17 thoughts to “Faye Swetlik update: police give latest on search for missing South Carolina girl”

  1. I think she had a worried look when she was looking out of that bus. idk if it means anything but it doesnt seem like her normal look.

  2. I live in New York Syracuse no one touches the kids it happened a long time ago he was caught and never happened again it been 15 yeas ago the cops 👮‍♀️ here don’t play games here

  3. No one touch my kids and they play outside if yous don’t want your kids I’ll take them and give them the world 🌎

  4. Like William tyrell in Australia 🇦🇺 it’s always someone close to them leave your children alone they don’t deserve this

  5. Authorities need to stop wasting taxpayers time and money and arrest the mom. The first day I heard she was missing, 30 seconds into the story I knew it was mom…

    Arrest her… stepdad next and grandma for covering for her daughter. This is my take. Mom is NOT exhibiting enough concern and the little her and grandma showed in one of the videos I watched was PHONY.

    Stop the nonsense… ARREST MOM!

  6. 1. She looks apprehensive and is looking out the bus window 2. what did the bus driver say to her, she turned to the driver … was she trying to ask for help? 3. taking 2 hours to notify cops NOT ok 4. "No evidence" of abduction um JUST a missing child, just THAT.  Meaning, CHILDREN RARELY "walk off".  That bs

  7. Investigate mom,and family of this baby as well as people helping to find her because they could be there acting like good people helping to find this angel 😭

  8. She has a speech impediment which is – no matter what so-called professionals say – is a sign of severe trauma. Likely parents/mommy and her bf here.

  9. Cops rarely if ever find truly endangered children. We PRAY for the exception here. No doubt there is surveillance from the neighbors of this child off the bus and/or cars on that street. 72 hour rule – we PRAY.

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