of a head start in last year Joe Biden or Bernie Sders their numbers are so big can afford to imrtan wk f another mth Befo the announce — u kn we’ see I I wld b surpsedf e th week but certainly nexte All ght l’s taka live lk hundd and twey threpointst the a buwhen ifirstpened Down likehree forty fe Ron. Agaii abouthis my coent it etty sple. Cha’suffering. Iean they hav an econom that is s tuing out pducts to se to the rld yes i there an army is gg . But aarge part of whereheir wealth h ce fro illal over tre y see se of the cies it’ mind boggling u know we have nine cies in Amer. n ofne million o Mormo t Chin it’s not ni they ve. Differr moost owhich u probly never even. But thehen the facris nnot crank out the gdshat ey’re usedo becaus we’re in And e present ss we’ nna he to ve an en aying fie for over this will drag on f awhile. We’l see mea ts like they ould be prerly motivatedy now trealize thi This is reatradwar d it uld — Dealsor bh U and Cnese. honest a ope i leg in your in your dealings with the US no. We’ll see how that all the balls to in twenty nineteen as well a lot of factors to watch this year from politics ao Tradwars m. Plus sorry of the day. Time load up your play folks becauswhy. Natial monthade it all i fod t fil tape fm the nineteen eighties. So it’s national book pretty day and what we were talking early around I don know why they put Januy sond thoug is kinda mean for people you know it is because you think it okay January one and then Iot to make my new year’s resolution andran. Ttter polou c go my Twter pa of yo out aut we sayg nber e goal isand sheuge to le w. t ready to go Yowakep onday to say no I Kaci sond urt fazer always I mean you jt can’t stop aft a wle y havin yourind al a sany oleserse the ty as wellike u’re shog us ght re yeah. Yeah the dessert plates the dessert bar that those are in there was a key because the sub . that’s always.maket and Time consuming it’s so time consuming and you know some of these places are really rlly pular so. The more the merrier tre we Right folks well law is a little bi whawill be t is — nting tsee and we’ we’lwatc it t ya newsow bute real stille for g sto in Washiton i the gornment shutdnontinu on itsleven y. Here’s an update. As d r missed te during the shutdow d eential eloyees still workin wc sttingoday Smithnian will csed t natiol zoo Presiden trump staedhe n year ons critics hhlighting his successe and connuing his calls for more border secity. In one of his thirteen tweets he wrote quote. Border security and the wall thing and shut dn i not wre Nancelosianted to start her tere a speer l’s me al ta lot of people are loing to gea paycck and so I’m rdy to go anytimehey wa is big part borrdhee secuty theit e majoty ithe hoe of prestatives Thuday. ey’ll likel voten t bills to reopen t government a bill to fund all but one of the clothes departmen f the entire year. Another to fund the remaining department homeland security until February eighth so they Thos billsontain no new wlt fundg cou spend five llion doars aotmarter a l mor sttegicay omanpow a chnology. Soow can y expecspeake losi i that the mone cld be betry pa ihe house theills stilleed tpass in the Senate. And g sned by psident trp andhen Mih McConll think as a tough dision to floor to reop the government.e e es not inclu a border wall fundg theresint has said ‘s not goingo sign thabill. Mr serving the fst game of ickenf twey nineteenhe presidt ho o the Whe Hou today for brieng onorder security. Th comes afthe tru admistrationas new pn for fding ononi is arter. In Washington rokinfox new. ankso mu — te f tha dend n w gornme shuownhatomeeearng bausee Of o treureak seares bei traed take a Across t countryanyarks remain open but most workers have been furloughed. Leading limited staff but se visitors areeaving the inic locan wh they arriv plic areas are bemingverwlmed with overflowin gbage human wte d peop are damaging the& grounds and endangering wilife However others are taking their love f the land theart a cleanine and use them in a wee and a lot of joy o of th pla and so. fundingrhen ateoney federit drs u peoe acrs the Liket’s really important to chie ke. Some bic She of t trash colleion going a s the whole wide tourism authority pledging oneundred and twenty six thousandollars in emergency fds. To keep the Pacicationa monumt wchhe houses t S Arona morial is such a impoant part of Hawaind more iort ght tngo do. And in Philadelphia at the city’y donated roughly trty tw ousand dlars tkeep inpendence hal and the lirty belopen f three ds Athe endfwenty ghteen not bn affecty tndavet shutdohe sta get ckin up e tab to ke them the forhatpdato muox sty whearhisvery yr.ately withhx unrtunelyheyo itnhe ongays b shoing o the guns insad o jtelebrang at home with the pots and pans. To use guns to celebrate. A lot too many to count — Yeareve nit stted ouas isavin a get together with the family. after thetrok of midnight we all. Crashing claim can we find or what it was it was a stray bullet tharipp acros t sk seconds aft sob Ty gunfe rock Clark’s kids city neighborhood near twenty third in stark but I believe the full it may have came from that way Mu believe incredibly astray slowed full under Clark’s rooates suburban in came thrgh her d went to my garage door the Grateful Dead we still haven’t found the bl or noeird out the blet. He’s jt glad aswo e e time verearly e so Iean. That’s material things I’m gonna some by family has. I’m angry about six miles away on kids in cities lease. Are was further up in there was lots of glass all over the place and just goes crazy. Said Janice and Dylan Am say home ring in the new year ar- stray bullet blasted out there SUVs rear window. Wonderful when we came by him was triples came down here. To frustrate a couplend disappntedad n have a message for new year’s day revelers can y try anoth meth of celebrati. Mayber preousot u a g becae is vf . Yes th do unfortunately the cabig to see the new acting in dense seetar Ji Mattis stepped dn a densehief witut a cerony instea s depu churchnd a han ove the phe. In hisirst stemento the foes on new yeas day t former Boeg executive wte a ting sretary of defens I now looh t his visio ang side strong leadersncludi the svice secretaries theoint chiefs o affhe combant cmander and nior personnel in the office of the secretary of defense. Serial looms large in the mths ahead for Shanahan for just a year a U. S. army units for fighd . Today ISIS h bn largy routg shoul Syr. President trump has slowedhe thdraw of al two thoand US tops aer cricsn Catol Hl said more time i neededo fini off IS. Many want to all erican on Russian Aronian and Tkish bacn will also nee tkeepn e on inas t countryelebrated twenty nineteen with the military flag raising ceremon. Tianmenquare. Lateast yr Cna tt fir from submarine.ltic miile A blockbuster report released at rohly the sameimes China’s miile lauh says America has reached the poi of a ll blnationa securit crisis. And risk losing to Chinar Ruia ia wfhe United States had ta ba to ntingey orhina i warver Tain. Amicans could face decise litary deat onef the rert’s ahorsays the U. S stpend me oefense t And Russi w testea new gh peonal Iot t sevenundred biion dlars they nd to get that seventy fifty billion dollar numbers the actg defense secreta may alsoave to decide whether or not to proceed with joint milary ercis with South Korea. north Korealeader K Jongddss hoonepead his dand see em scrs. Of oing aow ninal we sisthe jnt milary shld nlongere allowerses with os Patcr Snahant puicppearae as aing denseecretary werriv se r wo Wedsday morni At the Pentagon Lucas Tomlinson r al waing whe.eenereheew instigionill ap u i e rort. lle gin to e DOere’ Unfounatel h to fl back to Washington unexptedly o may nihwenty seveeen then FBI director James Comey left a Los Angeles recruiting event. After learning on TV that Thehite Hse release a mo from der Ronstein to juify commies termin. halingf the conclusion o e inveigatiof secrary Clintos eils. Iold th predent Mr presidt. maki a bigistake.y are Homehey tmselve repeatedlytic cs and sharply criticized. Media accounts later portrayed Rosenstein just two weeks into his job overseein t Russi probesl meut aging McCabe took over as acting FBI director. Hos after the cle news stru aFBI aorney La pagter teed we ed to op t cas we’ve en s ting. nee to gn edaedn a foal crgeableay soon Well it’s not clear what he says strong can page discussed is widely reported to a obructionase inlving the president. ThNew Ykimes w firsto reporthat onay sixenth Ronstein met with McCainage among other dartment officls whed secretly recording the president h endmt. acunt witn unnad source t claiming he was speaking in jes. Mister Baker did you think the deputy Attorney General rob Rosenstein was serious about recording the president. Paging became consulted. General counsel James Baker in October Baker told house investigators this page and McCabe sdosenein w not king histohere washe acons i washeords of my that this was very serious.e Also won the sixteenthobert llerhose FBIirecto aft nine eleven interview with presidt tmpo repleall me. The following day Rosenstein appointedore as scial cosel. erybod even my enemies have said that may seventeenth two instigation ten B. I initially opened the case Laages stimy. I n say is consistt with a lot of herestiny and like case quote.of t Russi When wasired as direcr I still didt knohether the wa anythg to it mayshe mont which thereathe new lif into wtn abt colsion whe th questnollusino plicly kwn and sin maywentseveeen indicted cvictedr goen thty pple but ne of ese publasesd i and tmp campan.sian governmt In Washington Catherine Hridg fox news they give their so muc- k y South Philadelphia there w jor. r crash there t kild three ople willet you the very latest coming up next here on news now the new yearope everyos ving a gatayaybe some of u Iaybe have the whole week off. And I will be gheetti backo wo of at itheasenjoyhese Wh’soing on moreop sriesne. heref the day we got se breakingews thoh out o Philelph s a serious car crash there that Let’get theery latt righ w heren ne now. Week off and w gi ba to wo on my a right unrtunaty the pearso be n aud there with that plabackhere so we’ltryo work on tt for you. And onc we gethat forou we wi bring that you bute also he – least two pple were und dda A heesterd near Tampa Bay policee st ments ago wasringhat youight her on wsow. I’m ing to ad arepadnt folling thweruestns It an uate tthe death nineen fif four e eight Tarp sprin detecves locationvernig.rra on d t bods ohreedult re dcovedecease inse alonwith th. Th decsed wre intatef advanc. Andl e h viims. torrow to terme t manne Bu at th time w can cfirmd use . based d side the locatn. Thathis sce is a . Mogain is. lethe procsetting ther atrney’sffice –t om fromhe getoes stt And tn gettinghat srch wi theudge and evethin geinsigain tse Tex theumbersnd gett righthe rst te u haven idea that spect or in thearly sges of eow tt’s instigatn but a evidee does pointowar the ft tha the vtims did knowhese – d the spect or suspts in th case. An now loong ainight now e invesgation is ooing Ambe.tl theommunity – knowe’ve beetalkin to resides i a re- Gls to havin a meeng with t reso i coeniee — concns andssues again anytngtrange wesk you cl the pocw nor y thinkt mit ben your comnit- entifition- becae of of rht n we indiduals don’tave ie . An ide howong ty mayave been i t- You kno tha I havith t advaed co. Biof te — But will the a medal exiner offe look inhat d deteinedhat e to l e time theve bn an the ishree dsd . – n s And butny rean to believe ere’s tre’s a C. D. a plic thingd e at thendivuals were known tohe vicms [indibl So. we hav nothi to le to nt idean h aga with t Vants autoy repor to me theyidcompitia eir charge wh thaetermi e causand maer of deat. If the’sy e sident said arhere of onl en he eightonths- Thr balts – Ande haveo prr call duri thatime know the ID’s –tven rrectaiti f the autopsy store f d th wl have do next can notifications ahat pot Doe knf this allhree opleelie a then rit agai as I ju’ v waifor e indidua rking there is the U thawas at butgain that’s a part the on. As youan oorencs aur dectivesnd offers e ou hereorkiny w long you guys — The ngle probly go onor at let anotr day. Anit’s very pensive — Insindoun’ . Too in tre youan gatr up all [in] Conferce [indible] ven ter as bufrom age com about [indibl You. Triple homide investigation happing ere in Tampa Bay really are disturbing dails are e inde aome. d tn alsohree dogs the as well vt a Bay what we’re going to show y sparked a huge hu fire The tric r wilgoor expt. Dozens o tenan ins ilding in fall rer as four wins apartment complex suddey fod smo fling t hallws. A car hae building on north main street into t laury and ulitystraigh om. Three that the child. Because they ruptured gas lines the impact caud a elosi andhe fip . lis a rupre the Bristols county district attorney’s office said the driver of the car seventy two year old Judith maready fm fall rir die from her. A sentyive year old ssenge w pled fro the buing wckage and taken by helicopter to a hospital. Everyone living here made it out safely but no one will be able to return home still manre atef theescad uarme I soing on my wa down tthe undrroomo doaund. And I said to my son I think I’ll just finish my Cup of Thing did causI wod be Fothos peoe tstar t n — new ar jt lil d sh you tt some migrants at th borr – Were teagassed . borr agents lauhing tear g across the border to thrt a hundrednd fty grants who aempted to illegally d g Accoing tcustom a borde begin towing roc at agents offirs retalted withays Pepperprayne person was see tossing a gas Followg the incidt DHSorder. spokesman Katy Walan releasing atateme Tuesday sayi qe e minimum force necessao defehemr rder a restorder t agents iolvede e tuatio wit no rorted injuri. unfounatel Coness conties advi from een and women ofo ignl th border prolho have told them that walls work The boer clg esiden tmpo contueis tweeng Tueay one thing hi no been pron the Democrats do tare aut open borders and open borde sing.drugs tt migrts and apphended t CDP’ oice of pressional responsility upda iokes wneome batha he more ws now coming uon this Wednesday we callated thatt rerds lik airline miles would ke conmers spend me jourl reports reward casa grew verage of 15% in the third quarter of two thousand an eighta P rgan a Wells Fargo. nk still plan to endards but want to make a shift in ways that encoura more card usage and scale back ufront nuse. shels bon theook out foror th secon and dk cholate eo thas dark chocote avor cream sdwichetween wafe.ssi ore chocote e cookies hs sres on January second just in time to b. edition treat itill be par of the permanent oreo line up. in New York I’Traccrosgocom Ther so- Tracy for tha update there on yousines headlines and te a ok at w thearkets doing poin tre inhe right iix Wednday aut tee huned and forty . t t nexte’re gna sho you oow but ry own Marcy Jon s w early this morning Thrown some . Welcome back Marcy says splitting timber this is all the rage [inaudible] Gear axle [inaudible] Channel. Now my new partner [ina] Okay [inaudible] Everybody. Like on my level I saw him throwing you were trying very well [inaudible] Okay our C. S.. I think it was. Your amazing great job. How much is [inaudible] Acallyeall bughtn the r thfinather he tual. t it righ on t bul eye eirreatob b. at g trendur very own rcy Jon wertryi h bt ther at thee throwing so that’s another place opening up there. In the valley all rights — Next late show yeah — busy this morning while she was doing a ltle aerial yoga. Feel like I’m. Back in and may hanng uide Yo tsee the need to do th online wheI go. ah is I feel le a fanstic I ne tp a t e ground okay. Okay journeys and finger shoulders back spreading her legs wide [inaudible] Okay. Closer. To coming in that star and reach your hand. This is the together feet through. Using. This is level to some. To the handles right here. Release your ands bacin the se bel and Yunis ground and pull yourself. All the ways. Bend dow a little bit forhe blood . For never tried it. an pssur andhen y’rettention ttin ithe ing inghese ses. It feels phenomenal you get immediate back relief immediate relief in your head. And then of course we have burlap. And this is part of our Segal is from our last for less workshop that we did s. Body string. Flexibility words for people who thinkhis easyou just hangg. No. It’s a lot of work. Few classes it becomes a lot more natural and the possibilities are and last to o ca do is. Almost anyone — We have all different kinds of classes for all different kinds of levels so for the burlesque you’d want to have taken at least a few classic. Nassar’s one* this Friday [inaudible] Special. Introduction to aerial yoga workshop where you’ll learn all the basics on Saturday this turday Saturday an intro to Sardayes oy.ey youan ceut And then for our friends you can’t make it to Saturday we have a two week special. For twenty five dollars you can take as many classes you want to learn as much about. youant tmeet all of our achers and see just w awesome it is. Amazing these ladies are it’s so effortless and I can tell you that once you get up here once Ma. don’t want to get dn. And is the best because you get to lay fully the swing andaken out. In the ground. Each piece the fabric here okay and start to fan it out. How much space the swing has [inaudible] Okay. Schools in wrinkle. Then you’re getting gather like three or four small handful okay turn around face Amir. Whyhe to be tes ok [inaudle] Your but selinsi us cing ck to rk today. heelintg yoll ase wh betifuway.h sn unmite claes for twenty five Bucks a day off. It’s a different kindf work t tre a Iut it real wos your re there no doubt etty goo ty’re all right well you know it aew yr ople ting new. Workouts what how needed rd sta on your resutio you know past January. Gonto February hopefully do it for the ar there a some tips thet’s tnty nete the conday of impt. On and it’s n secret a lot of pele give up o the resolutio and this date is a bit surprising to . Twelfth which is a week from this coming Saturday. Things so you can do to set yourself up for success — And we’ve got a friend here who’s gonna help us to it’s it’s a psychiatrist — Is even true Masal and thank you for getting up early for us first of all — Yeah and you I think you can help a lot of people this morning — Because this is a battle that everybody engages in at every year there’s a of a resolution of some kind right and maybe it’s to lose weight and let’s talk about that. How can you wrap your mind around how can you make yourself how can you signatures of succinct first of all and we all make resolutions we have these great goals here so excited we want to do these and barely? I’m going to do this this and is and I’lgetere but we n’treak iapart to ke i okay thiyear I’m gng tonto lemae th’s evenore adorabl tn when youhink about sixty pounds this whole year. His views a pound a week right. Right so for that one of my suppa healthy breakfast lunch and dinner or do whatever my planet’s burgeoning of sticking to it one single you know every day. And it’s not gonna be easy we thing do it that’s e bestso And when you’re trying to do it let’s s youfrie offer ownies in ur life. Drop tt peon. So you’re an expert in terms of a psychiatry and you were sharing with us during commercial break the it really is a little bit all in your hands like you do have to convince yourself every day exactly. To do that so again let’s say somebody gives you a treat or brownie and yr llpor at y c say no I n’t nt tit but tn Youan s no to e brn I ed t broie rht. rnt dot’s not oy s is primitive parofour brait’sikea toddler it’s like I need. To the brownies are talking to you and then. Do you mean now. So that’s where the until the realistic rational part of your brain has to step in and be like you know it’s going to be good I know you will enjoy it but okay it’s doable. And avoid distractions you right so you deceptively in the moment and understand why you need this value right is this desire maybe you’reired maybe you are just stressed out about this morning commute. Thoughts on cheating else. As long as it’s a part of your plan it’s okay yeah you know you don’t as well into a situation where you’re not planning to eat and then you go and be like okay money that’s not that’s not something you wanted to write. You have a plan for the Saturday I’m going out with friends and going to eat there it’s okay it’s part of your plan you stick to it that’s fine yeah because you need something to keep [inaudible] Jail. Thank you so much could be will get in touch with you. I am a fan of hpy newear mean a tipsight tre nothe tendg f cast checke takint about fty foudegree toy fty sixor tomrow. ok at th low foronig thr trty two degrees IT keep your plants — Still warm even though it is getting out brutally cold out there. What would that mean? That’s right good morning everyone is are we still nurseries and as we all their size tens of them across the valley but were at this location you this morning. Brian break here with me to tell us wt we can do tprotect our ans this is a huge colts now one of the colde night wve seen. And the vue what can we do to sort of protect our plans and if you want to run out right now warm your plans. An that’s gonna case and Iown. right now. But going forward is frost is probably the easiest thing to use. Capsule it’s a plant holds in our yard we could just bring them inside so it’s probably best just to cover them up. Even on the cover. Usually not going to freeze less we have temperares a really low twenties south. Three help why. We’re looking around sort is at the nursery here at this location you said. Personal year when the whole staff comes through your different locations. Some places are usually colder than others and you have a different procedure to make sure that these plants here I don’t suffer from. Well this morning you could feel the wind right now across. Her with the machines women’s shoes is a place to call their So locatns we ran water with the water is actually running out constantly – Frees gives f a l of at. we you know it was it’s really really cold we actually have fires. And several years but we can [inaudible] To on that. More than others. Lancer would you say the most vulnerable. This comment probably. In the area you see everywhere. Some plants like plans Hannah’s it’ll freeze apology. Give me he’s source and that’ll make it even warmer. Thank you so much again guys and make sure that you’re trying to wrap up your plans a little bit if you can’t take them inside not. He just said you can might as well just put a life a morning they need some type Carm Blawelli m esenng se ts f allf to ep o plants alive there during this- isold snap that w are ving rig here. Inhe valle all rht here’s what wu have anpcomin.of ns now w Ne conrenceutn LAhere e police aey PDT command staffn e lding aews cference t nounce the arrest of a susct in . p wiinhe nex hr andhen ‘lle rht hern Arina asell becau g setor Jnyle- Wi lby giving a ns What h dids senator in this pa year we’ll have tha for now?omingp here on thnews Inust a ttle b m’shat he ss hapn for m.hteen the Sate felt songly aboute wked owere That I kw I wand tcontin toursue in time th I would be in- busiss tt we hav o matrs at head wked on d I kn re imptanto him. But therehree oI hepecifilly wted. ntion you and Iad word o aariety ssues thadealt wit izona’ mility instlation — Trng to enre tha our airforases – But and alway heard him discus t imptance o errs onis defse indtries. in t fivyears th I wasutl what i ofhe See hadeallyorked bring totherinaudie] The leade o the my stallaons he in t state of Azona. Th defse iustry And to e commity suppo oups tha. d bn creed in th fferen commuties to prove pport tthose litary inallatis ‘d aays empsized the ft at ourur indusy heren Arizon is d . d th we pride lot of the support ft . So h creat — Real rord creed the synerg — For very cse worki relatiship be& e defee cmunity a I met with Threofhose gups — During the foumonths servein e Sete. And try to erythin could o wo togetr Ace ver strg benit f the pele sving ithe milita.r Aertainhi rvicen t day ahairma of t SenatArmed rvices Commtee s a ratr unie oppounity had. He b vtue of thationa defenso at lstwo yea ago –lie or Was in positn to apint three mbei wacreate by the NDA aall Sevenationalefensetrateg This comssion was cprisedf twelvh pointe by th chaman a e ranng memr of the Sene anthe hoe ArmeServic mmitte withhe sectaryf defee o e naonal defen straty our findis bedpon ooress review andnalysi of seetary sttegy also poied tow Macn the geral Jkeane. Of those wer htory Becae he undstood tt a ls had chgt dense sttegy w created. And heant thnew had a goohandle on at wld be necesry for u meet e thres in t briey aboutt andlso to hi chf of stf Chrose of e I ha the uniepportuty as- commsionor a year we t togethhe . – s seato I hathe unue potion othem. Evuatinghe rept tha aluatehe secrery’s wor. And we he d . e coitteesn whicyou see. And we had commiee meeng at was rlly aextraoinary eventorf e defee stregy commiion. had preseed tir comtteesAmbassos To t SenatArmed rvices Coittee- think TIt w ver wl atteed and I Commtee c benef from.rces The exptisf pele c affeced teami ey wor of th deptment of and fiv. n agre with e sretary prritization of e stretche nationa defense. But were mewhaf workf it wer’t.rate to Prerly — nded a and resrce to be madehat pnt – Inhe dense sategy coissioneport. So washankfu forhe respsibili thasenatoportity to t Cain h giveno me. The thir thinghate want contued ashairman of th med Seicesommitt. advaed mitaryechnolies the tngs that we cod reallyake r – compingapacit artifial intellence hyrsonic sand — Cyber warfa and- nee tbe abl to take adntage o yr f goingo counies le Rusa and China aeastf which n ose areas. I rk with t cirman ohe new chrmam rvic Cmittee andbtai from h a cme heings and orriefin ear xt session. Probab beginni in Juy ink t firstne’s already been seduled. With — The undersr- Fotechnogy and oer expts toalk to the coittee aut the thgs ateeed to beoing – InTo utize commment to follow tough wi senat McCais interest inhis rega. There re ls iortant s was ae to coinueo purs e of wch I w glad. Weere ab to cw Was tre authoze the Mris all a Swart Uda fodation a the unirsity Arona. Andn fact we re able name thenviroental. Conflict rolutio . r He beliedery songly and we we ableo get over the or e finis line but think can haen ear nt yea – Is- A bil which ntralortino tee es nturyonservion servi This w sometng that corps act. both to th young peoe who Andhe national rks an deral nd- varisroject to rk a a is. it sayce corp- And pefull that n be de earl xt yea. Le meport onome otr enou to toave a presstivies sind nferen withith you a – you kno there isome major gislatn adoeduringhe la fr montf the ssion. Prably t ite theot the mo attenon w t nfirmaon of jtice Cavanah d agai I h a uniqu judg calli offorkith myrivateitizenapacit d them — Lars a membeofhe Unid Statesenati nfirmaon suced. Weid comete the fding o out 7 of thgovernnt — thpproprtion bil- Ths very much in theews day bause o the shuown th current existith rpect to theg that nds to accomished. Paed a vy importantpioids billhie e our feral l enforment encies to do a betr job dealithhat crise pass to whicis imptant bausetct prides me mecnisms forrrorsn it. Toet funngor som portant — Projec here the ste f Arona. The are two tngs thaI have poution I hav’t h mh of an oiono talk aut either one ofhh them. Fullenter can affor an ear- Becaef pvides a gre deal ofubsidition I whout aot a ve popar piecefuset’s I a I w abl tgetwoegislatio. its in thearm bill that rert Streer’s on whh omsion ijust a ment. Thther of mter that post justicreform legistion iss a ve well tendedhe use anSenate- Iny did n adequely. caus bits prisionsly bearm seriou crime — i prisoforto al. Andhe ostsible ph e oppounitie f progrs t event ft recivism- I thout wer ng t andhere’sothingo preven thoserm exisng today – reli did neem toe tbely well agned publ safet –d for The t there se othg at weidhat arvery errors on specicnd Il just touch on those and then — some.your questionif youave A week conrmed aouple of Arona jges a wl feder jues Susanurn a teran Donic les — An both wderful can I worked wh Whi House couel send nesor thr other vacancs he ste of izonahat will bresumayi e nextarly ithe ne ssion menoned t farmill- There re tworovisis that we gnserte intthe farm bill tt ca Goodeighbo ahority f untiesn trib sthat they can rticipe whhe fedal vernmentn fest managent activitit authity previsly. No they ll. Anthen sondly t kid colaining o a hou provion coul theetical.onhich Pride — An opptunityor groh rele f u bein don. I tnke’ll b asseful a it exactl as weropod to b peaps our o rer pcentag In aitionou’re l areat. Is har awork wh the– dertment of ter resrces- negoate a droht contiency plan. Whicill enablArizon To help keep wer levelin lake Me- evel tt wouldrevent th need for t secreryf interi Tic e Surexist at leas of twty twenty anlake Md. I sit witbeer recmation ofcials that. That’smporta becal gislatn willeeeded ce the Arina sta holde of Gre. One leslatur and the gernor serv theederalegislaonthe wi in efct reqredhe implent tha plan the sevenry oio ban state ratr than- Do s- O To a Iave taed to bo-e The sectio- rtha X about theeed- To addss tte d its rk Some this that did. That i our Azona spefic fo ample bill. That we passedhat fix undary diste f a beten cityf Phoex.tion the The wera coup of oth items tha wi what calle the lbs bl done bause lance billid not pa b wilbe o t agend the n senats and reesentaves. Inhe nexsessio one othose is tpry justmend som aitiona acreag for p – f z . Atilliam geway aport ich i very speraty need. In addi- Thehere’s waterettlemt that’s n s impoant get ccluded atome poi ‘s for t Hualai tri in rthwesrn zon – doest yet sport thi wer Becae of aisagreent about whetheo d rathhan pping wer out of thatall ple clai –s I aeed tha — Raer tnoving fward w ouldear thdepartnt out. Becaus ts unr w tha will ed lig hether it’s objtions are lid o not And think wwe it to th To aow those stues to be but ju so leade ihe as are shingt will able toove foard on tt. From theolorad Riv t Therwere se borr isss that w worI partipate aedicatn olp e sun uis pt of try — Renstrucon ts is a rtf entry thae – ricultal- Th the ever culralnteres instry a Yum couy ere we two a half llion throh tha pt of ery int Ariza a they o on a In tgricultul field ound theuma aa of t day is verythe end ng a dficult proceor ese fks — Becausehe facilitiesust new ptunt otrafc with theren’t e Will bmuch easieor the ey won’t he as lg a wt time willr k men the ening. So tt theyan – Doheir wk awells r hers whoant toome acss th busy port oof entry so vised witthe mores well aice . becaeuma w beingnundat by -ome of t caravan pplehat yo uld re aboutnd a l o Were filiesome witmedica eds se withhildre bein reall stresd beyo – eoint thathey cld accommate a th- e we any. If the’s any kind sistan you cld ge to mmunits leumahe you mightave vited a ao resultf t. m codinati — Phoex as wel iorder th ovide- Falities frequtly — Fr — that –hese of migranto Th’re ting car ofhile ey’re in thUnitedtates and on th. – of the.ds ourre takenare Are alway issue in Arona reting tour war manement and theo tionalorest is isomethg tha I word on wheI we r gnifict intest i- Sena receny wentoi in thained on flagstf into ee r seice. And ao — Pelen nortrn Arizo ecological rtorati instite.and e get se of e withhat formatn on e lates somef the iues tteed tll as The ture Cservan has n takenver d was reall eye oning aives me. Optimi the nion th we ca forc to e condion thre ey nee to be r bothf theiown heth as we as to tershemanagent. There e Just wes oflagstfnd we mewith tse offials- that they hav tmake somef thatre. deal wh theroducthat cos off ofh- The stiome technal issues tha had d legssues tt have tbe resolved o a Introdud leglation f Infled their fgstaff illnd Andhe I’m gon sp the cause Ihink Ie take A vaety o Arizo spefic land a we. d nave Amecanssues th’re gng to ha to be – al wit ely in the next sessio reg . An I have ued both of ouew nators as we a a coue the an oortuni to eak Toave togeer as Arizons alwsrk Of wking wh housand thhave ia n. natehe parcularroject for thgood othe pplef the ste of izona a I have every l . Workg whhe goverr and thstate gislate here. I did mo take ts much te an a in talng tyouut I thk — You’ll maybe he an ia that for nthsal busy ring ts try to dos muc aI cld to car ouf cent McCai. Hadn intest innd wante t . as wl ashe old pblems tha so of whh neve seem to go agai we’ just ncludey sayinghat- w a reaonoror me to di bacinto se of tse issues [ind] Aneprese theeople o t ate orizona a just a privege that is what theyet swo in morrow.ors So we have- Imprsions of h capit- arings. Fromhe way a of the cital be aringes thi I tnk it’ to blearneand I pe peoes learnhem. I thin gavehe Amecan people How e Sena couldould dt became wy torowdy – And reallwas onecomin f . – e process word i its way ouand I ought me peoe. Reallyistn th way that ey sarated the peopleike senator Clins forheate Gave reallemarkae speec focusi oe t out the bin onominatn. Senato Joo ta rht n hern Arina anfolks are sll wting. Fopresidt trump a the and we we jt tdy foxk news get tsg istill going on it’s been ppenin nowor more thann hourhiset It wl give u the veo so we uld play tt back for y know hs bg To tde deand evethingwall. pretty muce t happs we’ll bng thao your right w e nna get a ns conrence from Bu hpene wh auspeed- — Persnd tre s rglazing se hos an very high anderchdise that tol e was be wahes hh pce point that’ l coming next re on news noeveryone ut foreahll rig hern it li he wa going to be a lon then presint trumptayedn Washgto. d . And a lot of things to talk about a lot of things btledp on the borderall. Government shutownrade deals d mh muc more so a sn as atomes wilring that to your rig her onewsow t’s gut tLA rig now Deilinghe aest of spec ithe mger brery boss that’sg – Wa ston fro cebries as well a some area rich people out there i t LA aa. T. A. L. K.. I’m the commanding officer LAPD Hoywood vision. Stt by ying hpyew year toll of u thank youor the partipatinthis pcess. An here ournitialomment d then’ll inoduce Hollywood detey mechans wiltalk abo the what s happed over th Overhe pas several mons numero rs burglazedllywo Hillsven veral of ese redences inuded celebtyomes wer high valueropertwas tan. Hollywd. Folling un inveigativ asedentifd a peon of intest. Inne of oseases. townerso being Benjan the Deteive sved a srchold rrant Ackern’s hom and a stage unit.o look fortolen prerty and additnalvidence liing hi. To t burglies. Thexecuh warrt lea not onlto the rest oAckerm. But also to t recov . Whicinclud stoleart [iudible lding naudib] Pursesinaudible] Je. ne winend other ver Acrman tgete. Bynelebri homeshate fosale. ll wer being shown during the Actor would se asither an intesteduyerFor in purchasi the prorty. For h woulpose aa realstat oker. Waing to sw the operty. With t assisnce o LAPs commeral . Hollood detecves were able Thiren burary victs. Bad on evince revered om e lker. F stora uni a ter hiresidee [indible] Weelieve. Base on a lge vumef victs. stolenropertw covere. And arasking the plic’s p Addional victi their property tthem.g A bsite beenreated. That wl allow the cmunity to chen operty we ve recover belos to tm s e o llywoodivisi. the websiteunctiogding how to ay the mecnicsf thisngoinge Now tecte Jerrtenant [inaudle] rinaudie] Good mning e webse that e capin was To i Hlywood burary go. t smuug dotom. Agn that Hollyod bglary t sgmug dot com. Where hope at the? Chk aeef yourtems i u’ve bn a vtim. ur hses theroken to that high b . s llndet us know you s ything of yos. Are i you en seehn The ctures y see bore y. thate seizduringhis sech warran. l . Andet us kw iwe caneturn Athis time Il take any estionyou mahave ll by theay. r allhe Poin role li the awork.od ter. Wh’s theoem wo togetr. We estatei e millnsf dolls. Boder op mtiple llions of dolrs a ballark — aroun tret aga muiple mlions ofollars evalted appraed seef ey’ve beedamage bthe spect. Whh is otherhing. Thsuspec h been known t chan the nbersine artrk. Tof you purase anyre work r any ems in thsouthe Plea conta us as he eviden tt hn . Someing abt the her — Yeso f a – ctimshat wve ideifiedf proper tt. Fr MAckerm’s riden. Wassheraymon. Janda Roulea. Adam Lbert. Door Lnell. d Rebea and I belve so yes. How e e open houses? Heid that and tno for rern lat wh the ruleut from t re. gain as we said he’d — Tour ope. d comeack ler wretill instigatg ato who i And exact h you dthat ts pers is ve sophiicated — Allotte case we se tamped surveiance veo. On t way. Buthe tng i. Found onhe bottoline. re soe is from the LA area — coections New York- doesave — Prr –e does have he does he a crinal rord belie is l I can saye en morthan t thousd I ha youeenble tcalculat on thewo thoand wee still invest. y [iudible huh us far wre sti vestiging a conneion to th b the victi appeato be separa. Extly wh we doith- AgaiI don’ wanto specate as to wh was gng onn his mi- He was ing after hh val taet i as saidpen house usuay wer the mnourcef that heve- family fridee targed a nobody’off thtable. Of this govl health. Is critil So if yone cck this y out ahea a former out h. goy Whenou thoh? Paent [inauble] Right [indible] Al. The lis of thtems n the fothe peleorking. Wi them r burglies. Did he literly share witho u get group of ens if you work wh I mn. floc cruis.bove fortylogs Agn wretill invtigating th as Iaid whave seral videf the mes that re burglazed. o . Wh do yomake o what what we Andtherimes the ceras uld silyust golack tel’several hoursfter the burgla. Whdo was black- No wre sti lookit Of every ste shong witthe messins itfter thais that’ sll compernalysiunit. Three chance. Withhis t mos of ex’m sorry nted. If y go bac or tha e tip r you ow oka. Figureut theamily. . We and noticed thae had signednte instcee was aoerson that was enie . Dung thaime. We follod u othoseease w nducte sveillae ande velope proble cse tn execut a set s o more shisticed range of guys ev cough. Yes I believe so. mean. Th guy’s bit. The fa that ople dt . s ey bieve tt he wasuyer to theines h acted t part? He wa. – h d kning ho to manilate tse. Althe inrmatioyou kn. Some kd ofe mphony Nthese peoeet hier mod ain thas stil ing instigat w he w arresd [indible] Th’sorrect. What are t what nneci For noourt datet thisime wee sti is- Going through the investigation- ‘reooki for aitiol victim to co s d bular thr dot sgmug d The thehe are has a has n filedeg vestigion. don’ recall. specic.vadditial queions Dective will bhere for a litt bie e thank you. press conrence ell as first ne fest yes first nam. Intimacy Im on as youuys O.. Thirty two thirty thank you guys thank you. Guys. ther where –r or yo rights Some the items they’re going for more than a million dlars when yk you guys. Really expensive jewelry watches d necklaces and that is a mar busnd there still inveigatinl right folks mor news now. Coming up next hf rhtow a we’reg getomelay bac video for youut it continueso gon ght w sobvioly w won ha it. In i entety but you can th doesop bbles try ins world buthat wl ge a ltle he. at all before yh right fox tenxtra mey he has lot to tt thmeanme l’s te ibacks wl i ouoing. S. senarromheoutliveighe Arizona John tile talking about . . Twen eightn sours of bills — Th seven is homand surity Demoats hes.there thathe That t presint — wall- Theyr wt he cls a ha ithe pa suppoed — Yes types o barers to try les callhemhat. And thehe queion. whatan theagree o is nessary at torder. And a h much approiatert of thr approiateor tha ppose and trefoe dertment pulng secity- There e ty biion dolla apart a to youtart aingp with alln That is tt oug to be To rch an agreemt ons as a rsona. . Phical wl and technogy. Lols wasureure there — Muchf otr . senss a ceras aights. An even drone — And oth obserti- Althose ings a part of f curitysre theorts o entry. I thi o e upgrading [audiblt side railrd cars and she trair tcks –f a tctor As wl as automiles you’r you’re t ofontrabd prickly dgs from comi intohe Unid Stas. d al tse tngsost mon cost mon eective bhey makeure tt youave eugh- It’s it it n ey trecruiPersonne- For encies lehe bder paol it’ough dy they And s a othese ingsre requements othe dertment ofomelan securit. ed to be incded inhe bil. I I thi peopl of goill resoed faiy quily as on as theole way. Ceer — If th’ve be wrong and fding pnd oabout the psident questis a. I read wt he wte and I I thk firf all monnie- estabshingimselfs o the lders of thisew cla ofenators he’. willchoo bhn thomestint is d interniona affairs ohe countr. – I I rd whaherote and I assement of the rolof the And tay that th psident – Role — And yodon’agreeithheea out wn But also to pport himhen y cannd. I ink an of he at least duri the te thaI serdt dill coinue tdo present t acts on?a Blks owhat hsees oTV. As five fr w procs for yrwo yeaIs one’sust. Slit protionf youruestio o the vy fir thing I d fore Ias sworn iTo the nate aft Ias eleed was meet wh thenttorne neral net Re thiis in — Niteen nety fo I immediaty — t togher w cented Dnne instei and wtogeth- For ateast t. Pu in gislatn aucceed in douing t amount oforder patron e di’t havenougheople. An you kw the kindf landg map rriershat ty threw u ther qckly tt are. near effecve enoh-Somewh eectivt ere’sust lotf work at has tbe dos queson wit the pmise tt — He wassking thathe predent s aski for se theasn’t eded was thahe dt. I’morry was fivbillio llars dget away — budg — In whate pn his e present’sudget. The Coress actr In the context o the legiationhat sator Main ceer fla sponsored dhat paed theenate but lotore.rats havvotedor asn’trou- Th oneoint t billion o atever iis thathey’r prosing w- a boi dowto thisilly fit beten ethert’s a wal owhethe ‘s oth kind oforder curity. Inll sayhe botides a uallyo blam in th kindf politi tt it justot necsary. Wh’s nessary is toet controof th. t and t on wh the b — Yo leaveow — u have- Wi up. Practi t visionell cent f four nths right now in prf that block –r soo An I I’l oy say this Im goingo sn Ariza notoing bk to I wouldike to connue to teach — pefullin theot tooistant thwater sues whi are pt of theort nter h a iss — d bond tt if thereome of the le and I can — Help peopl tres onappy tryo do that tI’dather dot heren Washgton D o trty twam w ere a then Frida get a lile b warme tre as wel d Satuay andunday did the s go as theirooks rn I e ke Cillet couave e poibily of me rai On Sday there a look rht tre to ten day hope eryo i hingreat Wednesda s far right he on ws I’m your st Mikage. Wouldou belve i oy nally eveone we just got wo WhitHouse wpped up jte momentago i all cdp — te a g it r the network there a there spokfor an hr iitborato ox thirtyine f Cabit meengs oiouslyf th year and ts i- Some of the gh- Thone and half hour- bineteetinge stilwants is fivpoint sixillion dollar fors that the Republicansant a docket. An ss he sentiay fed mads s t dey s y . In T Washington Post slammg the prident so he goe backn and slams aund the a then yse wi keethe vernnt On fox tenhoenixomutor y.the hst he’s jt an upte on the on going Governnt st down. miss timeuring the stdown starng tay Smithsoansti Allf this will ctinue unt the govement rpens esidenrumptarted the new critics highlightg his successes and connuing his In one ohis thirtn twee hery. Bord surity andhe wal thin and shut dow is nothere ncyelosi wand to start her tenu as eakeret’s make a deal to a lotf people are wanto wreot givg up weheylookino ha.o have a borr secity Decrat areet to retake tnd the f jority i the hse of representati. to rpen theovernment.ills A bill to fund all but one of the higher year another to fund the remaining department homeland security until February eighth so they can have more time to netiate on pernent sotion. The billsontain no new wl lotoretrategally oner a maower aechnoly. Soow canou exptpeaker issu if s deeply bieves that mey cou be betr spent but ee hoe the bil still need to ss in the Senate. think has aough decion toll I bt make we that doenot inclu a border The presiden has said he’s tll . goin to signhat bill. Mr Abic tt theirst game of chienn thereside has invited leads of Cgress fro both rties to e Whit Hse tod fobriefi on bder surity is com afterhe tru new plan for fding aons stter. In Wasngton ratbogan x ws. Across tountry many pks remain ope b mos workers have been furloughed. Leading limited staff but some locaons in worsehapehaniconic when ty arred public areas e becomg overwheedith overflowingarbageumanaste and pee grounds and endgering wilife. Hor love for the land to heartnd eani it up le this coupl in your seventy and so. You know wh notake cef Witht fedal fundingr wn state moe in andven opening upheir waetseel like is real important. Keh. thin the hawai tourismf authority pledging one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars in emergency funds. To keep the Wod War two valor ihe cific natnal monumt whi hoes t Pearl HarborSS izona memial is such an imrtant part of Hawaii and moreme right thin to do. And in Philadee y donated roughly thiy two thsand dollars to ep inpenden hal a the libert bell ope f threeays ti oyearor thocd biest attrtions. libey and Ell Isld he not bn affeed by the shdown the steovernmen piing up e tabo keep the runnin. x news learng that thtopf thre ur – We wi hav that tap plaackor yeah itx u spenng. cabit memrs a and afteret his lked hwent aund the rm chabin mber or w abl speak abo- Twty ninetn missns and gos that theyave f the new ye in t ainistrion so — d rightow we’ getti a fren shot of the presint ere sthey areetting in th t st readyhereor so ‘llave it for you In ful on f tem o’ock tht o in thiy nine mutes there tookn Mt mney saye will kp the governnt sa esseially tt present trp’s Them. wall andays he will keep it shut dnor asong As h c the so alg e etin wh Chk Sumer and Nanc Pelos oe aga the inside t so At the Whi Houseiving a brfing oborderecurit a y tt cld be methino can it be fee Just coupl weeks ago wn the prese Willave aot more verage foyeah ctinuin we’re going to bscreamg all theay until eht . t presidt tmpne hound foy minu cabin meeti at is cing up srtly evybodylease joiusnox tePhoeni. 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  1. President Trump stand firm. NO WALL NO DEAL.. They want a DACA deal we the majority of the people want the whole darn WALL funded.

  2. We, the voters, want a wall. We need a wall. Trump is the first willing to build a wall to stop the illegals. He doesn't want to stop immigration, just unvetted immigration, and that mostly of people that could not get in legally. The wall will reduce violence by gangs, drain on our welfare and medical system. It will make schools safer and better for our children. It will reduce the burdens on our police, courts, and jails. What is not to like? Refusing the wall is only political, and needed by the democrats to make up for all their graft and corruption. They will be sorry at the ballot box. The democrats do not care about anything other than a return to money and power. They and their supporters spout negatives and never justify what they say. It is called propaganda. A good example is the next comment.

  3. 19,000, here we come! After that, 9000! Investors are going to get their heads handed to them. Good luck! Lower highs is a TREND!

  4. the left's hatred for Trump has scrambled their brains…they WANT him and the U.S. to fail , they would be angry if the U.S. is successful….how effed up is that!!!

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