Donald Trump And America’s Waning Global Influence | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump And America’s Waning Global Influence | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Donald Trump And America’s Waning Global Influence | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. If Donald Trump goes around the world conducting operations as the world police these same "intellectual elites" would be criticizing him.

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Typical left-wing liberals.

  2. Oh Nicole. You were my favorite conservative that's ever been on THE VIEW. I hope the money you're making with your new corporate-shillness and careerism pay off. Karma-wise.

  3. Nicole….frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster….shows how well educated you have to be to get a job on tv after working in a White House that was widely known to be the worst in recent history until Trump destroyed the credibility of the office and the house without even blinking. Who will be the next msnbc host? Anthony scaramucci?

  4. What would happen if protesters shut down Dulles or Hartsfield/Jackson Airport? What would happen if they physically attacked the cops trying to re-open the airport? Blood in the terminal kids and you know it.

  5. LET'S SAVE LIBYA AGAIN! Just like Hillary "We came. We saw. He died." Clinton would have done. More migrants escaping, drowning and turning Europe rightward. That was a fabulous.move.

  6. Gotta love the way these leftist scum root for a recession and the demise of America as long as they regain power. Die B

  7. trump is a traitor to this Country and to our Allies. trump is a PUNK that's selling this Country out so putin and China can take over the World. The republican party is sitting on their hands and letting it happen. They will go down in history as the party that destroyed our standing as a World power. P U N K S !

  8. I can't believe that these people are still shocked by Trumps actions. For a narcissistic sociopath this is normal behavior.

  9. Do you people realize how horrible you have to be to make Trump look good? And you do. My old lesser-evil Dems have revived a near dead Republican Party with their awfulness. It's quite stunning. Hint: Being vicious a$$holes don't cut it with folks who can make it to the polls on their own.. Dems should have taken the deal of the century that Trump offered the morning after the midterms, before the Acosta Show took over the headlines. They could have been heroes. Historically. Seriously. Like in books..

  10. The 1 Promise Trump Did Keep!
    He told he was gonna clean out the swamp, and now he has exposed all the people you thought cared for you as the two faced traitors that they are. Now its our job as citizens to never vote for any of them again. ENOUGH with corrupt career politicians and Corporate America.

  11. Early signs of dementia ,and is getting bad everyday , trump is a totalitarian drunken in power that slowly is damaging the economic because he doesn’t understand to be president
    Instead the world is watching a reality tv show direct from the White House every day


  13. Trump is a economic terrorist. His sanctions are directly causing starvation and poverty….this is not a game. You’re all culpable. Unless you speak out, you are guilty. USA shall burn

  14. Please americans if anyone in your family start talking like trump be concerned and rush them to a hospital asap

  15. Only thing trump is good for is running his mouth and entertaining idiots. He doesn't have an Americ first campaign. He just doesn't have the brain power or the energy to be president. Anything besides speaking into a mic on tv is much for him.

  16. If trump loves autocrats, hates free speech, detests equality for all, suppresses peaceable protest, believes in and respects dictatorial tyrranical control, let him leave America and go to russia as a regular equal comrade without pomp or luxury.

  17. It's a lack of brains on trumps side. Trumps a chump. Because he can't disagree on 1 issue and deal with another. He doesn't understand being able to separate different issues. He only understands separating CHILDREN from their parents

  18. Trust this whole thing was planned and is working to destroy Democracy; just like Mr. Nance said. Period Wake up!

  19. Hey MSNBC … HEY !
    You do realize what you are searching the lexicon to avoid saying when describing the set up of the present administration is "authoritarian" right ?
    The USA is presently in the grip of an authoritarian regime and NO ONE wants to simply say it… you make comparisons and elude to it but refuse to say it…
    because "it can't happen here"
    WELL IT HAS !!!

    Wake up ffs

  20. Nicolle Wallace is the smartest person on your TV. Please keep schooling your colleagues Nicolle. They be not too bright at the worst possible time.

  21. Maybe y'all should mention the judges he has already appointed and is trying to appoint to federal circuit court LIFETIME judgeships. It's way more important than y'all treat it. smfh

  22. All the people who wished the U.S. would stop interfering with the world are about to get what they want. And they may not like that.

  23. "I hopes it works out for everybody"! It never does. Trump would never allow it "to work out for EVERYBODY". Remember the statement "if they want to complain they can/should leave the country".

  24. The world has had a gut full of the USA . The rest of the world has had enough of the USA leading the world into recession time after time over the last 100 years . The only thing that props your nation up is that you are the worlds reserve currency. All those fervent believers that America can be great again don't understand that the time America was only EVER great was when every other factory in the world was a bombed out ruin and you sold your goods to the world on easy finance…..

  25. "People don't wake up at night worrying that we're involved" I think the generation of the Vietnam war would have something to say about that.

  26. Trump has never shown an interest in global politics. This has been the key argument against his capabilities as a state leader. He has always relied on his goons (Pompeo, Barr, Bolton) creating what is essentially interventionalist strategies modelled around countries they believe can be walked over to gain respect from his base. i.e. Venezuela or Iran. There is nothing positive about Trumps administration and the way he avoids global issues it's like America' has been taken off the geopolitical map. They are vetoing any problem Trump hasn't got the wits to deal with. And as isolationists that is exactly their plan. To completely cut off the US from outside influence. And that sounds exactly like an admin which has ambitions to create an authoritarian society which isn't threatened by the ideals of western democracy(or the Hauge). Trump looks at China and Russia jealously and like the spoilt brat he is, wants to play with their toys.

  27. I live in Florida, in 2016 Trumps name was everywhere. Every pick up truck and yard sign was Trump. Now, nobody, at least in my part of Florida is sporting that crap.

  28. We have no influence in the world other than what negative thing Trump will do next to screw up the world economy. Trump is seen as a fool world wide and the world sees Americans as fools for him being in office.

  29. Donald Trump subsidizes the FREE HEALTHCARE system of what he calls “OUR COUNTRY ISRAEL” with $5 BILLION American taxpayer dollars every year:

  30. He's lying, F__K trump. His Base is BAMBOOZLED. "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. Its simply to painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves that we've been taken. Ounce you've given a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." Carl Sagan
    He's LYING, trying to change the truth and rewrite history. trump's FAKE NEWS Stupid TRAITOR!!!

  31. What's wrong with respecting the internal affairs of other countries? How can you preach meddling and interfering and then get upset when Russia meddles in the internal affairs of America? "Humanitarian" intervention is what caused IS, the Taliban, Libya.

  32. The WH Occupant needs to be removed as soon as possible, before he tips the whole world down a war path. It's happened before; history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.

  33. Hope China won't renegotiate under Trump. Trump is calling Obama, Hillary Clinton. Yes nothing changes, you're still a child. You don't stand for anything, not for Americans, only for you and your family.

  34. Change the the name of the WHITE HOUSE to the PEOPLES HOUSE that's all you got to do and this will change the the complexion of the country period!

  35. There is no doubt about it Orange Sphincter is a huge truckwit. I wish he would go and truck himself. By the way dopey dipped in tandoori Obama is making money after his job as president ended unlike Trumpty Dumpty making millions in office.

  36. Hong Kong is Chinese. Should Russia and China have put pressure on America over the human rights violations at Standing Rock.? That’s what you’re advocating as humanitarian action by a foreign government. Ludicrous argument!

  37. Waning global influence is when democrats get their wish for a globalist government.
    Is that really what you Trump-haters want? Bureaucrats in some world organization
    running your lives? And do you think China and Russia will submit to the globalists?

  38. It's not for USA to meddle in other Countries, instead it's the UN job. America should instead focus on Infrastructure, economy, growth and development; what is good for Americans. Instead of spending 700 billions (more than 57% of budget) on defense, the money could do more for America and Americans.

  39. China has begone to put its grip on Hong Kong, they wish to extradite to main land China and PROSCUTE! /// (execute) disappear, tell me again the world has not changed

  40. He's doing exactly what he said he'd do. This is why his voters voted for him. The problem is the Republican party and their ignorant voters.

  41. Ok try to find ALL the Russian Trolls from the comments below. Do you think you can find ALL the Trolls?


  42. I think what a lot of people are missing here is that trump condones strong-arm tactics against protesters, and wants to use those same tactics, here. That's why he's lukewarm on how Hong Kong should handle them. Secretly, he wants to say – 'mow them all down, jail them, deport them, shoot them, get rid of them any way you have to…', but – he's at least smart enough to know that wouldn't go over very well, here.

  43. The republican party is dead, all their careers are over. Anyone who is working in this administration who thinks they have a career after this and are making plans is deluding themselves. They cannot be rehabilitated. Republicans will be irrelevant after 2020, for generations. Start over conservatives.

  44. Umbrellas from a guy who has publicly failed to figure out how to close one.  And Obama did not get the book contract until out of office.

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