Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. how do you manage not to say bernie sanders name? he is there on the poll chart but you purposely dont includ him by name?

  2. Trump has betrayed America enough. Get this trash out of our WH. He can take his lying cabinet members and his Republican Congress with him. ALL TRAITORS MUST GO….. MAYBE STRAIGHT TO JAIL !

  3. Not a word about how Warren's stunt to try to smear Bernie backfired on her! She -3, Bernie +2.
    Man, am I curious how all those corporate hosts are going to cover Bernie when he wins the primaries! 😀

  4. Bernie can make his case. Why not mention him?
    I think he would have the popular votes, if everyone vote for who they want and not who they think could/would win.

  5. That was impressive. I'm not a Bernie supporter but have had this conversation with people who are and WOW…. You list literally everyone represented on the poll except Sen. Sanders. I guess you guys just shut me up on the whole coverage bias even on left leaning news shows.

  6. Yay! Keep working Dems! As for people looking for change, now is the time to make sure your voters registration is in place, mark your calendar and vote. There are more of us than them (Trumpers). Go vote! Go Big Blue!

  7. LOL!!!! Yeah yeah yeah… these are the SAME pollsters that insisted that Hillary Clinton was somehow WINNING in all the polls!
    GTFOH!!!!! Trump IS going to be re-elected EASILY!!!!

  8. Again Andrew Yang gets stiff by MSNBC again he should rank up there with Biden over Trump in fact more that 10% of Trump voter said they would vote for him. Dishonest and corrupt main stream media again! YANG2020

  9. Make no mistake, Bloomberg is going to restore order and reason, he's has proved himself a leader in New York time and time again he's going to be the next president is Americans open their eyes.

  10. i wonder how many of that 50 plus % would vote for Hillary Clinton? how ironic it would be. Hillary and Donald together would probably have us all….? i cant think who is worse. and sadly, not one of those DEMS is worthy of POTUS. The swap will eat them up and we will be very fuct then. Its all about checks and balances, if no one is checking up on DEMS or REPS, then they just takeover. They feed us all lies…ALL of them.

  11. Gotta get rid of Trump before he bankrupts us. He's lying about the economy. Its hugely inflated and could collapse under its own weight soon. Trump has driven the national debt up to staggering historic heights – 22 Trillion. Fact check it. When Democrats vote, Democrats win. Go for it.

  12. Michael Bloomberg, is similar to trump in many ways, the difference is he really is a self-made billionaire, he does pay people rather than renege on them, but other than that he is racist, and he did make millions off the backs of NYers. I am a NYer and I WOULD NOT WANT TO SEE HIM BE PRESIDENT!!

  13. If these polls are really true it shows that all these candidates will win so easily, why not just let the people vote him out in (NOV)election–you need 20!!!! republicans.(67 total) to take him out of office-not going to happen, is this just to get higher cable tv ratings??-just asking??

  14. 1:55 YOURE A JOKE you literally named everyone on that list except for Sanders who HAS A BETTER RATING THAN HALF YOUR LIST

  15. I like to know ,what comes next after this failed republic . Will trumpet be president or his family be in power for life . Dems will be no longer relevant, sad place but it was only an experiment to begin with surprised the system lasted this long really

  16. If Biden or Bloomberg are the democratic nominee Young people will stay home Biden is corrupt and old and Bloomberg is just another billionaire who thinks he can buy the White House

  17. If he doesn’t get removed, it’s definitely a thinking error if you think that he is clever enough to be able to explain this whole thing when being questioned on the specific details. It’s one thing to talk BS and lies outside of a 1 on 1 exchange where you can be pressed and challenged. In the debate format it’ll be hard to say “I didn’t do
    x” when everyone except for you says otherwise, including govt officials that worked in your own administration who would talk.

  18. Hey Willie—you mentioned 5 names, but not Sanders. Why? He’s a front-runner, and maybe THE front-runner.
    Maybe you should say his name.

  19. Why Bernie under BLOOMBERG? BLOOMBERG hasn't even been in a debate he's a Republican DEMOCRATS let anyone walk in and pretend to be a Democrat. Mayor stop and frisky is a COWARD who could not run as a Republican because Ttump would bury him.

  20. This impeachment trial benefits the GOP more than anything else. Allowing the Dems to remove Trump from POTUS would allow the GOP to rebuild it'self, redefine it's identify, to stand for what they did previously. At this time the GOP are complete utter useless.

  21. " Dems Breeze Past President Donald Trump In New 2020 Polling " . Isn't this the same polling nonsense we heard in 2016 ?

  22. America should be worried that 45% of its people would STILL vote for Trump after all he's done. You have become the laughing stock of the world by demonstrating your stupidity on a daily basis

  23. I used to dislike Joe S. Now…. I want to state clearly: I stand corrected. I was wrong & Joe + Mika + Willy have got it 'goin' on! Joe's firm grasp/keen insights on what's happenin' politically is motivating.He's the 'bomb' reporting Trump's ignorance, faux pas, lies, distortions…. the abomination he is… making up stories so he [Trump] can hear himself say he was called 'SIR!" LOL That did it for me: Fm then on, I became a 'Regular" … watching Morning Joe!

  24. The way the facts are stitched together by the House Prosecutors has made Trump's "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" VERY CLEAR like never before. It is shocking, & I thought I knew the facts already ! If Trump gets away with Obstruction of Congress, bringing foreigners into our Elections, etc., we may as well strike Impeachment from our Constitution. We will have a Presidential dictatorship.

  25. These guys won't even say Bernie's name. Amazing. They listed every candidate, and did not say anything about Bernie. Unbelievable.

  26. Dont pay attention to this! Get out and vote! Just imagine this video said "Trump is winning by a landslide". Vote! Vote! We cannot have a repeat of last election. Request the day off work.

  27. "Incite their base"… but that base WAS already incited in 2016… it's doubtful he can scratch the bottom of the barrel for more MAGA hat wearers and increase his share of the popular vote…
    The OTHER side though has now all the incentive to come out in droves to prevent another "milquetoast" sliding by in half the swingstates allowing Trump to gain electoral college votes with 35,000 or 50,000 votes above the Dem candidate…

  28. So funny watching these controlled tools embarrass themselves and expose the fact 'someone' has 'something' on them. 😂😇

  29. Yea…ALL the dems are killing Trump in the polls 🤣🤦‍♂️ just like Hillary was killing him in the polls in 2016..remember guys? 😂😂

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