Elizabeth Drew On The ‘Honest People Trump Cannot Fathom’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Elizabeth Drew On The ‘Honest People Trump Cannot Fathom’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Elizabeth Drew On The ‘Honest People Trump Cannot Fathom’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. MSNBC never lies.nothing but straight facts up in here.trumps hurting people's feelings 😭😭😭 owww god.how will we live with all this truth and people's feelings get hurt.impeach him now before more feelings get hurt😭😭😭 I need to get to my safe space and hide.someone get greta the great she's our only hope.

  2. Witnesses, honest people = 9 more people who probably never listened to the phone call, never read the transcript, don't know the time line, and like almost every other witness is going off feelings (Orange man bad) and like 6th hand information that has been disproven as false by dozens of not hundreds of other media sources countless times already…

  3. When was the last time MSNBC made a mistake or even a made up lie that helped the Republican's? They do it every week for the Democrats! Any questions

  4. @5:37 She's absolutely right. These are people that serve the government. They do not serve we, the people. There is a difference.
    I do not like Trump but his bullishness provides a chance to see who is either self serving, serves the party or the serves government interests. These "civil servants" want him gone because he is in the way of their agendas. The idea that these people go into government cause they dont care how much money they make is absolutely wrong. You dont hear their names but most high level government officials leave office wealthier than they were before holding office. This wealth doesnt come from a government check so, where does it come from? Outside sources.

  5. Our beautiful America is being badly and sadly tarnished by the hate mongers….God help us, and especially our President Trump 🙏🇺🇸♥️

  6. This lady is amazing! She’s everything that Democratic Party is missing. They should be screaming everywhere all the wrongdoings by Trump from the moment he became a president till now. Let’s talk about still running his businesses which is unprecedented using his power position to grow his hotel real estate business all around the world.

  7. I think they should have such a long list of articles of impeachment that it takes them an hour to read them all out. Then watch as the Republicans vote against every single one of them.

  8. 0:18 I'm just curious, how do we know they are " testifying out of a sense of duty and rule of law"? How do you measure that compared to other motives such as dislike, disagreement, noteriety, or just partisan politics?

  9. Honest people don't hold secret hearings or block anyone asking legitimate questions. Malcolm X called democrats chumps and he is correct.

  10. Trump is creating enemies that could get him either locked up in prison for his natural life or killed
    I myself would prefer killed but natural life in prison will do

  11. Such a "show trial"
    This isn't even a court of law
    It's like Democrats vs Republicans
    Democrats are crazy for impeachment process without any Republicans.
    Who's your favorite President?
    Huge thank you to my loyal fans who were noticing my sudden unannounced stop at a hospital. They all loved me.

  12. psychopaths, such as Trump, cannot fathom what they do is wrong – because their minds are twisted and broken.
    the demented man needs to be yanked from office and is mentally unfit.

  13. Elizabeth Drew is a Old Quack… And has a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road. Obama / Clinton broke more laws than any one can count.

  14. Policy changes as does political direction. For those that cannot adjust, they may need to redirect their thoughts or leave. I worked for the government for forty years at a local level. Political direction was always changing, you learn to adjust. For those in Washington DC, there is a new policy, adjust or leave.

  15. For all of you that don't think all of this is just another pile of steaming dog do…. I need investors for my bridge to Europe.

  16. Big waste of time waste of money. Trump 2020. Everyone that speaks is doing it for their own gain, Listen to me and subscribe or Buy my book Etc

  17. To anyone in the future who cares to know about Trump,
    I am sure there are and will be more documentaries about the shady impostor life that only culminates in the White House.
    Trump's entire life has been a farse. Seriously, check it out. No time like the present for a broadcaster to put one out.
    Let them know who and what he was and still is. (although his mouth is his own worst enemy some I fear are deaf).

  18. Liberal delusion from too much MSLSD, fake news! One example, liberals believe in murdering babies in the womb, you can't believe anything they say! Liberal media, who have no honor, are truly enemies of the People! We hate the liberal press and love Trump!

  19. There should be a full list of crimes, and an impeachment article to match each offense. History must record this superidiot!!! His son and son-in-law should be in jail next to Manafort.

  20. " we don't know whether the information is inaccurate" remember that one Larry.
    In President Trump's second term he's going to drop the ban hammer on all this fake news MSM spin. Can't wait to see it.

  21. All of these boomers acting like it’s their tax dollars going to work in Trump’s plans. 😂😂😂 just goes to show how much of a joke MSNBC has become.

  22. Can you actually say anything at all. Absolutely infuriating listening to all this yapping without one thing of substance. Just name one other thing in this "wanton abuse". Just one. It's truly amazing how someone can talk this much without saying anything at all. It's the art of talking without talking. Back in high school my english teacher would call if "fluff".

  23. These people, witnesses, this network are seriously obsessed with absolute desired outcomes that are complete fantasy. This is so boring, childish and many of these people involved will regret the fact that Democrats have destroyed their own party and are some of the dumbest government and media people this country has ever seen.

  24. The top Democrats should go in front of the Supreme Court and ask for a speedy ruling. To fortify the separation of powers, to establish the crimes committed by this president, and lastly to determine his his relationship with Putin and Russia.

  25. "They can go in the private sector and make much more money" . They should pass that on to the Bidden clan , of course they would have to work .

  26. Networks are not mentioning the abduction of 5,500 children as high crimes. The result is preordained impunity for mass child abduction.

  27. This hole thing is bull droppings. The democrats make up stuff…turns out its a lie. Makes up more stuff…same ending. Moven the goal posts is abuse of our tax dollars. The democrats are holding America hostage and preventing America to grow better.

  28. Every one making these anti TRUMP comments should step back and learn the truth about the circus that is being put on.Here is one thing that people fail to understand , mainly because they don't want to know the truth,PRESIDENT TRUMP just as most all presidents before only more with TRUMP are under 24/7 watch by everyone from S.S ,MILITARY PERSONEL and even electronics.He is never alone even when asleep.This man took this job knowing what was going to happen and you can bet he has every little detail recorded for the right reason.As much as you people may dislike him or think he's bad hasn't stopped him from doing whats good for this country.Dont think for a second he can't pull up every breathing second since day1 on video , and this he has no control .But go on and believe the crap you are being fed by msm and the lies the rats keep throwing out or go on the net and search the truth out.The choice is yours.

  29. The Love of Israel includes all the following Realities… The Tip of the Transgender Spear into the heart of humanity…

    US Men's Soccer Team Wins Women's World Cup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CJLddxjDfA

    United Nations 2030 Androgynous Agenda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EapLBCg6rpc

    The Noahide World Order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfO-ujn0UD8&t=11s

  30. Good american show to the world again
    Amercan help american each own people . Now mr frank sal me to adam shiff for in politic .
    Hahahah good russia n noth korea can see n watching american clearly n clean .

  31. Too bad Epstein is dead; otherwise he could testify also, I'm sure he got his feelings hurt when Trump threw him out of Mar-a-Lago. Trump is such a meanie.

  32. Hilarious to see Democrats defend the honor of the FBI and CIA as of late 😆. The problem is PUBLIC SERVANTS have forgotten they're exactly that, SERVANTS of the PEOPLE not the other way around.

  33. Trump make america great again .
    Catch one women put n politic stable without feeding food n water n pull day by day years by years with fske post n lie to me .
    Will win n 6 years nothings .
    Now they know trump guilty but they help eachother n pull me in they are gang .
    How much i m said i did not interesting for work with trumo team gang country .
    I only want to go japan n work eith japan royal family .
    They lie me again n pull me in they are politic stable again for how many years did not know .
    Good noth korea n russia n world can see clearly how mr frank j trump work in politic .

  34. I love hearing “news” 🤣 🤣 stories from MSNBC, as it starts my day with a morning laugh 😂. It’s rather titillating!! Thanks! 😂

  35. "…the great danger is that the legacy of this period will be that Mr. Trump got caught doing one bad thing rather than that he abused power across the board and wantonly violated the Constitution."
    Well that's where you're wrong. The Internet exists now, and it will continue to exist as long as mankind does. Everything that happens now till the end of history will be recorded for all time. And Trump is no exception.
    Future generations will know exactly all of the crimes Trump has committed, that his family has committed. There is no erasing that now. Trump will go down in history as the WORST president this country has had prior to his time in office, and God willing afterwards as well. And there is NOTHING that anyone can do about it.

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