Expert Says Australia Fires Direct ‘Impact Of Human Caused Climate Change’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Expert Says Australia Fires Direct ‘Impact Of Human Caused Climate Change’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Taal Volcano in the Philippines erupted and a lot of People is suffering from
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  2. Blah blah blah !!! Nothing will change no one will give up their fossil fuel way of life until its gone … and then … watch out !!

  3. Monitor if those that have lost properties are allowed to rebuild, note in america they have been told they cannot rebuild. UN agenda by 2030 to move people into cities. Check it out.

  4. Australians have been voting conservative for awhile and the government usually sucks up to the US. I just saw the "Falcon and the Snowman" and that policy goes back to before I was born. Chickens have just come home to roost that's all. There's no reason why AUS can't build reservoirs, canals, and sub-terranean tunnels for water storage and animal shelters. AUS has 10,000 pieces of mining equipment, the Germans and Japanese make TBMs of every size, and the Koreans make tankers. Pickup a few 'bergs from Antartica if they have to, 'cause unless they think outside the box, they are screwed.

  5. Australia's Murdoch/News Corp spreading climate change denial/disinformation worldwide (:-( Proud of exec who left in protest.

  6. Wild fires occur when you don't have brush removal. Look at california, they banned logging, so instead of us removing downed timber, nature finds a natural way to clean things up, by burning everything which 20 years from now all regrow and look beautiful again.

    2. This is an unfalsifiable hypothesis. If there is a hurrance, they say it's human caused climate change, if there's wild fires, they say it's human caused climate change, if it gets to hot, to cold, to snowy, a big storm, a little storm, a Tsunami, all of it is being blamed on climate change, and if there's nothing? Just wait something will happen, and it will be human caused climate change. This means no matter what they've made human climate change an unfalsifiable hypothesis.

    3. The climate has been changing since the earth first formed in 4.4. billion years ago. Look at the Roman Warming Period, and the Medieval Warming period which the latter was as warm as it is today. Than we had a mini ice-age in the 1500s where it got real cold and than we've been heating up ever since, (been heating up before the industrial revolution in the 1800s). You also have the Tsunami's that wiped out the Mongols twice when they tried to invade japan. There has and will always be bad weather.

    4. There is no doubt that the Co2 is rising in the atmosphere, but since we're talking about planet earth there is no way to separate and have a controlled variable. So how can we discern between natural warming, and human caused warming? We can't. Since we can't separate that, we don't know how much we are actually contributing to global warmth.

    5. You can't fix this problem, I'm sorry coastal areas. The Arctic will continue to melt even if we removed all Co2 from the atmosphere, because remember planet earth doesn't care what you want. It will warm up if it wants, so expect those icebergs to keep melting for the next thousand years, till we have another ice age. You're probably going to want to build some retaining walls for the ocean, shouldn't be to expensive for the big cities in the flood zones.

    5a. The number two Co2 producers are China and India, and they aren't planning on changing to more eco-friendly methods. They've said they will so that they will please the hounds begging them to improve, but they never signed anything specific. I guess you can declare war on them if we care about it that much but that seems counter effective, to the save the earth sorta gig going on.

    6. Remember that all the hollywood fokes and everyone one these talks show and stuff drive their lambo's, which are gas gobblers, and they also all have their private planes which are also gas gobblers, heck even your english teachers and history teachers drive cars which are probably gas gobblers and contribute to the atmosphere. (Yes there are those who drive Tesla's but not everyone lives in california.) So the next time you here a politician criticizing you for being a terrible addition to the environment remember that there are 12 fingers pointing right back at them, because 90% of these gents are very hypocritical (-except tesla users, although they still use planes, so I guess not).

    7. If you truly want a solution, understand this you cannot get rid of Co2, it's inevitable like thanos level of being inevitable, especially with those other countries producing even more Co2 than us. Hollywood and politicians realize this, so they will continue talking about climate change as a political gain, they want more attention, therefore more funding, therefore they get whatever they want, most likely either power, or connections. A better solution would be to allow for the free market to create. Once someone has created a gas engine(-Co2) or an electric car that is BETTER than a gas vehicle, ex: Cold Fusion(That would be amazing). Than you guys can solve this perceived problem because Russia, China and everyone will willingly give up old tech, to embrace the new. This applies to all problems, to like plastic pollution ect.. Let capitalism find a solution, it will in due time even if it doesn't seem like it.

    8. If you wish to criticize this statement of mine, I would appreciate it if you didn't just talk about my spelling, or me being a brainwashed, turtle killing terrible human being. If you want to fact check me I'll gladly provide my sources, some of my statements are estimations. Have a wonderful day human beings 😉

  7. "Climate change" is pure bu** sh**. It is not "climate change" that is the problem it is "political change" and "political control" by the Elders of Globalism that is the problem. I'm much more concerned about the Democratic/Communist Party Leftist scum that is trying to take over America than the "climate change" hoax. Educate yourself:

  8. Australia has a extreme arsonist problem! Fake news channels are spreading lies saying it's global warming! Global warming lies spread like wildfires!

  9. This is of course a lie. Im glad the fires are burning. I hope the fires spread. As long as millenials are setting fires to prove global warming im happy.

  10. Michael Mann is a liar. Here's Australia's official precipitation graph for the last 120 years. You can see that it is getting WETTER over time (see replies):

  11. *2:08 What is there to do by all viewers? Not contribute to the number 1 source of an industry that pollutes, kills by the trillions, and sucks the freshwater off whoever really needs it- The animal agriculture. All viewers should BE VEGAN!&

  12. In many places around the planet we have coal, which comes from forests fires in the past, nothing changed if we have forest fires today. Humans cannot induce any climate change, climate is fully controlled by the activity level of our sun nuclear reactor which emits electric charges to all planets of our solar group.

  13. All these government and cooperation paid "experts"!!
    HAARP uses CO2 as cover!!! In Comparison with total Solar Radiation Heat upon the Earth, CO2 green house effect is like lighting a candle or at best fireplace to heat the EARTH house in winter of COLD SPACE!!! The SUN. The SUN, The SUN!!!

  14. How can you blame this on "climate change" when the greatest drought and wildfire season in US recorded history was in 1934? And the highest recorded temp OF ALL TIME on EARTH was 134 degrees way back in 1913?

  15. Climate changes in both directions, ice ages and warming. The hubris of man to think he can control the climate is unbelievable. It is a new religion.

  16. HUMAN CAUSED: This is NOT a natural disaster.This is NOT due to "climate change". This is due to some very evil people!! … Over 20 people are charged with ARSON and 180 arrested that caused these fires.

  17. hey how many years in a role has wild fires happen in Australia and Californ???i umm you guys know this planet fooks itself off every 10 to 15,000 years … go start with the rain forest in south America theyve cut down many more times the amount of rain forest land then fire burned in 5 months but the cut it qll down in 11 months,,,,

  18. I would think that, of the world, Australia is almost unique in the fact that it's trees and brush actually grow in a way that is designed to create wildfires rather than stop them. Look up eucalyptus trees in Wikipedia;
    " Wildfire is a feature of the Australian landscape and many eucalypt species are adapted to fire." Eucalyptus tree are highly inflammeable and there are controls on they're being planted in some countries.

  19. Humans know where to run. I feel so sad about these animals not knowing how to get away from these fires and dying! Oh my Lord I pray for you all and I would like to know if there is anything I can do for you Australia?? One billion animals dead! Oh no!! Can it really be?

  20. ww3 is coming and australia’s still on fire lots of shootings.. and lots of global warming look what we have done life was much better when we werent here! can we have a world with peace and can we all be together like if you

  21. Hey guys, there's a chrome extension called "Tab for a Cause" and every time you open a new tab, you get "hearts".
    These hearts are basically money made from the ads when you open a new tab, and you can donate to the Australia Red Cross and World Wildlife Foundation as well.
    Also, you can get 350 hearts every time someone clicks your link and starts using this extension.

    So here's mine;


    Please help! idk if this is legit but i'm doing it in case

    btw I'm basically copying and pasting this on every video I watch hehe
    spread awareness <3

  22. Look into climate manipulation. They’ve been doing it since the 40’s. Climate change is being done through the government. They literally modify clouds in the sky.

  23. Operation popeye. America used weather warfare against vietnam. Stop being lazy people. Think retrospectively

  24. Human impact yes, arson. Australia has always been the dryest continent, other than Antarctica. Screaming climate change is silly. So what do they want. No coal? Rly think that these fires wouldn't happen. Someone wouldn't have started a fire in the dryest area? Your as stupid as the person who started the fire.

  25. Padre nuestro que estás en el cielo, salvador y vencedor creador de la tierra , cielo y universo te pido en este día que apagues el incendio y liberes a Australia de este infierno amén 🙏

  26. So climate change is responsible for the arsonists who started the fire and the overdevelopment of the areas where fires burned? I never knew!

  27. So we try to lower global warming then it's going to be global cooling. Then we would freeze. I think Earth just doesn't like us

  28. Ture, but its deliberate actions by those in power that are being called climate change. As long as the cabal is alive, this will only continue around the world.

  29. Just for everyones information. This fire was start by a Chinese company do they can illegally build on a private property owned by the Natives. To drive them out, the chinese started to burn parts of the land.

  30. Long dry spells, flooding, ect…The Earth's climate is changing…as it has many times before humans were involved. We and the rest of the biosphere will have to adapt. At least there will be more plants overall.

  31. BBC ,,CNN has been hostile and fake news on Great China -5,000 years old historical country.

    Australia also has been hostile and challenge our Great Chinese 1.4 billions of people's core interests ..and under pressure inept Trump USA orders
    China has the world largest water-tank airplanes – should we rescue Australia WILD FIRE our enemies ?….me NO

  32. Big business made billions out of carbon credits from global warming now we have global warming 0.2 or climate change I wonder how much they will make , oh well no shortage of free advertising with the brainwashed masses waving dead tree's ( placards ) around.

  33. How about the possiblity of people committing arson.
    I've heard there people being charged for arson.
    Perhaps all these fires are started by others so they can blame it on global warming so as to control people in some ways.
    What is true?

  34. It’s not climate change your brain dead wombats. 200 people have been arrested for arson. People are doing this. Also if the government allowed people to do controlled burns it would stop this fire, but no liberals are idiots.

  35. To all of you in the comment section

    Shut up. Arguing about climate change and politics isn’t going to do anything about it… if you want to help.

    Help fight the fires themselves.

  36. Look into the effects of all the nuclear weapons the US and Soviets have tested……..and then all the other countries…….. seriously it needs to be talked about

  37. Can these experts explain how the Black Friday Bushfire of 1939 was related to climate change? After all, same event. 20,000 km2 destroyed and 71 lives lost. No arsonists were atrributed to having started this fire. I will await their answer.

  38. LOLLL co2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere and man-made c02 is a fraction of that. "scientists"like this should be stripped of their degrees. Also there is no correlation between co2 levels and temps. More like the Greens have been against backburning , which hs meant some areas have not had undergrowth cleared for 20 years. Same story in California.

  39. 1851 fires in Victoria destroyed 1/4 of the state. No Idiots from the MSM and corrupt scientists to blame harmless co2 then.

  40. That is very interesting. All the main Media talking and blaming oil related and NO BODY is talking about the PEOPLE that start the F fire.

  41. Over 200 arsonists have been arrested in Australia. How is Michael Mann benefiting from telling these lies? He must be connected to some very crooked politicians that are waiting for a big pay day if they can pass the Green New Deal.

  42. Fake news again! It’s been reported that some people were the cause of some of these fire with arson , people playing with fire that started this sh*t!

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