E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes | CA Divya Bansal

E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes | CA Divya Bansal

E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes

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  1. Mam i want to know ur proffessional tricks….how u become so proffessional and knowledgable….please tell ur articleship , study and other background which helps u to b so much proffessional….please😊

    8 minutes ago
    मैडम जी अगर retail sale में एक motar cycle सेल करते है जो की 50 हज़ार से ऊपर है और गहाहक अपने आप ले गया चला कर तो क्या उस का वी eway bill बने गा जा नहीं ! दूसरी बात हमारा motar cycle का distibouter हमारे city से 20 klm.दूर है हम उस distibouter के निचे डीलर है बो distribouter हम को 5 motar cycle का invoice बनाता है हमने कहा की बाई हम अपने motar cycle by रोड चला कर ही ले जाए गे हमे आप की ट्रांसपोर्ट की जरूरत नहीं है keu की आप की ट्रांसपोर्ट का खर्चा बहुत जिआदा है तो मैडम जी इस पोजीसन में eway bill कैसे बने गा eway bill ट्रांसपोर्ट detail मांगता है ! तीसरी बात मैडम जी freight पर tds मैडम जी कितने freight के ऊपर tds काटना होता है और किन को काटना होता है prop. फर्म वी काट सकती है अगर काट सकती है तो कितनी tornover के ऊपर काट सकती है

  3. who will generate e way bill? where more than 4 parties are involve in a single transaction "bill to" and "Ship to" model?
    Exp….1. "A" is a supplier of Orissa, "A" issued a tax invoice like wise..Bill to.."B", Account "C" ship to "E"..Here "D" is the party who has place order to Party "C' for "E". (Other than "A" all other parties are from one state "WB". my question is whether these transaction is a valid or not? if it yes, than who will generate the e waybill?

  4. Madam ji, नमस्ते,video मे आपके समझाने का तरीका बहुत ही अच्छा है,बिना पूछे ही आप सबकुछ बता देती है।मैं आपकी सभी video देखता हूं उससे मुझे gst के बारे में सभी प्रश्नो का समाधान हो जाता है,औऱ gst का कार्य करने में आसानी हो जाती है।धन्यवाद।

  5. Ma'am, if movement is caused by unregistered person ( by own transport OR through transporter) to unregistered person, WHO shall generate E-WAY bill?
    unreg person can also generate?- second proviso Rule 138(3)
    Pls reply

  6. MAM agar hum Kisi bhi bill ko waybill portal main cancel karte hain to ush bill ko sales voucher se bhi cancel karna padega kya.

  7. E way bill third party ko darect ban Gaya hoto 2nd party ko bill ke Sath eway nikalna padega it's agar Nahi banate to bill ka kya hoga

  8. More than Rs. 50000/- Material has sold on credit but has refused the material. How it can be rediverted to consignor or be dispatched to Unclaimed goods department for further disposal by transpoter

  9. Mam, can we claim refund of the penalty if both transporter and consignor have paid the penalty for same e-way bill offence

  10. Since last few weeks in ewaybill portal, new dialogue box comes now that if prefix to Invoice like 0, / or — are there it shall be removed while generating Part A. So query is is it ok and valid or one has to remove the prefix in original Invoice? If later, then entire series is changed. Kindly advise. Customer care has no reply presently. So either Supplier and Transporter takes risk or Business has to be stopped ?

  11. Goods party ko delivery ho gyi h, e way bill bhi dia, and invoice m rate difference k reasons se invoice modification karna h, kya m kar sakta hun??

  12. Main aap e way bill k all function (all "heads" ) ex:- create cancel reject & masters k all head p video banaea maim


  13. Hello mem i am regular view of our vedio all vedio are very useful and nolegebale…
    But i wave one question
    I have business and use BUSY accounting basic softwear … It is note good working in gst…
    Pl suggest me any other accounting software from you my whatsapp number is 9421 955 185

  14. यदि eway bil ख़त्म हो जाये or गाड़ी रस्ते may he ho to kya salution ho setkta h

  15. I m working in MNC.
    Isn't required to generate way bill from airport to our godown, in same city . Distance is appx. 20 kms.

  16. Can you please tell me how to E way bill Edit or delete threw GSTR-1..I hamble request For u please reply me

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