Donald Trump Battles Self-Made Crises As Markets Tumble | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Donald Trump Battles Self-Made Crises As Markets Tumble | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Donald Trump Battles Self-Made Crises As Markets Tumble | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. I would like remind everyone about the 'Make America Great Again' government shutdown uhmm OWNED by delightful Don. He really CARES folks….Melania doesn't but he sure does; NARCISSIST THAT HE IS ( Chuckle…remember no empathy is the narcissist mo) I weep.

  2. If you're wealthy and it doesn't matter , why bring it up? They should look to the left then to the right and figure out do either of us even have a million dollars. Let alone to lose it. He's not one of you. He's the elite ! He's a millionaire or at least that's what he says!

  3. Trump, the only President to control the world economy, and create a recession ALL BY HIMSELF…RIGHT, you lying left wing commies.

  4. When your own reputation is knowing how to go bankrupt..what else did America expect when you put the expert in bankruptcy in charge?

  5. Well Obama in his first two years the national debt grew by 33 percent at the end of his presidency it was 84 percent debt trump only in office for 744 days increased the national debt by 10 percent and if it keeps going like this and he gets re-elected his figures should look like 44 percent national debt so as of right now he still is doing better than Obama but remember Obama was placed in office right in a recession so Obama and trump are pretty even right know

  6. When Trump get re-elected and then we get an recession. God help us. It will be total collapse and he will blame Obama or Clinton for his incompetence.

  7. The GDP in Germany is terrible because off the trade war with China and the US. Germany lives from the trade. Countries don’t by because they feel uncomfortable with the trade war and the impulsiveness from Trump.

  8. Remember Obama did nothing for America at all, Nothing for black people him and Harris put more black people in jail for pot and Harris was busy smoking it and shagging the Mayor. While black riots were rampant while Obama was in power. Trump has taken more black peoples out of jail and provided them with jobs. People in jobs are the highest ever, legal Mexicans have higher rates in jobs, black Americans have got jobs. Food stamps are the lowest ever because of jobs President Trump has provided. Obama had terrible shootings of schools while he was in power. Obama and big bird his wife are still spreading hate women listen to this crap she gets other people to write in her books, just like she got the White House press woman to add a part of Michelle's speech into Melania's speech, and Michelle took the mockery out of the present Melania bought for her which was a European and British way. Michelle is far to ignorant to know this. As if after all this crap Melania would want help from such a evil woman, Melania is far too classy to act in such a way.

  9. I have brought up this point that refugees documented or not CANNOT collect welfare etc. I say FACT CHECK unbelievably the ARE BRAIN washed that Google is rigged. OMG

  10. He is doing Russia's work. He is letting china become the world leader in everything.. And he can just say I didn't know I wasn't a politician.. But putin knew what would come out of him being elected…. World instability which is what we have .. Putin is playing chess trump can't even comprehended checkers

  11. "Ignorant" Trump and "Moscow" Mitch are trashing our country but they will be swept up and thrown out in November of 2020!

  12. Trump is a con man and a fraud. He isn't qualified to be president, he is qualified to be a reality TV Show host and a clown!

  13. Trickle down economics is a myth, and always has been it's propaganda by the rich in order to help them get richer, it has never worked in the 1970/80 or any where in the World.

  14. If the stocks falls to the point of another major recession or depression thanks to his brainy ideas how is that going to win him 2020? In his fantasy world maybe.

  15. I agree with Richard Owens "Donald Trump is the Destroyer of Worlds – and, his most potent weapon is stupidity! Poor big fat baby tRump if he is so worried about his pocket he should be resign! He hates immigrants because he is a racist!

  16. Donald Trump supporters know the reality of the situation but reality doesn't fit the narrative that they need someone who doesn't look like them to blame for their failures in life, a decade ago it was so-called black welfare queen now it's brown immigrant's invasion

  17. This perfect example of why politicians need to be subjected to a rigorous background check before we hand over the keys to a entire country. Flipping burger positions. are better scrutinize d. To clarify voters are the parents/employer's of politicians. Politician's are the employee s Check their references and accomplishments . If you don't know how important a vote is or play Russian roulette. BY playing with the lesser of 2 evils game, jump out,your out of your league. A vote effect s an entire COUNTRY , not just you.

  18. So his kid's are running the show and he's losing 3-5 billion a year and we're supposed to trust his kids as his closest advisors?

  19. Economic s 101 if you pay more for a product the less you have to spend on something else. Trade wars weaken consumers. Spending power, less money for food, shelter, utilties etc. Prices are raising, buckle up.

  20. He needs to support abortion because women have a right to all medical procedures. It's called a DnC and it is medically necessary in more cases than you might guess in order to save an adult woman's life over a parasitic blob of cells that won't make it without the woman.

  21. The elderly citizens are suffering and nobody cares. All anybody talks about is an ILLEGAL immigrant that no one needs or wants.

  22. Trump's like I remember when my dad left me 1billion and I in 70s years turn it into 1billion minus 😆 Making America Great Again

  23. His best hope for re-election is meddling with the election votes and creating false hope for the white American people

  24. Soon trumpkkk and is cronies will blame President Obama….he will say it's Obama's policies. Wait for it? Racist will support him and his destroying America.

  25. Why are Americans so afraid of the word socialism? most of the successful European economies are socialist …. they are economies that benefit "SOCIETY" …. to the left and right of that are Capitalism ( think subprime ) and communism ( this is a myth it only ever amounted to corruption ) . Socialist economies have universal health care , a living wage and a meaningful safety net. But if anyone flings the word socialist around , you all start screaming "reds under the bed". /facepalm

  26. The downward slide of the Republican party in the 21st century has been very severe . First Bush jnr as president then Sarah Palin as V.P. nomination and finally [we hope] Trump or can they continue their descent down the rabbit hole ?

  27. There is more than one person responsible for not working for the better of our country! Trump allowed to do terris this should have stopped. Trump you don't like being President get out let someone else fix your screw ups!!!!

  28. just goes to show it doesnt matter what your ideology is…..people who support trump dont believe in basic human rights

  29. I think that the idea is that USA citizens can’t get a job because the illegal immigrants are doing the job for a lower pay. Therefore they have to be on welfare.

  30. They always say, (what about the economy it's great under Trump..) what do they say now when trying to justify his air headed racist behavior..

  31. Except the most recent biggest days loss was in 2015 of 1'000 points before recovering a little bit. There have been a lot worse with presidents on both sides.

  32. The worst was with Hoover with the crash causing be the great depression but the markets have been redesigned so that won't happen again. Sometimes I wish it would it would teach the wealthy a lesson but even then they won't learn because of greed and power. Today the markets are recovering a bit as will happen.

  33. America people please learn why the economy of Mexico is bad. It's because of America and former Mexican presidents bunch of greedy people. If Mexico was in great economy a lot of mexicans wouldn't be here. American presidents specifically Obama have deals with cartels regarding weapon trafficking. Presidents lie and don't tell everything. Go visit Mexico and see the reality. The USA takes advantage of Mexico NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. All American business are over there sears, target, jack in the box etc. Etc. You don't see Mexican companies here. Medicaid is given to children born here not the parents or children not born here. But i tell you there's a lot of Americans that have children from diff. Dads getting medicade and housing etc. In applications they put single mom. But they have the lazy lover leaving with them. I have a neighbor which have 4 grandkids living with them getting all the government help she doesnt work and guess what? her daughter is pregnant again. Guess again? The grand parents are waiting for that moment.

  34. I hate trump, but didn’t it go back up 400 points the next day?
    This isn’t necessarily a Trump issue… the USA’s economy is built on debt, and a large portion of that comes from China. Of course Trump is the trigger but the silver bullet is, America’s dollar is backed by debt which started after the Great Depression.

  35. Trump's economic "success" was like his personal "fortune": Inherited. And like his Daddy's money, Trump squandered it.

  36. I think trump meant imigrants get welfare after they get in .. not when they arrive. That lady went too far of course immigrants can't access the system before they get in , but everyone should already know this. In any case , not the wisest President you've elected. Trump just doesn't have the speech , this intellectual admirable like "glow" a leader should have. He is doing a mess by shifting the economic balance, relationships and destroying the "shield" of the USA as a country that made *war in the past* . Your presence everywhere in the world is meant to be a "shield" to sort of protect yourself , do good & repair the past damage. Trump is trying to destroy that to save a $ buck instead of focusing on innovation $$ & education $$ . You see the problem with an anti-socialist mostly capitalist permanent rhetoric, is not only about healthcare where you fail as the less privileged or unlucky die leaving debts to their families, but also is that your poor don't get educated properly & cannot reach their potential . Studies are not accessible for many. In the end the large mass of poor & hurting middle class, will continue vote by popularism of a "persona" and for people they can comprehend, that speak in simple words. This is why you hear sometimes: Americans are dumb. Education is a must for the USA or only the **rich & not always bright talent will lead instead of the real talent you've actually got. I say : Go innovation ,go health &education , stick to the more friendly but asserted approach worlwide & don't destroy elements tgat made you the leader of the world. Also may I mention that America is a continent and United States shouldn't be called "Americans" its presumptuous and full of ego. There is South , Central America & Us of course in the very north. Don't treat Canada poorly as we go hand in hand & have a much better reputation worldwide .Trump has been your most insulting President to date & as our "politeness & respectful" European like demeanor and mentality goes , we do tend to expect it in return. This reputation we have as a peaceful country , our relationships wuth other countries could help & never hurts. We are only winners when you win and you are when we do! Get someone from a newer generation vibrant , strong, kind & brilliant next ! Excuse my English , I am a native first American settlers decent AKA French-Canadian

  37. He's lying, He's a CHARLATAN, F__K trump. His Base is BAMBOOZLED. "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. Its simply to painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves that we've been taken. Ounce you've given a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." Carl Sagan

    He's LYING, trying to change the truth and rewrite history. trump's FAKE NEWS Stupid TRAITOR!!

  38. No ,they (multinationals) are not sitting on the extra cash , they lend it back to the government with interest; the government then use the loan to make -up the short fall in tax revenues, and the workers pay extra taxes to cover the interest on their loan to the government. It's a political scam, and you (tax payers) are being stung by the brother hood of the rich!

  39. As I understand it the fault is with that Lady Liberty person letting all those Democrats in the country. Our Lord and Savior Donald Trump is blameless in all this.

  40. If TRUMP does not care about the money why does he keep talking about his money ?? Hmmm makes me wonder what money he is talking about ?

  41. More like, Drumpf is using the Presidency to fill his pockets full of cash, to the tune of 3 to 5 billion – best move he has ever made to prop up his failing company, first, he had his father prop up his ailing business, and he still went bankrupt 6 times, now he's using the office of the President to do the same – Drumpf was/is a useless businessman, Drumpf is a useless President.

  42. The Insane Orange Clown managed to bankrupt casinos that a falling down drunk could manage. He was given a golden economy on a silver platter and now it's tanking.
    Notice a pattern?

  43. I'm sticking with the bible says were heading to a serious times.. His Jewish friends do not believe in Jesus..Even the Muslims recognize Jesus as a Phrophet ..but these modern day pharasees do not believe in Lord Jesus..There ready to usher in the Son of PERDITION..EVEN THE EVANGELICALS HAVE SOLD THERE SALVATION TO THIS DECEPTION .ONLY ONE CAN FOOL SO MANY .. THE ANTI CHRIST. HIMSELF. READ YOUR BIBLES..


  45. @9:53 "Peter Navarro was discovered by Jared Kushner from an Amazon search." That says a lot.

  46. He did this on purpose. Dry run this time. Yes folks! He did this for Putin to see how easy it is to wreck us! Yes he is a communist traitor! Along with McConnell, barr, and some others in the Senate.

  47. Economic is not like grabbing pu…. you do not understand anything yr brain is not sufficient to cope with anything than lies!

  48. I agree with Bill Maher. Bring the recession on. He said that we can always survive another recession; we can't survive another four years of Donald Trump.

  49. Trump may be many things – liar, evil, deplorable, bully, racist, violent, benighted,
    bigot, misogynistic, sinful, embarrassment to humanity – but one quality he
    tends not to possess is intelligence. And that is the biggest danger.

  50. Most stocks are owned by the rich, stocks tanked, the rich lost money meaning they didn't receive money from Trump
    result: media is basically requesting the lynching of Donald Trump

  51. I warned everyone about the bubble since last year…..
    Where is Dr. Michael Burry ?

    People who do not know the balance in economy like Trump, is the biggest reason why recession comes earlier than it should…..its called Greed.

  52. How can Donstoyevsky Trumpizzfekkinusova's supporters believe in the financial acumen of an ignoramus whose businesses go belly up so often ? He is the very epitome of a carpetbagger and back in the day he would be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

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