74 thoughts to “Fareed’s Take: This Trump policy has been a costly exercise”

  1. All of these sanctimonious comments about President Trump are priceless, especially after Obama put us in the hole by 9 Trillion paying off all his buddies.
    Where was your scutiny then? Oh ya, you didn't want to be called a racist by criticizing a black President… .

  2. CNN is the corrupt enemy of the American people

    Black Racist Gay Lives Matter to the Obuma’s & Donny lemonhead
    #justiceforjuicy smollet

  3. If we look at the real numbers, people with two or three jobs to get by, the corporate buy back of stocks to artificially prop up the market, the two trillion dollar DEBT, that's the problem with TV people and most politicians, they dont even know any real Americans.

  4. Donald Trump Addresses Roaring Crowd of over 100,000 People in India at ‘Namaste Trump’ Rally. President Donald Trump addressed an enormous cheering crowd with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India on Monday, praising his host country’s progress and economic success.

  5. A family of bankrupt empty barrels playing with public money and eating away people's lives, with help from that loyal cult

  6. https://www.thecollegefix.com/bulletin-board/how-social-justice-is-destroying-objectivity-excellence-due-process-science-and-much-more-speech/

  7. Thanks to Trump my spending is only on the bare necessities since I can’t trust what’s going to happen next AND do not want to support corporate American Elites because they do not support the American people.

  8. I’m not a trade policy expert but what I do know is common sense, case and point if you base trade policies on percentages of GDP for each trading partners, then America will always pay more, for instance if you have a $100, and I have $1000 and we both have to give 10% of our wealth which is fair because we’re both paying the same rates, I by nature of common sense will pay more, which has always been the problem of the wealthy, and especially countries that have a military might and are trying to outspend one another on weapons of destruction. Look if I believe that my $100 is more than your $10 and you should pay more because I’m giving $90 more than you and you should be giving at least $50 to be fair while I keep the $900 I have left to work with while your $90 become $50, our economy is over $40 trillion far above any other country in the world which means we will always pay more we should just make sure they pay the same percentages we pay based on their growth, if we believe what these politicians are feeding us then for you to match what I’m paying you would have to give your entire $100, is that a fair trade

    who CREATED, created, a family culture of sociopaths.

  10. Did anyone see the reception President Trump got in India!!? The streets were lined with with people, the stadium was packed with 120,000 people cheering for our American President! As much as cnn wants people to think Trump is so bad, there are more people that see the truth. President Trump is a good person and a great leader! Trump 2020!!! Unstoppable. – former democrat, disabled veteran, Hispanic American, business owner.

  11. Does anyone at CNN not yet figured out they are a dwindling minority in MSM news. The country doesn’t need a refresher course in 1984 propaganda.

  12. Regarding, the economy
    Have you noticed all of the major Department Stores that have gone out of business since Trump imposed his special tariffs?
    Lots these major Department stores keep their prices down by build factories outside of the US.
    These stores were already hanging on by thread, before the tariffs were imposed.
    When these ex-employees, of these Departments Stores, run out of their 6 months of unemployment benefits, there will be more homeless people, starving in the streets everywhere.
    Now they are lieing to us. They are trying to convince us that the Stock Market crash is caused by the Coronavirus? That's nonsense.
    Trumps, "Mine Comp" "Make America Great Again" isn't working. He's breaking our back.
    With him in the White House, our economy will be worse than the 30s Great Depression.
    I think he's STUPID.

  13. this is unrelated. but the media lied to us. we have more than enough gold despite a lot of it being stolen to bring us off of the slave central bank system. everything we see is FAKE. because it is manipulated. there used to be a time when this country flourished and we didnt need a fuckin tax to keep it afloat. you all are about to see something huge in the next 4 years. im sure you all know that nearly everything we learned was a lie. dont you love how the media will have these reporters telling us how to feel instead of bringing us the FULL UNEDITED FACTS and letting the people decide what to think.

  14. this is what happens when a republic becomes a democracy. it was never intended to become a democratic piece of shit.

  15. Só, its a bad idea to negotiate a real that Will help parts of your production sector like agricultors just because other sectors profit

  16. When Douche-bag's debt bubble pops, I'm so going to enjoy watching Trump Trailer Trash moving into tent cities. Trump 2020!

  17. It wasn't to solve a problem you gullible fool. Trump is a traitor soley trying to hurt the country. He isn't trying to solve problems.

  18. what is this guy talking about? no thank your from a plagiarist. – socialists don't know or care that Social Security already can't pay for itself.

  19. Trump is quite busily bankrupting this country just as he did his own businesses on 6 different occasions between 1991 and 2009 due to its inability to meet required payments and to re-negotiate debt with banks, owners of stock and bonds and various small businesses (unsecured creditors).  I am sick to death of Trump saying that China is paying for the trade deficit when it is the American taxpayers that pay for that deficit.  Likewise, The U.S. trade deficit with China rose from $347 billion in 2016 to $420 billion in 2018, an increase of 21.0%. U.S. jobs displaced by China trade deficits increased from nearly 3.0 million in 2016 to 3.7 million in 2018,—a total of more than 700,000 jobs lost or displaced in the first two years of the Trump administration.  https://www.epi.org/publication/growing-china-trade-deficits-costs-us-jobs/ In addition, In a study published on Saturday, economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Princeton University and Columbia University found that tariffs imposed last year by Trump on products ranging from washing machines and steel to some $250 billion in Chinese imports were costing U.S. companies and consumers $3 billion a month in additional tax costs and companies a further $1.4 billion in deadweight losses. They also were causing the diversion of $165 billion a year in trade leading to significant costs for companies having to reorganize supply chains.  Also, the tariffs will cost the average household $2,031 per year, and will be recurring so long as the tariffs stay in effect,” according to a new National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) study.

  20. It don't make no difference snowflake we baby boomers that can't read a map are goning to vote him in in 2020 just to see if you and Don lemmon giggle and laff.then !!!

  21. They failed to mention that Obama started out with NEGATIVE GROWTH in the economy. The economy was shrinking. Obama got it growing. If Republicans had given Obama more stimulus the economy would have recovered faster.

  22. Trumps policy has been a costly exercise

    Well, let's all thank the wonderful Democrats for exercising our tax money to line their pockets for their Game of Tag for 3+ years. That was a HELL of an "exercise".

  23. Trump makes promises and can't keep them cuz he's a liar. But his followers are so blind they don't see it, and never will. Trump will continue to lie and tell he is removed from office.

  24. The debt under Trump is higher than any president who has ever served this country. The United States is in worse shape than it's ever been in

  25. Trump has created more problems in this country has ever had. The United States of America will have to start all over building up companies to keep her happened to buy from foreign countries. All of our factory jobs have went to other countries.

  26. Only in America the Fake News Media reports negatively about President Trump. World wide powerful leaders respect and admire President Trump…https://youtu.be/yGiHYlyS9NU

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