Family Of Slain UPS Driver In Miami Car Chase Calls Police Response Premature | NBC Nightly News

Family Of Slain UPS Driver In Miami Car Chase Calls Police Response Premature | NBC Nightly News

58 thoughts to “Family Of Slain UPS Driver In Miami Car Chase Calls Police Response Premature | NBC Nightly News”

  1. They should of let them think they lost them or backed off to where that scene of to many people present. If you surround them guns drawn w/o talking over the pa system its hostile. Other tactics besides hooting first. They’re lucky a whole bunch of other people weren’t killed. Sad day.

  2. The family has every right to be upset. The Police should not have engaged the suspects so openly. They needed to be further behind the truck not on its tail. The Helicopter would have kept up with it.

  3. The police had to shut it down right then! Too many innocent people around! It had to stop right there! Too bad for the UPS driver…But it had to be stopped!

  4. fact is the cop's unloaded without any care for the hostage or pedestrians.. The blood of the two innocent men is clearly on the hands of the officers that emptied their clip's into that truck. I realize it's not an easy situation to deal with but I feel the loss of life could have been avoided.

  5. The cops acted like a bunch of thugs bent on getting their man and now the government is defending their actions AND they all get paid vacations for murder. The police are only worried about the safety of the thin blue line brotherhood. The safety of the public is an afterthought. If the police had not pursued, they would not have been shot at. The UPS vehicle could have been tracked by helicopter and then approached by police in a less menacing manner for the public or the hostage. I think the people of this country would be better served protecting themselves and disbanding the brotherhood of the thin blue line, then slowly rebuild a competent police force. Yes, it has gotten that bad.

  6. That stuff in the truck wasn't worth someone's life and should have been handled way different. Pathetic, those cops didnt protect and serve. They just wanted to shoot someone.

  7. The Florida Police Department did a terrible job by shooting randomly and putting people's lives in danger and in the saddest part they that they had four different Police Department they couldn't handle it a lot this tells us that the police department from Florida they don't know how to handle situations like this they need a lot of training and I'm so sorry deeply to the family who lost a loved one really stupid Police Department from Florida if that was my loved I will sue the police Department and the saddest part 2 that they saw their loved one the UPS man driver see him on the floor dead when he was an an innocent person I really hope this family can sue the police department

  8. I really hope and wish that the family sue the police department from Florida because they just killed a innocent man who was just doing his job any trust the police department would do something but they actually killed him

  9. So let me put in prespective what that officer is saying

    He said

    If the suspects would not have shot no one have had to die


    So what he is saying

    Is that if the subjects drove that truck into a football field full of people and the subjects shoot at police

    Police shoot back

    Remember Mr Police there are civilians everywhere, all around
    Wives, husbands, children, mothers daughters, families

    A police protocol needed to be ready for a situation like this.

    Chases happen all the time

    There has to be a faster, better, protocol that avoids killing inocent people,

    I have alot of respect for police, and alot of police aldo great things

    Im saying the protocol needs to be more efficient to avoid inocent killed

  10. whoever okayed the response needs to be charged with negligent homicide. They could have followed the truck from a distance, waited for it to exit hwy. The police following like crazy people showing zero training or skills provoked the situation…This was a disgusting example of incompetence.

  11. They killed the entire truck
    And sent the squad home on paid leave what a world we live in
    And then I also have to ask myself why even put yourself in this equation….
    It doesn't add up and it's sad….

  12. 1. The UPS truck had a tracking device, they could have used that
    2. They even had a freaking HELICOPTER to track it down instead of tailing them
    3. The hostage is visibly white while the two suspects are obviously black, meaning they could have EASILY identified the hostage from the suspects, and not shoot him.
    ZERO ZERO ZERO excuses for police incompetence

  13. Completely incompetent police response ( grotesque overkill) and completely unnecessary civilian murders that look as if they were caused by police fire in an unacceptable and abusive “ operation”

  14. Glad you're all subject matter experts and get to make decision with aforethought. Wish we all had crystal balls. I didnt know some many of you have been shot at and are able to formulate a instant acceptable plan. Its sad what happened but its casualties of war. Might want to research your Supreme Court rulings.

  15. What's just as disturbing is there are folks CONDONING the actions of the cops in the comment sections of other videos! What planet are we on?

  16. F**** Cowboys Dance Greg Cowboys and then the chief of police come out and say that's what bad people get diamond cheat codes everybody every citizen sad shoot him down is already proven no matter what the cops do they not going to get in any kind of trouble and this is the result we get

  17. If the suspect fired first, they should of pulled back, put the helicopter on them, and watched from the sky. Not get in a shootout on the highway with civilians

  18. If the suspects shot first what more do you want the police to do ? .. they have to eliminate the targets in safety of the other pedestrians

  19. Every single POS COP involved deserves the death penalty now!!!! They killed 3 innocent people because of their BS actions.

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