Drake is Suing Woman He Slept With on Tour

Drake is Suing Woman He Slept With on Tour

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! (upbeat music) ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Come on, you need it ♪ ♪ Say it like you mean it ♪ ♪ Just shout it out ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) So all’s I’m saying. (woman chuckles) Thank you for watching our show today and please say hello to my one of a kind, oh so unique co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’? Well rested so let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) You know, Drake is real talented, but I don’t know what kind of dumb bell he is behind the scenes with regarding his love life. (audience groans) Honey, the latest is the greatest. Listen, there is this woman who is suing Drake, claiming that he got her pregnant. (audience groans) He’s suing her. Excuse me, he’s suing her. (audience groans) This woman is claiming that he got her pregnant and that she’s trying to assort him and then accused him of rape. (audience gasps) Before I show you her picture, (audience giggles) let me just say that Drake has always been very specific. He likes a gigantic behind and he likes well appointed breasts, and a very small waist in between. Might I present to you, Layla Lace. (audience groans) (audience giggles) Miss Lace is a mother already but, Drake met her apparently and got it on with her, Layla, during his tour in England last year. (audience groans) Drake alleges that she was upset because he sent her on her way the next day. In my mind, I’m like Drake, what part of next day don’t you understand? They’re people that you hit and quit quick. (audience laughs) It’s not the ’70s and God knows the STDs out here, everything like that. If you know that somebody’s only with you for a moment, then dismiss them. They’re not to go in your mini bar, they’re not ordering room service afterwards. Even women understand that. Ladies, do you understand that? (audience cheers) Do you understand that? Man, on account of there’s so many women on tour, I know you understand it too. When we’re done with you, bye. Layla sent Drake tons of messages on text and Drake stopped responding. At first, he was responding a little bit, but this is what this girl wanted. They wake up in the morning and she’s like, so what are we doing today? He’s like, my tour is continuing. (audience laughs) Bye. (audience laughs) And so, she got it all messed up. She figured a night with Drake is supposed to be on tour and around the world. This is what this Instagram has got everything so twisted. It’s got everything so twisted. It makes everybody think that there’s certain lifestyles that are being led that they really aren’t. Layla, you were a hit and quit. (audience giggles) Apparently, soon after when Drake stopped responding to her, she went on Instagram and said she was pregnant. (audience groans) See, she didn’t do that right away. Then she went on my friend Jazzy Bell’s radio show on XM and continued to lie, as far as I’m concerned. Go!
(audience groans) How sure are you that you’re pregnant by Drake and not somebody else? Let me tell you something, (woman chuckles) and I’m gonna just make this clear. I know who I sleep with unprotected, period. It’s 100% sure, he knows it. At the end of the day, Imma just leave it at that. (audience groans) (woman chuckles) Drake, the whole world is laughing at you. (audience laughs) Girl, nobody believes you. (audience claps) And a few people in my Hot Topics meeting this morning were like, why would Drake even get with a girl like that? Some of the sensible ones including me said, why not? It’s late in the night, he’s feeling a ways, maybe he wants to be topped off. (audience laughs) This girl is standing there. It’s not like you have to look at her or know her name. Obviously he doesn’t use condoms. We’ve heard that before from the French lady who has his baby who he doesn’t see. French lady, you’ve got nothing on the behind of that new one though. (audience laughs) Oh my god. (audience claps)
(woman chuckles) Drake is saying, I got you pregnant? Well I’m asking for a paternity test. Then she went silent, then she went silent, (audience groans) but she didn’t stop. Then, she called the cops. (audience groans) Note, check. Then she called the cops and told them Drake raped her. (audience groans) Drake, how many times does Bell Biv DeVoe have to say it? You can’t. (audience cheers) Right! That girl is poison. Drake is still living his best life though. You know he comes from dorkis means. He was the kid in the wheelchair on Degrassi High. (audience laughs) In my mind, those kids were all raised kind of like Disney kids. Sequestered in Canada and not really knowing much about the world. Then all of a sudden he gets a hit and he’s surrounded by Black people. (audience laughs) Then he’s in New York and he’s like, okay. Wif. I grew up saying with, but okay, wif. Okay, I’ll say wif.
(audience laughs) Wif. Who you wif? (audience laughs) Instead of who are you with. Drake was interviewed by the cops and he was cleared. Drake is suing this girl. I think that she should be sued. (audience claps) It’s not even about money. It’s about the shameful thing that she’s trying to do. It’s really easy to put certain people in a certain light and you just can’t walk around doing this. Girl, we are watching this story and Drake, good luck with your case and you need to start wearing condoms with everyone. (audience claps) So you know that Hollywood director, Glenn Weiss, who became the overnight celebrity after the big proposal at the Emmy’s, which the ratings were down by 10% so I don’t know who watched. (audience laughs) I wasn’t watching. Ironically, the one time I did change to them, that’s what I saw right here. I’m like, what the cornball is going on? (audience laughs) What is going on? What is happening? This is not happening at the Emmy’s. It’s happened a couple of times here at Wendy. I don’t even like it then. I play along, but those public proposals to me are so corny. We just had one towards the end of last season. I actually lost a tear. (audience laughs) Only ’cause I’m like, is this what it’s come to? (audience laughs) I don’t like public proposals. I think that’s something very personal and when you do it on a grand stage, then you’re forced to be together forever. I will never accept Glenn and his woman divorcing ever, ever. You wanna do this on the Emmy’s? Alright, then you ride out. Ride out.
(audience claps) Apparently, I’m not the only one disgusted by this public display. (audience laughs) I’ve been consistent all 10 years that I’ve know you, plus the years in radio. I’ve always said I do not like public displays so I’m consistent. This guy, Glenn, has two daughters. A 17 year old and a 21 year old and they were at home watching the Emmy’s and that’s how they found out they were about to have a step-mom. (audience groans) Selfish Glenn. (audience laughs) They felt completely left out, completely blind sighted. I would too. There were some people in our Hot Topics morning meeting who were saying, the girls’ 17 and 21. That’s grown. Your parents are allowed to go on and live their own lives after you all are grown. I said, no. Even if you’re 35 and your parent is 85, if they’re getting engaged, put me down before you lay down. What was going on?
(audience claps) What is going on? At the very least, we need to know how many ways we’re splitting the money (audience laughs) upon Glenn’s demise. Good luck Glenn and… Jan. Jan. (audience laughs)
(audience claps) Now, you better get married, you better follow through with this, and you better never get a divorce or else we’re all gonna say. (woman humming)
(audience humming) (audience clapping) My people. (woman chuckles) I’m at home doing stuff. No! Rest in peace The Chew. I mean, watching The Talk because I wanna see the Julie Chen message video that she sent and they made us wait for 58 minutes, all the way ’til the end of the show. Anyway, here’s her video message. Take a look. I have been at The Talk since the day it started nine years ago, and the cast, crew, and staff have become family to me over the years but right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son so I’ve decided to leave The Talk. I wanna thank everyone at the show for the wonderful years together. I will always, always cherish the memories we shared. I send you my love. I will miss you all very, very much. It’s nice to know she watches Hot Topics. (audience laughs) Where I said she should quit, she’d be a distraction. She ended up crying towards the end but in my mind, those weren’t tears because of the crew. Rambo, Julie Chen doesn’t care about you. You know what I’m saying? She doesn’t care about you, but I do. (audience claps) Do you know what I mean? Rambo’s been with me for 10 years and at least 100 pounds between the two of us we’ve lost, and kept it off. (woman chuckles) Good for us Rambo. (audience claps) In my opinion, she wasn’t crying because of the cast and the crew and the staff and stuff. Wah, wah, wah. She was crying because now she has to go back to that compound and deal with that man and try to keep her son out of it. There is no compound to me that’s big enough. I don’t care if they have a 28 square foot mansion. I think I’d stay in the hotel. I would stay in the hotel. I would bring my son to the hotel, although that would make him feel weird. Oh no, I have to stay at home so everything feels normal. Dammit Les. You messed this up for all of us. (audience laughs) By the way, one of the most distracting things to me was that they had Carrie Ann Inaba in the Julie Chen seat, and then Julie Chen shouted out to Carrie Ann in her overture saying her Asian sister. I’m not Asian, but for a moment I was. (audience laughs) For a moment I was thinking, why do you think you have to replace her with Carrie Ann Inaba who’s qualified to judge on Dancing with the Stars, but she’s not a qualified talk show host or panelist. What was the purpose of her being there? It’s not necessary to replace an Asian with another Asian. You don’t have to call up Lucy Liu, or Margaret Cho, or Sandra Oh. (audience claps)
You don’t have to do that. If they get rid of Sheryl Underwood, you don’t have to call up another Black person. You call up a qualified person. Besides, Eve has got it locked down for the Blacks. Now if you got rid of Sheryl Underwood and Eve at the same time, then maybe you need a Black person but, all in all, I don’t know what will become of this show. You know what I think, I think that she might’ve had Carrie Ann Inaba in her seat because she knows Carrie Ann Inaba is not qualified to be a talk show host thus, spelling the demise. Yes, yes! If I can’t be there, let them be canceled. (audience claps) So she’s gonna continue on Big Brother and that doesn’t bother me because Big Brother has nothing to do with her other than reading a teleprompter of exactly what she’s supposed to stay and the stars of the show are the people in the house. I’m not mad at Big Brother. There were people in our Hot Topics morning meeting that are mad at Big Brother. Norman was one of them. (man laughs)
(audience laughs) You said she needs to go. I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna stand in my truth. I did say this. If she is standing and supporting someone who’s pretty much, in my mind, convicted in my mind of sexual assault, if she’s supporting this, then I don’t wanna see her on TV. (audience claps) I don’t really much care because you know how many creeps and weirdos you look at on TV everyday and they have not been discovered yet for their creepiness and weirdoness? Believe me you, believe me you. (audience laughs) Anyway, Kanye is moving back home to Chicago. Well he made this big overture on Monday. (woman burps) (audience laughs) Sorry. That he wanted to move back to Chicago permanently and he says this on the stage in front of everybody in Chicago. So now everybody in Chicago’s gonna expect him to be moving back home permanently. He’s also moving his Yeezy offices he says from Calabasas to Chicago. Plus, he’s gonna setup some grandiose recording studio. He’s moving his life to Chicago. That’s easy to say shy. Don’t get too hopped up on Kanye actually being there more than 10 days a year. I’ll tell you why. He’s a man of means. They own a whole bunch of different properties. When you’re Kanye West, you’re always out in LA, you’re always in Paris, you’re always in Istanbul, you’re always doing something so he’s not really going to be in Chicago so that’s easy for him to say. A nice overture. (audience claps) He’s lied to us before. He said he was teaching an art class. (audience laughs) He’s not teaching an art class. He also said that Kim was in law school. (audience laughs) Now honey. Don’t get too excited Chicago. Just know that he’s still from Chicago and by him being there, maybe that’ll increase something there in Chicago, but he’s not gonna be there on a full-time basis, mark my words, and I don’t picture Kim in Chicago. What is this, the Miracle Mile? (audience laughs) Oh my gosh, it’s so much better in Beverly Hills. Kanye, do I have to get out? I don’t even have a coat. Do I have a coat? Come on North. Come on Chicago. Come on! This is your city! (audience laughs)
(woman chuckles) How many women in my audience, my co-hosts, are wearing shapewear? Clap. (audience claps) Okay. Is that a bad word to say ’cause I suspect at least twice as many. (audience laughs) You know that I’ve never been part of the shapewear movement. I just find it to be tragically confining. The one time that I did try, this is years ago when they first started, the one time I did try, what I found is that it was easier just to let myself go under the shapewear. I felt fatter with the shapewear than just working my own stomach muscles and just do it myself. Plus, the smell! (audience laughs) When you have to go to the bathroom, what do you do? Then when you’re on a date, he’s gotta peel all of that off? Nothing is spontaneous. You do what you wanna do girls. I’m just gonna tell you this. I don’t subscribe but this female blogger got a pair of shapewear and it’s gone viral. Millions have seen it. Just take a look at her. Just. Pull. I’m falling out of breath. Oh my (bleep), I’ve ripped it. (audience laughs) That’s not funny. It’s (bleep) stuck. Kids! Can you come and help mommy? (audience claps) And she calls for her children. It was only supposed to be a skirt shapewear. It ended up being way up here. I love this show. We’ve got more for you today. Turn it up! (audience cheers) More, more! Up next, musical superstar Macy Gray is here, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) ♪ How are you doin’ ♪

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  1. Tbh. Drake can do what he do. Same for the girls. Just because you slept with a celebrity doesnt mean its a relationship. That person should know better. A hoe will use rape as an excuse to be a gold digger. JS

  2. Make up your mind Wendy you said that the purposal was the most exciting thing about the Emmys that everyone needs to just allow them to have there moment and now your saying this….wow.

  3. Their needs to be some change to the law about rape, it’s too easy to accuse men on this crime, even if they didn’t do it.

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  6. I’m from The Chi & believe me we do not want Kanye & his circus fam coming to live here. Cali you can keep him! We don’t want there here full-time, part-time, just
    NO-TIME! Stay away!

  7. I'm not surprise…. they love these hoes and put them on a pedal stool, I don't feel sorry for him…he knew what he was getting his self into, he like those kind of woman….she about to get paid!!!! Or she about too like dumb…Lol

  8. Drake is dumb af for even having sex with ANY woman without condems. Talk about std central! All those random groupies.

  9. Wait a minute Wendy she said he raped her doesn't that mean he did I mean that's what the left wing side thanks right all you have to do is state it and it's true but a fucken losers you people are and all those seals in your audience clapping their flippers

  10. it is always the people who lives a miserable life, that tries to pull others beneath them to feel better about themselves.
    smh, such a shame

  11. I can't stand women like that girl who slept with Drake. Women like that do all other women a disservice. People don't trust the MeToo movement, and legitimate victims like Dr. Ford precisely because of women like her.

  12. As a rape victim, this is disgusting and shameful what this girl has done. THIS is why women who are sexually assaulted are treated like they are liars, this is why women who are sexually assaulted do not tell the police. #disgusting

  13. Wendy is still wearing that Old Navy shirt from years ago. I remember wanting to get the shirt, then I decided to pass. Tripped me out to see Wendy wearing one days later.

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  16. Ladies, STOP WITH THE BUTT INJECTIONS. Layla is gonna get herself killed or seriously injured. And it don't look cute. And jesus, where in the hell does this woman buy her pants? Nothing is gonna fit. Cuz that is so ridiculously unnatural

  17. Surely women must realise that rich, famous men can pick and choose which women they want! Too many women are happy to have a bit of fun and then expect to be kept afterwards! It is really sad when they crawl out of the woodwork years later, making nasty allegations, with dollar signs in their eyes!

  18. Turns out it’s you Wendy that needs time off. Also I hope the cameraman didn’t snort that weight off like judgmental Wendy

  19. It's march 21 and I am watching Wendy from last year sept, I realize now with her being in a sober house and all, that there may be the dreadful end of the show one day depending on how she is doing with sobriety, health, and relationship woes. I hear he is a jerk big time. I am so worried about you Wendy I just have all the Wendy shows on repeat from the past if you quit so thank you for these. I get so sad thinking about it. I love you Wendy!! You are so funny I love it. I just get you.

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    I truly respect her resilience ❤️

  23. Drake is turning out to be another R KELLY!! Black men please start treating black women right or leave them alone!!

  24. Wendy the comment about Drake and his acting friends is so completely wrong it just shows how ignorant and uneducated you are. Canadians are more well educated about other countries then the US it's actually mandatory to learn about them in school. 👓 And yes we have lots of African Americans here more than European countries. Can't believe your show hasn't been cancelled with all this untruthful and gossiping information. 👓

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  28. Before people dismiss this incident, remember that the woman(Layla) claimed that drake forced her to do oral and forced her to spit in a cup and then proceeded to pour it all over her face. She even claimed she had audio and text proof of the incident but they told her he couldn't be indicted without 100% proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, there is a second woman who accused him of rape. A different woman filed a law suit against him claiming he and future planned for her to be sexually assaulted by his bodyguard backstage. Lastly, Drake celebrated the release of, and is friends with a human trafficker named baka not nice.

  29. Wendy is a hater let them old people be engaged and love each other! She’s just mad cause her shared man isn’t romantic w her

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