‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC”

  1. This comment section looks exactly like the right wing comment section but just supporting different people. The same insults, name calling, etc.

    We are all Americans, stop hating each other for difference in opinion and be adults about things. We would all be better off.

  2. So know everyone wants witness but when the Republican requested witnesses they where DENIED by the DEMOCRATS, the DEMOCRATS are full of 💩 💩 💩.

  3. It doesn't matter what party you are in, if our elected officials are stating publicly that they will not be impartial and fair and go against their oath, that should get everyone upset. They are treating the American people as fools and if we let them get away with it, we are.

  4. The difference between Trump and Clinton is Clinton was guilty of crimes – Trump is guilty of made up crimes that are not even crimes in any real world that is outside of the crazy people world you live in if you think Trump is bad.

  5. Watch ANY trump rally their MASSIVE crowds. People standing hours outside because of max capacity. Now watch any body elses rallies, they cant even fill a living room.

  6. I hope it's televised and there's witnesses. The cherry on the top would be to see Traitor Trump testify but alas…I guess we can't hope for normal because the orange carnival barker couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. WAIT!
    It might, it just might…hey SDNY…get prepared….fingers crossed.

  7. Political Question Doctrine and the Chief Justice

    Federal courts will refuse to hear a case if they find that it presents a political question. This doctrine refers to the idea that an issue is so politically charged that federal courts, which are typically viewed as the apolitical branch of government, should not hear the issue. The doctrine is also referred to as the justiciability doctrine or the Nonjusticiability Doctrine.
    Cornell Law School
    Legal Information Institute

    Political vs. Partisan

    "Political" is not "Partisan."
    If the Senate is "Partisan," then it is no longer "Political,"
    if it is no longer "Political," then it is "Judicial."
    And if it is "Judicial" regardless of the Senate Majority Vote, as per the "Political Question Doctrine" it falls under "Judicial Review."

    James Madison and the Origins of Partisanship
    Madison recognized that American politics and partisanship are rooted in the Constitution. Mere partisanship is possible precisely because of limited constitutional government, or as I like to say, the Constitution governs parties more than the parties govern the Constitution. Our constitutional concrete is sufficient to withstand partisan warfare today, just as it did in the 1790s.
    The CATO

  8. Every person Trump has ever insulted comes back to play a part in his impeachment. 😀
    When´s Rosie o´Donnell coming on?

  9. President Trump isn't going anywhere. You Leftards may as well get used to it! 4 more years! It's going to be so great!

  10. The Republicans have already said they are following what ever Trump wants. If that that is not a violtion of the United States Constitution, what is it.

  11. 8 minutes of nothing. And the house doesn't even have the articles of impeachment. This time the president will be there!

  12. The witch hunt ends soon of impeachment from politicians on the left and the slanted media losers and haters of America First. Ge it over fast senate, don't give them the satisfaction.

  13. Trump is running the county as a mega mob boss.  Why does Trump want to be president? What is the real agenda? Even if the GOP does get Trump acquitted in the impeachment trial and gets Trump re-elected in 2020, America will continue to endure Trump’s corruption, drama, nastiness and mentally instability.  America will not survive another 4 years of Trump.  Stains of Shame! The history books will not be kind to Trump and his GOP administration.

  14. Bro CNN & MSNBC need to stop putting faith in these ‘honorable’ Republicans. Robert Mueller, Justice Roberts… Stop putting faith in these people who will let us down. These are non stories to avoid talking about healthcare, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, & climate change. Corporate news is disgusting, even if you hire a charming millennial in a suit like Ari. I can’t bro. I can’t. Y’all tripping if you think Roberts will be “Trumps worst nightmare.” Lmao

  15. If Moscow Mitch refuses to hear all witness 's he should be put in front of a firing squad for Treason of Equal Justice for all !!!

  16. This commentator gets on here acting like his character related very close to white immigration of white racist privileged based on purely nothing but pure ignorance I am so sick and tired of you white men and women talking about how Bad you white people do the most ignorant testing people education with relevance to law that every single last one of you immigrants who are white your fighting not to pay taxes!

  17. America FIRST!!! no loyalty to any particular party or politicians, we want to see this officials to do the right thing for the sake of the american people not Trump or republican party. No one is above the law!!!

  18. It's like Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Utah, all those states house so many Businesses and yet there economy is pure garbage houses look built in the 1960 these states Bragg about how rich they are under white rule and look at how trashy they are seriously you have every white women on Q. V. C. Selling junk pure junk that was stolen from the inventors and was bought up by the Q. V. C. Hedge fund business hostile take over I mean under white management you white people have really fcked up this country from healthcare to goverment is there anywear you white people have not fcked everything up with out any consequences at all!!!!!

  19. I love the way they act like this is a big nightmare for Trump. They fail to realize that the Democrats are the ones creating the nightmare by running ruff shod over the constitution . This will be tossed in short order because there is no real articles to impeach on.

  20. Democrats stop wasting our tax money you haven’t had enough cause it’s not your money our President will not be impeached.

  21. BIDEN needs to explain why his son has millions of dollars from over seas…WHY he has no experience in nothing but sniffing cocaine

  22. I bet even Stalin's show trials had witnesses.Even Nazi ones.What sort of nation, apart from an Alice in Wonderland idea of reality ,has a trial without witnesses?

  23. I still don't understand why Republicans don't want Trump impeached for a less malignant Pence to take over. Don't they like Pence? He's relatively safe. Are they too afraid of Trump's "popularity?"

  24. Roberts is one of the GOP 5 so the president is covered. You media people are full of you know what, their decisions are based on politics and are quite predictable. Stop trying to sell the public about them being fair or professional, most of their decisions are based on the reasons they were confirmed. The present DOJ is the same no sense of professional integrity.

  25. Unfortunately, this trial will be more of a sham rather than fair.Trump is not going anywhere because there is as much corruption within the Senate as there is with Trump himself.Donald better hope he stays in office now and in re election because he knows once he is removed or voted out he now becomes a private citizen and all those ongoing investigations will ramp up leading to charges, trials and hopefully prison where he will rot.

  26. No matter what you say or how you spin BS, judgment is coming on you fake news media! Trump will be vindicated and will be re-elected in a landslide! MAGA 2020!

  27. What's the point when the senaye has the final word? The Senate can have a vote against his ruling so we already know the verdict. Trump will not be convicted. It's a waste of tax payers money. Change the rule so that the senate does not have the final word. All this impeachment process , inquiry, trial, findings, outcomes and verdicts depends on who is in control or power of the houses Senate or congress, the rule of law really does not matter. The forefathers who wrote the constitution had the right idea and tried, but there is no law that can stop or eradicate a partisan, corrupt, biased mind, therefore, the constitution does not work. What's the point? May as well we become an autocratic society. I give up.

  28. Everyone should note that this purely partisan impeachment fiasco might have been dictated upon the Democrats by George Soros, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry and company to cover up for their involvement in the regime change and colossal corruption in Ukraine. Watch these videos:
    There were also reports wherein the Obama administration apparently funneled US Foreign Aid funds into George Soros' Open Society Foundations and other of his NGO's. Obama should also be investigated for sending pallets of cash worth $1.7 billion (which is illegal) as part of the bribe for the Iran Nuclear Deal with unidentified/untraceable recipients, as well as the increase in the government’s debt from $10.6 trillion at the start of his administration to $19.9 trillion at the end of his administration, without any noticeable improvement in our infrastructure, in our economy, in our manufacturing, in working families’ lives, even with sequestrations in our military spending, and with the slowest recovery from recession in modern history. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY, BARRY SOETORO?

  29. Can't wait to get that Big Cry Baby and his corrupt family out of the WH. Vote all those traitors, thieves and greedy for money and power Old People of that GOP out.!!

  30. Why don't you Democrats and fake news networks give up already our great president has done nothing wrong so get over it oh and thank you for helping to get him reelected in 2020

  31. wow, msnbc pushing this false info? the judge is only presiding…not IN CHARGE of. the judge follows and tries to enforce whatever rules the senate votes in for the trial…which any of his rulings can be overturned by a vote in the Senate. I don't know what this guy at msbc is smoking

  32. If I were Trump, I would want John Roberts in charge so that everyone knows the trial was fair, all though as we have found out, its only when political parties get there way they see it as fair, so no matter if the ruling is for the republicans or democrats it will always be unfair and fair at the same time. I just want the truth, I want criminals in the House, Senate, and WH prosecuted, I take no favorites, I vote my heart, but, I am very against abortion which I see as a crime against God and innocence, I consider it murder, I just can't see it any other way. I am honest, fair, and I believe in a much higher power, God.

  33. All the Looney lefties are such hypocrites. They were just fine with the rules set by the Senate that voted 100-0 in the Clinton impeachment trial, now they want to do a total 180 with Trump. Too bad you nasty little basta#d's.

  34. I am hopeful The Chief Justice will be impartial…but I'm not holding my breath. Republican hysteria will be at epic levels and have shown they are not apposed to throwing Anyone and Anything under the bus in defense of the Trumpet.

  35. Apparently Trump is terrified that the witnesses will exonerate him. Why else would an innocent man not want witnesses? Let me think… wait…Could Donald be guilty? Time to do the right thing and remove!!!!

  36. There is only one thing that does not make sense. The evangelicals voted for Trump because Pence was his running-mate and evangelicals believe Mike Pence has been sent by God himself to save America from the clutches of modern thinking. So you would expect the evangelicals to be against Trump with regard to the impeachment as that would put their god-sent son on the throne. But no, they stay put in their support of a narcissistic professional conman who can't read and can't think except about himself. I find that curious.

  37. "We, the people" only referred to landowners and slave-owners in 1787. Like in Athens in the 5th century before Christ where democracy was invented, it was only for the white elites to vote, not the workmen, slaves, merchants, or other riff-raff. The Republicans simply stick to that in their thinking and policies. They, grosso modo, represent the top 0.01% and do it well, i.e. for that top 0.01%. LOL

  38. Anyone who thinks that any Republican and that includes John Roberts is going to assure a fair trail for Trump is delusional. The fix is in and the criminal in chief will be unleashed to do even more damage to our country. Republicans cheat at everything because none have an ounce of moral fiber.

  39. Trump will declare the Constitution unconstitutional, the Republican/Russian Mafia will agree, and the Second American Civil War will begin.
    Impossible? The first one was impossible too. A president like Trump was impossible.

  40. Obama cheated and he was put in by the new world order. And the dead vote everyone knows it and Obama should be put in jail .

  41. Yes all trials have witnesses, so why did Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi denied the GOP their witnesses during the impeachment? If the dems were smart enough and had thought this through, they would allowed the gop their few witnesses and would have better odds with their witnesses in the senate, specially when Nancy knew very well what will happen there. The gop is now taking revenge on Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi needs to resign for the sake of the party, now. Every move and decision she has made, in my opinion, is without thought or reasoning.

  42. This Impeachment is being hijacked by the Repugnant party to please the corrupt Toad in the Oval Office. McConnell, Graham and Co. couldn't be more bold in their media sound bites. Question is, will the American people let their Rule of law and Due process be TWISTED by these Despicables as it has been, thus far?

  43. Isn’t this man the one that aloud money to control election and pay for corrupt politics? How we can trust him now?

  44. This guy is so sick of TDS, anytime he opened his mouth is full of hate, anger and bitterness against TRUMP. Can somebody tell this guy to go take treatment of TDS.

  45. When the Trumpist have conquered the SCOTUS, (they are only one subservient thought-slave away) then the USA will turn into a despotism run by financial interests of white supremacists. It is a simple prediction. Everything is already in place but the people of America is in the process of waking up, so the Republican Trumpists have little time UNLESS Trump is re-elected. Then they have another 4 years to rig the USA in such a way to remain a fertile ground for harvesting hundreds of billions of profit to the Republican backers and to the detriment of its citizens, its nature, and its relation to Planet Earth.


  47. Fake news, Justice Roberts is a girly man just pork him, and he shuts up. Justice Roberts has a cough of interest so he has to remove himself 💜💛

  48. Sorry…but I have NO FAITH IN ANY REPUBLICAN to do the Right thing and put our Democracy, Constitution and its People best Interest at Heart when it come to this Corrupt POS Lying Bigoted Con in the White House.
    The Bar has been low Ever Since that B*tch took residency in the People's house.

  49. Nightmare. Hardly. Best thing since Russiagate. Do the Repubs a favor and let Schiff work up more BS. Congress shall not work.

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