Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to step down, effective immediately

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger to step down, effective immediately

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  1. Effective immediately. What sexual peccadillo did he get accused of? But he'll still stick around a while for several more millions. It works that way

  2. I hope that the person who takes his place does better than he did. Disney has gone so downhill with all these trashy live action remakes and severely reduced creativity.

  3. Disney is too expensive for the average citizens. All they do is want your $$$$. Too many shops for kids to want everything they see. Four day pass, hotel, food and gift shop.
    About $4000.00

  4. Anyone who destroys a franchise like Star Wars the way he did, by protecting Darth Kennedy, deserves to be in jail…………I guess he is scared about what Harvey Weinstein will say to "reduce" his sentence.

  5. The man who came on board and made candy costs and other foods at the park 4 fold! Remember the day he went through the park marking up prices like a bandit and reamed all customers👎🏻. Maybe too big?

  6. Pedophilia trips for kids without parents to Epstein Island must have caught up to this one. No more free passes. Demand justice!

  7. Of course he is. He knows what the virus is going to do to their theme parks. We will see lots of them bail as to not have to go into office again, while leaving employees there. The corporate cowards will be the first to quit or work from home.

  8. You Bob Iger who took Star Wars away from the man who created and handed it incompetent SJWs who ruined the franchise. That is your legacy.

  9. Bob Iger is a radical lefty and has turned
    DISNEY into the woke transgender kingdom. Btw, Disney's streaming service is as lackluster as Disney's business model while parked in the left lane.

  10. CNN's secret Mickey Mouse Leakers….. video taped Bob …. Bobbing on Goofy's tweeter while screwing Minnie Mouse…..! Mickey Mouse was heard screaming " Me Too " ……!

  11. Go back to traditional childhood entertainment like Walt Disney started with stop putting p.c culture and woke gender values into everything and you'll have a successful brand again.

  12. Kathleen probably had Iger's dickpicks and used them to blackmail Iger into letting her retain her position. Hope the new CEO fires Kathleen Kennedy ASAP

  13. What will happen to Disney stock when people find out they were all satanic and there is all kinds of sick satanic stuff in their movies? What would happen when the people find out that they are impressing that satanic stuff into our children's minds from watching those movies? What will their stocks do? Who Cares!

  14. Oh!no! HE leads disney success on top amongst high and hard business competition .we get a perfect marvel world because of really HE.

  15. FYI: January 29, 2020 is the EMAIL date of when the Disney shareholders ballots with Bob Iger named as CEO to be voted upon had gone out. It also stated that the board recommends that you vote for Bob Iger to remain as CEO. Think about it. That was on January 29, 2020 – Are you telling me that no one at Disney knew that Bob Iger was going to step down? AND there is no replacement named for Bob Chapek position he just left. Why didn't they have someone lined up? — AND – Why wasn't there an announcement of this in December or January so that Bob Chapek could be on the shareholder's voting ballot? —— What was the rush to put Bob Chapek as CEO effectively immediately? – one of these PREDICTIONS will come true:

    By October 2020, Bob Iger will announce that he is immediately stepping down from his “Executive Chairman” position and leave the company. (Iger will still be paid for his entire contract) — Then by November, Bob Chapek will NOT be renewed as CEO. A totally new CEO will be brought in and placed on the March 2021 shareholders voters ballot.

    OR —— By the middle of 2021, Bob Iger will continue to pull the strings of Bob Chapek, and then Michael Eisner will receive the Disney Legend award at D23 – and — Michael Eisner will bring his son Breck into Disney to direct Star Wars / Marvel.

  16. Shopaholic Bob Iger was great at spending money. But his legacy will forever be remembered as The Man Who Killed Star Wars in the eyes of millions of fans worldwide. Sad but true.

  17. How about hire a CONSERVATIVE CEO more in line with Walt Disney vision and maybe your company won't fail so badly since 2012. And stop 🛑 inserting identity politics into your movies for f** sake.

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