Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump’s ‘Decapitation Of His Own Intelligence Community’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. We the people are letting this thugs, racist, run our country. Terrible. Obviously there above the law. The system does not work.

  2. Trump has just appointed a non qualified loyalist to lead intelligence.
    Aprox 17 agencies who are the country's first defences against a foreign power interference.
    Next he will appoint a man like the killer, madman and Trump loyalist Eddie Gallagher ,whom Trump pardoned and exhonerated weeks ago ,to lead both military and police.
    Laws and rules will change and defiance will include Corp martial, punishable by imprisonment or firing squad and they'll weed out all non Trumpers . At this point the military and police will be told to punish Trump's critics and opponents . Freedom of speech will be terminated and people will be charged as traitors if they don't support the president. That's all it takes !
    One more appointment ! That's how it's done ! In banana republic, In Russia and in every country who's leader turned dictator ! It took Vladimir Putin 4 years!
    Trump can do it in less !
    Once police and military members realize that no one is there to protect them or their families from presidential assault , then they become an army against the people.
    We are there now but Corp martial hasn't yet been exercized …only firings so far.
    Trump must be stopped .
    It is no coincidence that democratic countries vote in a new leader and the leader turns the military against the people. It was planned and orchestrated just as it is happening here in the U.S.A…
    We're about to be policed and military controlled by our own elected dictator.
    Now even if the majority of police and military people wanted to defy orders , they would risk being charged and punished and their families…punished.
    And if it became a revolution that split the country in 2 , Russia would be asked to help the government, just as Syria's president Assad did.
    Are we too late ? Either we prevent it from happening or we go with the flow.
    As it is now , we are surrendering our democracy, our freedom and our country over to a handful of men whom we suspect as traitors to our system and country.
    Donald Trump , William Barr ,Jared Kushner and Richard Grenell , now control every important aspect of our country between them and we have no say ? Even though Trump and Kushner have been associated with a Russian assault against USA elections and have no qualifications , only criminal qualities and William Barr only shows blind eyed continous support of the president and now , a Trump loyalist with no qualifications is put in charge of all of our nation's security agencies.
    And yet no one speaks … We follow the law. Why ? BECAUSE that's democracy !
    Actually that's democracy leaving !
    By using our own moral beliefs and laws to enable them to make these changes, we are authorizing our own defeat. A defeat that will take away our democracy and lead to the fall of all democracies around the world.
    The wealth and power of the world will be controlled by dictators who don't respect human rights or life itself.
    That is their goal and their mission.

  3. Every socialist in the United States will be exterminated by the millions of true American Patriots and Warriors before this country ever becomes a socialist nation.

  4. This is just like when he edited the weather forecast with a sharpie, or forbade agencies to use terms like "climate change", or looked into having Mueller fired, or gagged the national parks service during the shutdown, or told everyone not to cooperate with congressional investigators. I'm afraid that most people in the US, even after all they've seen so far, still are not politically cynical enough to recognize Trump for what he is. Perhaps they would be if they had read the book "Last Train from Berlin" by Howard K Smith.

  5. Pur McCarthyism. Democrats launder US foreign aid through Ukraine to Democrat NGOs, then when caught, scream endlessly into the night everyone else is a Russian agent. Very sad to watch. Oh right, I don't watch.

  6. Most likely Putin prefers Trump because he knows how corrupt the past presidents have been n he knows that Trump is draining th swamp. Who wouldn’t want to deal with an honest American after having to deal with demons.

  7. Trump is the only president in history we know who got elected with the help of Russia! Of course Trump get angry when intelligence community tells the house the truth!!! He defends Putin at any cost!

  8. All msnbc and cnn do is try to find the next thing they can accuse our president of. Hopping, wishing, (not praying though, anything but that) and pushing to find anything.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣 we only have several investigations proving trump has nothing to do with Russia. But I guess MSNBC is the new Alex Jones show

  10. FAKE NEWS by the most anti government media channel. Nothing new here! The bottom of the barrel! Maddow needs to go! She is a demon!

  11. Without even watching this one can assume that it’s hogwash and libs will eat it up.

    Now, I can safely say that because it’s a repetitive pattern.

    Libs have fallen for it every single time; hook, line and sinker.

    These same learned individuals wanted Avenatti for POTUS.

    By all means continue to repeat the narrative fed to you.
    Do not research or perform ANY due diligence of your’ own.
    Be hateful, angry and irrational.
    Become that which you claim to despise.

    We, as a Nation and as individuals are experiencing a great revival of our prosperity that we have not seen in many decades.

    And these people would convince you to tear it all down.

    Separate emotion from fact.
    Stop repeating fed narratives.

    Because deep inside, you all know that you are better than that.

    You are better than that.

    If one is not enjoying our new found prosperity, it is possibly because one is not participating.

    Cast off their freedom.
    Cast off their legal rule.
    Cast off their democracy.

    Embrace your Liberty.
    Embrace your Constitution.
    Embrace your Republic.

    Liberty. Constitution. Republic.

  12. The ones who you said wers not spying on him but your own investigations showed that they WERE spying on him? That intelligence community? The ones who hate him? Why would anyone employ people who hate them? I said the same thing when Obama was in office. Presidents SHOULD be surrounded by those who support his agenda because Americans VOTED for him!

  13. And bs like this is why msnbc has such a low viewer rating, theres a reason why FOX news has higher ratings than cnn, abc, and msnbc combined. Totally made up story is nothing but click bait for the uneducated.

  14. Putin's boy is the Communist
    Bernie honeymooned in MOSCOW. Bernie is more of a communist than PUTIN.
    MOST of the Bernie BROs are Russians.

  15. Just say trump is a Russian asset because that's what he is. Anyone that won't let our government keep Russians out of our elections and government functions is an asset. Trump is letting Russia into our country.

  16. Again, the marvelous genius throws his own intelligence community under the bus. That’s dumb as hammered dog poo! Trump gets his intelligence information from the Russian KBG.

  17. The intelligence community just need to keep trump out of the loop sad I would have to say that about your president but if Obama was accused of this republicans and white folks would loss there head

  18. The spineless G.O.P. members don't want to hear the truth they have their head so far up Rumps A$$ they have sh$$ in their ears so of coarse they do not want to hear the truth.

  19. Never trust the media and their fuckboys. Lier lier pants on fire, losers. We the people will vote and win again Trump 2020!!!!!!!!

  20. So Russia would rather have Trump win because he is strangling them with sanctions.
    But not a communist like the millionaire Bernie? OK!

  21. “His own intelligence community?” That’s like saying “his own judiciary committee.” The intelligence agencies of the U.S. have joined ranks with most other federal agencies and exist now for their own maintenance and increase of power over the country’s citizens. Most powerful media sources have become no more than propaganda arms of the state and the once sane Democrat party has become the the official party of the government.

    The swamp is real and draining it is the most pro-citizen act a president can make.

  22. hE dEcApItAtEd HiS oWn iNtElLiGeNcE cOmMuNiTy … you mean firing traitors and leakers, MSNBC? As always, narrative rules the MSM

  23. Ive been hearing this Russia BS again for two days. Schiffs name comes up and it explains it all. Schiff leaks again. Russia wants to devide us no thats your job MSM


  25. Here we go again with Russia. Can win on your own? Let's blame Russia for everything. American people see through your brain washing. #RedpillAmerica Trump 2020

  26. #MSNBC is #FakeNews – NO SPIN JUST PURE LIES
    Trump Knows Something Is Coming
    – Q – !!Hs1Jq13jV6 – 19 Feb 2020 – 9:06:59 PM
    Prepare for the Storm Anons
    – Q – !!Hs1Jq13jV6 – 20 Feb 2020 – 5:59:58 PM

    20 Feb 2020 – 5:53:44 PM


    They fear an awake public. Each Q Proof proves our strength too. Thank you, Q and Q+!


    You have come far, Anons (Patriots).

    You are ready.
    Prepare for the storm.


  27. These clowns don't even realize they are they joke. They are assuming everyone is as clueless as they are and won't double check their information or MISINFORMATION in this case. FACTS ARE FACTS>

  28. What? So Trump distrusts the same intelligence people that used their Government Job to politicize and try a coup? What insolence!! You guys need to cut down on your own coolaid.

  29. why is there so much commentary? this is not 1950. just post pictures and video and audio evidence. less commentary. this is the downfall of the mainstream media.

  30. #georgiaforbernie #Berniealltheway #saveourfuturesvotebernie #nomorelies #nomorehate #nomorewars #peaceandloveworld
    #lighttheway #thetimeisnow

  31. Dementia crats on display. Com cast Communist Cast. Another high level supposed leak broadcast. oh Seth Rich by the way, thumb drive . Cool Bermie honey mooned in Moscow!!!!!!!!!

  32. Known loyalist, deeply deeply dangerous. Brain med, brain dead hateful Anti Trump POS. At least the ugly brunette in glasses knows her mission, to divide America. Hang all these fake news communists.

  33. Let me get this straight. He has replaced the intelligence supervisors that gave us russia gate with zero evidence, gave us the false flag gas attack in Syria, failed to indict clinton despite the letter of the law being violated while at the same time imprisoning others for much less, and lets not forget leaking almost everything that happens in the whitehouse.

    How dare he! What is he thinking! The monster!

  34. Who paid from the dossier? not Trump! it was the DNC who bought and paid for it! Keep it up you might get somebody to belive your lies!

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