Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News Galnet News is Empty, Op: Ida at 100 & more | 14th of February 2020

Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News Galnet News is Empty, Op: Ida at 100 & more | 14th of February 2020

This is Witchspace news for Friday the 14th
of February 2020…. I’m CMDR Buur In this weeks news…
HEADLINES In-game Galnet News now has nothing on it….
Operation Ida repairs its 100th station And an Elite Dangerous Cmdr lands using only
his voice If you enjoy this video considering subscribing
and also click the little bell icon to make sure you don’t miss any of our future videos. Today the 14th of February 2020 marks the
one month anniversary of the last item of news posted on the Elite Dangerous in-game
news feed known as Galnet News. The news on galnet expires after a month and therefore
as a result the in-game news feed is now completely empty. In August last year Frontier announced that
the nature of the Galnet news feeds content would be changing with what they referred
to at the time as “off camera” stories disappearing. The term “off camera” was
used to describe stories that essentially added colour to the Elite Dangerous universe
but had no actual quantifiable or importantly viewable effect on the game world. In the August announcement Frontier said that
the number of Galnet news articles would be reduced overall but the stories that were
on the news feed would reflect something actually happening in the game …such as Interstellar
Initiatives, community goals, the release of new ships or modules or significant changes
to the narrative. At the start of January this year Frontier
announced that all their development efforts would be going into bug fixes, betas and fleet
carriers and as a result the cycle of interstellar initiatives and community goals would be put
on hold. This chain of events has led us to the point
we find ourselves at today where the official news feed in the game is now empty and devoid
of any news. What started as a revamp of the ingame news
system has, through circumstance, turned that revamp into a famine. Coupled with no concrete news on when interstellar
initiatives or CGs will return this unfortunate chain of events lends fire to the voices in
the community arguing that the game is devoid of content. Whilst a fair argument can definitely be made
for there being no new developer supported content in the game right now …it isn’t
true that there is nothing happening in the galaxy at all. It’s been our experience that there is almost
always something happening in the galaxy …albeit player driven, but it is quantifiable and
it is most definitely not “off camera” and seems a shame to us that Galnet News continues
to refuse to mark these events and shine it’s not insignificant light on them. As an example… we’d argue that at the
very least the next article that we’ve chosen to feature on this weeks Witchspace News is
a.) in universe and b.) newsworthy. An argument could be made for the 3rd article
as well. There are always community events in the Elite
universe, from organisations like the AXI, the Buckyball racing club, the Hutton Orbital
Truckers and Operation Ida to name but a few and it seems like a huge missed opportunity
to not feature those events in the game as a way of supporting both the events themselves
and the health of the game and it’s playerbase. These events and the community around them
are part and parcel of the weekly lifeblood of elite dangerous but it seems at the moment
it’s in spite of Frontier Developments not because of. Is this an oversight at FDev? …is this due
simply to staffing numbers? Is this part of some greater plan (that sadly isn’t shared
with the community at large)? Here at the Buur pit we think there’s a
plethora of news that could be filtered and then updated on the news feed and to ignore
it seems like a huge wasted opportunity. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Through the many cycles of the ongoing Thargoid
conflict numerous human settlements in the Elite Dangerous galaxy have been attacked
and taken offline. From the point where the Oracle, the first
station in the Pleiades region to be attacked, was set ablaze one player driven organisation
has risen to the top and dedicated itself absolutely to sourcing and delivering the
necessary freight to the damaged stations now dotted throughout the expanding conflict
zone. Operation: Ida is that organisation and they
have recently conducted their 100th station repair. Many of the stations have to be repaired
twice due to repeat attacks and a great number of the goods transported have had to travel
huge distances to reach their more distant destinations and yet Ida doggedly continues
to coordinate commanders and resources time and again to get the affected stations back
online regardless of the difficulty involved. There is a debt of gratitude owed by the entire
galactic community to the commanders of Operation: Ida whose tireless efforts over the last 3
years have ensured that whilst the Thargoids might be able to take ground from us …they
never keep it for long. If you want to get involved with Operation:
Ida then over to their website or Discord, both of which are linked below. CMDR Exigeous shared an incredible in-game
video this week that was part of a greater livestream featured on his YouTube channel.
In the video, Jerry Farris who suffers from the debilitating condition muscular atrophy
is shown landing his Asp explorer using nothing but his voice. The commander uses the software package called
voice attack that is popular with a large number of elite commanders who use it to interact
with various aspects of the game but his unique requirements mean he has taken that usage
to a whole new level using his own bespoke voice attack profile. The video is nothing short of astounding and
watching Jerry’s mastery of such a challenging game using nothing but his voice is something
that has to be seen to be believed. The video is linked below along with an archive
of the entire livestream featuring Jerry. Do give it a look. For more details on anything we’ve talked
about in the show this week then check out the video description below. If you enjoyed this video consider subscribing
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Thanks for watching! We’ll be back later this week with more
videos Until then ….o7 CMDRs
Follow the Greens on the way out and do keep clear of the toast rack
We very much look forward to seeing you next time.

60 thoughts to “Elite Dangerous: Witchspace News Galnet News is Empty, Op: Ida at 100 & more | 14th of February 2020”

  1. We do need more content or elite will die off, space legs, fleet carriers, hud color change, base building, on foot mining and an update to wings and multi crew so your crew actually feel like a crew and can do more then just shoot and sit there

  2. The problem with no dev driven content, or empty GalNet isn't for the CMDRs already playing for a long time – it's a huge problem for new CMDRs looking for things to do or just getting into the game. I wonder, even if they put the algorithm based News on hold, why there's not even an intern or social media guy being put onto generating articles for GalNet. It's all fine and good that there's player driven content (you know that I for one always rate that higher than the FDev content anyway), but it's like you said a huge missed opportunity to not use GalNet to direct CMDRs in that direction in lieue of more FDev content itself, especially with CGs also gone temporarily.

    Oh, I also land using my voice. Although it's mostly confined to swearing and shouting. 😀

  3. The development of this game is actually going backwards now… for pete's sake – it is hard at times not to believe fdev is trying to kill this game…

  4. I am on LS2 and the weekly Galnet news updates were very welcome. I think FDev has screwed the pooch on this one. As you say, played driven projects and initiatives not only make great news but bring the community closer as well. C'mon, FDev… get a clue.

  5. Pehaps we should take the initiative and submit news copy to FDev, maybe they get the point. AND while they are at it add more NPC chat, I'm sick of wedding barges and cruise update

  6. I find the background stories and lore are what help my imagination to bring the game to life.

    Strangely, the use of third party apps such as inara and eddb also bolster my view of realism as I'm sure real spacefarers would use all sorts of data feeds to help plan their missions

    It would be nice to see more FDev driven content but when I try to dream something up I seem to hit a wall as to what you can do with the game mechanics as they are.
    Mine it transport it map it find it or kill it. Introducing new innovative content is no easy task
    Why not conduct a poll of commanders to see if there are any brilliant ideas out there?

  7. All the news you’ll ever need from Elite you can get from the Burr pit with his unique brand of comedy thrown in to. Also comes with amazing visuals.

  8. Quite a dropped ball by the community manager(s?) on Galnet. I guess spending time mining twitter for screenshots is more important.

  9. It’s such a shame that FDev haven’t implemented player driven Galnet articles. It’s just leaving a plethora of creative content on the table. As always, an excellent video! Thank you for sharing all your hard work 🙂

  10. I fear it's too little too late for FDev. Fleet Carriers are soooo old news (Late 2017) that by the time it comes out, it will just be another grind fest. I hope FDev gets some better direction from the next 2020 update, or Dual Universe & Cyberpunk 2077 among others will completely bury the snooze fest known as Elite. A shame too, game has too much potential to be wasted. P.S what was the purpose of "Voice Narration" in Galnet, if they are just going to take it out in a year or less??? Who is running this shit show??? o7

  11. Utilizing GalNet as a means to give player driven events exposure is an amazing idea. There's a ton of opportunity with that. Wish FDev and their community management team would take advantage of it. I'm not programmer, but I dont see why this isn't happening currently. Either way, we totally make our own fun and laugh like a bunch of children the whole way. Love this game.

    Thanks for the news again, o7!

    (That was a smexy black viper there in the beginning btw XD)

  12. @The Buur Pit
    Regarding Ingame Community Driven Events: It is strange that Frontier won't acknowledge Major Community Groups and Events in the GalNet Feed or as part of the "off camera" stories. YET, They DO feature some of them in the Holo-verts found around stations! I know I've seen the Fuel Rats pop up on the bill boards, the other day I saw BuckyBall Racing advertised. And I think I may have seen the Hull Seals icon on an ad too?

    So they DO put some reference to them in a game. However, they don't seem to include Community Created Events in their GalNet "lore"? And the Community and said Events are really what make up ED as a whole! It's the VAST SPACE and the Semi-MMO Nature of it that bring real life to all the stars.

    I just want GalNet to be worth a darn, and for the Community to be properly acknowledged for the "Lore" itself IS creating.

  13. No matter how you spin it….the game is an ocean wide and an 1" deep in content. Daily numbers on Steam have dropped about 2k since the Jan patch from over 6K to down in 4K area. Once again FDev killed mining, as we all know…FDev, removes ALL forms of easy money making. I mean I am sitting here on youtube, cuz my mission target is 860,000ls….so about 20 real time minutes…cuz yeah, I have to go find something else to do while waiting. SO much fun.

  14. Totally agreed about Galnet and the missed opportunity to support player-driven community / activities. I used to really enjoy the "off camera" content, but I understand why they decided to discontinue it. Why they didn't replace it with notable player-driven articles instead? No clue. There's always a ton of stuff going on, including exploration expeditions. It could really foster increased exposure and participation in these things, if they supported it in galnet.

  15. I agree it's a big oversight by Fdev to not take onboard the real in-game news from the community. They have a wealth of resources they could easily utilize from the community if the higher ups would just stop being so tight and loosen up a bit!
    Another great news piece folks ő7

  16. Sweet FDL! I loathe what has happened to Galnet. I hope that it will be revived to its former glory after the next update.

  17. yes, this! I mean FDev have 'community managers' who could perfectly be the points of content for community organisation-driven events to submit proposed articles, then they get proof read and details checked and then post this stuff to galnet. Instead, in lieu of that we just get community engagement videos of them playing the game and evasively non-answering questions during the streams. No. That's not engagement or managing the community.
    Get on this fdev – no amount of new features (that we are all speculating on, often wildly and over-optimistically and probably ultimately disappointed with) will invigorate ED without involving the community things that happen all the time into the wider player consiousness. Jo Shmo player, should be able to start playing the game and see a vibrant list of news and articles in game, of things other players are up to… not just FDev rationed CGs and initiatives (which are always going to be 'samey' after a while). Let the community organisations do the hard work – you just need to proofread it and post. Come on community managers, demand this from your superiors… as a writer myself for a tech company I'd fight for this or quit in disgust.

  18. Regarding the "community" of Elite. Its funny that the "community" is mostly UK (and similar time zones) based, and people who live on the other side of the world are usually asleep (middle of the night) when these "community" events are held. However the most important thing that Fdev ("community" managers) missed out and had 5 years to do, is to nurture "communities" in these other countries so they too can create there own events. But the most important aspect that must be addressed, is that those in a "community" don't seem to understand that there are equally as many people (maybe more) who have no interest in being in a "community" and prefer to play the game on their own. Those are the ones that talk about there being nothing new in the game.

  19. I liked the Galnet when mining or jumping around. All that's left is the codex.
    Which I'm pretty sure they don't add very much to it over time 😔

  20. miss galnet news way can just put back way it was tell one thing not look forward two pay d.l.c just cant get it right
    if mess it up well hell two pay just how i see it ps still in joy u vidos keep up u good work

  21. Hand Galnet over to content creators . Galnet should be highlighting the Story, community and things going on throughout space , right…. Who does that better? ( Really, how hard is it for them to write background content ????? Especially if it doesn't affect game play. Or AT LEAST Power Play info !!. ) Maybe Operation Ida needs a Galnet Channel or Cannon, Definitely The Buur Pit…..!

  22. Honestly, Fdev are almost Disgraceful at this point.
    No communication with their Beloved community.
    Half-assed game content, if any.
    No excitement in their own game whatever,
    No empowerment or Respect to the player base who are literally spending hours of their own time to scrape some gameplay out of this game.

  23. Forgot to mention… The lead story this week was highlighted by the excellent Galnet News Digest from Cmdr Wotherspoon.

    If you're not sub'd already do give him a look: https://youtu.be/1We1HfDAnDE

  24. ED makes good videos…but lately he is soooooo freaking pessimistic.

    The Pilot brings up Player based economy ED flips and makes 1 argument the whole time"if they add stuff like that I would quit the game forever" umm ok?

    Then this week he talks about a in game player group and someone mentions Console and ED shits all over the idea of players using consoles…honestly its kind of annoying' as a Console players not all people can afford a $700-3000 PC!

    Personal I wish more content creators would keep their personal opinions to themselves, not everyone is loaded or has unlimited money…some people struggle just to get by…some people actually enjoy playing ED on consoles or any game due to thats literally all they can afford! Sorry for the Rant, keep up the Great work @Buur Pit

  25. Great content as always guys, I get more story content by watching people like yourselves. FDev lit would seem like to hide behind the statement that we the players make the story, not them and it's up to us to make the game what we want it to be. To me that's an easy cop out.

    I have a question for the folks at the Buurpit, a serious one. Do you guys have regular contact with someone at Frontier who answers the questions you asks them or engages with you in conversation? The reason I ask is when others ask questions you most often get ignored and Frontier aren't exactly renowned for being forthcoming with information. The question I would like you guys to ask if you do ever have a chance is are all the original ships from Elite 1984 ever going to be brought into the game at some point? Personally I think it would be great for all us old timers to have them in game.

    Cheers guys.

  26. Excellent vid as always! I've got to agree with you about the missed oportunity with Galnet. What better way to advertise the commander driven events to new players than through Galnet. Its the first place new people will look! Wake up Fdev!

  27. For a game that relies heavily on the player base to make gameplay interesting they should really take more notice of that resource

  28. what on earth are they playing at, player driven fun has been the only events happening in this game for the last 2 years, why on earth they don't embrace these things, do they really want to clear the game of cmdr's , I used to be a white knight but am now broken

  29. I personally think they are stripping the game back as much as possible before the new update to come this year lets hope it is something good and just not another disappointment.

  30. You know what, I play regularly as an explorer and hadn't even noticed that GalNet News is empty. That's how relevant it was to me.

  31. Developer of new content i.e. fleet carriers is not the same people who creates galnet news. Two different jobs roles. They've basically sacked or moved on their creative writers.

  32. So…all of the Dev's got pulled to work on bugs, fixes and fleet carriers…that's just wonderful. Listening to the "news" while I'm out exploring was…WAS…a nice way to pass some time while out in the black. I'm willing to bet that FDEV will slip the carrier release date to Q4. The lack of news from FDev is my biggest gripe. They routinely set achievable goals and then fail to meet them…all thrust, no vector.

  33. FDEV could easily setup a web page form where people could submit their news events to them. And, that could easily be tied into the Galnet DB. They'd just need one person to approve or deny submissions. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  34. What they should do is ask to put your news vids on it just as audio though this would eat into YouTube views and income so I would understand if you were against it

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