Democrat Wins After President Donald Trump Begs Voters To Send Message | The Last Word | MSNBC

Democrat Wins After President Donald Trump Begs Voters To Send Message | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. I live in louisiana and this state is full of nothing but gangs and drugs…The Dems have ruined this beautiful state into the ground….guess its only gonna get worse now.

  2. This Stinks of Voter FRAUD! A Dead Skunk on a hot summers day Smells better than this Bull$hit!!!! I don't think People are that stupid! I wonder how many dead people voted?! 💀🐀🔫👿

  3. If there is civil war, I hope you realize that you people are who WE are coming for first. The ones who lied, cheated and manipulated otherwise good people into destruction. Your day is coming.

  4. John Bel Edwards (D) had $20 million to burn on his campaign, thanks to corrupt lawyers and lobbyists in Louisiana, plus the press never reported the truth about Edwards' record. That's hard to overcome.
    Everyone says Louisiana is a red state, but Democrat voters outnumber Republican voters in Louisiana about 43% to 31%. Democrats can expect about 95% of black voters to automatically vote for them just because they are Democrats. That gives Democrats about a 30% head start in an election. democrats only need about 35% support from white voters to win.
    Those parts of Louisiana holding the state back, our lurbn areas and a fewer rural parishes dominated by Democrat voters, put Edwards over the top in this election, even though those parts of Louisiana suffered the worst from Edwards' policies: high crime, most poverty, no jobs, poor schools, poor roads, public corruption, etc.

  5. I for one hope he keeps holding more rallies and begging his followers to vote for republican candidates all over the countries. It's the best democratic winning campaign strategy that's been rolled out by republicans to date, let him keep up the good work. God bless him.

  6. Here’s how Louisiana’s economy has performed since John Bel Edwards became Governor, according to BLS’ Louisiana Economy at a Glance.
    When John Bel Edwards took office in January, 2016, Louisiana had 2,138,440 people in its labor force. By September, 2019, Louisiana had a labor force of 2,094,226 people or about 44,214 fewer people than when Edwards became Governor.
    In January, 2016, Louisiana had 2,007,714 people employed. By September, 2019, Louisiana had 2,003,274 people employed, or 4,440 fewer people employed, since Edwards became Governor.
    In January, 2016, Louisiana had 130,726 unemployed people. In September, 2019, Louisiana had 90,952 unemployed people, or 29,774 fewer unemployed people, since Edwards became Governor.
    Louisiana experienced a large decrease in the number of unemployed people, but those unemployed didn’t find work because Louisiana has fewer employed people.
    BLS only counts people as unemployed when they are activity looking for work. When the unemployed stop looking for work, they are dropped from the labor force and no longer considered unemployed.
    In January, 2016, Louisiana’s official unemployment rate (U-3) was 6.1%. In September, 2019, Louisiana’s official unemployment rate was 4.3%. Louisiana’s official unemployment rate went down, not because the unemployed found work, but mainly because Louisiana lost more than 44,000 people from its labor force. They most likely stopped looking for work or left Louisiana to find work.
    Anyone who brags about Louisiana’s low unemployment rate, like Governor John Bel Edwards does, without putting it in proper context, is dishonest and lying with statistics.
    Louisiana’s economy had negative growth in 2016 and 2017. Starting on January 1, 2018, Louisiana’s economy had the benefit of additional dollars in circulation because most taxpayers and businesses were allowed to keep more of what they earned, and American businesses were allowed to repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars from their overseas accounts, tax-free, due to President Trump’s tax cuts and jobs program. Louisiana’s economy might still be having negative growth in 2018 and 2019, without that extra help from President Trump.
    In summary, Louisiana has a smaller labor force, fewer people employed, a lower GDP, and downgrades to its credit rating, since John Bel Edwards became Governor. That would also mean that Louisiana had more people employed, a larger labor force, more people looking for work, a higher GDP, and a higher credit rating when the media claimed that former Governor Bobby Jindal “ruined” Louisiana’s economy.

  7. Here's how John Bel Edwards has repaid blacks in Louisiana for their loyalty. Under John Bel Edwards, the black unemployment rate in Louisiana is about 8.5%, much higher than the national unemployment rate of 5.4%, and about 32.8% of blacks in Louisiana live in poverty, as compared to a poverty rate of less than 21%, national.

  8. In a state that has more lifetime welfare babies that dont want to work than taxpayers you know it will always vote blue

  9. There’s lots of dishonesty and misinformation coming from the John Bel Edwards administration about Medicaid expansion in Louisiana.
    Using a flawed formula, the Edwards administration claimed a little over 1% of people added to Medicaid were switched from private health insurance to Medicaid during Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion. Using a proper formula showed that about 35% of the people added to Medicaid during expansion were shifted from private health insurance.
    The Edwards administration claimed that Medicaid expansion cut the number of uninsured people in half, citing LSU research. That study claimed that more than 20% of Louisianans were without health insurance prior to Medicaid expansion. That’s at odds with CDC’s reports, showing that only 9.7% of Louisiana’s population were without health insurance in 2015, prior to Medicaid expansion.
    A very flawed study claimed that Medicaid expansion in Louisiana would create jobs and boost Louisiana’s economy. However, the CBO said the Obamacare, and its Medicaid expansion, were disincentives to work and that America would have 2.5 million fewer people working because of them. Louisiana’s real life experience with Medicaid expansion included: fewer people working, a smaller work force, down grades to Louisiana’s credit rating, and negative growth in Louisiana’s economy for 2 years.
    The Edwards administration claimed Medicaid expansion saved lives. According to the CDC, it did not. About 1,340 additional people died from the top 8 out of the top 10 causes of death in Louisiana (excluding accidents) in 2017, following Medicaid expansion, as compared to 2015, prior to Medicaid expansion. The CDC reported that 1,340 additional deaths of heat disease, cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, kidney disease, and flu, following Medicaid expansion in Louisiana.
    The Edwards administration claims to expand Medicaid for the working poor, but research shows that most able-bodied people, of working age, added to Medicaid during expansion don’t work at all. Less than 1 in 5 work full time and about 1 in 3 work part time. Medicaid was expanded mostly for the idle and not for the working poor.
    Early during Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion, the Edwards administration claimed that Medicaid expansion cost less than estimated, ignoring that the cost of Medicaid expansion in Louisiana was about 105% more than estimated by legislative fiscal office.

  10. 3 times Vidman was offered minister of defense for Ukraine…not badfor a Russian speaking treasonous scum..not ince did he tell his commander in chief.

  11. Trump hasnt had an election defeat. Thats why hes POTUS, and will be in the following elections aswell 👍 #BlessedFacts

  12. Seriously…U SAY SLAUGHTERED…5,000ish votes are what decided the Kentucky Governor…and otherwise 5 REPUBLICANS INCLUDING A HISTORIC FIRST, OF A BLACK ATTORNEY GENERAL, BEING ELECTED, WAS IGNORED BECAUSE HE WAS REPUBLICAN!!! Sounds like MSNBC SLAUGHTERS THE TRUTH!!! BTW, the food taster for Trump and Trump himself have tested positive for Food Poisoning enzymes…BUT…he's still making calls and doing his Job as POTUS, WHAT EXCUSE DO DEMOCRATS HAVE, They CLAIM TO BE ABLE TO WALK AND CHEW GUM!!

  13. Apparently Mr. Chumps coat tails are a bit tattered! Just goes to prove when you get too close all his ick yuk eeew pew rubs off on you!! I hope he makes an extra effort to campaign for all the Republican losers on the trail and sinks their attempts at getting elected as well!!! Ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha nice job stinky small hands!!!!!

  14. What MSNBC is NOT telling you:
    Edwards may have won, but the GOP flipped 3 districts in Louisiana and gained a supermajority in the Senate! HA!! Why didn't you mention this, Larry? I guess you don't want the few viewers you do have to know the entire truth.

  15. Former vice president Joe Biden Threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid unless Ukraine's leaders fired the prosecutor in order to save his son from justice is certainly Bribery, and a criminal act and cannot be ignored.
    Joe Biden son got 1.5 billion from china without accountability. Action must be taken against him and justice must be served.

    Many have ignored the fact that President Trump has a solemnly sworn duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  16. I hate Donald Trump but my kid has a big heart and this is the reason why she likes the color brown she siad I like brown because I dont like brown people Being Bully only because there color so I dont want them get bully STOP THE BULLING

  17. Trump also lost the Louisiana election. No news here. Every state has Independent voters that refuse to support a candidate with a low IQ and weak character. Trump will lose an election to a blind three legged dog with mange. He is sending a very bad message at his KKK rallies with hate speech and name calling. Its the same Nazi message used to drive away voters that do not support him.

  18. He always talks in this typical manner when he is talking to his supporters. Weird, always weird. Can’t wait to never hear anything about or from him.

  19. If you think for 1 second that the Kentucky governor was down by 19 points you are dumb…no way Trump goes and visit/campaign for someone down by that much…the guy was up by 5 points and lost and now in Louisiana the GOP guy was up and a visit by Trump cost him to lose…..Keep coming Trump

  20. United States has the wrong idea the whole world belongs to them.
    USA is responsible for poverty, hunger and third world in which Central and South America has been submerged , countries that United States has been using as a backyard since history, paying miseries for its resources, invading every single one of those sovereign countries and stealing their oil and resources If they try to brake free.
    Another reason why Latin America is in ruins, is because of loans granted by the US, are unpayable loans, with interest so high, so US have them as slaves and blackmailing them.
    Another way in which the United States usually operates in Central and South America is imposing sanctions so those countries are afraid and continue to give away their resources for peanuts.
    USA wants the whole world to be like them, bunch of ignorants who aren't able to understand that our world is rich in cultures and languages, rich in diversity and their wrong idea of one world order will only create more war and chaos than the one USA has been creating since its existence.
    China and Russia and (USA non-allies countries), are the Hope of the poor and for under development nations as well, that the North America's mafia has been subjecting, using and scamming for centuries.
    Our world doesn't need the USA. Our world doesn't need more wars, chaos and misery.

  21. He’s so whinny it’s disturbing and it must be how he got his DaDa to do what he wanted but the American people had their big boy pants on and told him loudly no no baby 🍼 Trump.

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