100 thoughts to “Don Jr. sounds off on his fiery exchange on ‘The View’”

  1. No wonder Trump businesses are going broke ..leaving them for Eric and Don jnr to run …There will be nothing left when Donald the Fox gets out of jail ..I mean the oval office..

  2. Don jr sounds just like his father. I love our President and i will vote and support him in 2020, but the two sons need to end the trophy hunting. Trump for eva eva!!

  3. Keep it up libs! You are driving Jr into the arms of America to be the next Patriotic President who will continue his father's MAGA!

  4. I like beeing on this side.
    This side has normal humans with normal emotions who speaks with logic.
    Stop all this nonsens and call a spade for a spade.

  5. Nasty ole fart joy behfart and whoopi cushion are a joke. I can't wait for time to catch those two & let karma tear into their evil souls.

  6. I wonder why Sean name is not cited yet from the witnesses..ooh wait, I will have to wait until tomorrow .. lmao 😂, Biden 2020

  7. DON jr would make a great PRESIDENT and when his dad is done helping make AMERICA great again he should run so the legend continues.

  8. Good job Donald Jr… I hated it when she stopped the crowd from clapping and applauding you.. She was sooo freaked out by it but yes she did wear black face. Meagan Kelley was fired because of going to. A party as her idol Diana Ross and Joy gets to keep her job. Wonder why?

  9. this show is a political JOKE LOOL. they wake up get all ready for the BIG SHOW and its like what for? such a waste of time

  10. Far left always overtake conversations and yell! When are the crazies ever going to sit through a civilized conversation. 🤬

  11. The problem is obvious…fake news ..dishonest politicians…the average American gets it …NOW WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

  12. The funniest part is the clips on the views youtube channel….they have every clip from that day except the part where he called then out for black face and roman Polanski

  13. He came across so bad during the apprentice acting the bad guy. He's so different in real life great guy so knowledgeable and funny. Keeps it real like his father. Don jr for president after another 8 years so he gets into the politics.

  14. Aww you poor baby. They asked you tough questions and you never answered but attacked. What a big man you are sweetie 😉

  15. Who would down vote Don Junior’s performance on that putrid hive of falsehoods, faminazism, female stupidity, Leftardism and outright hatred for America?
    Anyone that down voted this video needs to be shot through the face with a frozen ball of their own💩
    That is all….

  16. Lol…he went on the show knowing they would behave this way….they have shown how unhinged they are lol….too funny!

  17. It is people like Donald Trump's son that believes in the same thing as what are many Americans believing that is the freedom of speech Liberty democracy and the right of the American people to hold those politicians who inspire to undermine the American people and committing acts of treason against the American people I tried to deliver America into the hands of the deep state and the new World Order be very aware that these people would do everything to undermine the People's president been trying overthrow the legally elected government of America

  18. He thinks that people who don't like Trump's bribery are part of a "coup" that wants to overturn an election. How out if it can one dummy possibly be? Those are people who don't like Trump's policies. The election can't be overturned.

  19. If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d say DT jr’s mic was lowered. If that’s wrong they were extremely efficient at shouting over him. Outnumbered would be an understatement. MEGA make England great again 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  20. Can someone PLEASE get this a guy a new set of chicklet gum dentures? He looks ridiculous when he talks and they are so distracting. Kimberly, please help your BF. Kimberly, I know Jr is secretly trying to morph into looking like your ex Gavin, but that’s never gonna happen. Cause ya know “the Trump gene.”

  21. DTJr did brilliant, he showed them up for what they are "loonie leftist idiots"
    Who does Whoopi think she is?? She screamed at the audience when they cheered DTJr and then she called them children. That show the view just showed everybody how stupid they are. Whoopi is a liar and still defends her friend Harvey Weinstein.

  22. Family of losers ! Horrific humans! If you support them you should be ashamed of yourself ! Your a global joke ! Just so your aware ! LOCK THEM ALL UP!

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