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  1. I came to a private psychiatrist two years ago, because I was extremely anxious, and after literally like 15 minutes of me talking about my fears, he prescribed me antidepressants. I never took them. Maybe it was not smart from my side, but I feel like he wasn't serious doctor as he "evaluated" me so quickly. Those are serious meds, possibly have to be taken for years, it's not something you prescribe after first 15 minutes with patient.

  2. People behind them tild them what to say , you cant stop this monsters to push the people down from the hill when this is exactly what they want and when people doesnt like to think. Im on your side

  3. I absolutely ADORE how he's able to tell someone (in this case Lady Gaga) that she's talking nonsense without saying so directly. I often notice this about him, he really is great at persuasion

  4. You should talk about some of the new healthcare apps that are popping up- K health, talkspace, betterhelp. These are services that are promising affordable medical care. How do you feel these will help the health care gap? What are the pros and cons of apps like these? How accurate do you find these apps?

  5. Hey Dr Mike, I cant seem to find your reaction video to cells at work? Was it taken down or claim by yt? Love your work, keep it up😁

  6. I live in Australia and I'm really glad that I don't live in the US, even here I'm struggling to get to the next level of getting help.
    My GP has been taken care of me for years with my mental health, we went through plan a, b & c (different medications over an extended period of time and talk therapy) and I now have to wait 3 months to get into see a psychiatrist to get myself and my meds evaluated and I'm on struggle street so I would not survive in the US system at all 😒

  7. "Posted at 01:41PM Jan 30, 2018 by Mikhail Varshavski, D.O."

    how the hell did you post your aafp blog on this two years ago

  8. 90's kids: I broke my arm and 2 ribs playing with my friends, i'm good tho.

    2000's kids: my friend called me stupid, i'm so offended.., oh gawd my mental health. I have to go on social media to tell every single random person that I don't know in real life, and get a lot of likes and retweets

  9. the only issue i have with what Dr mike is saying is that you are relying on your primary care (gonna shorten it to pcdoctor) doctor knowing when they are in over their heads regarding your mental issue for them to reffer you, and some doctors have a bit of an ego problem and might not reffer you to a specialist until they have done damage with their course of treatment.
    we have all encountered through our lives one of those doctors that just takes a look at you and "knows" what the problem is and dismisses any other possibility, and when you are going through something mentally, you might not be in the best place to detect if your pcdoctor is having one of those know-it-all moments. or maybe you have recently changed pcdoctors and dont know them yet well enough.

    im not saying a psychiatrist will not have a "know it all" moment and treat you for depression while you might be having X type of episode. but id rather have a specialist in the subject maybe missdiagnose me, than someone who is not, trying to be an over achiever outside of their field.
    dont know if it made sense…

  10. Our ped received threats after posting a TikTok about vaccines.

    People are so delusional. Our preemie is vaccinated with everything in the book because one cold could mean her lungs being permanently damaged.

    Pro-vaccination social media post leads to threats for Mason pediatrician https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/warren-county/mason/pro-vaccination-social-media-post-leads-to-threats-police-involvement-for-mason-pediatrician


  12. There’s no scientific cure for mental health problems, only meds to suppress symptoms. How is what she said “scientifically inaccurate”, what did she say that makes a scientific claim?

  13. Not everyone needs them but some people have to have them. Zoloft has changed and saved my life, as someone who experiences GAD, OCD, & has battled panic disorder. The thing to remember is everyone is different and in most cases a doctor or psych will prescribe any medication if the pros outweigh the cons. When people reply saying these medications are bad or need restricted, it is so disheartening to people who are beginning their drug therapy journey. Although some people experience nothing good from these medications, the same can be said for people who have and do. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but there are also other alternatives. For me CBT, exercise, mindfulness, and drug therapy have changed my life and although doesn’t erase my anxiety disorders, it makes them quieter and easier to find the off switch. So no, antidepressants shouldn’t be restricted. Yes, there are bad doctors who hand them out like candy, but ultimately this idea comes from the negative stigma surrounding the mental health community. If someone has diabetes we don’t say that insulin should be restricted because so many diabetics are on it and there are other treatments; Frankly, no one would even think like that. Point blank, Antidepressants are not bad and nothing to be ashamed about.

  14. I would of died if I would of waited for a psychiatrist before I got help from my primary care doctor. Where I live, there is only one psychiatrist and most of the time the average waiting time is 1 to 2 years. My family doctor is the one who gave me tools to get out of depression and I am grateful.

  15. This is a tricky one for me to comment on, because as I live in France, I'm not sure how it works in the US.

    That being said, I am a therapist and I'm also on anti-depressant, so I'm going to be talking both as a profesional and a patiant. My antidepressant is prescribed by my primary care doctor BUT I'm also seeing a therapist to help work on my depression. Usually in France, a consult with a primary care doctor is not long enough to actually work on the issues of the depressed patients. And, without therapy, why prescribe antidepressant? Just so that the person doesn"t drown in her depression? That's great, and of course if it's a moderate to intense depression phase, it has to be done. However, in the majority of patients, medication alone isn't enough to overcome depression or prevent a relapse in the long term.
    Depression is a bit like if you were drowning in the ocean in too for from the shore. Antidepressants are a lifevest, but it is with therapy that you are going to be able to learn how to swimm back to safety.

    I know that the healthcare system in broken in a lot of countries, and that psychiatrists are overwhelmed… However, this also explains why so many people take antidepressant for years, when, with the proper support and professional help, they could get better and actually go off medication.

    This is just my own personnal opinion, I hope I won't be offending anyone 🙂

  16. I can say for certain not all doctors seem to care enough about mental health and just go straight into medication.
    I’m diabetic and was told I have depression after my pediatrician saw cuts on my legs 3 visits in a row and I broke down cryin because I felt bullied because they said I have nothing to be “sad” about.

    The doctors in my country are just there for the money and give everybody paracetamol or other generic meds for most illnesses.
    Infant mortality rates are high, mentally ill people roam the streets because the facilities are more of a jail than a place to get better, and diabetics are always hospitalized for amputations because our local diet is mostly potatoes, bread, and other starchy bullshit.
    A British doctor was surprised when I said it’s difficult to even find Diet Coke in restaurants and local juice is full of white sugar.

    Even the one licensed, educated, certified, the one who actually is supposed to understand mentally ill patients speaks to patients like they’re a joke.

    America is a mess but at least you can sue somebody and get your money back when you go to a professional 🤦🏽‍♀️

    I actually agree with Gaga when it comes to my country sadly

  17. Hmmm, my Dr. Recommended I go on a beach vacation, secluded, quiet. Also some serious humanitarian work.

    It's been 7 years, no more Dr. Visits or medications and feeling great!!!!!.

    Worked for me.

  18. Hi Dr. Mike, can you please react on another episode in cells at work where it shows how the platelet works. Also if possible please react to this video as well. https://youtu.be/mzpK2Etveos Thank you

  19. Hi Doctor Mike, does primary care physicians offer CBT and DBT ? Or that would be a referral to a psychologist?

  20. I had a primary care doctor who was quick to refer me to other doctors for every other health issue that I have (endocrine, urology, obgyn, etc.) but dismissed my other issues and prescribed me Zoloft even though I told her I had taken it many times in the past and didn’t like the way it made me feel and how I felt worse on it. It was always “well let’s try this and see how it goes”. I didn’t take the Zoloft she prescribed and I never went back to see her because I felt like she was pawning off issues she could’ve treated herself, and wasn’t listening to my concerns about a medication I had taken in the past and didn’t work well with. I couldn’t see a psych doctor without her referral and she wouldn’t give me one because she “knew what she was doing”.

    I even went to see her about my scalp psoriasis and she said I needed to use head and shoulders shampoo. I told her I had tried that for many years along with Selsun shampoos, T gel shampoos, and more. She still wouldn’t give me a referral to a dermatologist, because “she knew what to do” (even though I said Head & Shoulders didn’t help). I had to find a new PCP who would listen to my concerns and take me seriously when I said I had tried a medication for many years and didn’t feel good on it. I wish all PCP’s were more like Dr. Mike… it’s really hard with my insurance to find a good one.

  21. This is a good watch. I was thinking maybe it could just be a misunderstanding though. It is TRUE that primary care physicians can prescribe antidepressants, but maybe Lady Gaga meant that antidepressants require special license to be prescribed (s2 drugs?). Im not sure how these things go in the US but in other countries, if you don't have an s2 license, you cannot prescribe s2 drugs, in which specialized training is usually required in getting the license itself.

  22. Hasan Minhaj in his show Patriot Act talked about mental health in one of his episodes. It's not just lack of therapists, it's also combined with the fact that treatment costs are high, and the shady business carried out by insurance companies also add to it. If you can, please react to that episode, and tell us how accurate or inaccurate that is.

  23. I've try to get help before but the system is trash they dont even try to really get to know you issues and push pill after a quick diagnosis I've been though so much trama I just feel like it's another pill mill that puts you in a zombie state how am I supposed to take care of my self if the doctors prescribe me thing that make me more sick I was always passing out from all the meds they were giving me in a controlled hospital then send me home with the same meds and say your on your own now go home really broke me even more

  24. PCP should not be treating people for mental illness. It's totally inappropriate and you're not trained in mental health.

  25. In Canada it can be just as frustrating. Unfortunately it’s the reverse. Our PC doctors tend to be overloaded because it doesn’t cost you anything to go and visit if you have a health card (Canadian Citizen). And in some cases you don’t pay for medication.

    This overwhelms a lot of doctors, and often times they immediately refer them to someone else because they simply can’t deal with that load of people. My doctor requires me to schedule a month in advance to see him, or call at 8am when the clinic opens and see if there was a cancellation (good luck, lines are always full).

    So if Canada and US could meet in the middle with a lot of this I think we would be in a better place.

  26. I agree 100% with Dr. Varshavski.

    Just a few of my thoughts…

    People come to different healthcare professionals for a number of different reasons, one of them being that they need mental healthcare, whether it's a conscious decision to do so or not.
    As a student of Physiotherapy we are taught to be aware of patients that seek help for a physical ailment but that are actually in mental distress.
    I feel that our healthcare system, wherever in the world, should be more interconnected with the different disciplines; if you visit your Family Physician, there should be a direct link to, for example, your Diabetic nurse, your Podiatrist, your Psychologist etc.
    Notes taken by one, should be available to view by another.
    Once we start looking at the human body in the biopsychosocial way, we will see how important this is.

    Everything influences everything.

    Would love to hear some of your guys' thoughts!✌🏼

  27. This guy is wrong. I did exactly what he said and it almost cost me my life. I was told there was nothing wrong with me. I got several opinions from over 4 psychiatrists all told me nothing was wrong maybe some depression and just recommend me antidepressants. I did my own research and it was only after I ended up in the hospital that I got a diagnosis and only I had to present my own findings.

    This guy is naive and is supporting his field but it’s a fallacy to think that’s the best solution.

    What this guy is failing to address is that psychology is soft science and largely pseudoscientific. What makes is worse is there is little to no oversight. A GP is a very different thing than the witch doctor these psychiatrists really are.

    I lost 4 years of my life an surly if I had a gun I wouldn’t be here today. I survived in spite of the mental health industry and it was largely the act of going to them for help that pushed me over the edge. It was only when I cut off all people from that field and started to engage normal healthy people that the clouds dissipated.

    Why I believe he’s saying this is because doctors are trained to be objective. Follow the rules. Subjectivity is beat out of them in school because that kind of thinking can cost a patient their life. Mental health is not the same as a physical ailment, and being that objective increases the persons suffering. You’re dealing with emotions, mood, perceptions this is the subjective world. One needs to be able to navigate that works effectively and objectivity isn’t a reasonable method.

    Unfortunately his advice is more dangerous. I say unfortunately because in a perfect world it should work as he described but it doesn’t. Everything he said is true for real science and in large part highly effective for GP.

  28. Lady Gaga is certainly not the first celebrity to make false/inaccurate statements whilst discussing important topics that affect alot of people. By all means talk about your own experiences but don't advise unless you're qualified to do so.

  29. My primary care doctor put me on antidepressants with no proper diagnosis and after I saw a psychiatrist I got a diagnosis where I shouldn't take the particular pill. It was not good.

  30. you are jealous, you know a psychiatrist can treat depression way better than a general physician or family physician.

  31. My PCP is absolutely fabulous with helping me with my anxiety. I can’t even say how many times I emailed her because I was having a bad anxiety moment and she would respond. She prescribed me my medicine and suggested a therapist to help me. Working in tandem with them has been fabulous. If your PCP isn’t supporting you, find one who does. Never feel embarrassed about your mental health issues and never let anyone knock you down because of it.

  32. You remind me so much of my primary care doctor, and I can say- I agree with you sir- thank you for clarifying for others!

  33. I like the vids that you make.

    Would you please react to Grey's Anatomy season 11 episode 21? Would really like to hear your pov…

  34. Shes an entertainer. Not a doctor. If you listen to celebrities for advice on life……. you deserve what you get.

  35. Lady Gaga isn't completely wrong, though. She was speaking from experience. Not everyone has access to good primary care doctors like Dr. Mike.

  36. My new PCP is cool, I've had problems with past PCPs that seemed feel like I was telling them how to practice medicine. I have Nuerofibromatostist which means I have to see a PCP, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor and now getting to the point of needing Pain Management. I bring my reports from all my recent visits to every appointment and fill them in on what's new. I don't like medication changes if I haven't talked it over with my whole team. When you're on 14 different medications and your cocktail is letting you have quality of life you're a bit more hesitant with changes. When I became a Psychiatric Social Worker, I didn't think I was going to have to one day case manage my own disease. Here we are 😆

  37. He doc mike, I have a question are there any ways to cut out caffeine from your diet, to be precise I mean drinking 3,4,5 cans of cola a day, I know it’s bad for me and it’s gonna kill me in the long run but I can’t stop, it’s affecting me mentally now and I feel like I need some advice for alternative

  38. What causes headaches? I've been sick for the past few days and it got me thinking… Also, I love your videos! You're the best!

  39. I couldn't agree more – my GP (the UK version of a family medicine doctor) has been brilliant at helping me to manage my mental health through anti depressants. A referral to a psychiatrist would have been pointless and a waste of their time.

  40. When you’re so brainwashed that you believe s celebrity’s opinion on mental health over the professional opinion of real doctors

  41. What are hiccups ?? Also I get them ALL THE TIME how do I get rid of them and is there a reason why I get them more than others

  42. Can i ask one question??, why when I crack my knuckles it is fine at first but three times it is very hard and it hurts…actually not three times but it depends

  43. There's nothing wrong with her statement. You just disagree. Are you seriously telling people that have a mental illness to NOT SEE A PSYCHIATRIST? wow lol I laughed so hard.

  44. Slightly off topic but kind of related to anxiety medicine, would you like to talk about Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome and more specifically how it can affect a developing heart? I personally have developed that and experienced symptoms throughout childhood (11yrs to 15 yrs old) until I was diagnosed and all is fixed! I was curious if the outcome of these ablations especially in children has been studied through their transition to adulthood, more specifically the normal heart function and resistance to stress compared to healthy people.I also have noticed that when I was going from doctor to doctor as a child, this syndrome wasn't well known to them and that's why the long delay until the actual diagnosis. Thank you!!

  45. No I have not watched the video! I only clicked it! The only thing I have to say is! Don't ever come for Gaga! She helped me go through things I wouldn't able to survive on my own! Don't come for her!

  46. I for once agree with Lady Gaga and I'm sorry but I dont think Primary Care Drs should be providing Mental Health treatment either

  47. Brand new psychiatrist here! Even in my first year practicing, I have little to no openings available for new patients. The majority of the patients I see have severe mental illness. I have several psychologists, therapists, and social workers that I employ in order to ensure therapy is implemented for those patients I diagnose so they won’t have to seek treatment elsewhere. Even with the following setup, I struggle to meet the mental health needs of all my patients. That said, primary care physicians should consider employing LCSW in order to diversify their practice and to take the burden off psychiatrists who typically diagnose and treat the worst and most resistant instances of mental illness.

  48. The wait time for a real psychiatrist is about 3 months already. They will only see you if you see a therapist too which is completely annoying. The therapist likes to see you twice a week and with my co-pay, it's 45$ a visit. Being disabled I'd love to see someone more knowledgeable. But that's just not possible with such a low income. Because so many people with mental illness need to be seen the waiting rooms are always packed full. I find it extremely difficult to just be in the waiting room having anxiety and depression. When I do finally see the psychiatrist the appt is only 5 to 10 mins per patient. Please lady gaga tell me how to solve all my problems?

  49. Dr hunk tells you it's ok to be ugly depressed poor and not famous lol. But yea most mental health patients don't have chronic problems, and specialist are generally for chronic disorders.

  50. I agree, however, be careful to advocate for yourself! There are many medical professionals who are not equipped to provide even simple mental health advice. They are standing 'in the way' instead of 'in the gap'.

    When I was losing sleep last year due to health challenges, I was beginning to have depression and other issues due to this severe lack of sleep. I asked the PA, at my regular doctor's office, for help with my sleeping issue and was given a psych-eval referral and no help for the sleep issue. I refused that eval because I knew that I truly just needed sleep help! The following week, I went to a neurologist who was very angry with that PA and did give me sleep aids. All my mental health issues disappeared!

  51. So what did lady Gaga said exactly? Anyhow it’s normal to be sad or depressed when a relatives passes away and what not. Its bad to take anti depressants when it’s not needed. It messes up ur brain

  52. I think another issue that you should take into consideration is the fact that not all doctors take the time to listen to their patients. Like you said, the health care system is already full so the doctors might feel that pressure and will try to see as many patients as they can, but that can lead to prescribing medications without thoughtful considerations. I really do hope that other doctors or future doctors will be inspired by your videos.

  53. I was depressed and suicidal for a year… I don't like antidepressants, fuq the pills lol, never trust them, never took them. All I did was took a spiritual journey and prayed and prayed and asked God to help me, and I was healed. I've never felt any better lol. I am so happy RN, and doing so well in life.

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