Don’t Expect Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News Show  to Air Another Week | THR News

Don’t Expect Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News Show to Air Another Week | THR News

– Following her suspension,
Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday night
Fox News show will not appear as scheduled
for a second straight week.
According to the network’s
online programing calendar,
instead of Justice with Judge
Jeanine, Fox News will air
Scandalous: The Trial
of William Kennedy Smith
at 9 pm on the East Coast.
Pirro, as first reported by CNN,
and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter
has been suspended for
making these comments
on her March 9th show
about Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar.
– Is her adherence to
this Islamic doctrine
indicative of her adherence to Sharia law,
which in itself is antithetical
to the United States Constitution?
– Fox News has not confirmed
Pirro’s suspension,
and when asked last weekend
about the preemption,
a network spokesperson said,
“We are not commenting on
internal scheduling matters.”
A network spokesperson
didn’t respond when asked
on Thursday about Saturday’s
planned preemption.
According to The Washington Post,
President Donald Trump spoke with Pirro
before tweeting on Sunday March 17th
that Fox News should “bring
back Judge Jeanine Pirro”
and “fight hard for Judge Jeanine”.
Pirro’s long been close
friends with the President
and the Trump family.
The President’s strong backing of Pirro
has put Fox News in somewhat of a bind,
considering the influence
that the President has
over the network’s viewers.
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15 thoughts to “Don’t Expect Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News Show to Air Another Week | THR News”

  1. Judge Jeanine speaks for the average American citizen. Why support anti-Semitic rhetoric from an elected Congress woman over a patriotic American? Judge Jeanine speaks the truth and is punished for speaking out. Why would Fox punish the honorable Judge? I am just an average American.

  2. I heard Judge Jeanine and Tucker Carlson are moving over to one American News isn't that wonderful goodbye fox pull the plug

  3. For 2 straight weeks we boycotted fox for knuckling under to the Islam terrorists that have infiltrated our government.
    omar is a terrorist.

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