Elizabeth Warren On Private Conversation With Mike Bloomberg During Debate | The Last Word | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren On Private Conversation With Mike Bloomberg During Debate | The Last Word | MSNBC

70 thoughts to “Elizabeth Warren On Private Conversation With Mike Bloomberg During Debate | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Oh my god I can't take this ….Bloomberg is clearly here to make everyone especially Warren evidently look better and somewhat electable because a month ago every democratic candidate was not electable.

  2. The Democratic Party is toast, finally, thank you GOD ! Lefties take note, WE the PEOPLE have no intention to let this USA become a Socialist/Communist state, pack up and go to some place where those thoughts are welcome and don’t come back…

  3. US Presidential Elections are, and have always been a "Dog & Pony Show" to convince the stupid american masses that they live in a 'Democracy'. Wake up sheeple you might learn something ?

  4. Pocahontas has a problem with the truth. She has no worthwhile ideas for the American people. She always wears the same clothes so I am doubtful if she even bathes.

  5. The only people that actually like this lying and pandering wackadoodle granny are other lying and pandering wackadoodle grannies. 🤣

  6. She and four other "Democrats" came out in the debate against democracy. They think your vote should not count and that party elites should choose the nominee. Bernie is the only one who supports the will of the people. #Bernie2020

  7. I'm sure she big with women and those that feel billionaires should be taxed more. How will she do with men? I won't vote for her and it's not a sexist reason…She just wants to give up too much. She will never get her agenda passed and will not affect the great change she and her followers are after. Which means she will be a one-term president (Bernie fall into this problem too) and we will have another Trump-like republican winning the White House again. Progress should be slow and steady not fast and furious. Bloomberg may not have done well in the debate but his policies and agenda for 2020 is what I like.

  8. Many moons ago, the old ones spoke of the Cherokee princess with the heart of a prairie dog.
    They said she would make words with the chief of the lollipop guild, and warn him to stop tricking her people with baskets of gold dust and trinkets.
    At least until the magic eye of the white man is no longer watching…
    Then her basket overflowed with wampum and they all drank firewater to celebrate.

  9. Liz got her inspiration for attacking Bloomy while on her spiritual vision quest in the desert after popping a short stack of peyote cactus buttons. That and the ancestral pull of the plains buffalo.

  10. I guess she was trying to get Mike to bankroll her Witches Broom Franchisee. Some have matching mini kettle options available..

  11. He isn't trying to buy the nomination, he's trying to take as many democratic votes as he can during the general election as a third party candidate. The rich looking out for the rich.

  12. waren has to cheak to talk about democrasy when she said if bernie gets the most votes and or delegates she wont support his nomination

  13. His ability to spend is not the mayor’s only argument. He was mayor of NYC. It’s shocking how campaigns without funding are always pointing fingers at well-funded campaigns that money is bad. When did success become a bad thing! Success is what America is all about. Go, Bloomberg, it's your money, spend it any way you want.

  14. "become human beings" What? Just because she points out he would be a dangerous leader… she can't talk to him? And this whole 'awwww humans' vibe is wrong headed and creepy. This is important.

  15. Warren Lies:

    . Lies about her Heritage
    . Lied about Bernie being sexist
    . Lied about not receiving money from Super PACs
    . Lies about fighting for Progressives ideas all her life, she was a Republican most of her life.
    .Lied about getting Fired for being pregnant while being a teacher.

    Elizabeth Warren has a lying problem.

  16. Newsflash: Just because Bloomberg is a billionaire, doesn't automatically place him in the "Arrogant, Trump-like Rich guy class".
    Bernie is a millionaire so that would make him at least somewhat arrogant right?

  17. As a former paralegal, the differences between on- and off-camera personalities in people comes as no surprise. I attended quite a few trials where my boss would be up there sparring with the opposition – think of it as verbal hockey. This going on for hours at a time – and then at the end of the day, these same lawyers would meet at a restaurant and I would watch them having a good time, talking about subjects in which they had a mutual interest, and NOT plotting out who was going to argue what like a producers meeting for a some Real Housewives episode.
    I think that the during-the-commercials conversation between Bloomberg and Warren is a healthy thing – we need more of this, and a WHOLE lot less of a baby-handed, thin skinned draft dodging pathological liar who couldn't handle someone trying to be helpful by saying "Uh, sir, your fly is down," and without thinking twice, would marshal all of the resources of the U.S. Government to bring them down. Oh yeah, and pardon every sleazy weasel who acts like him.

  18. She was paid very well by universities as a professor but wants the tax payer to pay the bill for student loans. She should get all of the universities that accepted student loan money to collectively pay the bill.

  19. Remember all the dooms day predictions from the demonrats and their partners in the media when Trump won the presidency? Let me remind y'all what they said…

    Trump will put us into an economic depression
    Trump is going to cause the stock market to crash
    Trump is going to start WW3
    He colluded with Russia
    He's going to take black and brown peoples rights away
    He committed a quid pro quo with Ukraine…

    None of this proved true and somehow we still have millions of idiots still believing these liars.

  20. We all know MSNBC has the audio but since it's not something that can be used to attack the left, "what were you guys talking about?"

  21. Just. answer. the question. The pointed question does not provide you more platform to sell yourself. "Please take the opportunity to share your political opinions" provides the opportunity to share political opinions…but that would represent normal human behavior. My apologies for assuming that a politician would perform such a travesty.

  22. If its not Warrens way than its not the right way, the voters decide who get to be President not money. If someone wants to spend their own money instead of panhandling on youtube ads who cares, America has the final say not you

  23. All of Bloomberg's donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Does anyone believe he donates for the good of the people? Sen. Warren showed her 'true grit.' The STEEL LADY is not going to stand by while the other candidates rely on innuendos to get their point across. At one of the last debates, she took on Sen. Bernie Sanders. Why? His campaign staffers saw her as a threat to Sen. Sanders's campaign. She made a comment to him, on-air, that she wasn't going to stand for it. Friends need to raise 'their' comments to each other, not staff members. Sen. Sanders did not apologize to Sen. Warren for this political tactic. Folks, it's politics. Sen. Sanders, you will hear more from Sen.Warren, the gloves are off. You showed her what is really important to you. THE BRASS RING. Folks, listen closely to the candidates. DECENCY WILL PREVAIL THIS TIME AROUND IF EVERYONE PAYS STRICT ATTENTION.

  24. Warren may have great ideas but she is not going to win against Trump. Trump is a monster and play dirty. How can Warren win against Trump + Putin???? If Bloomberg & Bernie or Bloomberg & Biden or Bloomberg &Warren are against Trump & Putin, there is a chance of winning. If not, we can cry together whenTrump is elected in Nov. it will be too late to do anything or to blame anyone. If Bernie wins the nomination and loses against Trump, there will be civil unrest

  25. Honestly, folks, you 'really' can't envision Sen. Warren speaking with Trudeau, Merkel, Xi, Sophie Wilmes, Belgium, Emmanuel Macron, France, Moustafa Madbouly, Egypt, etc. as she represents the U.S.A.government as the next POTUS? For a fact, she would definitely, as a world leader, relate with full sensible sentences, sophisticated, intelligent, dialog. LADIES, LET'S MAKE HISTORY!

  26. Hate the system that creates billionaires but the person should not be villified rather treated with as much dignity as any other human being. Elizabeth Warren didn't really answer his question.

  27. Elizabeth "fake Native American" Warren don't have a leg to stand on either. She lied about her ethnicity, made a career out of it. In fact, she came this far because of that lie. And she is someone who can lie about it and be proud about it. How else is she showing her face on TV these days? If I were her, I would have disappeared many months ago because of shame.

  28. Two repulsive disgusting commies/democrats and their degenerate lying spokesmen/propagandists lying every day to the ignorant, brainwashed youth in America just like Adolf hitler and Joseph Stalin did , wake up you fools and idiots , TRHE democrat party is the party of death and destruction

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