Donald Trump Defends Promoting Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy About Clintons | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Donald Trump Defends Promoting Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy About Clintons | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Ugh how did this turn into something about Trump? Trump wasn’t on good terms with the guy. He kicked him out of a club for hitting on an underage employee. As soon as he found out this guy was into kids he cut him out of his life. Clinton, not so much. This guy was obviously murdered by some powerful people but my money follows the evidence. Disdain for someone does not equal evidence.

  2. MSNBC as bad as CNN I hate the propaganda/ lies in this country!! I'm not a fan of trump but anyone that believes anything any of those criminal Clinton's say is beyond help!! Clinton logs show 26 times on EPSTEIN'S plane . Bill Clinton " I I was on the plane 4 times I never had sexual relations with that woman yet he cam on her dress.

  3. Let me see…no roommate or CCTV and two "sleeping" guards! That man's neck was snapped by someone who knew what they were doing and was able to slip back to their cell unnoticed. IJS

  4. It's an undeniable fact that Bill Clinton loves young girls, he may not have known they were under 18, I will give him that but his past speaks for itself.

  5. broken bones in his neck somebody snapped his neck. who had the power to have somebody sneaked in to do the hit? one answer the occupant.


  7. love how these cultists here on msnbc keep turning away from the Clinton involvement. anything to deflect from the truth. haven't they realized that the more they attack trump the more interest that they bring to the corruption of their democratic sponsors and their liberal friends. it aint working.. the Clintons are organized crime members,, you just encourage people to do their own investigations and they find out that trump usually points the way to some serious discoveries.

  8. Is this the prison El Chapo is in with all these “sleepy” correctional officers?😂😂…Is it just me or does it always seem like mainstream media is lying??

  9. No one:

    Trump: Bill Clinton went on the plane 27 times he said 4 but it was actually 672 times..I never went to the island but Bill Clinton did..Bill and Epstein are really good friends I didn’t even know the guy up until recently..The question should be why did he say he was on the plane 4 times when the logs say 33 times he was on the plane..I never been to the island but I heard that very very bad things happen there but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been on the island..😂😂😂

  10. When President Trump is harboring Dr. John Gunnell who had Martin Luther King assassinated, how can you expect the civil rights advocates not to sue — but they should sue President Trump and not Dr. Ben Carson, because Ben Carson is a Republican and he is being used like he were another Uncle Tom. I think the Black Caucus should join others who want to impeach President Trump. I can't see how they don't when even Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo knows that it was Dr. John Gunnell who had President John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated and President Trump and the entire US Government, if not all the people in the US, and Germany, know that it was John Gunnell, a Mormon who was largely responsible for the Holocaust — VA

  11. The cellmate was taken out… right after Barr went for a visit!

    Also he didn't have to go to his Island Epstein had a house right beside Mar-A-Lago.

    Epstein wasn't kicked out until members complained about his behaviour then Trump had to kick him out. Obviously he personally didn't have a problem with his behaviour he knew he liked young girls

  12. Blows my mind seeing the amount of people more interested in arguing who is more guilty Trump or Clinton, instead of being interested in the actual "suicide" itself and where that leads.

  13. I don't know nothing ,no collusion no obstruction no nothing !
    JEFFREY wasn't my style , i had never met him 2 days before …just
    till i have been recorded by TV at MAR A LAGO , with him in a infamous party, and that hundreds of photos from me and him suddenly appeared 4 days later on the web with gogo girls . But he's never been my style and i never said he was was enjoying his social life with appetite for hot teen NEVER !
    But Billy The Clin ! He took 28 planes to the island !

  14. Thank god the comment section isnt buying what these Agents of Obfuscation are trying to confuse with. This was NOT a suicide. It COULD be a murder or extraction but there is no way it was a suicide. And regardless if bubba bill went 4 or 26 or 300 times it was recurring trips on the "Lolita Express". He enjoyed himself so much he kept coming back for more. This narrative is the sloppiest and silliest yet from the media

  15. 1) the camera wasn't working2) he was left alone without a cell mate3) the guards "fell asleep"4) this happened one day after release of damaging info to his powerful pedo "customers"……..ummmmm……. why do they blame the guards and no mention of the other anomalies?

  16. Hmm, I went down over 2 hours in the comments and no one mentions that Epstein had his neck broken in 2 places? Are you people really this far behind?

  17. Yeah the one doing the most crying about Epstein is trump. Barr waited 5 weeks and after Epsteins death to sieze evidence at Epsteins island. Enough time to work over Epstein for evidence location find it using trump stooges and then off Epstein. If there was any Clinton evidence Barr would have been on that in a second. But since trump is the pedophile can't be in any hurry can we.

  18. This guy promoted conspiracy theory's when he wasnt the president. You elect a clown you get a circus. Michele Obama told people the presidency doesn't change who you are, it highlights who you really are (paraphrasing). America is the laughing stock of the world. Thanks, White America. Oh, and so much for the great economy, smh.

  19. Why have the guards not been given a lie detector test….really. What are we now the Saudi of North America maybe they should have just chopped him up a flushed him.

  20. What about the women Trump is keeping in the basement of Mar-a-Lago?
    Epstein had pictures of Trump with under age girls, that's why he took him out.
    He's just trying to shift blame on the Clintons. So sad.

  21. You guys are already talking about the AG recusing himself, having an investigation on Trump, and Russians….. my God… at least try something new….

  22. Lies, lies and more lies. Them officers would never have fallen asleep watching this high profile prisoner. All lies.

  23. I think I will promote the theory that Trump ordered him killed. Trump and Epstein were buddies until Epstein banged Ivanka. Donnie wanted to keep her all to himself and that is why Epstein was barred from Mara largo. That makes sense to me.

  24. what did hang himself from? lots of inmates try to commit suicide so cells are constructed for it to be harder for inmates to take their lives. So what did he hang from?

  25. Isn't it interesting how the guilty party will always point their finger at someone else to create smoke and mirrors to hide behind? A good example is the serpent in the Garden of Eden, with the man pointing at the woman, and then the woman pointing at the serpent. Some things never change, do they.

  26. these people think the american people are totally stupid! Last thing they want to do is ask a military person what suicide watch actually means and how its really conducted . this man was left so anything could happen because somebody in the chain of command wanted done like that period! its common sense ! no more talk

  27. Dont worry folks, Epstein has been secured by Trump and his administration under the miltary. He will now be free to squeal like a pig and all of dirty Democrats including Bill and Hillary and Obama, and a whole host of very rich and powerful people are going down.

  28. “they [guards] were asleep” is how the Media are spinning this, without even consider that the guards were paid? I’m assuming this month his assistant Maxwell will slip and fall on ice in Arizona.

  29. I smell bulshit what does the inside of Epstein cell look like how could he hang himself. Possibly he could strangle himself but how did he get broken bones in his neck now if you hang yourself okay but anybody that's been in jail knows that they are designed so that people can't hang themselves you can however devise ways to strangle yourself but strangling yourself in that fashion would not break the bones in his neck that we're broken so I call b***** who's the next people that are going to suicide by a bow and arrow in the back of the head or going to die in a car wreck or fall off a cliff or skydiving

  30. Sounds like classic Trump deflection. So if it turns out Epstein was murdered, Trump is likely behind it, not the Clintons.

  31. Ok so who benefits by Epsteins death bill Clinton lies about about flying on lolita Express. Hillery went there 7 times herself…..Trump banned Epstein from maralago for advancing himself on a minor 15 years ago…this is public record …then you have to ask yourself why has the media been weaponized against the duly elected President.

  32. Nothing personal Mr.Epstein, just good business, a stich in time so to speak… lets see which co-conspirator the Clinton's have hit next….

  33. They say a fox smells his own hole first. Mr Trump is always pointing his finger at everybody else, but forgets there are 3 fingers pointing back at him. 😡

  34. Everyone knew Epstein would not get to testify against his "associates". Rich men can sort this. How do we stop it? This makes America a Banana Republic.Think Somalia. That is the USA today. A disgrace. An utter joke of a country. A place where if the man in charge doesn't like you…you're dead. That is not meant to happen in first world countries.

  35. Nobody was surprised at the news of Epstein's "suicide". Much like the rest of America I was just surprised that it took so long for "them" to find the right crew to do the hit. He was set up and murdered. Fullstop!

  36. I Don 't understand why anyone would want to work in the current White House. It is just not worth it. I can not Imagine that working in this White House can be an asset on your CV.

  37. Donald Trump was very proud of having Bill and Hilary at his daughters wedding. Lots of photos of himself with Bill and Hilary…..Donald was their very good friend. If Bill and Hilary murdered Epstein they must have done it for their VERY GOOD FRIEND Donald J. Trump.

  38. If hitlers fat general (can't recall his name-starts with G) was on suicide watch at Normandy, then anything can happen if there are people that want him dead. Of course in the generals case he was too chicken to face the loose so they slipped him a cyanide.

  39. So, the guy in charge of the DOJ, which is in charge of federal lock ups, and has been credibly accused of raping a 13 year old with Epstein, is NOT the better suspect if you believe there was a murder?

  40. From Epstein to lying about the economy to using race because everyone knows we are going into a recession what manner of evil is Donald Trump? Israel Israel how have you disappointed God in aligning yourself with this man and barring people from Israel this is wrong the people of Israel God's people are supposed to be better than this.

  41. Trump is a moron. You must be so proud of your country. Why was the FBI not watching him 24 hrs. a day? Most high profile case in modern history and The DOJ allowed this to happen. Barr should be fired and charged with treason.

  42. Wasn’t trump accused of raping a thirteen year old girl? Wasn’t Mara Lago a hunting ground for Epstein? Trump is protesting too much.Why?

  43. They want us to believe this was just a suicide instead of powerful people wanting him dead, just like how they tried to convince us that the seth rich murder was just a robbery gone wrong and getting shot twice in the back had nothing to do the dnc leaks.

  44. MSNBC is not talking about blackmail espionage and intelligence agencies. This is a big problem. There are far more powerful people involved than the Donald and BillyBoy.

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