100 thoughts to “Donald Trump Loves Kim Jong Un More Than Melania”

  1. He likes me, I like him?. And then, we fell in love, (!?). That Korean Dictator has so much blood in his hands, a ruthless criminal and murderer of his own people, my way or the highway to death. Trump's buddies. With this bozo and charlatan, we have lost the respect from lots of respectful nations. Trailer park trash's president.

  2. i'm sure Trump would like every1 to "THINK" he's playing Chess, but really he's just playing "Checkers" … jumpin all over ppl & stacking his kings… 🙄

  3. what was "beautiful about the letter" did it come with a pressed rose & some gold trim? did he draw lil flowers on it. was it pink & scented, to give it alil something extra? 🤔 … u think? 💁🏼‍♀️

  4. Wow trump cant having willing sex with women and finds out rape is a crime, so now hes going after a rich dictator Kim Jun un!,😘I'm so happy for them , the question is, is trump going to live with Kim in North Korea


  6. Awwww Trump is in love like a 14year old girl who doesn’t gets it when she doesn’t get any affection back 💛💛💛😂

  7. Actually though, I truly believe Jimmy is happy that trump is president… every night hes got another joke to say about the guy that brings up the ratings😂

  8. He made it to 'Dear Donnie" and stopped there due to readers fatigue..missed the part about ''sorry the rocket didn't reach you''

  9. Hey americans… stop laughing… this idiot you elected is going to start a war just before reelection… you elected this simpleton, get rid of him

  10. It's tacky enough as a private citizen to write w/ gold + silver Sharpies, but even more childish + unprofessional as a world leader. But let's just be happy Toadstool didn't use color crayons. 😥

    Side note, am I the only one questioning why media reporters STILL ask about contents of Kim's "beautiful letters"? We all know 45 can't read and he admitted to never opening the letters yet still somehow knowing the words inside were "beautiful" … 😴

  11. Kim Jong Un's uncle probably thought he had a great relationship with his nephew till the guy had him blown up with a rocket launcher. "What a guy!" Trying to figure out why previous presidents weren't besties with a murderous, treacherous megalomaniac who starves his people when he's not throwing them in prison camps… hmm.

  12. well after melania gets boring&stupid like hell…he prefer more kim oO…so Tump is bi sexual Oo…okay i know older gayman have fetish for asian boys

  13. Trump's stupidity has me seriously stomped. Like how has he not been impeached by now, wtf is up with the American people and how/why are they putting up with his sheyt?!

  14. Jimmy you are a pathetic person who has achieved nothing in your pathetic life. get one. Patriotism is a warm wonderful thing.

  15. The really weird thing is, I've lived in Korea and studied the language. Trump actually pronounces "Eun" correctly. Most journalists and Americans don't. And Trump mispronounces a lot of English words.

  16. Dostoyevsky described old man Karamazov as, 'an obstinate and cunning buffoon'…… sound familiar?

  17. When I search YouTube (on my iPhone) for Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon is the first two results; please let me know if I’m the only one who hates Jimmy Fallon.

  18. He's absolutely right, the only 3 people he loves is, daughter/lover Ivanka, Kim Jong Un, and Putin. He just needs to love the American people as much.

  19. The love letters are in the Korean alphabet so he thinks they're beautiful. They're probably written on gold stationery, tRump's favorite color.

  20. Keep Melania's name out yo mouth. How would you like it if someone on air talk about your wife? Or even worse your kid. Be a man and keep your comments about Trump and not his family.

  21. This guy ( Kimmel ) he just stepped all over America's liberty
    and as long as it makes you all laugh he will keep doing it

  22. "A really beautiful letter"?! Hand delivered?! North Korea, with a population of 25.5 million, is going to be "one of the most successful countries in the world!".

  23. Hardly a surprise Trump loves Kim….. They have a lot in common: wierd hair, overweight, hated at home, inherited their wealth and power from their fathers, both have their fingers on the nuclear trigger…only difference is one is a dictator and one is a wannabe dictator.

  24. You lefties are really stupid. You are all being played. This has been your problem for years. Only seeing externals, never looking deeper. That is why you are always fooled, confused and easily angered. Spending all your time looking at orange, silver sharpies, crayons, pen pals, imagined love affairs, sweating, non-grammatical sentences. That is why you were duped into voting for Barry. A fake citizen, fake birth certificate, fake wife, fake kids, eight years of nothing done for Americans, lying about healthcare, Hawaii holidays, allowing illegals into the country, Obummer phones for everyone, Nothing done for Chicago as a community organizer, million-dollar book deals etc, etc. Never heard a word from you lefties about Barry.

  25. We laugh so that we don’t cry. I have been a Republican for 50 years and, no, I didn’t and won’t vote for him -!or Hilary. My district is heavily Democratic and voted for her without my vote – —I am proud to say I didn’t vote for either of them but voted my conscience.

  26. Trump's the first president to make peace with a North Korean leader and potentially denuclearize the entire country and the best you have is that he loves Kim Jong Un more than his wife.. Pathetic.

  27. I hope jimmy Kim gets locked up for treason next in the 56000 sealed indictments, for all the lies he speaks of treason. I really hope human beings wake up and snap out of this satanic organized incorporated systematic media mind control. Like these comedy networks are not funny. The entire system has devolved society to run on a 5th graders level of communication skills and maturity. All these puppet actors work for the deep state criminal mafia. They are all the same devil worshiping hypocritical liars, and they will be severely punished eventually. The “ awoken” generation that has reached Christ consciousness, higher levels of awareness, can see right past the flesh, of these demons. This man on this show I’d a complete idiot. Every word he speaks is a lie, and everything the incorporated media networks say about trump is false, make belief, made up. The only reason the entire corpwratebsatanic brotherhood gang is all attacking trump, is because he wasn’t supposed to get in to highnoffice, and he spoke the truth, how the entire system and corporate media is fake and rigged. That’s the only reason they are against him. If he wouldn’t have exposed these criminals, andnwentnwithntjencorperatebhidden agenda, they would love trump.

    And also, this truly proves that ever since jfk president assasination witch happened because Kennedy was going to expose the fake news, so they silenced him, it proves that there have been powers in control higher hen the presidents as they are puppets, because when did corporations become more powerful then a president. To go against. It proves that the United States is a fake democracy.

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