Fitton: Ohr 302s show ‘disturbing’ desperation to oust Trump

Fitton: Ohr 302s show ‘disturbing’ desperation to oust Trump

98 thoughts to “Fitton: Ohr 302s show ‘disturbing’ desperation to oust Trump”

  1. Unfortunately nothing will happen besides spending tax payer dollars. Politicians will get out of everything. Sad situation. I pray G-d removes all evil within our government

  2. Fitton did not answer her question about whether or not a crime had been committed….. is what they did at the FBI illegal?

  3. And yet the parasite (Ohr) is still free and hasn't even been charged with anything – why didn't it take months to charge the sailor that actually turned himself in when he did something wrong. But lets let these parasites keep walking the streets and getting a wage – a tax dollar wage. I see every taxpayer not paying taxes because we the people are not getting the representation we are paying for.

  4. When they arrest these corrupt Democrats, then I will become a Republican. Reps are cowards! The only courageous ones I see putting their neck for the truth and this president are Reps, Nunez Jordan, Huckabee, Chavitz, Graham, and a few more. That is a disgrace. Push for the electric chair Mr. Bar, come on, push for the chair.

  5. Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch is the most valuable and patriotic person and organization we have in America. Thank You. Dedication is the best word to sum up the work done here. It actually feels as if middle class America is getting back all which was taken from the sweat off our backs for so long.

  6. Why didn't Mueller and his 18 liberal FBI investigators find this? Because he was mandated NOT to investigate the FBI….the very people that initiated all this crap. AG Barr has got this, tick tock.

  7. There's no law against anyone having an opinion. Even if that opinion is a negative one against someone like Trump.
    Where the legalities are, is in the use of FISA courts to bring legal barriers against a party nominee, and then to double down on fake propaganda that they knew was fake, to use that in a federal investigation, both against Trump, as a nominee, and then as POTUS.
    Attempting to sway an election against a party nominee, and then to continue the attack after he was elected, in an attempt to have him removed from office, is more than just illegal, it's treasonous!

  8. An attempted Coup was taking place. You let them get away with it. They will be back. So you better arrest them. Then put them on trial…

  9. Like a venomous cameleon, all innocent looking, and he doesn't have to testify against nellie.dangerous duo to be sure.

  10. Not desperate to oust trump. Looking forward to it though I will admit. He is his own worst nightmare so he is doing the job for the world.

  11. That’s fine if there corrupt let them get what they got coming , but trumps no saint and he still needs to be heavily investigated

  12. Talk, talk and more talk! So far, no one of meaningful note has been convicted or gone to prison, they never will, no matter the evidence. If there is a serious threat, eliminate it, re: Epstein. US politics is akin to a never-ending soap opera, promising the earth but delivering absolutely nothing. The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

  13. Barr and Durham have the evidence and have had enough time. Yet NO Indictments and no arrests. This is being stalled so to fade away. No one will be held accountable.

  14. The Judicial department can't ignore this corruption.  The Dems banked on getting away with all of this with a HRC election and now that it backfired there has to be a reckoning with all of them.  If justice is not delivered this will rock the Country to its' foundations.  Why should any American feel like they need to obey laws if the elite can get away with it why shouldn't we.  This could lead to a quasi-anarchy revolt if these people go unpunished.

  15. I’m reminded of the time Trump told everybody his phones were tapped and he was being spied on and the fake news cried fake news…

  16. At least a dozen crimes by at least a dozen people and not ONE arrest.I think it is time for the people to rise up!!

  17. is trump going to hire carter page to run the 2020 trump election campaign committee of Russia from the ROSNEFT bureau offices inside the Kremlin, again?

  18. I find g00gles constant unreliable, always out of synch and only here, in FULL CAPS, subtitles an abuse of a
    Protected Class and the Freedom to Choose…
    Please you the Full Foxy weight y'all at Fox can Muster, Amidst yet another *Biassss

    Cheers 😉

  19. Blar blar blar blar, where are the real arrests, why in the world is HRC still walking the streets and why is Obama not dead

  20. And Putin's constant effort to keep Trump in power, let's not forget that people.It's a fact that Russia has and continues to attack our democracy.

  21. Is Ohr in prison for abusing his position for partisan purposes? Of course not. Like all the rest, he is free as a bird.

  22. A prison cell would wipe the smile from this smug traitor's face. He put his desires, beliefs, and choice of who would be president above that of the American taxpayers paying his undeserved salary.

  23. It isn’t Steele’s dossier. It’s Glen Simpson and Bruce Orr’s dossier, but they went with Steele’s name because he had already work with the DOJ and didn’t have to be vetted… if the info was vetted, it would have been found to be false way earlier… jail time. 🇺🇸😎

  24. If trouble mounts on america it is surely been created by Democrats as they were denied power by sane not silent majority.

  25. Give me 5 minutes with Bruce Ohr and I can guarantee you he would come out of our meeting, singing like a canary and telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and he would start sinking the DEEP STATES SHIP and his co-conspirators in short order.

  26. YouTube run by leftist fascists. Scum sucking pigs and their irritating f–king thumbnails at the end of these videos.

  27. Ihe FBI,DOJ, DNC, CIA, all under investigations on Trump , but FBI had a neck name for Trump what about the Obama White House meeting with all these people with Obama and Biden

  28. Why does Orr have a job at the doj ,President needs to get rid of Wray too.both men are the deep state ,Trump 2020

  29. We all know these people are guilty so why not arrest them and keep them in solitary until their trial so they can be interviewed again and again instead of being free to walk around??????

  30. Any bureacracy — corporations, countries, military — will inevitably have weasels at or near the top because they love inefficiencies that allow them to scam. Weasels have no ethics, they simply sniff which way the wind is blowing and act accordingly.

    My guess is that all these actors thought Hillary was going to win based on the polls and sought to gain favor with the most corrupt politician to ever seek the office of POTUS.

    When Trump won they were in too deep and were forced to adopt "the insurance policy," in league with the main stream media and associates in the intelligence community who were also in too deep.

    You can go back decades to see unclassified materiel that shows the CIA and FBI routinely used the media to brainwash the public with false information. The bias we see today is simply the continuation of a long standing practice by America's intelligence community.

  31. Real tired of hearing about crime after crime after crime and not one single indictment. This is so discouraging and ridiculous. It's great to have someone tell exactly how all of this treason happened, but that's usually after people are in jail. I guess they forgot that when laws are broken jail follows. Wow.

  32. An overwhelming force of Americans,a majority would stop the Democrats from allowing this Coup Datt'a.Probably tar and feathers would arrive.

  33. The real crime is the 2 MINUTES Fox News gives their guests to explain the massive corruption within our government. SMH.

  34. Oh and his troglodyte wife need to be arrested and prosecuted. Along with the rest of the treasonous swamp rats 😎 My guess is their will be surprise Indictments issued some time close to the election…the Dumocrates worst nightmare. 😎

  35. Day by day it’s becoming crystal clear the bigger threat to the US was always the DNC, the Clintons, Obama administration, corrupt members of the intelligence community, and their leftist co conspirators in the media pushing false narratives to influence the ignorant.

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